2024 Long Paragraphs for Her Copy and Paste

No matter how indescribable your feelings may be, and how much she overwhelms you, in all truth, there are thousands of words that make a great paragraph to capture precisely what you feel for your lady.

Each of these love paragraphs are a killer mixture of love telling nous and love covenant.

So, without further ado, pick from these long paragraphs to let her know just how much of a love hurricane you feel in your heart for her.

You’d be glad you did.

Love Paragraphs for Her Copy and Paste

The best of sweet and romantic love paragraphs for her. Cute love paragraphs for girlfriend coy and paste. Long paragraphs for her with love.

1. I thought of putting pen into book, turning dark ink into colorful, rainbow letters of love to express my feelings for you. But I figured I’d write the longest book in history. So, I thought to show off my love for you, then, I imagined, I’ll have to bring the world at your feet. I longed to let the whole world know that you are mine, it quickly occurred to me that more than a little of men would gaze in envy. So, I resolved to simply telling you that, I love you and showing you how much I care for the rest of my life.

2. I’m confident in this journey we take. Though unfamiliar and uneasy is the path. But with our hearts as one, we’ll make it into the palace of peace where the waters of love surrounds our home, where the green grasses of prosperity swerves in awe of our love. I’m not afraid of the terror at night because you’re the light in which the sun draws her strength. I’m not afraid to love you because forever is just a start with you.

3. There is no shame in love, hence, I’ll show you off for all eyes to see like an epic artifact in a world-class museum. There is no fear in a heart full of love, so, I’ll walk a million miles with you. In the company of your smiles, I’ll gain fortitude to face the challenges of tomorrow. Come what may, I’ll storm the weather with you. My heart is committed to loving you alone even if I’m faced with the temptations of lust. So, be not afraid for my desires are with you.

4. When love beckoned on me, I’m glad it was your heart that called for mine and your kisses for my lips. When I found a home to rest, how happy I was that it was your bosom. This love is true and everlasting. The world may doubt it but I’m confident of the promises it holds. Friends may envy the look of love in our eyes but none can steal these hearts away. I’ll keep this love with me till eternity. I’ll take your hand with me till we cross to the other side of the moon. Because I love you as my life depends on it, my darling.

5. I’ll sing the song of love at the top of my voice. I’ll shout it out so the world testifies of my feelings. With the strength of my voice, the rivers will roar, from the melody of which I sing, the winds would blow. I love you more than my words can say. I’ll let my life be an expression of this love. I’ll make the men on earth go on a search for love. I’ll let the women wait patiently for their own. Let’s take the longest route, so, we’d enjoy the stares in each other’s eyes. Let’s walk with honour so, the path would be easy. With all my love for you, I ask that you never quit on this journey of love. I love you!

6. As the clock ticks away, I’ll confess my love for you. As the oceans move forward to no end in sight, I’ll love you for the longest time. Like an everlasting rock, you’ll dwell in my heart forever. And when this rock breaks, there’ll spring a clean river of passion from within. More than ever, I’ll hold my promises dear to my heart, I’ll make sure with the help of the Father of love, I bring them all to pass. Because in my eyes, you have found favour and you deserve every good this love can bring.

7. Carefully, I sought every corner of the earth to find my love. When I did make peace with the conviction of not finding my one and only, you showed up like a hopeful rainbow full of promises. You made me realise that love was to found me and when it did, I knew in my heart that I was blessed amongst all men. I’m glad you made that walk into my life, for it has erased the footprints of the searches and pain. I’m so pleased to hold you dear, to adore you and love you all of my days. You’ve made loving you so easy, my love.

8. Make me your own every day of your life. I’ll make us a home for us to return to. Romeo and Juliet will be proud of this love when they hear it. The world would applaud us when they see us clad in love dresses. The angels on high would sing the hymns of love to celebrate what purity our love is. I’ll dance endlessly as I welcome you into my home, for you’ve made me the happiest man alive in this earthly kingdom. I love you.

9. No matter how long it takes to prove my love for you, I’ll do it cause loving you is not a waste of precious time. If darkness turns to light and the sun goes into hiding for the moon to shine at night, if the clouds become dark for it is about raining, I’ll be out there standing to wait on your love to come to get me. I’ll do all that I can to let you know loving me is no mistake at all. I’ll show you just how patient I am for your love and how much I deserve your every touch and kisses. I’ll fulfill my promises to you even if you look away. I’ll do all of these, cause I love you.

10. Knowing you is a blessing. Kissing you is a privilege. Touching you is my miracle. Sharing a home with you is worth my offerings. I love you to the moon and back. I’ll take your seat to the stars where you’ll shine so bright at night. I’ll take your crown next to the sun, where your glory will shine around to the wonder of the sun. I’ll jump the bridges and swim the oceans to be right by your side. I’ll build my home in a foreign land just to be with you. If everything comes to an end not my love for you, baby.

