2021 Sweet Love Paragraphs for Her to Wake Up To

2024 Sweet Love Paragraphs for Her to Wake Up To

Spice up your romance with your darling wife, girlfriend or fiancé with cute love paragraphs for her to wake up to. Here are 120+samples.

Step up your romantic game with your sweetheart with cute, eye-catching, heart touching, captivating, and enthralling messages.

By nature, women are romantic creatures with innate need and desire to be loved, cared for, pampered and romanced by the men in their lives. If you have been too busy for your beloved recently; grab her attention with a lovely good morning message from you. Your past sins of neglect will be easily forgiven.

Perhaps, your loved one is passing through a particularly difficult or stressful time; take off the stress of her weary shoulders by sending her a sweet message of love and encouragement. In actual fact, you don’t need an excuse to set the tone for a really great day for the woman in your life. Do it for love!

Make her happy with cute messages. Thrill her senseless with your loving words. Let her feel special and loved. Remember, whatever you give to a woman, you’ll receive a hundredfold in return. Make her day wonderful, she’ll make your life heavenly. It’s the law of multiplication at work.

Are you looking for romantic good morning messages for her to wake up to? Do you care to melt her heart with cute, loving and witty words? Would you care to give your sweetie a break from her normal boring routine with something exciting? We have just the perfect samples for you. You’ll be glad you tried it.

Good Morning Love Paragraphs for Her

Sweet and romantic good morning love paragraphs for her to wake up to. Good morning I love you paragraphs for her- your girlfriend.

1. My day is always set and turns out to be deliciously perfect when I have a cup of hot tea with an healthy dose of you, my sugar. The mere sight of you keeps the adrenaline rushing through my veins; then, I’m good to go, ready to tackle the day’s task and challenges. With such a stunning, roaring beauty like you as wife, who needs the caffeine from coffee? Good morning, my sweet!

2. I dreamt of you all night, and I woke up with sweet thoughts of you. Hastily, I dumped the dreamland package for the reality of enjoying your warm and loving embrace. The ecstasy? Way out of this world, wifey! I love your sultry look. I feel whole and complete in the comfort of your lifesaving hug. I can’t imagine setting out of the house without an energizing kiss from my heartthrob. The thought itself is scary. Love you loads, Honey!

3. A morning without the heavenly taste of your sweet kiss is a licence to a disastrous day! Your dreamy look, sultry smile, loving embrace, and sweet endearments; are all the “highs” I need each morning to have an awesome, productive and fulfilling day at work. I’m on a roll already! Aren’t I blessed! You can bet on it. I wish you a blissful morning, my honey pie.

4. Your sweet smile is something to die for. Scratch that, my sweetie pie. It’s absolutely something to live for. A smile from you turns on my positivity button. I feel energised, optimistic and in charge. It’s magical and surreal! When you smile at me, my beautiful angel, heaven smile on me. What’s life without my smiley angel by my side? Unimaginably boring and impossible! Good morning, my treasure.

5. You are as sweet as honey…sweeter, even. You are the cherry on my cupcake topping. You are the filling in my pie; I’m bland and tasteless without you. You are the sun that adorns and shines in my sky; my Sunshine, you are my sole bright spot. You are so gorgeously beautiful that I can feast my eyes on you for hours. Everything about you is: just perfect! This is why I rarely take breakfast: your love fills me up to the brim. No space for extras! Have a lovely morning, my love.

6. I had a dream. A wonderful dream, that’s filling my heart with fuzzy and warm feelings. There, I found myself married to the most beautiful woman in the world. She turned down many head-turning offers from suitable and sought after suitors, to choose me. She literally worshipped the ground that I walked on. Everyone was amazed, asking me how I managed to win her affection. I smiled in response. That’s my answer: my dazzling smile! Then, I woke up with a jolt! It wasn’t a dream at all! I’m truly married to my raving beauty!! My princess, you are my dream and reality. I adore you so! Good money, sugarplum!

