2024 Best Good Morning God Messages

It is undoubtedly and of course very much expected of us as humans to thank God and appreciate Him for all is undeniable mercies, undeserved favours, guidance, peace, interventions, and His major blessings of raising us as His children.

Our God is a faithful God, a loving Father, the only wise God who deserves every of our praise and adoration each and every second of our lives. Yet, even a thousand tongues cannot be enough to give Him all the praise. But a heart of thanks and lips of praise will our God not despise! Yes!

Then, saying good morning to God in thanksgiving is one of our most pressing priorities as children of God. Let’s make that a mandate in this year 2024 with these lovely and Spirit-inspired 2024 best good morning God messages, even to share with our family, friends, colleagues and all our loved ones.

Isn’t that good?

Then let the course begin!

Good Morning Prayers to God

Give yourself the chance to have a grateful day by saying these good morning prayers to God divine.

1. Great is Your faithfulness O Lord our God for by You are all things made. You are the only wise God, the only merciful father, the ever preserving God. Thank you for all your uncountable blessings every second of my life. You have been so good to me. All the praise, worship and adoration I give unto you, for you deserve more, my Father. Thank you very much, King of kings. As I go out this morning, o let Your presence go with me to keep me in all of Your plans for me. O guide me to return back home safely and with rejoicing. Thank you, Lord!

2. Hallelujah for You the Lord God Almighty reigns, You reign eternally. Your Kingdom is from everlasting to everlasting. Your merciful kindness is eternal. Your goodness unto man is so unquantifiable. I worship You, God. I adore Your mighty name for all You have done, all You are doing and all that You will yet do. Thanks be to You Lord. Guide me as I step out this morning, let Your eyes go before me and behind me. Let me come in contact with Your favours and mercies in all my journey today. I worship Your name, everlasting Father.

3. All I’ve come to say is “Thank You Lord” for all You have done, glory and honour to Your majesty on high. You who breathed the breath of life into creatures, by Your power the sun sets and by Your authority the moon exhibit its essence. Who is like unto You, there is definitely no one. You deserve all the praise, honour and glory. I commit myself before You this say, encircle me with Your favour and encompass me with Your loving kindness. Thank You, Father, all adoration to You.

4. I come into Your presence in the multitude of Your mercy and in awe of You, I will worship You, giving You all the glory and honour for yet another day of being alive and healthy. For Your keeping and preservation over my family and I, I hallow Your name. Blessed be Your holy name. O let Your mercy accompany me everywhere I step my feet on today. Grant me strength to overcome every obstacle on my way today. Thank You, Lord.

5. There is none like unto You O Lord, none can be compared to You in the heavens above and in all the earth beneath. Your kindness is from everlasting to everlasting. Your love for us is unconditional, to You only do I bring all praise to this morning, O let my thanksgiving be acceptable unto You. Thank You for the gift of life in which You freely give. I worship Your holy name. I beseech Your grace this day that all I lay my hands on according to Your will shall yield bountifully for me. Thank You everlasting Father.

6. My soul blesses You, my body moves in adoration to Your name and all that is within me blesses Your wonderful name. For all Your wondrous works and Your manifold wisdom which are unsearchable, I worship You. You who forgives all my iniquities purge me from all infirmities, You who crowns me with Your loving kindness and anoint me with Your favour, thank You so much. May I never lose my wonder of You, may I never come short in praising Your name. Bless this day for me and my loved ones.

7. You are the blessed One, the faithful One, the merciful One, the invisible One, immortality in light, the King of kings and the Lord of lords, that’s who You are. I worship Your majesty on high. You alone is worthy to be magnified, You alone deserves to be glorified, You have done what no man can do and what no man will do, You do all! I plead Your mercy in all that concerns me, help me in everything I do. O, Bless the works of my hands. Thank You, Jesus!

8. All of the glory belongs to You, all of the honour I give unto You, You deserve them all. You created all things and by You there all things are made. Thank You so much for the gift of life and the opportunity to see another bright new day. Thank You for yesterday, thank You for today and thank You even for the rest of all my days, everlasting Father. As by Your grace, You have made me a witness of this beautiful day, O let my existence find its expression in Your power. Thank You, Lord!

