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2024 Funny I Miss You Quotes You Will Love

Are you missing your brother, sister, father, mother, girlfriend or anyone dear to you? If you scroll through this, you’ll find a message you can tweak into perfection to send to any of them.

Provoke excitement or laughter with an I miss you quote that’s funny. Or you don’t believe that relationships should be filled with fun? Let the samples provided here do the magic for you.

If only you’ll copy, paste, and maybe edit to fit the person you’re sending it to, you’ll have made a step towards putting a smile on the face of a beautiful creation of God.

Funniest I’m Missing You Quotes for Him or Her

Funny I Miss You Quotes for Him or Her from the within. Romantic But Funny I Miss You Quotes for Lovers.

1. It’s funny how most times, when one person is missing the whole world seems depopulated. Please get here soon because your baby is starving. I miss you, darling.

2. Today was the most tiresome day of my life. I literally spent all day stressing myself out with just three things — I missed you, I missed you again and I miss you more baby.

3. Time, they say, waits for no one. But it’s funny that it seems to be waiting for me to collapse with how slow it runs whenever I miss someone. Please, Mr. Time, could you be a bit faster because I am missing my baby.

4. I miss you like the sun misses its shine. I miss you like X misses O. I miss you like a kid on diet misses eating cake. I miss you like a confined person misses freedom. In fact, I’m a prisoner right now. Please come home soon. I miss you dearly.

5. My Superhero. My knight in shining armor. My Ship’s Captain. Don’t you think you’ll be saving a life if you’ll get here now? I am missing you, darling.

6. Hey, baby, I know you’re missing me. I know I miss you too because I keep calling My Dad your name and seeing him in bikini. I miss you, darling.

7. What’s funny is that I can’t think of anything other than you. What’s funnier is everything seems to be calling your name, especially my stomach. Come home soon, dear. I miss you so much.

8. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. Whoever said that hasn’t felt the absence of anyone before. Baby, please come home soon because this ain’t funny or getting fonder anymore. I miss you, sweetie.

9. I may not be able to give you ‘assurance’ for missing you. But trust me when I say I miss you more than a migraine misses panadol. Please get here before I go haywire.

10. You may be out of my sight for now. But you’re never out of this thick skull of mine. It’s like you’re glued to it. I miss you so much, dear.

11. I miss having you around to laugh at my silly jokes. Being with you is so much fun. I miss your wit. I miss the softness of your laughter. I miss how your laughter makes me feel fulfilled. I miss you, honey.

12. I miss watching your nose twitch. I miss watching you draw your eyebrows and wonder how you get them to be so straight. When they’re not, they’re funny. I’m missing you right now. Can’t wait to see you soon.

13. I looked at your picture now. I love how it captures your smile and keeps it fresh for me always so I can look at it and smile contentedly. Being with you is always so much fun. I miss you, baby.

14. Baby, can I change my profession, please? I’m suddenly jealous of photographers and want to be the one to capture your funny moments and beautiful smile. I love you, hon. Missing you.

15. If I video called you every time I missed you today or thought of you, I’d not have done any other thing. Somehow, it’d have been worth it to call and make funny faces at you. Missing you, my heart.

16. I just distractedly touched my beard. They didn’t feel as funny as when your hands are on them and I smile rapturously without worries. It’s funnier when you do it. Life is fun with you. I miss you, baby. My beard does too.

17. Have I mentioned that you have the funniest pout in the world, honey? I can’t wait to get home and watch your funny pout even it means changing the TV channel just so you’ll pout. I can imagine you pouting right now. Missing you, baby.

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18. I am playing your favorite song right now, baby, and missing how you sing along with it. It sounds so funny when you back up. And fun too. I miss that. I’m missing you, babe.

19. Can you remember our first date? Funny how my heart kept beating with how perfect I wanted it to be. I’m thinking of it right now, missing you. We should go there again soon just to relive the memory. I love you. Missing you.

20. One of my favorite pastimes is watching you sleep at night with a funny smile on your face. Funnier when you change position. I miss it right now and can’t wait to watch you in a restful pose again. I love you, honey. Miss you. See you soon.

21. Funny enough, I am surprised why I should miss you despite your troublesome nature. Trust me, I mean that in a nice way. I really miss you.