7. You are a magical creature, my adorable angel. A mere look from you sets my pulse racing at an alarming rate. A call from you brings me racing to you like I’m on the track field running in an Olympic race. I’m absolutely charmed by you, my enchanting beauty. With you, there’s never a glimpse of cloud in my sky; it’s all glorious sunshine! With you, my cup of joy is never half empty; it’s always half filled or full to overflowing. You are amazing, my wife! Have a splendid morning, my treasure!

8. I was having sweet dreams about you when I was rudely jolted awake by the sound of the alarm. I was so annoyed, that I switched off the silly thing and hid it inside the drawer. There it’ll stay till it apologises for being a spoilsport. Now, I’m going back to bed to continue my heavenly dream of you. I can’t wait to have you forever, my love. Catch you in the dreamland, in the meantime. No carryover in this mushy love. Good morning, peaches!

9. Good morning, my good luck charm. I can’t start the day without so much as a lovely hello to the love of my life. My greatest wish is that we’ll be together soon and spend the start of our mornings in each other’s arms. My greatest regret is not meeting you sooner. I begrudge the past without you in it. I’m looking forward to a forever with you. Love you loads, my pumpkin! Good morning, my darling

10. All day long, my heart is filled with thoughts of you. All night long, I have these beautiful dreams of you. I wake up each morning to my aching need of you. Obviously, my life, thoughts and dreams are centered around you, my love. You are the centre of gravity in my uneven universe. I cherish you, my beautiful angel and looking forward to watching the sun as it rises each morning, with you by my side. Have a lovely morning, dearest!

11. Oops, it’s all a dream! I had the most beautiful dream about us. I was sorry the dream came to an abrupt end as I woke up from my deep slumber. On the other way round, I’m glad I woke up just in time to give you a smooching kiss and a lifesaving cuddle; before hopping from bed in preparation for work. You are my energizer, my natural essence and my sunshine. Have a wonderful day, my Queen.

12. Morning has broken, but my sunshine is missing by my side. I feel…incomplete. We are a perfect fit and never meant to be apart more than the hours we spend at work. This separation, albeit for a good cause, is killing me softly, my babe. Loving you and missing you terribly, is my current reality. Good morning, love of my life.

13. It’s morning already! I need a warm cuddle and a sweet embrace to jolt me wide awake. So, wake up and give a dying man a lifesaver of a kiss. You are my life, Honey. Good morning, sweetie.

14. Wake up, sweetie pie and give me a smashing kiss. I need you like a drowning man needs a lifejacket. Your love is my redemption.

15. I slept like a baby last night with you by my side. Your cuddle and kiss are more effective than any tranquilizer. You are a delight to behold in the morning. I love you, my sweet.

16. My life is worth living because I have you as my soul mate. Good morning, my love. I wish you a day of pure bliss, endless love from me and beautiful thoughts about me. Think of me almost as much as I think of you, my pretty angel. If we do missing you competition, my scale would outweigh yours. Love you more!

17. Incredible discovery! An amazing phenomenon! CNN’s ratings will take a huge leap upward with this news. Guess what, my love? The brightness of the sun pales beside the radiance of your beauty! You are gorgeous and absolutely stunning! What exactly did I do to deserve your love? Beats me! I love you, my precious! Have a morning filled radiance and fragrance.

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18. The seemingly impossible thing has happened! I loved you more than everything in the world, just last night. To my utter amazement, I woke up this morning loving you even more! Apparently, the more I loved you, the more my heart expands to take in more loving thoughts about you. Your love grows on me, my gem. Good morning, my darling.

19. Good morning, sleeping beauty. This is an urgent wake-up call. I need your loving smile to set me on my way. Love you loads, my sunshine.

20. I feel like a million bucks because you have a knack of bringing the best in me. You are my priceless and timeless treasure. I love you.

21. Good morning, my precious wife. It’s time for my daily shots of your unique and special brand of Tender loving care (TLC), packaged in a loving kiss, cuddly hug and sunny smile. How am I to resist such a beautiful offer as a daily morning routine? I’m now addicted; never mind about a cure. I’m gladly incurable! Give me my fix, the wonders of today beckon already. Love you to the moon and back, mine!

