Inspirational Messages for a Friend

2023 Inspirational Messages for a Friend

In life, we all go through good and bad times. Some people find it very hard to move on quickly from the latter situation without the help of people close to them, while some just need a little inspiration here and there, and they are fine.

Either way, one of the ways you can be inspired with positive feelings and thoughts is to have good people around you. When you have someone in your corner that you share your thoughts and ideas, you’re already an inch towards getting it right.

This kind of person would stop at nothing to make you happy. They will make sure they’re there for you in good and bad times. This same person is worth keeping forever.

In case you’re someone like this and you need some inspirational messages for your friend, go nowhere else. You’re in the right place.

Below are the best inspirational messages you will ever come across. They are well written and put together for your satisfaction. Please, feel free to send as many as you want.

Inspirational Messages for A Friend Who Is Sad

Have a friend who is sad and is on the verge of giving up? Just one of these inspirational messages for a friend who is sad will hit them and make them change their mind, in no time.

1. Test intentions, don’t test boundaries…
You always need good people climbing up the ladder of life.

2. Share dreams with kindred spirits, letting in others who don’t understand your dreams can only draw you back. You don’t want to live life trying to balance between yours and theirs.

3. Be wary of those who tell you what to think. People who love you help to develop your thought processes, it is yours to keep.

4. Be wary of those who are not in your skin but assume they have the right to speak on your behalf. Assumptions are the bane of our world and silence a killer. Let no man speak your mind for you as long as you carry it around in your body.

5. You have no reason to limit yourself because of the dictates of the society. The society makes it seem average is good enough a lifestyle because it diverts attention to failure and takes attention away from successes by encouraging you to be “humble.”
So, revel in your difference, choosing not to be average, or live according to the dictates of culture.

6. Failure is allowed, what’s not allowed is making a permanent abode of it. Climb with it, rise above the taunts and remain unruffled.

7. Dreams don’t die, they have no ability to make themselves… What kills dreams are around and about us, it is your duty to recognise and disallow them from killing yours.

8. Confidence isn’t the easiest thing in the world to build. Many experiences from the past and present intrude in its growth. Grow it anyway, and deliberately too, by appreciating your qualities. Soon you’ll soar…

9. Take note, every relationship must be symbiotic. All sides must give something for a relationship to stay healthy. When a relationship is parasitic, the host always dies.

10. Do not bend over backwards for anyone, it’s a signal of self-sabotage and inferiority complex. Sacrificing yourself at the altar of friendship at all times is not a good idea of friendship.


11. Don’t worry for a second. Let strategic thinking take the place of worry and solutions will find its way to you.

12. You cannot isolate yourself, yet you cannot afford to mingle with a wrong crowd. Choose your associates wisely, every one you meet has a role to play in the little or larger picture. And make them play their roles especially when you play yours very well.

13. Make a habit of reading, a renewable mind is a progressive mind. When a mind is already expanded, there’s hardly room for impossibility.

14. You cannot afford to live through life with a heavy load of sentiments. Recognise it when you’re being used. Don’t allow it, you’re not a commodity, you’re value added. If a person cannot recognise this and treat you as well, you have no business being with them.

15. Cliques/groups are easy to form, always take time to find out the aims and objectives of the ones you find yourself before you tag along. Associations are mostly labels, it’s the first thing observed within a larger group.

16. “I don’t care” is the language of the visionless. If it’s not for a greater cause, a brighter future, advancement of your image, you have every reason to care. Straighten it, or get totally out of it.

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17. Take time to work on the outward as well as the inward. Image is everything. The first twenty seconds of a fresh contact is engaged to assess the newcomer. Make the most of it, you may never have another chance.

18. Be mindful to say what you mean, be sure your message is delivered exactly as you intended. Always remember that for every group you address, there’s a little someone looking up to you. One life should not be ruined because of your carelessness.

19. Suit yourself. Don’t live through life bending and adjusting to other people’s ideas of you, rather let your perspectives be shaped and sharpened by them. In the end, everyone has a destination and building their empires, they merely recruit others to build it. Don’t be lost in building others and lose sight of building yours.

20. The world is global but individuality is what sells, that exceptional ability you possess which makes you a unique being. That is the attraction, explore it to its fullest, but do not manipulate it.

21. Take the blame when you go wrong. Do not also fail to apologise whether or not the wrong is obvious. Accepting blame and apologising are the simplest ways to be responsible and humble.