9. O Lord of the all the earth, the maker of all things. Your glory spans through the firmament of the heavens, Your praise is in the earth beneath. Thank You for yet another wonderful day in the land of the living. Thank You for all You did yesterday, all You’ll do today and all You’ll yet do forever more. For You are an awesome God, the most beautiful One, and most powerful One. I bless You name. I inquire of Your mercy today as I embark on the journey of a new day. Let Your blessings fall on me., amen. Thank You, gracious Father.

10. Hallelujah for the Lord God Almighty rules. Your power is manifest in all creatures. Of no doubt and comparison, You alone is the Almighty. Thank You for being the Lord over my life, I worship Your majesty. Your throne is established in justice and righteousness, Your truth is of liberty. Thank You for making me Your own and blessing me with all Your kindness and goodness. I can’t thank You enough, my Father. Accept this little praise of mine. Thank You, Lord!

11. I thank You Lord for Your unending mercies over my life, I adore Your presence in my life You alone is worthy to be praised. Thanks be to Your name for granting me the grace to witness another morning, hale and healthy. May this beautiful day unveil all her blessings for me and bring me into the purpose of Your creating me even to become the praise of Your name. Thank You, Lord. Good morning, Father.

12. My soul worships You and my heart magnifies You. You’ve done what no man can do, all glory to Your majesty on high. I have come to say thank You for all You’ve done for me which are uncountable and to also say to My God, ” Good Morning Father of Lights ” thanks for the breaking forth of another new day. All praise to Your name. May Your goodness and mercy follow me all through today and forever more. Amen.

13. Each time the day breaks forth, anytime the sun rises, all that springs forth in my heart is just a song of thanksgiving to the only One who deserves all praise, honour and glory. You alone, O God deserves to be praised, honoured and glorified. Thank You for Your awesomeness. O may Your grace abound towards me throughout my sojourning today and beyond. Good morning Lord God Almighty.

14. Thanks be to You O Lord for the gift of life and the grace to witness another day. All praise to Your name. Your name alone be forever adored. Thank You for Your guidance throughout the night, You watched over me and brought me to another beautiful morning. Thank You, Lord. Bless the works if my hands today. Good morning Father, I love You, Lord.

15. What shall I render to You O Lord for You have done so much for me, I bring nothing but my heart of thanksgiving and my lips of praise to worship You, Father. You are wonderful, so loving and faithful. Great is Your faithfulness and the awesomeness of Your love. Thank You dear God. Good morning, Father of all fathers.

16. The brightness of the morning makes us believe the more that though sorrow may last for the night but joy comes in the morning. Thank You, Lord, for the opportunity of witnessing another awesome morning. I bless Your holy name. May Your joy fill my heart to the brim. Thank You, Lord.

17. O Father of lights, I thank You for another dawning of the morning light this day. It’s by Your grace that we are made partakers of this grace. May Your light continually shine upon us and on our path. Good morning, my heavenly Father.

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18. Your glory fills the earth and at the sound of Your voice, the foundations of the earth are shaken. Your mightiness is first to none, Your beauty is nothing to be compared with. Thank You for You loving kindness over my family, loved ones, friends and I. May the favour of God abide with us as we step out this morning. Hallelujah!

19. There is nothing else to say than to say You are good, nothing else to do than to adore Your mightiness. You are so great and wonderful. I praise Your holy name. Thank You, Father. May I be graced to do all according to Your will. Bless me today, my Lord. Honour to Your name!

20. Great are You Lord and greatly to be praised. I give thanks to You for Your loving kindness towards me and my loved ones. Thank You for waking us to the brightness of this beautiful morning. May the blessing destined for me today never elude me. Good morning, eternal God.

21. My hallelujah belongs to You, my worship, I give to You. For You, O God deserve it all. Thank You for bringing me and my family to the breaking of another new day. May this day speak of greater things for me and my family. May Your blessing rest on us all. Good morning to You, my heavenly father.

22. Just anytime the day breaks, I have nothing else to say than to say thank You God for it is by Your grace that we’re alive today. Thank You, Lord, for today shall bring good things for me. I love You, Lord. Good morning, Father of lights.

