2024 Best Appreciation Messages to Friends

Friendship is the oldest of human relations. Having friends is good but showing that you really appreciate them is the best. Friends are the sweetest of people to have, they spice up our life.

Cute Appreciation Messages to My Friends

Amazing Appreciation Messages to My Precious Friends.

1. I have this feeling that you are not just a friend; you are more of a guardian angel to me. Thanks for being my mate.

2. Through the ups and downs of life, you like a shadow have stuck with me. You’re the best my dear.

3. Every day with you is a celebration of our friendship. You rock girl!

4. You give me joy that makes life and friendship more beautiful than anything.

5. We might have grown older than we have always been but know that you’re my friend now and always.

6. Happy friendship day to us. We will always be together as you are my perfect pair.

7. You are a truckload of fun and happiness. Thanks for being a wonderful friend now and always.

8. Every day brings the memory of the fun we have always shared while growing up. You are the best of friends.

9. As the years rush past, I cannot but wish that we will be friends forever. Thanks for being my friend.

10. This is just to notify you that we are stuck together forever. You are my best human.

11. We might have grown older than we have always been, but the one thing that is sure is that you will always be my best friend.

12. You are more like a guardian angel than a friend to me. Thanks for doing a great job being friends with me.

13. You can be rest assured that every day is friendship day for us. You’re the best!

14. To my truckload of fun and joy, thanks for sticking with me every day.

15. Your strength and courage is what I will forever admire. You are like a strong pillar and I love you for that.

16. We might have changed a lot over the years but I am very sure that our friendship will last forever.

17. Thanks for giving me life’s greatest gift. Thanks for being the best of friends.

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18. I just want to let you know today that I appreciate and greatly value our friendship.

19. A man of his words and great honour, that’s who you are. Thanks for sticking with me man, you rock!

20. You have always been there in difficult and smooth times, what would I have done without you, my great friend?

21. We deserve the ‘World Best Friends Ever’ award. You know what I mean.

22. Do you know that the best feeling in the world is being your friend? Now you know it.

23. I remember the fun and sweet times we had together today and I can only say, how can I ever thank you for being my friend?

24. Something worth more than gold is what our friendship is.

25. Even though we have been changed by the years, I can still feel the freshness of our friendship.

26. You are the only person in my life that would never grow old in my eyes. Thanks for being my trouble keeper.

27. If there is anything I am so sure of in this life, it’s the fact that our friendship will never grow old.

28. More than wealth, I am highly satisfied with our friendship.

29. If friendship is a debt, I am very sure that I will soon go bankrupt as you have been the best of friends to me.

30. You are the most remarkable being I have ever seen in my entire life. Thanks for being a good friend.

31. Your uniqueness is one of the rarest of human traits, you’re a great friend and human.

32. Nothing beats being friends with someone of like minds. We rock!

33. I really don’t care if there are thousands of people in the world, the only important thing is that you are my friend.

34. You’re awesome and unique in every way. I just want you to know that I value our friendship.

35. I can feel your warmth and love in every way you talk to me. I just want to say thanks for being the best of friends.

36. A real friend and human- that’s exactly what and who you are.

37. Thanks for being present always in our friendship journey.

38. People like you make life worth living, you’re a great friend.

39. I am rich, as I have you as my friend.

40. Memories are rich with you in it. Thanks for being the greatest friend in the world.

41. Life and times with you is what I will cherish forever. You are one of a kind.

42. I am so glad that I met you in this life. Thanks for being a friend that I can always call on.

43. You make my life story complete. You are a life support system friend.

44. We are not just friends, we are more of brothers. A real friend, that’s what you are.

45. You are the greatest of life’s suggestion for me.

46. You know me better than anyone and that, of course, is what a best friend should be.

47. You are hilarious, kind and awesome in every way I can think of.

48. I can keep thinking of the beautiful things you are to me and never stop. I value our friendship so much.

49. Thanks for being the second version of me.

50. Your amazing personality is what overwhelms me always. You are the best of friends.

51. When I say there’s nothing I would have done without you in my life. Please believe me.

52. Only you know what I really am, and I would love to keep it that way.

53. You have a special place in my heart that even I can’t completely figure out.

54. You are my magic pill that I can never get enough of all the days of my life.

55. The fact that you believe in me, is what drives me for the journey ahead each day.

56. You are the spice of my life, you are special like that.

57. In the entirety of this universe, I am sure of a fact; no one can ever be what you are to me; my best friend.

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58. Thanks for being my friend my most perfect being.

59. We are just one special pair.

60. I don’t need any added flavor, you are the perfect blend for me.

61. You’ve helped me and believed in me even when I don’t. thanks for being my perfect friend.

62. There is no one in this world like you and the fact that I get to have you as my friend is a unique gift.

63. Thanks for being through thick and thin for me.

64. Thanks for everything my cupcake, you are the greatest of friends.

65. I am the luckiest human to have you as my friend.

66. I have actually overlooked the fact of how terrific you are. You are an ideal friend.

67. I know I am not the best person in the world but at least I have you, that’s more than enough for me.

68. I can’t help but appreciate that you are my friend now and always.

69. Life would definitely be boring if you aren’t in it.

70. Thanks for being the only one I can plan to the all the crazy things with.

71. Knowing you and keeping you as a friend is the most outstanding of my achievements.

72. I am thrilled by the fact that we are stuck together forever as the best of friends.

73. You are an awesome friend and I love you just the way you are, now and always.

74. To my best of friends; thanks for being there always.

75. Thanks for making me know the true meaning of life.

76. Our friendship is worth millions of good things of life. Yea, we rock, always.

77. I celebrate you now, always and forever.

78. You are and will always be my best inspiration. Thanks for being you to me.

79. You are my perfect gem, my dearest friend.

80. To the best of friends that anyone can ever ask for; I love you always.

81. I am glad that I met you. You are a great gift of strength.

82. I know I don’t do this often that’s why I am seizing this opportunity to say that I appreciate and value the friendship we have.