22. Friends are easy to influence. Better treat followers, servants, children, and mentees as friends to make lasting impressions.

23. Storms rage fiercely in their time, but then at another time, comes calm like the dove. Nothing lasts for a lifetime, you inclusive.

24. Leadership is both learned and natural. To lead, you must learn to follow. There’s a time to learn the ropes, there’s a time to practise the creativity of ropes tying. Remember that for the long journey of leadership, you keep following as you lead – by reading, learning, recognising new talents, harnessing strengths and developing others.

25. Leadership is not about you, it’s a collective responsibility – isolating yourself from a group’s failure is a reflection of incompetence.

26. Choose your idols wisely. Influencers have been known to redirect well-meaning lives for destruction. Many lives were filled with hate because Adolf Hitler influenced them.

27. Nothing that breaths operates mechanically, always add the human touch when living beings work with you. Humans thrive on compliments and recognition.

28. It’s okay to have goals but it’s smarter to work towards achieving the goals. A goal will retain its name on paper until the end of time. Its achievement will touch generations until the end of time.

29. Sometimes, life is overwhelming and it seems one is sinking in a whirling ocean. Don’t take life too seriously, nothing is a do or die affair if a step goes completely wrong, take another step, and another step and then another step, each with a little touch of difference until you hit the right direction, never give in to the raging storm.

30. The importance given to tradition is over-romanticised, don’t let it direct your lifestyle. Rather, create a tradition that works for your vision in life. No great person followed tradition to the letter, they always create the spectacular out of the regular.

Best Motivational Quotes for A Friend

In case you have a friend, who is gradually losing it in life, these are the best motivational quotes for a friend that will make them have a rethink, and see things in positive ways.

31. Keep this hard fact in mind, not all trees give shade. Not all friends or family members will protect you, find your most valuable umbrage and employ its advantages all the time.

32. Learn to fight your battles, if you cannot fight for yourself, you definitely cannot fight for others.

33. Forgiveness is good for you, but don’t trust repeatedly one who has repeatedly disappointed you. If s/he did it once, s/he will do it again.

34. A poor background is not a death sentence, the inability to learn and unlearn is the real killer of the living dead.

35. Giving respect and treating others like you desire to be treated is not gender specific. It is humanity, and you’ll need it at every point in life.

36. Make a smart choice to befriend smart, beautiful, intelligent people. The society may have groomed you to cower before such people but don’t let any kind of animus bury you.

37. Don’t get busy analysing what a person should be or not be and leave only Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Dangote to move the world forward whilst you remain the King Kong of a pigeonhole.

38. The earth revolves around the sun, you are just one of the inhabitants of the earth, and so you should know you cannot hold the earth. Move along, take new ideas and innovations, and keep moving.

39. Don’t walk blindly in the paths of your savage fathers so that your “Africanness” may be authenticated and validated. Just know that when it’s really utterly cool, there’s no point seeking validation and authentication.

40. Do not assume brains are created only for your kind, take lessons from as many people as you can, even animals. Limiting yourself to the acquisition of knowledge from other kinds is entirely your fault.

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41. Has it occurred to you that the communal failure of that last generation may reproduce itself in you? You have no reason to do anything the way your father did. Failure is not so attractive.

42. Society may likely define for you the wrong qualification for leadership, don’t you carry it around like a badge, insisting on repeated norms that have made no significant change. Redefine leadership by your actions and achievements.

43. Be mindful of the battles you choose to fight and the friends you choose to tag along with. Winning battles cannot be fought all by yourself.

44. Until you face difficult situations, you never know the amount of strength residing within you.

45. The world is fair to all, it has everything therein to sustain mankind. What is unfair is the people of the world, take caution from them.

46. A Bandwagon is a vehicle as well as a mentality. Everybody who gets on the vehicle automatically inherits the mentality. Take care not to follow the crowd on a bandwagon, tow your path, the best way you know how.

47. Take note of cultural transposition taking place around and about you. To be successful, you must note of cultural changes and be sensitive to your environmental changes. No man lives in a vacuum.

48. In a new environment, be it the workplace, school, town or city, the first thing to do is to study their history. It gives you an edge over others when you already know the nuances and philosophy upon which they operate.

49. Own your decision. Many advise will come as to what to do with anything that has to do with you. Don’t let others’ decisions take control of your life.

50. Every day is a deja vu experience, for the day must break and night must fall. Every day is a revolving cycle, for as night comes in the dark, so it leads to daytime. For as long as you’re here, so are day and night, work around them.