23. Even with a thousand tongues, it is still not enough to magnify Your mightiness, for Your greatness is beyond comprehension, Your beauty is beyond comparison. Thank You for making us alive to witness this day in health and peace of mind. Hallelujah to Your holy name. We adore You Lord and we love You so much.

24. I thank You, Lord, I thank Lord for all You have done for me. Hallelujah! I am so grateful for waking me up to a bright morning. May this day bring me closer to the fulfilling of Your will for my life. Praise be to Your name.

25. What more can I say than to say You are good, for You do great and mighty things for us. Wonderful and marvellous are Your works. Thanks be to Your name alone. Bless me today and make me a blessing. Good morning, Lord.

26. Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, and I sojourn through the thick darkness of the night, Your guiding hands saw me through and brought me to the breaking of another new day hale and healthy. Thanks be to You O God, for this is marvellous in our sight. Blessed be Your holy name. Lead me through the still waters. Good morning, heavenly Father.

27. Giving You all the thanks and praises is what I am created for. Accept my little thanksgiving this morning, Lord. Your name be glorified. Bless my going out and my coming in today, heavenly Father, Amen.

28. All glory, honour, praise, blessing, power, might and thanks be to Your holy name. Blessed are You, Lord. Oh, bless this day for me. Good morning to You, the bright and morning star.

29. There is none like You. No one can be compared to You. Your glory extends farther than the length and breadth of the heavens and the earth. You are my strength and my song. You have brought me to the dawning of another new day, blessed be Your mighty name. Hallelujah!

30. Hallowed be Your name, mighty Father of grace. The beginning and the end. Who is like unto You? No one, not even one! Your praise fills the whole earth. I appreciate You for all Your goodness and loving-kindness towards me, my family, friends and all my loved ones. May Your favour locate us all today. Thanks so much, everlasting father. Good morning!

31. Even in my weakness, I will never cease to thank You, for the special gift of being alive to see this day. You are a great God and greatly to be praised. Hallelujah to You O God.

32. Blessed be Your name, O Lord God Almighty, You, who was, who is and who is to come. Adonai, the gracious One. Thank You for the gift of another life this beautiful morning, may Your name be glorified. May the I find Your mercy everywhere I go today. Amen. Good morning, God.

33. All I’ve come to say is thank You, Lord. You deserve it all. Blessed be Your mighty name. As I step out today, may Your favour be as a cord tied around my neck that follows me everywhere. Amen. Good morning Sir, the King of kings.

34. I am here today to appreciate You, I am alive today to say a big Thank You! For You, O God is worthy of all my praise. Accept my little thanksgiving this day and bless me with abundance of Your blessings.

35. Your love for man is so high, Your mercy is so unlimited. You have given us the grace to see another breaking of this day. May this be blessed for me. Good morning to You, Lord God Almighty.

36. Adonai, I worship You, O Son of God You are so good. Your name alone is glorified. May Your favour accompany me all through today. Thank You, Lord.

37. Almighty God, Hallowed be Your for great things You have done and greater things You will yet do. Thank You for the joy of waking up this morning.

38. I’m so grateful for all You have done, O God in my life and my family’s. You disallowed the plans of the enemy over our lives. Thank You for the gift of a new life.

39. The heavens declare Your glory, the earth is a display of Your power. You are the King of all creations. I adore Your name, my Father. You are blessed forever. Grace me more today. Good morning to the owner of all lives.

40. Hallelujah to You, Lord God Almighty for who You are, for what You’ve done, and for where You are bringing me to even Your Kingdom. Blessed be Your holy name. Thank You for yet another new day in good health. I worship You majesty on high. May this day spring forth beautiful things for me. Amen.

41. The sun comes up, all glory to You O God, it’s a new day. And it’s another time to give You all the praise. Thank You for seeing my family, friends and I through the night. May we all come in contact with Your blessings today. Good morning, O God.

42. Our Father who hath in heaven, hallowed be Your name. Your praise fills the whole earth and the praise of Your name reaches the ends of the earth. Thank You, Lord, for a new day. May new things come my way today. Blessed be Your name! Good morning great Father of lights.