11. Say it as you want it and I’ll do it the way you want. Call my name in the dark and I’ll answer like a son who has heard the voice of his mother. Take my kisses with you when you leave. Remember my love for you all the way, so, you’d come back to me even when you’re gone away. I need you to love me back, I want you to love me to the end. Let your warm kisses cure the pain of yesterday. Let the touch of your loving palm heal me of my sorrow. I can’t do anything else so perfectly but to love you so hopelessly.

12. I never knew I could love this much. A love so pure and true. Flowing endlessly as the waters of an ocean. Going all the way like eternity was on earth. My love for you will do no wrong. It wouldn’t hurt even if I hurt. Your happiness will be my goal every night and day. I’ll say to my heart all day long, it has done well to love you. My offering of love will always be at your table awaiting the blessings of your heart. I can’t wait to have you close to me. It’s you or nobody else, my love.

13. Come have your way in my heart, come take your place in my home. No matter how tough it gets, this road will lead me to only one heart. That heart is where I hope to lay my pillow and have a very sound sleep at night. It is where I imagine my thoughts will linger every day and night. I say to you, my love, I crave for your warmth more than life itself.

14. You are the sole reason I work so hard, the purpose which my desires spring from. I’ll provide a shelter in which, our love can blossom into fruits of savoury tastes. I’ll build us a home in which, we can lay quiet at night reminiscing on the love we’ve shared in the day. I’ll do anything to prove my love for you. I’ll buy anything worthy of your touch as long as you be mine forever.

15. I promise to love you till the end. My covenant of love will remain everlasting with you. For you, I’ll give up my life. In exchange of your love, I’ll start a life with you. In exchange for your kisses, I’ll do anything for you. Take my hands with you and let’s walk the walk of love. Take my heart with you and let’s swim in the river of passion. It’s a place I long to be with you. I hope you find me worthy.

16. As I lay me down, I look up to the sky where I hope the stars can convey my message of love to you. I wish the moon can say it as it is, how much I love you and desire to be drowned in your love. Life would be meaningless if it hadn’t been for your love. Life would be sour but for the passion I’ve tasted from your lips. On the wings of love, I hope we fly to eternal life where our souls are redeemed to love over and over again.

17. If I miss out on the beautiful things of life, I’ll fight to have a taste of your love, my darling. If I fail to be anything in life, I’ll be sure to make a good husband to you. If you desire a man of virtues and passion, then I’m the one you’re searching for. So, look no further, my love. Simply say the word and I’ll be anything for you, my love. Just think it in your heart, and I’ll be sure to make your dreams come true. I need you to survive, my darling!

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18. Be the light of my world, be my friend indeed. Be the wife I dream of even with my eyes opened. Be the mother of my kids and the one I find by my side every time of the night. I hope you be my all in all because that’s what I want to be for you. I hope you’d let me be your man, now and in the days to come. Let me be the father of your kids in the best way there is. Let me be the shoulder you lean on in times of need. Let me be all that you ever dream of because I’ll let you be the woman you are for me.

19. My soul long after you. My eyes look into the future to see you there. My nose stretch and flair as it craves to inhale your sweet scent. My legs desire to be in the company of yours as they travel the path of love. Fix your arms in mine, for it is where it should be. Lay your head on my shoulder for it was made for you. My entire being loves you. I can’t let you go, my love.

20. I appreciate all that you are to me. I’m thankful for the gifts you’ve given to me. By your side, I recognised I couldn’t do it all alone. With your touch, I saw that I was nothing without you. I hope you let your smile be my joy for the rest of my days. I pray you never see any reasons to give up on this heart of mine. So, I promise to love you like a final judgment would happen tomorrow on earth. I just want to be yours forever. I love you to the moon and back.

21. The sea would not drown me cause I’m already drowning in your love. Hurricanes would not sweep me off my feet because I’m swept off by your gait instead. Even if you cost me a fortune, I wouldn’t resent your kisses. Even if you cost me my life, I wouldn’t mind fighting for you. I can’t hope to have a woman like you in my dreams. However, I do in this world. So, I’ll make you mine till time stops to count.

22. I’ll court you even when we are old and with feeble hands. I’ll be the man of your dreams even if you look the other way. I’ll be there for you until the end has come on earth. I’ll love you till my heavenly Father can feel it on His throne. I’ll be the best because only you deserve the best of me. I’ll not stop loving you because I don’t want to stop breathing. I love you, my darling.

23. I love you more than the sun loves the day. I need you more than the earth awaits the blessings of the clouds in drought. I’ll be a better friend when it’s dark than the moon and stars to the earth at night. I’ll be the best choice you’ve ever made because I’m committed to loving you for the rest of my life. My words are unchanging and my feelings are infallible. Be my love till the end of time, my darling.

24. Come over here, my love. Read through me with passion. Feel the depth of my words and find meaning in the things I try to say. In a thousand ways, I’ll prove my love for you, so, pay attention to the things I do. First, with the look in my eyes, the tone of my voice and the stretch of my hand, I’ll deliver my love to you. On another day and time, I’ll give up my life for you just to show you how much I care. I’m intoxicated by your kisses. Give me more and I’ll be drunk in love with you for the rest of my life. I love you.