51. Between day and night the world conspires, it wants you to remember your failings and NOT your successes, it likes to pin you into disadvantaged positions. Just know this, you don’t have to accept the limitations placed by the world.

52. Where you excel, the world calls for humility, you’re encouraged to NOT take note of it. Where you fail, the world calls it a correction and makes so much noise about it. And so the world makes average a lifestyle because it diverts attention to failure. Sing your lyrics, blow your trumpet, the average is never the option of a winner.

53. Dare to be different and revel in your difference, choosing not to be average, or live according to the dictates of culture. The ones who dared were the only ones who changed the world.

54. Whatever you do, take records, your life is a chronicle. To be sure of where you’re going, take note of where you’re coming from.

55. Be confident, but you’ll be weak sometimes, strong sometimes. You will cry, laugh, love, “un-love,” lose, gain, but never be ashamed to say so. You’re still human after all.

56. Don’t lose sleep over what people call you, they secretly wish they were like you. Never mind if they say you’re not their kind, know that they secretly wish to be yours.

57. The best thing you can do in life is to learn to be yourself. That is super-liberating.

58. Shaming is the game of our world, people will make you feel shame for the rough path you have walked even though they’ve been through same and did not call it a shame. All I can say is raise your head high no matter the shame, it’s only for a while.

59. Be shameless… Let nobody’s tag chain you any more to rough terrains. No path is smooth even for those who shame you.

60. From today, fail to adopt the world’s definition of “humble” for your life, for it strips you of your rights to own your strengths and weaknesses.

Words of Encouragement to A Friend Feeling Down

Feeling down is almost impossible. There are times when you get tired of everything and just want to be alone. No matter how down your friend feels, when they see one of these words of encouragement to a friend feeling down from you, they will start seeing things differently.

61. Excuses are killers, the moment you start living with excuses, you take away from yourself the right to be fallible as human, there’s always someone or something to blame it on. Inadvertently, you also take away your right, even the strength, to rise again.

62. Teach yourself not to feel intimidated by any successful individual, so you wouldn’t have to give yourself up as “little.”

63. No two people think alike, a formation of opinions are dependent on a variety of things. So don’t assume anything, seek clarifications for everything you don’t understand.

64. Don’t make that decision until you have made adequate research on the subject. Make informed decisions about everything, it’s a lifesaver.

65. Loyalty cannot be forced. Everyone gives what she has, the only thing you’re capable of giving is whatever is deposited within you. Give it to earn it.

66. Duplicate and re-invent yourself in other people. Nothing has to stop if ever you’re unavailable.

67. Every job, even your way of life is a cause all by itself. It is an advancement of a belief system. You don’t know who you influence or disappoint in the process of running your life.

68. Never be totally dependent on money, seek knowledge above all. Riches do not stand a person good stead like values imbued and imbibed.

69. Take time to listen and understand the viewpoints of others, it’s important for smooth running of an empire.

70. Be friendly, but bear in mind that not everyone will like you and that’s okay. Concentrate your energy on positive people.

71. Make promises only when you can keep them, your integrity is directly connected with your spoken word.

72. Argue to learn, expound your position and project fresh ideas, Do not argue to win, in reality, nobody wins an argument only egos are wounded.

73. The best investment you would make in life are not businesses and shares but people. Nothing works without good people, tend them like plants and they will yield good fruits.

74. In all your dealings, make a point of planting trees that outlive you. Manage all things by making, at least, 20-year projections. Instant gratification is the killer of continuity of good legacy.

75. Look around you, there’s something you can do for the good of your community. Remember you take from that community, giving back is only fair.

76. You can’t afford to be rude. Rudeness tears through the heart, no matter how great a person you consider yourself, it’ll stain your reputation over and over again.

77. The first desire of every man is to feel wanted and loved. Truth is, you have the ability to give it. You gain a loyalty with everyone you give these.

Messages of Support and Encouragement for A Friend

Your friend needs your support and encouragement from time to time. In case you’re lost for the right words to express yourself, below are messages of support and encouragement for a friend. Your friend will be glad to read from you.

78. My friend, it is true that no one knows what tomorrow has in store for any of us. But I’m sure with determination and hunger for success, you will surely make it. You will come out of this very strong.

79. No matter how much you think you’re lagging behind, remember some people are aspiring to be where you are, right now. Just dust it off, and hope for the best. This too shall pass.