22. Good morning, my beautiful angel. I wish the most lovely morning ever. I’ll think of you all day as I anticipate the pleasure of drinking in the sight of you, tonight. It’s a date, my babe! Can’t wait to see you!

23. Good morning, bae! Do you know any good cardiologist? Please, find out for me why my heart skips a beat and jump erratically, at the sight of you. Better still, book an appointment for me. He may diagnose what I already suspect: I’m hopelessly in love with you! It’s an incurable heart condition. Loving you is beyond my control, my sweetie!

24. You light up my world with your presence. You make me indescribably happy without even trying. My sun rises and sets around you, my sugarplum. This guy is nuts about you! Have a lovely day, my Princess.

25. Good morning, Princess. Thank you for agreeing to a dinner date with me tomorrow. I can’t wait to see you. I’m watching the clock already: it seems to be working at a slow pace today. See you later, dearie.

26. Do you want to know my intentions? Wait till our dinner date, and take a deep look into my eyes. You’ll catch a glimpse into my heart. It is the original mirror to my soul. Whatever you read or see there, is exactly how I feel about you. I’m coming to dinner unveiled and unmasked. Good morning, pretty angel. See you then.

27. One dinner date, and you stole my heart completely. I don’t want it back; you may keep it. I only want you for myself in a forever deal. No pun intended; this is for real. Good morning, beautiful angel.

28. Just one date and I’d be satisfied: or so I convinced myself. I had that date with you and I got irrevocably hooked to you. You are undeniably the most amazing lady I’ve ever come across. You are classy and elegant. This Oliver Twist wants to see more of you. May I give you a call? Good morning.

29. Good morning, my love. Did you miss me? I found it hard to wake you up when I was leaving the house. Have I told you how beautiful you look even in sleep? Absolutely gorgeous! See you tonight, sweetie!

30. Good morning, wifey! I have a confession: I have a date with someone special tonight. You! Please, put on that dress that turns my head. I’ll pick you up for our date tonight. Where we are going is the real surprise. Love you loads, my treasure!

31. Are you mad at me? Please, forgive me. I’m nuts about you! I know I did the unpardonable; I’m feeling lost myself for missing your farewell kiss and hug. Actually, I rushed out this morning because I was almost late for an important meeting. Cross my heart; I’ll make it up to you tonight. How about dinner at our favourite restaurant?

32. I feel like the luckiest man on earth, married to the most gorgeous and classy wife. You combine beauty with brains so effortlessly. A great cook too! I’m going to keep this secret from the prying eyes of the world. And no, I’m not possessive. I’m only jealously guarding my treasure. Good morning, my precious wife.

33. I’m compiling a list of accomplishments and the awards you’d receive, but I couldn’t continue. The list is long and the award is staggering. You are priceless, my beautiful Queen. Have an awesome morning.

34. The memory of my life before we met, has faded into the shadows. You are my present and my future. Good morning, my precious love. Have an amazing day!

35. We were an unlikely pair. Our differences strengthen our love and bond. Marrying you was the best decision I made in life. Given the chance, I’d do it a million times over. Good morning, wifey. Have a fabulous day!

36. Good morning, gorgeous! Thank you for loving me in spite of my imperfections. I’m a better man today because of your unwavering love. I’m a work in progress; I’ll keep on improving. Your love keeps me going. I love you, my darling wife.

37. Having you in my corner makes my chess to puff off with pride. I can achieve everything my heart sets out to do with you by my side. I’m a champion because you are my heroine. Have an awesome day, my sweetheart!

38. Hey, sleeping beauty! The night is long gone. It’s morning already. Before the traffic gets crazy, give me a hug and I’ll be on my way. Good morning, my darling wife!

39. You are my magical wand. When I’m with you, your love waves the wand and all my worries, pains and anxieties disappear into thin air. I love you, my dearest wife. Have a beautiful morning full of sunshine!

40. I’m shivering uncontrollably with cold this morning. This is what I get for missing being cuddled in your warm embrace. Serves me right! Do please, reserve a double hug for me tonight.

41. A fallacy is it when they claim the sun rises in the east. A new discovery has been made and verifies beyond the reasonable doubt. The sun rises from the other side of my bed where you snuggle up to me. Good morning, my beautiful angel. You are my sunshine!