25. I never believed in the existence of love until you poked my heart from its slumber. I never knew there was a feeling more pleasant than the faithfulness of solitude until you made the beauty of a union of two hearts so appealing to me. Your eyes have captured me into your heart. Now I crave for your love every hour of the day. Come let me prove this love to you for the rest of my life and see for yourself if the journey is worth going with me all over again.

26. I’ll carefully listen to the tone of your night snore. I’ll let my lungs sing your praise at night. I’ll say to the parrots at night, be quiet for my love lays on her bed for sleep. By your side, I want to rest at night and under my watch, I want you to lay. Do not deny my eyes the innocence of your pretty face at twilight, for it’s my one true desire as each night goes by.

27. There’s no mountain high I cannot climb and no valley low I cannot walk just to prove my love for you. I’ll take your pain and bear them upon my shoulders for they are my burden. I’ll take your heart in mine and treat it as a precious stone. I’ll ring the church bells to the hearing of all men both far and near on our wedding day cause I desire the whole world to know just how lucky I am. I’ll take your hand in the presence of all just to show all eyes how happy I am to have you. I love you, my one true love.

28. You’re the apple of my eyes and the one precious gem in my sight. I’ll treat you like a father would a son that brings him honour. I’ll pamper you with the love of a mother. I’ll look to the sun and afterward say to it, that you, my love, lights up my world. I’ll pay no attention to the moon at night because I have you by my side. I’ll rejoice every morning knowing I am blessed with a great woman of value. I couldn’t wish for a better lover because you truly complete me.

29. As soon as my eyes sight the glorious sun, your thoughts inevitably travel so fast to my head. Quickly as I hear the cock crow in the break of the day, my heart beats to the joy of loving you. I’m elated to let my mother hear the sound of your voice and behold the beauty of your face as I have seen the one of your heart. I’m honoured to have you go to my house as it makes me long for a day you answer my name. I’ve never been so in love than I am with you, so, I plead that you never let me go.

30. You’re my passion thus, I’ll follow you till the end. And my dream of love, hence, I’ll work hard for you to come live this dream with me. I’ll bring peace into your world and shine the light of happiness into the secret place of your heart. I’ll make everything I have yours and dance to the rhythm of your command. Know this much is true, I love you more than I could ever love anyone else. It’s you my heart will always long for. I breathe just to know what it means to have you. I’ll live to my old age to have a taste of your love for the longest of time. I love you!

31. You’re my obsession. And with the taste of your kisses, I found a love made in heaven. Because your passion has pierced my heart so warmly, I feel the touch of romance all around me. The look in my eyes gives me away when I keep mute of my love for you. However, the words of my mouth say it truly how much I love you. I’ll live a good life as long as you’re joined with me. I’ll live my dream life if you say yes to me every day. I’ll make you a new world if you choose to stand by me. I’ll love you unconditionally because it’s you my heart is obsessed with. I love you!

32. I was hungry until your love satisfied me, I was thirsty until I drank of your heart. I was homeless until your heart found me. So, now that I have you, I’ll raise you above all others, I’ll treat your lips with kind kisses as you caress my body with love. I’ll return the favour into your bosom. I’ll quench your thirst and satisfy your hunger all day long. I’ll make the whole world testify of our love. And all eyes will see how elated we are in love. In the synagogue, I’ll go worship with you and in the house of music, I’ll dance joyfully with you. Come take my hand, my love. I love you from here to the moon and back.

33. Listen carefully to the tone of my voice, pay attention to the sound of my footsteps, give ears to my heartbeat, rest your head upon my bosom and know just how much my heart is consumed with love for you. You awake my spirit and energize my inner man. You make life worth living twice. You make my heart long for eternity with you after a lifetime with you here on earth. Love unspeakable is what I feel for you.

34. I’m glad you hearkened to the sound of my voice to love me. I’m satisfied with the kisses you plant on my lips every day and night. I admire your courage for choosing me even when the world and his wife went agog from our love. I’m thankful you paid me all your attention whilst ignoring the hearsays. You make me feel worthy of your love and your touch redeems my soul. I love you forever.

35. I live for a purpose and that purpose is you. Your profound beauty and essence are known to me, so, I’ll honour you inevitably. I’ll raise you far above my flaws and love you perfectly. I’ll look beyond your faults because you deserve an unconditional love. I’ll love you like you want to be loved cause your happiness is my goal. I’ll spoil you with treasures of all kind so you understand how much I cherish you. No one will ever take your place because in this heart you’re the one and only true queen.

36. I’ll draw in the scent of your body, I’ll perceive your perfume all day long because it is joy and life to me. I’ll renounce the world and its lies just to say yes to you. I’ll show you the truth of my heart and take you to the moon where we can both consume our love in its entirety. I’ll travel to the cardinals of the earth to bring you treasures untold. I’ll build my world around you and love you like I can’t any other.