22. It’s very funny because I didn’t know that I will miss you like this. Since you left, things have not been the same for me. Even though it’s painful, how I did not expect it to be is funnier. I really miss you, mum.

23. Surprisingly, my little brother, I am missing you. You and your beautiful smile that has got to my head, making it swell like a disease. Please, wherever you are, I beg you to miss me too.

24. I miss you very much, my dear sister. If I had the power to, I will make sure that you never leave my side. Or maybe I’ll just forget the power and buy glue. I really miss you.

25. The funniest thing is that I miss you, like as though there aren’t other girls way better and finer than you. But trust me though, I really miss you.

26. It’s very funny how I miss you. Although you are there and I am here, it still seems like you are still here with me. My mind must be confused now. I miss everything about you. I really do!

27. My troublesome friend, I miss all your trouble, most especially your crazy nature. Wherever you are, just know that there is someone down here missing you so much.

28. I miss everything about you, starting from your funny smiles, your funnier jokes, and your funniest laughs. Please find time to come around often. I really miss you.

29. There is so much about you that I miss. The funniest thing is that I don’t even know how I manage to miss someone like you. But I miss you though.

30. It is very funny how I miss you, despite other friends that are richer than you are. I am kidding though, you are simply the best, and I really miss you.

31. The funny things is that as I woke up today, you came to my mind and I nearly banged my head on the wall because of how much I miss you.

32. Everything I do reminds me of how much I miss you. Every place I go shows me a sign that you’re far from me. I will find you. And I will hold you. I miss you.

33. Well, no matter how funnier things become, I still need you by my side. Not for kisses, but just to look at you once in a while. I miss you.

34. Show me a person that can do without you and I’ll show you the funniest clown ever. I’ll also show you the person the world should join hands to beat up. I miss you, darling.

35. Even if a man swims in you everyday, he can never have enough of you. You’re like God, you know? But I’ve not seen you in a while and I miss you madly.

36. Here I am, laughing at myself for ever letting you out of my sight and trust me when I say it’s not funny. Trust me, I’m not mad. I miss you.

37. When I say I miss you, it’s not cliché. Matter of fact, I miss you as seriously as I wait for Jesus’ second coming — I can’t wait for it. Enjoy.

38. I want to know how your life is, just a few days without having me in it. You see I love having you around more than I love having celebrities around, except maybe Passenger. I miss you.

39. I can show you things I love you more than. Food, money, sports, even sex. You’re the favourite song on my playlist that I renamed with your name, but you haven’t seen it because you check only my messages when you take my phone. I miss you.

40. I want to spend a great time with you, want to talk to you all the time, even at midnight. In fact, let’s pray that God takes away day and night, once and for all. I miss you.

41. You can disturb a person’s life to the point of death, till even my spirit wants to bite you, but that’s one of the things that make you fun…And I miss you.

42. It’s been a while since I ate your soup, those soups that leave the stomach thinking about how it might die soon because you are a terrible cook. But then, I miss the smile on your face when you serve the soup to me. Beyond the smile, though, I miss you.

43. You fart like thunderclaps—loud and dangerous sounding—but it’s okay. It shows you are sincere and unashamed of your stomach’s content. I miss you and your openness…I miss your open fart.

44. You have my heart, baby, even though it is at “keeper’s risk” because of your “misplacing prowess”. But I have been in your heart a while now, meaning you are a better keeper. I miss you.

45. This place is too silent…I know why—It is because you aren’t here. I miss your noise. I miss how I always want it to stop, but then you go on like a tap with broken “bones”. Noisy child, I miss you.

46. Hey…even the dogs know you are not around. They have been looking at me funny all morning, and I almost fear for the fate of my neck. I see it is because you aren’t here. I see they miss you as I do.

47. Our cat’s eyes are scary at night as usual, and there is no one to hide behind while going to the kitchen or toilet. Those eyes look into my soul oddly. My soul’s fright misses you, hun.

48. Even God wants to hear two of us praying, sweet, and not just me. He needs you to pray with me because then He wouldn’t have to close His ears from the way I shout into them. He knows I calm down when you are here… So, he joins me to miss you.