42. My favourite morning pastime is one that is shared with you. Sharing with you is actually what makes it my favourite. You are my all time favourite! Good morning, my beautiful wife.

43. Right now? My thoughts are of you, while my coffee grows cold. Thoughts of you keep me warmer than the hottest coffee. I am imagining how blissful it’ll be sharing every waking moment with you. My love for you refused to be tamed; it’s taking me to the path of permanence. I’m looking forward to seeing you for that “talk”, my treasure. Good morning, darling.

44. Fate did not connect us: it’s destiny. Two hearts connected by a strong cord of love, meant to be together, forever. You are my destiny, my beautiful wife. You add flavour to my life. Good morning, sweetie.

45. Good morning, my precious treasure. I’ve got to let you in on a closely guarded secret: you are my sweetest dream come true. I love you!

46. May your grandest dream come true and your wildest imagination receive a touch of reality. The angels are on special duty today; assigned to attend to every whim and desires of yours. Good morning, my love. Warm hugs!

47. Good morning, my baby girl! Thank you for being my wife. Thank you for your prayers, support and understanding. Thank you for helping me to be the man I have become. My heart is forever yours.

48. My dearest wife, this is to certify that you are my joy tonic, energy booster, and laughter pill. Scientists have tested and proved that I can only find ecstatic happiness and bliss in your loving arms. Have a morning as fresh as your breath, and as beautiful as you are.

49. Good morning, my beautiful damsel. Thank you for making me feel complete, competent and confident. I cherish you! Have a wonderful day!

50. Good morning, my dazzling beauty. The sun may take it’s time to rise today; it bothers me not a whit. I’m on a roll already; you dazzle my world with your ethereal beauty. I love you!

51. My early morning smile is exclusively reserved for you, my sweetheart. It’s a small prize to give in return for all the joy you brought into my life. Good morning, my darling wife.

52. You are the most beautiful woman in the world, inside and out. You are loving, caring and gracious. I thank my good fortune for bringing you into my life. Good morning, my love!

53. I don’t just care about you, I love you from the bottom of my heart. I adore you completely. My heart beats only for you. My world is perfect when you are happy. Good morning, my love!

54. You are my inspiration, my cheerleader and my heartthrob. You are the music that plays quietly in my heart and my breath of fresh air. Have a beautiful morning, my lovely angel.

55. With you by my side, it’s always a good morning. Your love unfurls all the goodness and your radiant beauty brightens my world. No gloom can withstand such brilliance without fading into nothingness. Good morning, my sweetie pie.

56. All is always well with me when you are with me. Your very presence chases away the shadows of gloom or problems. You are my God sent Angel. I love you! Have a glorious morning filled with laughter.

57. You are the Queen of my heart; the pillar that holds my palace and the beautiful ornaments that adorn my kingdom. I love you, my treasure. Good morning.

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58. A good way to start the day is to get a hug from me. When you hear the birds chirping by the window in your room; check its beaks for my magical embrace. Love you loads, my honey pie. A beautiful morning to a beautiful damsel!

59. Today is a beautiful day. It’s a criminal act to spend such a lovely day all by myself. I want to share its beauty with one even lovelier. Care to share the day with me, my beauty? Good morning.

60. What a contradiction! Thoughts of you all night drained me completely. This morning, the very thought that I’d see you in a few hours, is popping adrenaline through me. Good morning, my love. I’m counting the hours till I see you.

61. My best time of the day is in the morning. I love waking up to see you beside me, it’s a delightful sight. I get to feast my eyes on your beautiful form and drink my fill of your lovely face. You are gorgeous, my beauty! Have a wonderful day, my wifey!

62. You are my dream come true, bae. Having you by my side is my wildest fantasy. I’ll cherish you forever. Good morning, my beautiful damsel!

63. Good morning, love. Guess what? I just googled the most beautiful girls in the world. None is as beautiful as you, my angel. You are more beautiful than the most beautiful. Love you loads!