37. You marbled my name in your heart as it is in your diary. You call out my name in the dark to show that you trust me. Your stares make me fall head over heels in love with you. Your character pulls me to you like honey to bees. Your eyes are like the beauty of Wonderland, I’ll never get tired of looking right into them. I draw strength from your attitude and peace from your company. Your smile fills my heart with joy and makes me want to live each day again. I love you like my life depends on it.

38. When I have reasons to smile, sharing it with you is my first thought. And when the heat of anger betides me, it’s you I desire to share my pain with. You are my peace and comfort. The joy that arises from the core of my heart and the cool springs of water that quenches the fire of anger within me. You make my life so dreamy because you’re the bed of roses upon which I lay. I hope you love me till the end of time, my darling.

39. When we are seated side by side clinging on to each other’s arms whilst resting your head upon my shoulders, I make a wish that forever can begin. When miles and meters come between our touch and warmth, my soul desires to be by your side even as my longing heart is consumed in yours alone. You mean the world to me. So, I cannot express in words how much I desire to be the one special reason you smile all day long. I’ll give my life to you and share all my riches with you. I pray you call me your own for a lifetime.

40. I await the dawn of a new day because it is a divine gift of being by your side whilst beholding your sweet lips again. I expect the going down of the sun as it brings the darkest night with the brightest star. You are the brightest star of my night. And so, I wait in love all night long dreaming of the nights where that star lays by my side from heaven afar. Take my word for it, my darling; I just want to be with you for the rest of my life.

41. Only if I could show you in true completeness as the circle of the sun how much I love you, but I’m only human and bound to err just as the moon takes another shape of its kind sometimes at night. If words couldn’t fail me, I’ll choose my words carefully to express my deepest feelings for you. If wealth couldn’t fail, I’ll buy the world for you. But, all day long, all night long and till forever, I’ll show you how much you mean to me. With might and strength, I’ll let you see how far I can go for you. With riches and fame, I’ll express my love for you and ultimately my virtues and character will prove my love for you. I need you in my life, my love.

42. I want you to love me wholeheartedly simply because I love you truly. I want you to give your heart to me because you have mine till the end of time. I will respect, care and trust you because it is how to love truly. I will abide by you and stick to my words spoken in the time of love because it’s your love I seek all day long. I won’t give up on loving you, because this love is timeless. I won’t exchange your touch for the vain company of gold and silver because you’re the treasure of my heart. With all my love for you, enjoy the words that I confess to you.

43. I’ll give to you without holding back my last cent. I’ll flood your heart with my love ignoring how much it can take. I’ll spend every day and night making sure I am a better man for you. I’ll make me the best thing you’ve ever had. I’ll prepare your place in my home as it is revered in my heart. I’ll ride upon the horse of war with you and take home every spoil of the battles won. Know that I love you to the moon, sun, star, and back.

44. I’ll glory my love in its strength to do you right. I’ll praise my tongue in its gift to sing of your praises. I’ll bless my hands for its will to stretch out kindness to you. I’ll admire my legs for how far it has come with you. I’ll reverence my eyes because it is the lenses through which I gaze upon your beauty. I’ll keep my heart because it is the reason why I love you so much. I’ll treat you kind because you chose to love me instead of any other.

45. Hard times are bound to come but they’ll swiftly fade away with the winds if we both love unconditionally. With strength and patience, we’ll see the finish line of our earthly race and wear the crowns as those deserving. We’ll sacrifice all that we can to enable our love to see the end of time because we believe in the fire of passion that burns in each other’s eyes. We’ll give all that we can because we love wholeheartedly and make promises with the fear of God in our hearts. Take my hands because I’m willing to love you till the trumpet sounds.

46. You transformed my fear and doubts into the very fine image of love as you made your way into my heart and travelled fast right into my head with ease and grace. As long as I’ve got a breath in my body, my eyes will never behold the end of this love. And as far as my lips have got blood, they’ll sing the songs of our love all night long. I’ll take you lower into the depth of my heart where it’s hard to ever let you go. I’ll bring you to the top of my roof, so we reminisce on our love with cool breezes blowing our garments away whilst enjoying the fluorescent of our love at night. My heart beats for you, my darling.

47. I have faith in this great love betwixt us because you capture my heart away from all earthly worries. My destiny, I believe, is to love you throughout all the ages. The bells of my heart toll with joy when my ears hearken to your voice. I see you in my dreams of taking your place in my home. I envision you walking towards my restless body, placing your kisses on my forehead as the king of your heart. Now, I ask so humbly that, you make my dreams come true for it is my greatest wish while I breathe.

48. Let’s make sweet perfumes of love as we rub against our bodies. Let the sweet sounds of satisfaction escape from our lips as our hands run through our bodies. Let’s take today as the last day on earth, so we rest fully inside the tent of love. Let us turn up the volume of our love that we overcome the noises of naysayers. Let the wind come and go because the foundation of our love is unmovable. Let the flood see that it cannot sweep away the tent of our love because it is made with rocks and gems. Let’s prove to the world, our love is eternal.