49. Anywhere you are, I will come, even if it means flying, though I am always so scared the ground will pull down our plane as punishment for all the meat I stole from my mum’s pot.
I miss you so much that I will come to your dreams if you don’t come to me soon.

50. I am running mad. Soon, I will enter the streets, naked… Guess who will have to chase me with a chain—You! So, better come to me before I go crazy from missing you and embarrass both our generations unborn.

51. All I want to have is you. I can address every problem apart from that. I value you more than Nigeria value dollars right now. Enjoy. I said it because I know you can’t enjoy without me.

52. If I don’t miss you, what else will I miss? Definitely not my game. But the game is trying hard to compete with you in my life, I must confess. Funny, but true.

53. Chivalry’s dead, or maybe, but I’ll protect you so no man will come near to stealing you from me. I know you won’t leave me but let’s not take chances, babe. I miss you.

54. Laugh at me if saying that I miss you sounds funny, but I’ll say it again until it’s all you can hear. I will even say it when you’re always around.

55. The best person to miss is you because when I say I miss you, you come back with plenty of gifts. Well, I miss you, not the gifts. Enjoy.

56. Nothing can stop me from declaring his much I miss you, even the hunger I feel from not eating since you’re not here to cook food that’s actually edible. I miss you, love.

57. The funniest feeling is trying to debate who I miss more between you and the things you do. Or let’s try something. Leave everything you do behind and go away for a while and let’s see how much I’ll miss you.

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58. I tried to calculate how much I miss you. I saw that it was a hundred and thirteen percent. And that was me at my most accurate. So you shouldn’t reply funny when I say I miss you.

59. Life without you is fun because I’ll just be relishing the moments that sensible singles enjoy. But I’ll be missing you at the same time. How do I explain this?

60. I am missing you and you know it. Or maybe you don’t, else you’ll be on the next available transport to me — bus, plane, ship, or pipeline. Missing you.

61. I miss you very much. I miss how the morning sun rises in your eyes and sets in your palms. You must be a sun woman. The nights are empty without you and being all alone feels like a plague on the Egyptians. I miss you more than you can ever imagine.

62. Don’t you think it’s funny how we can still feel each other’s presence even miles away? Like a witch, I can smell your Cologne in my bedsheets and still see you in my mirror and still hear your voice in my head. But I still miss you very much.

63. I miss your jokes. The way you say things that aren’t even funny but just have a way of cracking me up. I’ll just call you the funniest girl I’ve ever met. I miss you and how you make me smile even on a bad day.

64. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. You’ve given me the best gift, which is your unconditional love, so I’m free to not love you back. It hurts so bad not having you here with me. I am all alone here, just missing you.

65. I’m missing you and it’s not funnier than pain. How do I carry on when you’re not here to cheer me up? I miss every inch of you. Apart from playing games and God, what’s the use of living if you’re not in it? Missing you madly.

66. I wish a brick will fall from above and land in your head, so you’ll see how painful it is to miss you. I need you here to tell me it’s going to be alright. I miss you with every breath that I breathe.

67. I’m jealous of the nights I don’t get to spend with you. I’m jealous of the wind that caresses your skin as it’s closer to you now than I am. I’m jealous of the bed you sleep on too. I miss you.

68. I wish that I could be close to you again. Like the sunlight that settles in your eyes, like the clothes that warm your skin, in fact, like I wish to be close to you again. I miss you.

69. It’s always fun having you around and I treasure the moments we share together. The kisses we share, the smiles we trade and the love we believe in, I’ll hold them close to my heart till I’ll get a chance to stop missing you.

70. I’ll wish upon a star just so I could see you again, but the stars know nothing. I’ll cry a million tears and hope you’ll show up from my side, but I don’t have a towel to wipe them. Funny how I miss you and can’t control it.

71. If I can call everyone to extinction to provoke you to come to me, then I won’t, so there’ll be people I can call to extinction when you travel far again.

72. I think about all the fun moments I’ve had in recent times and times with you easily top the list. You’re funny, you’re fun to be with and I am missing you right now.

73. I’ve discovered the hard way that my life revolves around you, and it’s funny how things that make sense when you’re around, appear to be nonsense when you’re not. Miss you baby.