64. I can’t get over this: I married the most beautiful and elegant lady in the world! Smart to the boots, too! Ain’t I just lucky? Good morning, my sugarplum.

65. Just in case you ever wondered; I love you exactly the way you are! I wouldn’t change a thing about you. A change will alter who you are; your quirks and other peculiarities thrill me to the bones! You are precisely perfect for me. Good morning, my honey pie.

66. I do not fancy myself in love with you. This is what I’m sure of: I’m totally, passionately, wholly and irrevocably in love with you! Good morning, my heart delight.

67. What I have, pales in comparison to who I have. You are worth more than all the treasures in the world to me. You are my priceless treasure, my love! Have a beautiful morning, my pumpkin!

68. If I were asked to choose between you and unimaginable riches; I’d choose you without any hesitation because you are my worldly and heavenly riches. With you, my treasure, I’m rich in all trust counts in life. Have a blissful morning, darling.

69. Here we have it: the mystery finally unravels. The morning is always good, splendid and beautiful because I have you. You distinguish my life with greatness. I love you, my sweetie puff. And…good morning to you. Have a blast today.

70. I’d rather whisper my love to your ears than send a text message. On the other hand, I’d rather send a text message than keeping loving thoughts about you all to myself; it’s explosive! I love you, my baby girl. You are the Queen of my heart. Your reign is eternal; unopposed. Good morning, my adorable wife.

71. Good morning, my pretty. As a new day starts and unfolds each morning, my love for you grows and multiplies by the hour. Simply put? I adore you. I’m nuts about you. I’m captivated by your fresh and alluring beauty. I’m charmed by your very person. Love you to distraction, my sugar buns!

72. Morning has broken, and the sun is peeking through the grey sky; here I am, dreaming about you with my eyes wide open. Tell you what, my adorable? I’m counting the hours till you become mine completely. I can’t wait to walk you to the altar. Good morning, my Princess.

73. Someone asked me to describe happiness in one word. I did. He’s yet to recover from the shock. I think he needs love tonic. My response? Wifey! You are my happiness, my joy and pride. Good morning, beautiful angel.

74. Good morning, my baby girl. Have an awesome day, honey! I love you now and always.

75. Good morning, sugar pie. I need an healthy dose of your sunny smile. It’s all I need to have a beautiful and fulfilled day – doctor’s prescription.

76. The rhythmic beating of my heart dances to the tune of your love’s song. Loving you is a decision that is completely out of my control. I love you passionately. Good morning.

77. Boring is a word that got banished from the dictionary when you came into my life. You dazzle my world with your smile and captured my heart with your beauty and lovely character. I’m enamored by your simple elegance. I love you forever, my darling wife. A beautiful morning to a beautiful damsel.

78. You are captivating, enchanting and enthralling, my beautiful Queen. You alone owns the patent to my heart. It’s exclusive and not up for grabs. Winner gets all! You won my heart…completely. Good morning, my Angel.

79. You are the only chink in my armour, yet you make me feel secure in my love for you. You are my sole Achilles heel; your love is such that I feel fiercely protected and protective. Darling wife, you are my forever love. This love story is getting bigger. Have an awesome day, honey. Good morning.

80. I can’t ever get over the fact that my heart skips a beat at the mere sight of you or sound of your lovely voice. Marriage hasn’t dimmed your shine, I love you more and more, each passing day. I’m forever yours, darling! Good morning, pretty angel.

81. You are my forever love. I’ll always cherish you. As the breaking dawn announces the arrival of a new day, each morning brings to my remembrance that my heart beats only for you. Yours is the only face I wish to behold. I love you, sugar pie. You rock my world! Good morning.

82. My arms ache from the need to hold you in a warm embrace. My heart and soul longs for you with a passion that cries out for a forever deal. I love you, my Princess. Getting over you isn’t an option I want to explore. You are my life! I know I goofed, but do please, give our love a chance to thrive in spite of our lovers’ spat. Good morning, sweetie.

83. You have a way of making me feel like the best man in the world. My ego is well massaged and massively humbled by such love as yours. I love you much more than you love me. Honeypie, erase the doubts from your mind. No one can take your place in my heart. Have a lovely day, mine!