43. Adoration and praises, thanksgiving and honour, power and might, glory be unto the Lord forever and ever, amen. Thank You so much, my Father, for the grace of witnessing another new day. May I never leave the covering of Your love. Amen.

44. I worship Your majesty, O Lord for You are great beyond any imagination and You are wonderful beyond comprehension. Blessed be the Lord for the opportunity of a bright new day. Grant me journey mercy in all my outings today.

45. Good morning to You, O God of all flesh, the eternal Father of lights, I am alive today only by Your grace. Thank You so much, heavenly Father, blessed be Your holy name. Bless my labour today.

46. Thanking You from now until eternity cannot be enough for the great things You have done and what You will yet do. For You are bigger than what human can fathom. Thank You for life and all You have done.

47. Great are You Lord, and greatly to be praised for there is none like unto You in the heavens and all the earth. It’s only by Your grace that we are alive today and we are here to say thank You from our heart. We beseech Your mercy upon all we’ll do according to Your will today that it shall yield bountifully for us. Amen.

48. Your mercy I seek Your grace I beseech over my life this day heavenly Father. All my appreciation is to You and all my praises I give unto You. Blessed be Your name, O God. Bless me today.

49. All of my heartily worship I give unto You for You deserve it all. You have done what no man can do and You alone is God, no one else. Thank You for the gift of witnessing another new day.

50. If I have ten thousand tongues it won’t still be enough to give You all the worship and thanks but this little praise of mine I bring to You this morning. Oh, may this day be blessed for me.

51. Unto You O Lord do I pour out my heart of thanksgiving for You are the inky reason why I am alive today. Thank You so much, God. Hallelujah to You.

52. From You, O God comes the breath of life and You alone is the sustainer of all things. You saw my family and I throughout the night and brought us unto a new day. Blessing and honour be to Your holy name. May Your mercy follow us till the end. Amen.

53. The dew of the morning is by Your commandments, the sun sets in the morning only by Your grace, and all the elements of heaven are functioning solely by Your mighty hands. My existence this day is only and reliably by Your mercy, thank You so much, heavenly Father, I love You so much. Accept my little thanksgiving. Bless me tremendously today. Hallelujah!

54. Great God, greater than the greatest, stronger than the stronger, mightier than the mightiest, You are the great and mighty God. Your praise is unending! Thank You for the gift of life this day for my loved ones and myself. Make a way for us today dear Lord.

55. We’ve come to praise You righteous Father, we’ve come to worship You, the worthy Lamb of God and we adore Your presence, holy spirit of God, for You alone is worthy of all glory. We bless You for new life today. Oh, may we never lack any good thing. Thank You, Lord.

56. Oh, God of all flesh, the maker of the heavens and the earth, the beauty of all nature. Thanks be to You forever for Your wondrous works. We bless Your name for the opportunity of a new life this day.

57. I am deeply grateful to You my Father and my King, You are just so big to praise, so beautiful to adore. I can’t even praise You enough but I beseech Your acceptance of my little praise this morning, O Mighty God. Let Your heart receive my thanksgiving. Mat Your grace be made more sufficient for me today. Amen.

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58. You are the most powerful One, the beginning and the end, the source of all things and of life. I appreciate You for all You have done for me even for seeing me throughout the night safely and bringing me to the dawning of a new day. I bless Your most holy name. Bless this day for me! And go with me to and fro. Amen.

59. I bless You O God with my whole heart, body, strength, and might. You alone deserve the glory and praise, I bring all to You this morning and forever. Accept it O God. Guide me through all my journeys today and bring me to safety at the end of the day, amen.

60. I will not cease to give thanks unto You O God, for You are the reason for my existence this day. May my praise be made acceptable before You this day. Oh, may my life come closer to the reason for my creation. This is my desire, Lord Jesus. Amen.

61. Thank You, Lord Jesus, thank You so much for another life this day, blesses be Your mighty name. Go with me throughout this day, in Jesus name, amen.

62. I give all the adoration and praise to You, O God of creation, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank You for the gift of life this day and even the hope of many more days to come. Cause Your favour to accompany me all through my days on earth.