49. I’d like to see our love be a witness to the love of our great grand fruits. I’d like to think it was possible that we love again in the life to come. I’d like to believe the world would dance to the praise of our love because it is true and pleasant to the ears. I’d like to take this love with me to the moon where no man would envy its beauty. I’d like to run this race to the end and therefore, wear gloriously the crown of love. I’d like you to kiss me first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. I’d like to tell you tonight just how much I love you.

50. Rearer than a four leaf clover is my love for you. Sweeter than the taste of honey are your kisses on my lips. More captivating than the pleasure of sin, is your love in my heart. It is my sincerest hope that you be my wife till the end of time. It is my lifetime wish that you do me the honour of being your husband. Right in the middle of boggy and crooked terrain, I’ll hold your hands to see the future of our love. I love you more than you can truly envision.

51. My love will go far for you; from here to the moon and back is too short. I love the colour of your hair, it attracts every sparkling thing to you. Little wonder, I’m drawn to you. Whatever your need may be, I’ll fulfill it even with my last breath. There’s nothing wanting in your life, cause I’ll be there to make your dreams come true, my love.

52. My love, I’ll never say these words to anyone else; “I love you.” Love is an everlasting feeling but, what I feel for you will go beyond eternity. Let me pour out my feelings to you tonight, so you can immerse yourself in this river of passion. I do not mind swimming till the end of oceans, as long as you’re swimming with me, my true love.

53. Baby, let me be your anchorman. The one you’ll hold unto in the storms of life. I’ll never let you be swept away by the current of rivers. Together, we’ll have a nice time saving each other from harm’s way. Let’s talk about our deepest fears, so we can own our deepest secrets. Irrespective of our circumstances, you will always be save with me, my love.

54. I want to be everything you’re not, so you can be attracted to me. I want to be everything that you are, so you can love me as you love yourself. In good time, ditto, bad time, my love will remain the most beautiful thing that ever came your way. Let our love run after each other, until we are wrapped into each other’s arm. I’ll never lie to you, cause my love is the only truth I know and I’ll protect. I heart you, my baby.

55. If the continents drift, my love for you will remain steadfast. As the tiding rise, my strength will storm the weather with you. It feels good to love you, cause the whole world feels happy when I do. Oh! Nothing renders me speechless like you. I’m perplexed, you never seem to go against me. Is this what love is? It brings so much joy and unity.

56. The clouds feel like falling when you’re far away from me. When you’re near, the stars in the sky feel closer to me. I’ll build your world with the moon and the sun. So you wouldn’t lose your light, be it in the night or day. I’ll make you happy than the birds in the sky and the lily in the field. How can I sing for joy, if you’re not the source of my mirth? Every good feeling existing inside of me is born out of my love for you. No doubt, you own the key to my happiness, my love.

57. What makes me satisfied is our mutual love. What makes me feel better is my sacrificial love towards you and what makes me feel undeserving is your love towards me. You’re a queen. This much I know, cause you preserved yourself from a stream of men who wanted you so badly. You kept your heart for me. And prepare your body for my devotion. My love, love is rare but you’re just one in a lifetime.

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58. Every sound from your vocal cord is music to my ears. Very pleasant aura you’ve got. The type that can make a man trip in the bid of turning to steal a glance at you. What you look like beats the look of many angels. You’re a different type of lady. Your hair waves like happy grasses on the field. I’m committed to loving and adoring you like my idol. Without you, I’ll fail in love.

59. My heart is an abyss of love. Filled with the virtues of true love. You put the feeling of desire in me; you’re something that I strongly long for. See the clouds in the sky, whether they appear blue or dark, the colour of my love remains untainted. Our affection for each other will never grow dim. Whatever vanishes will be our pain and regrets. Love will always be constant between us.

60. No matter what we have in common and what makes us different; love will always be our agreement. I will not turn my back on you. If looking at you will transform me into a pillar of salt, so be it! I’m ready to be frozen just for you; just as long as, I’ll be eternally immortalized in your heart. Let’s make our world an irresistible one. My love, I can’t get over you.

61. Our kingdom will last, cause you’ll be the queen and your word will be irresistible. I dream of a time when nothing will be in the way of our love. I know there will come a time when we’ll fight for what we have and what we believe in. Send me to the battlefield of love and I’ll win the laurel just to have it hung around your neck, cause you’re the true reward of my victory. Baby, don’t be so far away. Each time your heart reminds you of me, just call out my name. I’ll be there.

62. In the strait of fears, I’ll be there to save the day. I’ll be the voice that urges you to be strong and to fight until you win. Many have come and go, but you’ll be left in the centre of my heart. You’re meant to stay here with me till eternity comes. You bless me with your beauty. Hence I’m now a source of envy. Whatever it takes, I’ll keep my heart for you. You have my whole world at your feet. My love, you’re everything.

