Trending Love Messages for Her from the Heart (2024)

It’s not all the time we get people that make our heart leap at the prospect of things to come. But, when we do, I believe we always try to make them know how much they mean to us.

It would be something to regret if anyone met someone like this and didn’t find the courage to express the soul’s intent. This is why the following messages have been carefully coined to make an expression and love all the sweeter!

Sweet Romantic Love Messages for Her – Girlfriend

Best of sweet and romantic love text messages from the heart to send to your girlfriend to make her feel loved.

1. I would do anything without having second thoughts just to see you laugh.

2. It’s the most settling thing to have you parade around as my girl.

3. I’m hopelessly and helplessly in love with you and every step of our way to success.

4. I could look at you all day and have no care for other things in the world.

5. Today and everyday I’ve had and will be having mirror expressly how much I cherish you.

6. Never doubt that shooting stars make dreams come to fruition, you’re my girl because of it

7. My love for you is the most inexplicable feeling I’ve had to live with, it’s also the sweetest.

8. Ever since I laid my eyes on you, you’ve made my heart palpitate with joy.

9. No one looks at me like you do. The way you look intensely at me makes me want to believe in my self.

10. I never want to lose a love that makes me smile often and laugh uncontrollably. You’re my muse.

11. Whenever you cross my mind, a smile passes my face. You are a delight.

12. The love I have for you transcends materialism but I still want to take you where you’ve never been before.

13. Everyday that I don’t get to talk to you isn’t a good day for me.

14. You’re the one that gives me Joy where other things threaten my happiness.

15. Making my heart happy should be one of the things you’re incredibly talented in

16. You’re the love of my life, my always and forever!…

17. You’re the candlelight on a romantic date and sunshine every morning!

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18. My mood is directly proportional to your joy and happiness. I’m glad you never lose them.

19. I quit wondering if love is truly worth the stress and sacrifices the day you walked through the door straight to my heart.

20. There’s gonna be only you making me the happiest person for the rest of our lives.

21. You’re the best things that have ever happened to me and I hope I always stay conscious of this fact

22. You’re a daily reminder that the universe loves me.

23. You are my muse and more. I do not know what a world it would be without you in it.

24. I couldn’t care less about what others think of me as long as you’re by my side, my world is perfect.

25. I thought I wouldn’t be able to survive the most intense ebb of my life until you came along with your beauty and changed my world for the best.

26. Since I met you, it’s been one testimony after another. You’re the reason for my joy.

27. A girl like you who has all she wants at her beck is the one the universe decided to give me. am I not the most blessed in the world?

28. I did not know what I ever did to deserve a perfection as you. All I know is I never want to lose you.

29. Whenever I look into your eyes, I see a bright future featuring you and I and our little ones.

30. I always get lost in the sweetness and art that emanate from your laughter, this is why u always want you to always laugh.

31. With you as my girl, there’s no scare enough to make me back down.

32. It’s a love story as long as you’re the one I get to experience it with.

33. You’re the only lady I know capable of giving that special loving and I do not take it for granted.

34. You’re my one and only and I plan to make it remain like that for the rest of our lives.

35. You’ll always get to sleep at your favorite side of the bed as long as you make me feel this way.

36. You appear more beautiful each time I see you, you’re the only girl I know capable of pulling that off.

37. Until eons, I will still be loving you and dreaming about our first kiss.

38. Until my last breath, I will only try to make you as happy as you deserve.

39. You’re my everlasting love. I’m committed to forever beside you as a protector and lover.

40. I found love in the most surreal places, in your eyes and your smile.

41. Baby, my love for you is here to stay and unmistakably evergreen.

42. You make my world a better place by just being a companion in it.

43. I will forever be eager to welcome you in my arms until death do us part.

44. My favorite part of the day is when I get to hold you close to my heart and hug you tight. ..

45. Your voice resounds in my ears and keeps me going everyday. If this is not worth keeping, I don’t know what is…

46. No other can take your place or make my heart skip as you do.

47. At the sound of your voice and the smell of your cologne, my heart jumps for joy.

48. You’re the one I think about before I fall I sleep and the one on my mind when I wake up.

49. I would give anything to have you by my side every second of the day.

50. When I’m with you, my heart and body are so aware and sensitive to your presence that it feels like it would jump out of my chest and when I’m away from you, you’re all I think about.