63. Receive my praise O God, all glory and honour I give unto You. Receive my praise O God. May Your Spirit lead me unto all pleasing of Your will today and beyond, Amen.

64. King of kings and Lord of lords, unto You, do we bring all of our praise to this day, making us see the brightening of a new day is of Your great mercy. Thank You so much. We love You, Lord.

65. Lord, I give You thanks for everything You’ve done for me, every night, You give me rest and You give me sleep, every morning, You wake me up and brace me up. Who am I not to praise You? Thank You, Lord for another new day

66. I was born to praise and adore You and that will I do all the days of my life. Thank You for life and truth in Christ Jesus. I love You, Lord. May Your mercy open unto me doors of new opportunities to grow in all my pursuit according to Your will. Amen.

67. You reign, You ancient One, the lily of the valley, the bright and the morning star. I give You all the glory and honour for giving us the opportunity of another life this day. Thanks so much, heavenly Father. Fill me with more of Your blessings.

68. I just want to bless You Lord and nothing more for You are bigger even than my praises. I bless Your holy name. May my endeavours be
subdued by Your favour. Amen.

69. O my voice shall sing aloud of Your praise and my heart shall express my gratitude to You always. Thank You for yet another day. Blessed be Your name. As I step out today, Father go before me. Amen.

70. I bless Your name, O Lord Jesus, the maker of all things, the giver of life. In You are all things and the power to control all things are in Your hands. You have shown again, Your mercy in waking my loved ones and I up this day, may Your name be highly exalted. May I be graced to follow under Your leading all the days of my life. Amen.

71. There is none like You, my God, for no one else could love me as You do. In the unconditionality of Your love have You woken me up this morning, what else can I say than to say Thank You, God. Make me tremendously blessed today.

72. I arise from my bed every day, I stand up hale and healthy, all these are only by Your grace and mercy O Lord and I am here to appreciate You. Bless the works of my hands today, heavenly Father. I love You, Lord!

73. Thank You, Lord, for the grace of being alive today. I am very grateful for all You have done. May Your favour come upon all my labour this day and henceforth. Hallelujah to Your name!

74. Heavenly Father, I thank You for waking me up this day even the hope of a better day today. I bless You and I believe only in You through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

75. O Lord God of all the earth, it is only for Your presence and support I have been made alive today. I am so grateful to You Jehovah. All glory to Your Name in the highest, I receive more of Your strength to overcome all obstacles today.

76. You are worthy to be praised and adored for all You have done, all You are doing and all You will yet do. Thank You so much for the success of another day today. May Your light shine upon my paths this day

77. My heart adores You, Lord. Thank You for life and health You bless me with. I am so grateful, Jesus.

78. Hallelujah for Lord God Almighty reigns, glory and honour and strength to You Lord of Lords and King of kings. You made us witness this beautiful day You have made. O, may Your divine leading lead me through today. I bless You, Lord.

79. Thanks and power to You O Lord, You are the God of all creation and none can be compared unto You. You are bigger than any human comprehension. Thank You for the gift of life. May Your abundant blessings come upon all I do today according to Your will. Amen.

80. You made all things well and granted me a safe sojourning throughout the night into a bright new day. Thank You, Lord. Blessed be Your name.!

81. O Lord of great and infinite mercy, I extol You mighty name. If not for Your mercy, grace and love, I wouldn’t have been alive today. Thank You, Jesus. Oh, show me more of Your mercy as I step out to do the day’s job.

82. If I can’t give praise, it simply means I am ungrateful. But no, it’s not just for the goodness of Your hands O God but for the gift of life and hope for Your Kingdom. I can’t even count the reasons why I must just give You all the praises. Thank You so much, Father. I love You.

83. Your glory can no man take or share in. O God of all the glory, honour and praise for You deserve it all. Grant me success today and bless me bountifully.

84. Father, I thank for today was witnessed by me, my best friend and our families. We bless Your name. Shield us from every form of evil today and bring us all into safety.