63. Glancing through the earth, I find your portrait more attractive than the one of classic Juliet. Of course, pictures and neither words can fully capture your true beauty; it radiates from the inside to the outside of you. No one can afford you. You beat every man’s expectation of a woman. Your innate vigour is rare and your eloquence speaks well of you than the Queen of England. I wish you never leave my side, cause I’m ready to turn the world upside down to find you the greatest treasures of all time. Be my lady.

64. A love critic, I was. Then with you, came a love to last and to nurture in my heart. Therein, I believed in love, cause you were all shades of love. You appeared unblemished and without a fault. You are the only woman I know that makes love a beautiful thing to give. For once in my life, I never felt the pain of love. Some say “love is wicked!” But because I have tasted your love I, therefore, exclaim “love is the greatest!” My heart doesn’t fit into its space anymore, cause it grew bigger when it started loving you. You’re my true love.

65. I’ll let everything go, so I can gain you alone. The world should be traded for you and not the other way round. If I ever misbehave by your side, please call me to order, cause I’ll be ready to follow your bid. My love for you makes me feel good. Let’s hold each other tight like an anchor in the midst of a storm. My love for you knows no lie; it’s true and can only be true. I’ll put your name to everything my heart owns, so they can be yours forever, my lady.

66. Let’s steal a quiet moment and talk about our future; the one full of bliss, love and our replicas. Whatever you give me that is yours, I promise to keep and multiply. My love will never take from you but add to you. The voice that took me from the wilderness of loneliness is yours and no matter how faint your voice maybe I’ll always recognise it, cause it has become my conscience. Bother me with your needs, I’m ready to sweat for you, my love. You’re my happiness.

67. By the influence of heaven, our love deal calls for an eternal union. You’re in the realm of the stars, moon, and sunlight; you’re simply out of this world. You may be an earthling, but your character is angelic. I love your look. It is utterly compelling to make me do your bid. Oh! Such a fortress you are, I feel safe and secured in your presence. With you, I can live in the dark as though it were the light. And I can smile through the odds of life as though it had nothing on me. Baby, you’re my muse and fortress.

68. I feel feisty and immovable. Love has made me stronger than the warriors. I’m unashamed to follow you wherever you go. I’ll yank you up in excitement to show how thrilled I am to be called your own. I strip myself of my pride, so I can be humbled by you. I love you, my lady. When I say, “I’m your man” it translates to mean, I can do anything for you. I love you at all time.

69. I need more than hug and tickles from you. I want you to be my lady forever. In the nearest future, let’s countdown to our wedding anniversary. My true love, I desire nothing more than to spend my youth and old age by your side. Do me well and be mine forevermore. Let me stride this sparkling diamond band down your finger; it befits you alone. I love you, my only one.

70. Your grace is riveting; the princes and the kings come to its light. How powerful than the decree of the king is your step! Your poise is the fall of many men. I want your kiss to be the gesture that sends me to sleep. And if I ever make it to heaven, I want your love to make me qualified. The landmark of my heart is the love it has for you. Nothing amazes me more than the fact that every morning with you seems to be like a new day; it’s like I’ve never met you before. And I love every bit of getting to know you better. Baby, I want to be yours from now till eternity.

71. Your pulchritude is a blatant head turner for all sexes. No doubt, the angels will be lost in your eyes. The most beautiful thing I ever set my eyes on was you. My love for you isn’t a mirage and neither is my trust in you an illusion. I love you in totality. I embrace everything that you represent. Whether you’re worth a gold or a silver, you’ll always be the most priceless thing in the closet of my heart. Never will I regret loving you till the end. My only regret is failing to love you before now; I’ll make it up in eternity.

72. I call you a rainmaker because knowing you have caused outpour of love upon my heart. I’ll pray for your love as long as I live, cause I do not want to be left in the cold without your admiration. Even hell won’t forbid me from loving you the way that I want to. I need us to survive until the clarion call. My angel, your wings are my ride to eternal bliss. My heart is your home. I love you from here to the end of the earth.

73. I would not coast on the love you have for me. Every day will burn a new passion for you. A spark will transform into a beam of light; never will our fire die down. I’ll keep things hot between us. We’ll desire each other every passing day. There’s no hiatus in our love, neither will it have an end. We will last till the end of time. Love is the most miraculous feeling every; it gives invisible wings and invincible strength.

74. In my heyday, I will treat you like my queen. And when I’m down, I’ll lift you up so you won’t feel the pain of falling. I want to settle into a new life with you and do what I know how to do best, which is loving you. I can’t go far without your love to journey with me till my life is over. You’re more than my partner, you’re my soulmate. I want everything about you; yeah! I can share in your pain and joy, I wouldn’t mind. I just want to love you unconditionally.

75. This is more than a love poem nous, written by the best poet. Baby, I’m dying when I’m not in your arm. Your arm feels like the cradle of a sleeping child. It’s safe and gets safer when you cuddle me with it. I’ll only be looking for a way to be miserable if I were to say, “I don’t love you anymore.” I’ll walk away from the vanities of this world and walk into the joy of loving you. Our love is potent than classical love stories. I’ll only accept to love you; never will I resign to a fate of a broken heart.