80. I know you’ve been through a lot, and you really hope to get a befitting job soon, but please, take it easy on yourself. Success is very near, I’m sure. You have to be prepared, my friend. Stay motivated.

81. No matter how hard things are for you, I’m sure God has a lot of beautiful plans in store for you. My prayer is that you find a lot of happiness, wisdom, money, and success in that store.

82. There’s just a little I can do to help, as my hands are tied. I pray that you become wiser, more beautiful and more successful. May all your dreams come true and all your desires are fulfilled, as well. I care.

83. Here’s a message to get you encouraged. Life’s not a bed of roses, we all know that. But you have to be prepared for worse days. No one prays for it, but it must surely happen. This is just a phase, and it shall pass. Take care of yourself.

84. I just want you to know that no matter how hard it gets, I will never leave your side. You have been a great part of my life to. I promise to do my best and keep encouraging you.

85. Whatever decision you make today determines what will become of your tomorrow. So please, make great choices. May the future bring you all the good things that you deserve in life. Keep pressing on.

86. As I wish you all the best in life, I will never let you stand alone. I promise to be present in all you go through; both good and bad. You’re my friend, and I will do everything to see you make it.

87. Wherever you are and whatever you do, you will always experience success. You have all it takes to be successful, and my prayer is that God makes it easy for you. Success in all your endeavours. Amen.

88. Whatever we do right now determines where what positions we will take in the future. Keep working towards achieving your goals. A bright and prosperous future is waiting for you, definitely.

89. I have always wanted the best for you. Though you haven’t really accomplished so much as you deserve, a little more push will definitely make things great. Keep the fire burning, my dear.

90. Slowly but surely, your hard luck will definitely pay off. You have the talent and drive in you. You just believe in yourself, and everything will fall in place. Your payday is very near. All the best.

91. There are times you will get scared to make certain decisions, and when you go through situations, your determination will only get you through them. So please, be determined. You’re made for greatness.

92. I really do believe in you. You’re not going to achieve success, only if you’re not hungry for it. I can see the hunger for success in all you do. My friend, keep on keeping on. You are almost there.

93. I believe strongly in you. I know you can do anything. You are the only determined and ambitious person I am close to. Nothing can stop your greatness. You’re set to break grounds in unusual ways.

94. No matter what you go through, don’t stop aiming for the top. This keeps your energy charged and makes you go through stuff with faith. Remember, you can’t stop now! Keep going!

95. With God on your side, you will reach your every goal. You will record some legendary achievements as well. You have all it takes to be a successful person, and at ease, you shall be successful. Don’t limit yourself.

96. You are an amazing and incredible person, and I will always make sure that I stand by you. I will always be here to encourage and help boost your confidence. There’s a great future ahead of you.

97. I honestly can’t find the right words to describe how smart you are. With every fibre of my being, I will keep supporting you. I believe in everything you do, and I’m a great supporter of your crafts. You’re set to change the world! Go, girl.

98. I want you to know that you are the best thing that has ever happened to this generation. You’re too brilliant and calculative. You have a solution to almost every problem. With these and more, you can do anything. Start now!

99. I say this everywhere, and tell everyone I meet, that I have a friend who doubles as my role model. The day you were born, the world received a star. If only you know how powerful you are, you won’t stop till you reach the peak.

100. My greatest inspiration is you. If you stop now, how do I continue? I’m not ashamed to say I look up to you. What you’re facing now is just one of those things. Let it prepare you for greater things to come. I believe in you, strongly!

101. You’ve always had an amazing way of going through things. Sometimes, I envy your courage and strength. It wouldn’t be nice if we switch roles now. I want you to keep being the great person we’ve always known. You’re almost there.

102. When I count my blessings, I count you double. You have been so supportive of me, over the years. Achieving this much makes me very proud of you. Keep your head up high, and don’t stop breaking ground.

103. Thank you for always being there always, and supporting me every step of the way. I love how you push me to do great things, and I don’t want you to stop. I wish for many more successes for us.

104. I really can’t wait to see you experience everything you deserve. You’ve always been my only push. I can say for a fact that you’re the main character in my success story. The world is about to celebrate you in a grand style. You deserve it.

105. The best thing that has ever happened to me is you. I’m so proud of everything you’ve achieved in life. You’re a good person, and you deserve much more than you think. Let’s keep bagging great things. Cheers!