74. So I watched a comedy show, baby, and the jokes were less funny without you around. Jokes are funniest when you’re here to laugh with me about them. Missing you.

75. My day can be classified into 2 categories: times I am with you and times I am not. When I’m with you, it’s so much fun you’re all I can think about. When I’m not, like now, I miss you every second.

76. It is funny that I once thought true love doesn’t exist. It’s funnier now when I read of it. I understand now they’re yet to meet someone as special, unique and awesome as you. I love you, baby. Miss you.

77. Hey babe. I’m just here sitting, missing you and typing this. I can’t wait for us to be together and all the funny moments that we are sure to have which will remain in my memory forever.

78. You’re in my life and as a funny scene in a movie, my life is suddenly perfect. How did I survive and live without you? I am missing you right now, love. Love you.

79. I was asked today what I thought about long distance relationships and I laughed like it was the funniest joke ever. I don’t even want to spend a minute away from you, ever. I miss you, baby.

80. You’re beautiful. You’re smart. You’re funny. Your eyes are like street lights at night. They glow and affect everything around. I’m missing you right now. See you soon.

81. My life without you is like a picnic without fun and laughter. The essence is missing. I’m glad you’re in my life and I’m appreciative of it every day. My queen, I miss you terribly. Love you, honey.

82. How funny it is for me to say I miss somebody, if not anybody but you. But you deserve it though, you are worth missing at least. Missing you.

83. Funny enough, I miss you. I really miss you, more than you will ever know. I miss you more than I possibly miss myself. I’m kidding though. I really miss you.

84. I miss you more than anything. Funny enough, I am surprised this is even coming from me. I never thought I will miss someone like you. It sounds funny though, but I miss you.

85. I miss every single bit of you, From your hair to your beautiful eyes, to your body physique, and, finally, the sleepless nights you always give me. I really miss you, my dear.

86. If I say, “I miss you”, that’s an understatement of what I feel here. I miss you more than the world can ever imagine. Wherever you are, just know I really miss you and want you back.

87. A day without you is like a thousand days of slavery, and trust me I mean it. I really miss you every single bit of you. Believe me, I miss you.

88. If there is one thing I will continue saying, it is that “I miss you”. It’s really fun though when you are not around, but I don’t still know why exactly I miss you, but I miss you.

89. I find it very funny how I miss you, not like you are the only girl in my life, but there are a lot of things that distinguish you from the rest in my eyes. I just want you to know that I really miss you.

90. I think if I had a way, I will strap you forever to my side with a needle. Words cannot really explain how I miss you, you have a funny sense of humor and all. I just want you back and that’s all.

91. The funniest thing is that I don’t know why I miss you, because when you were here, you gave a lot of trouble, so I am not even sure of why I miss you. But I still miss you.

92. It is not funny anymore. I miss you to the point of death. And if I die and they put me in a vault, the other bodies there will have to relocate because I will disturb them with my “missing you” tears.

93. I miss you and your fun. The way you hit those mosquitoes hard that I hear their “bones” breaking. I miss the other funny things that make you look crazy too. Baby, I really do.

94. Missing you is my new hobby, a hobby like no other. A hobby sweeter than meat stolen from my mother’s pot. So missing you is as fun as ensuring the lid of the pot is returned soundlessly.

95. You are the funniest being in my life… Funny in the way you do your crazy things. I miss you and your sweet strong smell that seems to bring out hands to grab my heart. But no problem; the heart is yours.

96. I am missing you, my dear. I can’t even sleep well again because of it. My spirit fights karate with the sleep for want of you. Believe me, dear, this ain’t a joke.

97. I miss you, dear. I say it to myself, night and day, till my neighbors are tempted to come bind me with a chain. See how missing you is making me mad.

98. Day 5 without farting, baby. I can’t fart well when you are not around, and so I am just a bag of bad air moping around. I miss you; my fart misses you. It needs you to be here when it comes out; it’s more fun that way.

99. Kiss me in your dreams, girl, since you think it is funny, you depriving me of you this way.
I miss you. Should I come to kidnap you in the spirit realm before you realize I need you here?