76. I don’t want to love you from afar but from a close range. All my life, I’ll look at you through the eyes of perfection even in your flaws. Together, we’ll build our dream love. Whatever makes you angry, I promise to never do to you but that which makes you laugh and roll out tears of joy on your soft cheeks. I’ll have you know; you have the most flexible muscles on your cheek, cause they make the best smiles I’ve ever seen. My love, I can’t help but love you all over again.

77. You occupy my space; I can’t seem to think of myself anymore. The thought of you has beclouded my mind. As such, every move I make is for you. I dream of a time when the world comes to the light of our love. You outshine the light of love itself. You’re more beautiful than the glory of true love. You’re simply the best of everything there is. Of all creatures, you make the creator of the universe more proud. My heart breathes fine because it loves you without an iota of doubt. I love you, baby.

78. As scorching as the sun may be, it never makes you old. As dry as the harmattan may be, you’re never dehumidified. You’re simply the queen of natural beauty. To this, the natural world never fails to envy your gorgeousness. Your heart is heaven to me; I knew peace and joy ever since I knew you. I’ll toil all day just to satisfy you, my love. So a day will come when we’ll only live in sheer abundance, basking in love and joy. I’ll always love you.

79. No lady is greater than you. No beauty is more alluring than the one on your face. No strand of hair looks more golden than yours. Your heart cannot be broken; it will always remain whole. I’ll forever keep the fire of my love burning in your heart. Never will a day come when I won’t acknowledge my feelings for you. I will prove what I feel for you till eternity comes. My love for you can never run dry.

80. I’ve searched through the earth ditto, the midst of angels, yet I find no one like you. In heaven, your throne is special and your crown is distinguished amongst all. The features of your beautiful face are prominent; your high cheekbones jut out the ones of a supermodel. My eyes were searching and swiftly, they caught your beautiful eyes. The only feet I know that never misses a step are yours. You’re a paragon of class.

81. Your beauty cannot be taken in by the eyes alone. The whole of me is lost in your entire being. With you, I no longer lust after any pleasure, for your love has satisfied every thirst in my body. Never will I look at another, cause you’re the only love that I know. I can assure you that, you’ll always be happy with me. I’ll give you nothing else but joy. In the day, I’ll make you glow and at night, I’ll let you have a sound sleep like a sleeping child.

82. I’ll always number my days by the love I show to you. My heart will always be pure towards yours. My affection towards you will never be diluted. Like a plane, my heart takes flight whenever it sees you. Every day and night, I feel you. I cannot be at peace with myself if I never establish a home in your heart. Like a great warmth of feeling; my ardor for you cannot be quenched.

83. The love of you in my heart has made me better than my selfish love for myself. I’ll always hold the door before you, cause you alone opened my heart to love and also loved me like no one else. My heart identifies with yours. My body knows no other touch than the one from you. The feel of your touch can stimulate every life in me to life. I now breath in and breath out love because my heart is in love with a queen.

84. You saved me from the wretchedness of loneliness. My life will be so empty without your presence in it. You’ve been the best thing that ever happened to me. You can never be erased from my mind. My words may appear vague to you but do not blame me; what I feel for you is beyond ordinary, I cannot explain how it came to be and neither can I describe how it feels. I love you, my lady. Never love me less.

85. Don’t hide your feelings for me. What we share is meant to blossom like a beautiful flower. As a proof of my love for you, in times of war, I’ll never let you go. I’ll find a secured place for you and with my life will I defend you. If you ever do me wrong, love will stand in for you. Never will I judge you. You’re a beautiful soul with a clean conscience and a lovely heart; never will I harm you. No matter the season, I’ll never forget to plunge you into my pool of love.

86. Like a fresh breeze, your love swept my heart. Just like the rain, your love sent chills of sweet emotions into my heart; I tremble in the magnitude of your love for me. Fire may be quenchable and rivers may dry out, but never will this flame of love die down and never will my feelings for you be gone. No matter how fast the waters run and the storm rages, your love will never be eroded from my heart. I love you so much to keep you till eternity to come.

87. I’ll dance to no other beat than the beat of your heart. And I’ll remain unexcited unless your heart cheers me up. You’re the spirit that lifts me up. Your smile is enough to brighten my day. With your presence, my day is fulfilled. No matter the years it’s going to take us to build a perfect love story, I’m willing to wait. For, I do not want to give you anything less than an unblemished love. I’m not ashamed to look into the eyes of the world to tell her how much I love you. For indeed, I love you truly.

88. Like a treasure, I’ll store up your memories in my heart. I’ll say it a million time and over a millennium, that you mean so much to me. Each of my gazes on you is to let you know that I’m trapped within your heart. I’ll always let you be the queen you’ve always wanted to be. I’m not in your life to control you but to love you. Love will lead us together and it will make things right between us. The small things of love, I’m willing to do for you likewise, the big things of love. My baby, I’ll do it all for you.