84. When you are in my arms, I get a taste of Paradise. I catch a glimpse of heavenly bliss in your sweet embrace. Dearest wife, eternity is too short for this love of ours; can we start over and over again? Good morning, my love.

85. You are beautiful and breathtaking, my adorable wife. You are charming, assertive, yet feminine. You have a simple elegance that enthralls me. Loving you is the only ambition I’m pursuing without relent. Good morning, my babe!

86. Good morning, sugarplum. I have a terrible hangover; I got intoxicated by your heady kiss. Your sweet smile literally took my breath away. Do you know of any fast working cure? I think a lingering kiss and hug would do the job. Doctor’s order. Good morning, love of my life.

87. I couldn’t have survived the night unscathed without your love, encouragement and support. You are a rare gem, my beautiful wife. Things surely look less gloomy today, as you promised. Good morning, my dearest wife.

88. I chose you because I wanted only you. Others meant absolutely nothing to me. You are exactly right for me. What others say or do is no concern of yours. I’m here to stay forever. Good morning, my love.

89. Good morning, my beautiful sunshine. Never mind about your quirks and colourful past. I came for the total package. Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future. Besides, no one is really a saint. We are all tainted one time or the other. I love you. Good morning.

90. Your flaws? Perfectly charming, my darling. Faults? You are human! I love you for being realistically yourself. My love grows in leaps and bounds each passing day. What turns others off, is what I got attracted to, in you. We are meant to be. Good morning, dearest.

91. The most memorable day of my life was when we met. A jolt of electricity ran through my entire frame that fateful day. It was God that saved me from being electrocuted. I haven’t recovered though. I’m as much in love with you today as I was that day. Thank you for being mine, my enchanting wife. I do not take your love for granted. I cherish you more each day. Good morning, my shining star!

92. Hello stranger! This is your doting husband reporting for duty. An electrifying kiss served with a cuddly hug, is a good way to kick the day off. How about that? Good morning, my sweetie.

93. I don’t know if I loved you. I do know I’m nuts about you. I’m enchanted by you. Charmed and totally captivated by your beauty, character, and elegance. I daydream about you all day long. In the nights, I dream of you. My day starts and ends with you. Is this love or adoration? Good morning, my dearest heart.

94. Good morning, sleeping beauty. It’s time to wake up and perform your wifely duty. A kiss, a hug and the house specialty… as the first course. Those endearing words that makes me feel on top of the world? Can’t wait to be dished with a plateful. Love you loads, my sweet.

95. Good morning, my dearest. You mean so much to me that sometimes, I feel I might burst with its intensity. You are the reason I always catch a glimpse of the silver lining in a dark cloud. I love you!

96. Did you hear the chirping of the birds? It’s the special errand being I sent to sing my special love song to you. Have you listened to your heartbeat today? Pay attention to its rhythm. It beats to the sound of the love song I specially composed for you. I love you, sweetheart. Good morning, my love.

97. Good morning, my love. I can’t start the day without an healthy dose of your kiss and warm embrace. Let’s have it, sweetie! Good morning.

98. Good morning, my heartbeat. When you aren’t pleased with me, my pulse starts throbbing erratically. Don’t stop loving me or else my heart will stop beating. You are the oxygen that feeds my every breath. I’m absolutely nuts about you. Good morning, my adorable sweetie.

99. Waking up with you by my side everyday of my life is my dream come true. I keep on loving you with an increasing intensity. The economists are wrong in our love story. The more I’m with you, the more I crave for you. Ours is a law of increasing returns. Nothing diminished. Have a most blessed morning, my adorable wife.

100. Life is consistent with its twists and turns; ups and downs. The constant and consistent factor that keeps me strong and steady, is your love. I am undoubtedly blessed to have an Angel by my side. You rock and rule my world just fine. Good morning, love.

101. My dearest, have no care to rumours and hearsays. Enjoy the blessings of today without a single care. Expect more extravagant indulgence from me. No one was there when we suffered and pulled together. No one has the right to send you on a guilt trip. Your doting husband is set to do even more, as God enables me. Good morning, my beautiful angel.