83. I am glad to share the special gift called ‘Friendship’ with you.

84. Thanks for accepting me the way I am and making me a better person.

85. Friends like sisters that’s what we are and will ever be.

86. It is a great pleasure to share every life experiences with you. our friendship is my pride always.

87. You would not know the power you wield over my life and the influence you have.

88. I am so happy and grateful that I can share the most sacred of human relationship with you.

89. Thanks for being my inspiration, motivation and greatest influence.

90. Being friends with you has paid off greatly, even more than I can describe.

91. Your motivations and word of wisdom are incomparable. Thanks for being more than a friend.

92. You are the flowers in my life garden, I value our friendship greatly.

93. Thanks for being my addiction all these years. Forever we’ll be together as the best of friends.

94. No matter gift or wealth can be compared to what you have given to me which is the greatest gift of all. Thanks for being there always.

95. From the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you for being a wonderful friend.

96. I never deserved you, thanks for being you always.

97. Our friendship has no material value, it stood the test of time.

98. Weird and wired in the same way, we are birds of a feather, just perfect for each other.

99. I don’t have an idea of what the perfect gift is, but then you came and I can see what the most valuable of all gifts is.

100. I may not have the right words formed, but know that you’re my friend are the best.

101. My life has been made better as I have shared it with you as lifelong friends.

102. Your craziness or mine, I don’t know which is stronger, but then who cares as long as we have each other.

103. You are my sounding board that I can always depend on, thanks for being a gem.

104. We’ve shared love, joy, sadness and all together but most importantly, we are stronger together.

105. I’m glad we are still friends despite how much we have been through.

106. Hugs and a big thank you is what I am sending across to you right now. You are a darling.

107. For the commitment and sacrifice, I say a big thank you.

108. We have the most interesting friendship stories in life, we are the best of friends.

109. The true meaning of friendship has been embodied by you, you are that special.

110. More than anything, I am so happy you are my friend.

111. Now and forever I would always appreciate you, thanks for the friendship.

112. I can’t believe we would be this far away from each other. Our friendship is what I will greatly value.

113. Meeting you was a crazy adventure but then we’ve had more than the usual fun, we are the bomb, girl!

114. You are the greatest of my friends that I would celebrate till the end of my life.

115. You are more than a friend; you are a counselor, mentor and great teacher.

116. The way you worry over me makes me wonder if you’re my proxy mother. Thanks, love, I value this friendship.

117. I am absolutely fortunate that you came into my life. We will stay as friends forever.

118. Thanks for all the help and support I have ever gotten from you.

119. I couldn’t have achieved much today if you were not in my life. Thanks to you my guardian angel.

120. Your big heart is what I really envy, thanks for extending the warmth from you to me.

121. You make me feel special, you are more than just friends to me.

122. Your generosity is incomprehensive. You are an angel in human.

123. When you see a friend that is more than a friend, the best thing is to appreciate them every day. Thanks for being more than a friend.

124. We have had to sacrifice a lot and that is what real friendship is. I celebrate you, my friend.

125. Best of friends, that is what we’ll forever be.

126. Can I ask that you remain my friend forever? You have been great from times past.

127. You are the true meaning of what a friend should be and I will forever cherish that.

128. You are a friend that is dear to my heart.

129. I am so grateful for the gift of your friendship, with you I can never feel lonely.

130. Today, I am celebrating the friendship we have always had. Thanks for being my friend.

131. Nothing will ever compare to your strength and courage, you are the best of all friends.

132. You have proved over and again that friendship can be sweet and I appreciate you for that.

133. To you my wonderful friend, I am saying that I appreciate you today and always.

134. We had much fun together, we have always been a great pair.

135. You are my dear friend, my only friend today and always.

136. I appreciate your love and support always, you are the best.

137. My good fortune is being your friend. Thanks for bringing joy and laughter to our friendship.

138. Thanks so much for being faithful and supportive always.

139. You are the craziest and also selfless human I have ever met. you are a dear friend.

140. I just want to say: Thank you for being my friend and being there always.

141. I have the opportunity of being your friend and that is a great privilege.

142. Yet and again, I will say thank you for being a great friend.

143. To the most generous and kind human and earth, I say thank you for being my friend.

144. Thanks for your encouragement always, I will always value it.

145. Thanks for not ghosting on me at all. I appreciate our friendship.

146. May this day bring to you great joy and fun as you have been the best of friends with me.

147. Your kindness means a lot to me, believe me, you’re the best.

148. You are my pillar, not just a friend. I appreciate you always.

149. Thanks for the thoughtfulness, it means a lot to me.

150. Trust is more than enough as you have chosen me to be your friend.

151. Nothing can be compared to the way you’ve been a good friend to me.

152. Thanks for being a source of strength and warmth to me.

153. Our friendship will last for centuries you can be sure of that.

154. I may not have the right words formed, but know that you my friend, are the best.

155. My life has been made better as I have shared it with you as lifelong friends.

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