89. I fancy your pictures than the most fascinating scenery in the world. The best star to feature in my life is you. For this, you’re the future that I desire. I’ll not only adore you with the good things of life. But, I’ll cherish you with my unbreakable trust, undying commitment, and unconditional love. I’ll give the best of my character to you. I’ll live my life to please you, cause I know you only want the best for me. Love is the best thing to ever happen to me, cause I found you, honey.

90. A circle is complete at 360°. My life is complete as you reciprocate my undying love for you. We’ll only make it to the end if we allow our love to blossom. Show me your flaws and I’ll make you feel like a perfect diamond; love never has to feel timid. No need to judge yourself, no need to feel inadequate cause, I will never see your wrongdoings. If I were to choose between you and heaven, I’ll choose you, cause you’re the only heaven I know. My final resting place is in your heart. I love you, my baby.

91. Everything happens for a reason, but you’re in my life for many reasons; you hold the key to my happiness, joy, prosperity, and love. I’ll never love again, for I’ve found my one and only true love. I’ll need you more than now; I’ll only be satisfied if we made it to eternity. What lifted me up from my knees was the desire to see your lovely eyes. I’ll never make you wait for me; you’ll always find me wherever and whenever you need me. I’ll be your help at all time. I love you.

92. I saw your image in the crystals of my heart. Nothing looks as pure as you. I’ll never drop a dirt of infidelity on you. I’ll take care of you by bestowing on you love, trust, respect, and care. You and I will make the best love story because ours will have no tragic ending. The best thing my heart ever did well was to love you. The best my eyes ever saw was you. And the best I ever did was never to give up on you. I can never place anything else above you, not even my need will I prioritize above your need.

93. Thunder rumbles in my heart when you’re far away and when we quarrel. The only noise my ears itches to hear is the sound of our wedding bells. Please, forgive me when I do you wrong. Please, encourage me when I do you right. Teach me how you want to be loved and I’ll never fail at it. I’m willing to give you all of me. Nothing is too big in my hands that I wouldn’t let go to you because my greatest reward is having you by my side, my love.

94. My happiness rests in your hands because you control the well of my joy. You’re the spring of my prosperity, cause loving you makes me be at my best. I’ll protect you with everything I have. My life is no longer mine, as I am willing to put it on the line just for you. No matter where the treasures of this life are buried, I’m willing to dig it out for you; you deserve the best. The second place is never for you, you’ll always be at the forefront of my heart whilst occupying the deepest part as well.

95. Before I found you, the winds of loneliness howled in my heart continuously. The day I met you, I looked into your heart and found myself not willing to look elsewhere. Knowing you has brought me peace and love. I’ll live this life again just to love you. The best part of my life is the days I lived with you; the time I spent by your side. You’re the light that brings me happiness. I was made to love you. Loving another will be my undoing.

96. I can change the millennium of the history of love; cause, I’ll love you in the manner no one has ever done before in this world we’re living in. My love for you wasn’t begotten on earth; I learnt to love you before the earth was formed. Your aura carries the most beautiful charm. The smell of your body is more enticing than a field of lovely rose flowers. The gaze of your eyes makes me surrender to your wish. If you ever leave me, I’ll be broken cause my heart is well built by your words and presence.

97. I have a heart in love, as do you. My earnest desire is to see you blossom into the mother of my kids. I’ll keep you safe in our home. My life will be the most beautiful place you’ve ever been. Nothing will cut short your happiness when you’re with me cause your joy will be till infinity. I know not how to make you sad, for I have learnt to please you at all time. My life will always be great with you in my world. No matter what the world thinks, you’ll always be the right one for me. I love you.

98. I’m aware of your beautiful heart. My heart possesses so many treasures you can harness. I have an undying love to bestow on you. I have my whole life to make about you. Your lonely days are over, cause I’m here to keep you warm and happy as long as you breathe. Life might be full of thorns, but the roses alone will I present to you. I do not mind walking the path of thorns just to pick you the most scintillating roses. I’ll lay the bed you sleep in with soft pillows that will make you see me in your sweetest dreams. I love you, hon.

99. I’ll love you to the point you’ll never lack again. I’ll love you so much so, you’ll be satisfied. No girl will ever receive the quality of love and affection I’ll bestow on you. You’ve always loved yourself in the sweetest and befitting way possible. It’s high time I loved you like an angel would love its own. I’ll make you mine forever. Do not hesitate to spend forever with me; it is the most beautiful place to be in. Make up your mind to be my queen forever. I love you truly.

100. You’re the one that makes my life beautiful. You give meaning to my life with each word you say to me. I find myself living life to the utmost each time you tell me how much you love me. The night I sleep fulfilled is the one you kiss me before falling going to bed. The morning I emanate sparks is the one that makes me love you the more. All my life, I’ve never seen someone worthy of my eternal love than you. I’ll love you from the depth of my heart to the forefront of it.


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