51. I love how you make me feel. More importantly. I love how you love me!

52. If I had another chance at life, I would still choose you to be my life partner.

53. The things I enjoy today wouldn’t be so enjoyable if someone like you wasn’t riding along.

54. I’m grateful everyday for the blessing of someone as wonderful as you.

55. You’re the woman of my dreams and the girl that rocks my world.

56. I’m not much of a talker but with you, I find it excruciatingly difficult to keep my mouth shut about how much I love you.

57. Friends and family must be weary from my constant show and care for you. But, I do not care.

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58. You bring out the music in my heart. I would compose a love song in a heartbeat because you’re there to inspire me.

59. It’s the most fulfilling feeling in my life. That I get to feel my heart rejoice at every single thought you evoke.

60. You’re the love of my life now and another to come if there will be.

61. I love everything about your make up. Your heart, spirit, body, and soul

62. Before I met you, I wished I would meet a woman like you. After I met you, I’ve been living in appreciation that I get to be with you.

63. I feel like a beggar riding every time you say I’m yours. You’re my dream come true.

64. Every tear I’ve shed since our meeting has been tears of joy that you’re mine forever.

65. If I want to have a good life at all, I would never let you go and be without me

66. Without you, I’m a disaster waiting to happen. You compliment me in ways no one else is incapable of doing.

67. Love lives in my heart because you’re the owner. The reverse would be the case if you left.

68. My day will always pan out as planned as long as I get a welcome kiss and hug from you.

69. If I could make our lives in such a way that we wouldn’t have to be apart from each other, I would without further ado.

70. My love for you transcends anything physical. I feel you deep down in my soul…

71. I was in my darkest phase when you swayed into my life with class. Still, have no clue how you pulled me out but, I’m forever in love with your ways

72. We have this inexplicable spark between us that’s deeper than what meets the eye. I just hope I’m not the only observer.

73. I can’t wait for you to start bearing my children. They will be as smart and beautiful as their mother.

74. Life with you has thought me there are magic and angels in human forms.

75. You’re a miracle I never want to trade for any damn thing because you mean too much to me.

76. You fill my heart with so much joy and happiness by just being you.

77. I wonder how much work you’ve put into your self to make you this amazing… You’re just a bundle of positivity.

78. Nothing is capable of holding me down especially where you’re concerned because you’re the love of my life and the life of my love.

79. You’re so many wonderful things wrapped in a beautiful body. I’m glad everyday that I get to enjoy the full package.

80. Your love is very alive in the most treasured part of my body “my heart”.

81. We’ll take one step at a time until we’re off on a vacation drinking to the success we’ve acquired together.

82. I wish you could see how much you mean to me through my eyes. This will make you understand a lot.

83. My eyes are made to search for you just as my lips are meant to kiss yours.

84. You’d be the favorite story I read over and over if you were a book.

85. I often hear that love is hard work, it doesn’t look like it to me because since I fell in love with you several years ago showing you how much I care has been a favorite part of my life

86. The cutest little things I’ve woken up to in my life is your smile

87. You’re more than amazing, I’m always proud to show you off to my friends!

88. All the things you do bring me pleasant surprises and keep me chuffed!

89. My favorite moment has to be when I catch your look lingering on me across the room

90. If I could without been called creepy, I would record your laughter because it’s my favorite sound in the whole world.

91. Since I met you, I’ve had really awesome moments and I have this intense feeling that the best is yet to come.

92. I can’t remember the last time I grabbed my chest in pain. My heart has been happier and lighter since I met you.

93. Every day is blessed and a beautiful reason to continue life’s journey because you are my favorite partner.

94. Every day as I go to sleep I look at you and come to a conclusion that I’d reached the zenith of loving you and I wake up the next day to your beautiful eyes and I’m proven wrong cause I fall more deeply in love

95. I would be permanently rooted in a place as long as you’d be there to make me laugh.

96. No matter how gory a day is, hearing or seeing you just brings a beautiful aura to it.

97. I had never met someone who could know the intent of my heart even before I spoke until I met you.

98. You have touched me deeply in ways I never thought possible and in places, no other person has had access to

99. It’s still unfathomable how I’ve lived before I met you six months ago. Because now, I can not even imagine my life without you in it.