106. No matter what you do or where you are, nothing is ever going to make me stop believing in you. You are always the smartest in the room, your wisdom is second to none. Just keep it going.

107. You will always have my support, no matter how little. You’ve been a great friend, and I’m never gonna betray you. Whatever it is you want from me, I will always make it available. We’re friends forever. Cheers!

108. I have always admired you, even though I’ve never told you that. I know you can do anything if you try hard enough, and nothing can stop you from being the best. I believe so much in you. Keep moving forward.

109. No matter how many times you feel stuck, don’t just stop. Think outside the box, and before you know it, you will have solutions to everything bothering you. Remember, the goal isn’t to stop, it’s to keep pressing on.

110. You’ve always been the smartest person in the room. There’s no puzzle so hard you can’t fix. I do not doubt that you will always be a great and successful person. I hope you believe in yourself as I do. Get it, my friend.

111. I have never met someone as smart as you. You have a very beautiful heart too. There’s no one you can’t accommodate. Everything about is just too spectacular. There’s absolutely nothing to worry about. All these will soon be in the past. You’re loved, forever.

112. You inspire me every day, my friend. You’re the smartest and most creative person I know. I really wish I could be like you, it would’ve been so perfect. I’m so lucky to be your friend. I love you.

113. You have the biggest of hearts. A heart that accommodates people, no matter their race and colour. I have only read about people like you, not seen any. Keep up the good works, my friend. You’re the best.

114. Sometimes, I get so sad because you don’t get the accolades you deserve. For goodness sake, you work so hard. If anyone doesn’t believe in you, I do and forever will. Don’t ever change your ways. You’ll be celebrated soonest.

Short Positive Messages for Friend

Staying positive should be the most important thing, but some people find it very it because of some things they go through. Have a friend like this, make them stay positive and hopeful by sending just one of these short positive messages for a friend to them.

How to surprise a sad friend.

115. Today is for acknowledging that you’re best, and to express how proud I am of you. Each day, I admire you, even more, I doubt if there is anything you cannot do. You’re just so amazing. Keep doing what you know how to do best.

116. If you think you’re the biggest, then you’re what you think you are. I can’t even agree less. You are too determined to listen to naysayers. Please, see no one. You’re doing very well, and you can’t stop now.

117. You’re the strongest person I know. All you do is win, no matter what. Thank you for sharing this energy with me. I’m better than before. I admire you with every fibre of my being. Cheers to greatness.

118. I see everything you do. I see how you strive to be the best. I’m super proud of your growth, my friend. Nothing is ever easy, but you paved the way for yourself and us your friends. May God keep elevating you.

119. I’m sure these are the words you need to hear today. Don’t you ever feel pressured? You’re doing absolutely well. Even though your best doesn’t seem enough, a lot of people want to be where you are, right now. I’m proud of you, nonetheless.

120. Sooner or later, the whole world will recognize and give you a standing ovation. You deserve this and more, my friend. I will always be there to be happy for and with you. I believe so much in you, you can do no wrong in my eyes.

121. In whatever you do, your happiness comes first. You work so hard, my friend. I will like you to have some moments of fun and refreshment. I will never forget to mention how proud I am of you. You’re the best, baby.

122. We all know it’s not easy to achieve success in this part of the world, but it doesn’t matter. All that matters is to keep your eyes on the prize. Everything good will come, trust me.

123. I know you’re the very busy type. You hardly ever have time for yourself. This is just to let you know that you shouldn’t neglect other things that matter, in your pursuit of success. Let it be one step at a time. You’re almost there.

124. If anything doesn’t work out according to your plans, please change plans. If ideas are not forthcoming, do not hesitate to call on me. I really want you to stay happy forever. Don’t stress yourself at all.

125. I know this is not going as planned, but don’t let this get to you. Good things don’t come easy, but I can assure you that your payday is very near. You’re about to be happy again. Take it easy on yourself.

126. Honey, I’m happy with this new development of yours. I know it’s not easy to start, and at the same time, it’s the easiest to start. Once you start, you wouldn’t want to stop. So many doors are about to be opened unto you. Be expectant!

127. No matter what you go through in life, remember to always stay jiggy. You can cope with whatever it is you’re going through, I’m sure. Don’t forget to aim higher, while you’re at it. I’m your friend, and I’m going nowhere.

128. It’s a new day, and I have this to say to you. In case your way is dark and you don’t seem to see any light, don’t fret. It just means that you’re so close to it and you’ll reach it very soon. Do not stop, just keep going.