102. I love gazing at you when you sleep. Your beauty comes alive when your face is bare. I think makeup steals from your loveliness. You are a ravishing beauty. Good morning, my rare gem.

103. I am an ordinary man married to an extraordinary woman. Your special aura is so catching and infectious that I became an amazing man, husband and lover. I love you, honey. Good morning.

104. Love is not blind. My eyes were wide opened when I fell in love with you. I was captivated by your charms and manners. Then, I got blinded by the sheer brilliance of your glorious beauty. The sheer intensity got me hook, line and sinker. It’s a beautiful day, Honey. Have a splendid morning, my love.

105. To the woman behind my shine and swagger, a beautiful morning to you. Don’t allow an errant thought sway you. This guy is completely sold out to you in love. No one else can come even close. I’m crazy about you, my beautiful wifey.

106. Everyday I get to call you mine, starts with a good morning. You are what’s good about my mornings. I love you, my dearest.

107. Taking you for granted is one mistake I’d never make. You are my priceless gift and treasure. I’m holding on to you for dear life. You are worth more than gold to me. I love you, my rarest gem. Good morning.

108. I’m not ready to sacrifice your love to the whims of societal prejudice or expectations. I love you, my Princess and my intentions are honorable. Give me a chance to prove my love. It’s the real deal. Good morning, dearest.

109. Until I met you, love poems were meaningless jargons. Love songs and quotes were utter rubbish until you gave love a definition. Now, I’m an unrepentant lover boy, romantic poem and love songwriter: completely dedicated to you. I love you, my darling. A beautiful morning to you.

110. My feelings for you burn as much as the scorching sunburns on a summer day in Florida or in the desert. I love you with an intensity that frightens even me. Good morning, my gem.

111. I know you are feeling insecure because of my relationship with my female colleagues and friends. I’d like to remind you that most of them were on the scene before we met; yet, I chose you. You mean the world to me. My heart beats crazily for you. If I get to do it all over again, I’d chose you. Be assured of my affection and devotion, my love. Good morning.

112. Your fears and insecurity aren’t fed by me. They are a figment of your imagination and a product of your past. I haven’t done anything to arouse your suspicion. Not all men are cheats. Definitely, not all good looking men are flirts. I love you. You come first, second and third in my life. Your happiness is my joy. Trust me, will you? My life is an open book before you; I have nothing to hide. Have a pleasant morning filled with loving thoughts about me.

113. You are a breath of fresh on which my life us hinged. You are my vitality drink, your love is my mineral supplements and I get my daily fix of energy booster from your loving kiss. Good morning, my beautiful Princess. You are a wife like no other.

114. I wanted to tell you how much I care, this beautiful morning. For emphasis and effect, I’m dispensing with the flowery words. Simplicity it is. I love you, my darling wife, from the depth of my heart. Good morning.

115. People think I can’t do without my morning coffee. They are wrong. Coffees and caffeine are dispensable, you aren’t. I can’t do without you. Forget my cool guy behaviour, it’s all a front to hide the intensity of my feelings. I didn’t want to frighten you off. You are my lifeline. Good morning, my dearest.

116. Good morning, my beautiful wife. Too bad you missed the news broadcast today. Now, the whole world knows what I’ve discovered a long time ago. You are the most alluring ageless beauty in the universe. CNN announced it. Have a lovely day, my love.

117. Wake up, sleeping beauty. Time to set the world ablaze with the honour of your gorgeous presence. Hurry, love. Make haste to prepare for work. The menace of traffic gridlock worsens each passing day. Good morning, my Angel.

118. Good morning, sweetie. It’s time to wake up and make the world your conquest. With your beauty, brain and natural grace; it’ll be as easy as pie. Love you loads!

119. Angels are special beings God sends to bring unspeakable joy to our lives. Mine is doing an extraordinary job. You are my angel, my dearest wife. I cherish you. Good morning, love.

120. I’m hungry: for you and everything life has to offer with you at the centre of it. Every day is an opportunity for me to display my undying love, devotion and affection to you. I love you, my sugar. Good morning.

Written By Ajala Abiodun.

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