100. The way you make me feel is scary and exciting at the same time.

101. When you’re away, my phone swiftly becomes my best companion because I hang on to the hope of getting a text message from you.

102. I don’t think words would be enough to fully capture how you make me feel but I adore it.

103. It’s easily the best thing that has happened to me. Loving you.

104. If I was put in charge of lights, I’d pick the red light so that I get all the time to stare at your beautiful face.

105. The only reason I’m sending this message is to let you know how much you mean to me

106. Even if I wanted to render you insignificant, I couldn’t.

107. I feel like all things good have come to dwell in my abode whenever I’m reminded of your love.

108. There’s no doubt in my heart where you’re concerned. I’m yours.

109. Visit me in my dreams every night because that’s the only time you’re not on my mind.

110. There are few things I’m sure of in this world. One of which is I’ll be sleeping with the thought of you on my mind tonight.

111. Your eyes are the stars I look up to when I crave brightness.

112. Every time we’re far away from each other, I always feel one of us isn’t in the right place.

113. I’ve found a home in the most welcoming heart and in the most beautiful eyes that are yours.

114. Light surrounds me when you’re present and I feel like the luckiest man because you’re mine.

115. I always felt loving and caring for someone else would be too stressful and exhausting but you’ve proven me wrong in many ways than one.

116. No one comes close to the way you make me feel. You’re irreplaceable.

117. The moment I saw you was the moment I saw the most beautiful woman ever.

118. You’re a gear to the great and lovely things in my life, I never want to lose you.

119. I love the way being around you makes me feel everywhere.

120. I wouldn’t care if the world had eyes on us. I’d publicly display how much love I have for you.

121. Your love is intoxicating in a very good way, making me want to achieve all my dreams.

122. I would always complain and tell other people I didn’t know what it meant to miss others until I met you. Having you miles away from me causes physical pain

123. Maybe it’s okay for you to be away from me, but for me, I’d rather be where you are.

124. I guess I have to say that you’re my one and only again and again for the rest of my life because it’s the truth.

125. I’ve tried my best to bury my feelings for you but it just keeps gushing back and resurfacing. My love for you isn’t going anywhere.

126. I would shout it to the whole world without shame how much you mean to me every chance I get.

127. I’m so proud of the way you’ve stuck with me through thick and thin and how my love for has grown with time and circumstance.

128. You’re the person I love totally and wouldn’t change for anything

129. Loving you has opened my heart and eyes to what true love is.

130. You’re dominant in my heart every single day and time

131. I’ve been thinking about how much I always want your hands touching mine and how I want to feel your heartbeat with my palm and I couldn’t come to any other conclusion apart from the fact that you’re my one true love.

132. I knew first that my love for you would not die when I first met you.

133. I always have how beautiful you are and how wonderful having you our relationship is in mind every time of the day.

134. I’ve not been able to come to a realization that’s apart from the fact that I am totally in love you.

135. I will keep my eyes on yours and my hands in yours as long as you promise to be mine.

136. I will be the one making you happy for the rest of our lives because you already make me feel so good.

137. You’re close to my heart even when I’m not with you. You’re always in my heart.

138. I feel fulfilled everyday knowing I have you in my corner.

139. In my wildest dreams, I never would have thought you’d be mine but here you are making my reality the sweetest dream ever!

140. You make my life seem brand new and set my heart on fire with your smile.

141. You’ve thought me so many things including the fact that love is true and can be shared successfully between two different people.

142. You’re my best friend who knows the intent of my heart even when I’m silent.

143. I always get a picture of you jumping or just dancing in my heart whenever my heart pulsates with joy.

144. I can’t wait to tell my mother about you and how you’re the answer to my questions.

145. You’re the most beautiful abode and a home for my heart

146. I am looking forward to starting a family with the love of my life. I love you

147. You’re the real most valuable person and I can’t wait to get you to wake up next to me every day.

148. You light up my world in several ways than one and make my heart jump for joy by your mere show of teeth.

149. As far as I’m concerned, you’re the reason I do everything I do. I find joy in taking care of you and making you happy.

150. It’s unexplainable, the way you make me feel intensely about our future. I am so in love with you.

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