129. I know you to be a very determined person. No matter how that thing looks, you’re too sure to conquer it. You need that energy more, right now. Don’t give in to pressure, please. I will keep encouraging you.

130. I hope you know that there’s no happiness in giving up without even making an effort, at least. If you stop now, you will be mocked and ridiculed. You wouldn’t want to go through all that. So keep going, my friend.

131. With a lot of patience and persistence, you will get through all these in no time. Don’t be stressed. The world doesn’t need to see your vulnerability. Instead, be charged and recharged for the things to come. You’re getting there.

132. I’m so elated and happy for you, my friend. Years of determination and not giving up are about to pay off. It feels so good to be experiencing this huge position with you. I’m the happiest person, right now.

133. I want you to know that the best is yet to come. Yes, you’re successful and all, but there’s still so much more in store for you. I just want to see us happy and successful. I love you, my friend.

134. Keep fighting for what you desire. No one is going to do this for you, but they will all applaud you, after going through it all alone. I know you can do it, so go ahead. I wish you all the best.

135. Hey friend. You work so damn hard. I wonder where you get that energy from. I love how you don’t limit yourself. You’re always reaching for the best, and it makes me want to support you with all I have. Things will turn out fine, be rest assured.

136. I hope you don’t stop fighting for what you believe in. I trust you, you’re not easily influenced. So please, listen to nobody. Just do your thing, and make sure you’re happy while at it. You’ll come out victorious.

137. I can assure you that these times shall pass. You don’t deserve this fall on your business. I have watched you build your brand from the scratch. Everything can’t end like that, no! Keep trying other things, you will smile again.

138. Don’t stop doing everything you can, to make sure you’re happy. Never seen anyone so deserving of undiluted happiness and love like you. Smile more often, baby. You will get through this unscratched.

139. We all go through bad times, it’s very normal. But don’t let your situation change who you really are. Sad times bring experiences, and if you’re patient enough, you will keep those experiences forever. You’re a conqueror, remember? It’s just a phase, and it will pass. Don’t be sad.

140. Don’t worry about anything you lose. They will come back in multiple folds if you don’t allow the situation to weigh you down. Keep working towards achieving some valuable stuff. It will be worth it eventually, won’t it?

141. If we really need a particular thing, we would go for it, no matter how hard it is. You don’t just quit working on reasonable things because of some irrelevant situations, no. You keep doing what it takes. So please, don’t quit.

142. No matter how hard times are, the experiences make you stronger. This means, hard times are not all that bad; they prepare you for good times. So don’t beat yourself up, you will make it big.

143. I know how hard it is to keep going without motivation. I have been there, and I can say for a fact that it wasn’t easy at all. That’s why I am here, Robert with you and encourage you through your struggles. I believe in you.

144. Hard work entails a lot. It will pay off, if only you put in the works required. Don’t ever think you’ve arrived or you have it all. There’s nothing like that. Just keep working hard, because by so doing, a lot of things will be settled. Stay positive.

145. Do not return bad vibes with bad vibes. You’re never going to grow that way. The only people that deserve the energy they give you, are good people. Don’t waste your time on irrelevant people. This is one way to make it in life.

146. Obstacles are bound to be on your way to success. No matter how much they are, don’t stop. They are only there to distract you, and if you give in to the pressure they will. So, it’s not the time to stop or rest. Keep going.

147. Never ever play the pity card, in life. It doesn’t pay. If you have people who are willing to help make your dream come true, fine! If you don’t, it’s still very fine. It just might take time, you will definitely get there.

148. Keep your heart, and don’t lose yourself, my friend. In the morning comes the sun. You will definitely shine again, no matter what life throws at you. Don’t be weak, so life does not feast on your weakness. I’m here.

149. When you finally realize that you have power over situations, you will respect yourself more. Situations are not meant to define you. You either choose to move away from them or let them destroy you. At the end of the day, you’re all you have.

150. Just in case you’re on the verge of giving up, don’t! This feeling comes when you’re very close to achieving your goals. Do not give in, you will regret it. Please keep going. I’m not leaving you all alone. We will go through this together, I promise.

Hey there! I’m sure you will agree with me that the best inspirational messages for a friend that you just read, are truly the best. In case you find them interesting, don’t keep the feeling to yourself. Please, share with others and tell them we have more interesting contents on this page. Thank you.

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