85. O God, heavenly Father, thank You so much for Your unfailing guidance over our lives at every point in time. Again have You brought us to a new an fresh day, we are very appreciative O, Lord. Accept our little praises. We pray for refreshment and re-energizing in our spirit, soul and body. Amen.

86. For the workings and favours of Your hands, to You alone be all the praises. Thank You, God. You are great beyond comprehension. I am so grateful for Your great grace upon my life even waking me up this morning and many more of Your wonders. May Your blessings rest upon my life. Good morning, heavenly Father

87. Our hearty gratitude and resounding praise do we bring before You this day, O Lord, for even thousands of our thanksgiving can’t commensurate to all You have done for us. Accept the little we bring to You this minute. Hallelujah to Your name. Make a way for us today.

88. To You our Father and our God be the glory forever and ever for all You have done even for the gift of another day successfully. Hallelujah to You.

89. Your love towards man is immeasurable and Your mercy unto us is so high. We say THANK YOU JESUS. Today is made possible for us to witness only because of Your grace and mercy. Thank You so much, Lord God Almighty.

90. When I think of Your mercy and goodness, love and care, O King of kings, all I have to say is only and only to say Thank You Lord for You are so big than all the praise of men. Thank You, Lord. I entreat You favour in my life this day, may I be favoured from all sides.

91. When the arrows of the day were shot, You guided me, and even in the night, Your mercy is sure to keep me through. Thank You for this beautiful morning again, my Father, blessed be Your Holy Name. Cause You light to shine upon me this day brighter and brighter.

92. Definitely will give thanks, yes I worship and adore You, for uncountable are Your goodness, unsearchable are Your ways, O God. Thank You, my God, for another beautiful day.

93. You are God alone from before the creation of the world, You sit on Your throne, the place of true justice and righteousness. I worship and adore Your mighty name. Blessed be the Lord! Go with me this day and bring me into the fulfillment of Your plans today.

94. Lord most high, the God of glory and beauty. I am alive today only by Your grace. You disallowed the plans of evil to come to pass in my life, cut off the scheme of man over my being and brought me into a brand new day. Thank You so much, my gracious Father. Hallelujah. Guide me through my sojourning today.

95. O Lord the King of all things, before You the mountains quake and the hills skip. Mighty are You and greatly to be praised. Thank You for all You have done and that You will yet do. I bless Your holy name. May Your mercy speak for me in all I do according to Your will. Amen.

96. O you inhabitants of the earth and people of God, give thanks unto the Lord for He is good and His mercy and goodness is from everlasting to everlasting. My thanks to You, O God can never be enough and compared to Your goodness, favours and mercies for every single day of my life. Accept this little one of mine. Thank You, Jesus. I decree in the multitude of Your mercy that I shall encounter more of Your wonders today

97. What more can I say than to say thank You, God. You’ve done what no man can do. You supply all my needs, You protect me and do so many uncountable blessings for me. Thank You so much, Lord. May Your divine leading lead me through today. Amen.

98. Merciful Father of lights, Your blessings are uncountable indeed they are everlasting. Thank for always being there for me, God. I love You so much, Lord.

99. There’s nobody like You Lord, there’s nobody like our God for none can be compared unto You. You deserve all the glory and honour. You have counted me worthy to be alive this day, what a wonderful God You are. May Your blessings rest upon me this day. Thank You, Lord God Almighty.

100. Thank You, Lord, thank You, Father, for You are great, mighty, marvellous, wonderful and merciful. Your kingdom reigns in the heavens and all the earth. We bless Your holy name. Thank You for the gift of life. Thank You for the opportunity of having me as Your own. Blessed be Your name in the highest. May I be favoured, protected, guided and shown Your mercy. I love You, Lord. Good morning, merciful and holy Father.

Greeting our God is equalled to us giving Him all the thanks for we can never say of doing anything without life. He is the giver of life and the keeper of our souls.

Therefore, I believe you’ve been able to get one of these Spirit inspired prayers to give thanks to God and also to request for the workings of His wonders in our lives. I’m sure you have, right?

Then convey your comments to us as concerned this content as your comments would be highly honoured.

From me to you, “Good morning and have a lovely, successful and fulfilled day according to God plans for your life.

Lots of love! Thanks.

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