100. We’re together in spirit, whether you like it or not. Because I miss you, there is no place you can hide. My love is everywhere with frog eyes to seek you out. This is not me trying to be funny—take note.

101. Funniest thing that happened this week is when that permanent rat in the house came into the parlour and stared at your usual seat. I realized it misses you as I do. It wants you to be here. The rat and I miss you.

102. Life’s funny with you in it. Or maybe you deceived me into believing that it is. Well, no one can say for sure. I’m missing you.

103. I miss you, but I miss you more. Don’t ask me what I mean. Just know that there’s no limit to how much I miss you, my baby. I love you.

104. One day, both of us will both be gone and no one will miss anyone. Until then I’ll miss you and I know you’ll miss me. Let’s have fun with the missing while we are alive.

105. A funny joke I won’t forget is how I love you more than the whole world put together when you’re not even as pretty as my ex. Well, it’s a joke. You deserve and have all my love, pretty or not. I’m missing you.

106. You can run, but you can’t hide, baby. I will find you wherever you are. Missing you has turned my feet to that of the Kenyans. It is not funny; look back…I am here.

107. God doesn’t like the way you are punishing me with your absence. He knows I miss you because I have been disturbing his ears with my cries. He needs you to come deliver Him from me. Runaway soldier, hasten thither.

108. It is not funny how my spirit is crying for help like a goat, nightly, because I miss you so much. Do you want me to die? Do you want to be haunted forever? If no, then come to me quickly.

109. I love you to the moon and back, and it is not funny that you don’t see it so. I miss you, honey; maybe I need to write it on a placard and paste it on my head so you know I am serious.

110. I am missing you to the extent that my heart is now pumping sorrowful, love songs instead of blood. It’s no fun, you treating God’s creature this way, you know.

111. Baby, we will go see your parents as soon as you come relieve me of this bondage of missing you. I will risk the anxiety and go face their judgment throne(s)…And if I perish, I perish gladly.

112. Our children must hear this story of how you are squeezing my heart with this absence. I miss you so much that my brain is refusing to listen to my control. Don’t laugh—it’s not funny!

113. The funniest thing about it all is that I know you miss me too. I know you will be telling yourself you don’t, but then, I know both our spirits are spying on us and giving information to the other. Let’s not deceive ourselves, baby. I miss you!

114. I have turned into a broomstick, finally, from incessant thoughts of you. Missing you has deprived me of my appetite, and now, I use chains to hold my falling clothes, and heart, up. And this is not me being funny.

115. It’s no fun, you not being here to laugh at my silly jokes until you wee unconsciously, and then run out of laughing fuel. I miss you, baby…I think I will start shouting that nightly till you hear it as thunder in your dreams.

116. I’ll lay here awake all night because your warm paws aren’t here to put me to sleep. I miss you more than a guitar misses its strings.

117. I miss you so much and I know you miss me too because your life would definitely be boring without me in it.

118. Do you have any idea how much I miss you?
I miss you like day misses night, however that works. I miss you like x misses y, whatever that means. I miss you like the way I know you do, and that’s not supposed to be funnier than a random joke.

119. I’ll paint our memories in my heart just so I don’t forget you. I’ll carry our laughter in my mouth just so I can picture you smile. I’ll wear our biggest hug on my sleeves just so I won’t miss you too much. I guess I’m a superman now.

120. You’re so much fun and being around you makes me feel special. It’s so sad you had to leave so soon but don’t worry I won’t miss you because I know I’ll see you in my dreams. You’re happy now?

121. I miss you so much and it hurts so damn bad.
I wish that I could wake up with amnesia and forget all about you, at least, until you come back.

122. I missed you so much but I will soon cheat on you. So come back as soon as humanly possible, before you’ll meet a family without you. Think this is funny at your own risk.

123. I miss you, but that’s not all. I miss teasing you. I miss watching your mouth doing its own thing when you sleep. And, most of all, I miss winning you in every game.

124. I drank the last cup of our laughter, I held our last stare in my eyes, I tasted our last kiss on my tongue, And now all I do all day long is missing you. See how missing you made me a poet.

125. My eyes are to behold you, My mouth to taste of you, My hands to reach out for you, My heart to love you every day, And my feet to kick you if you don’t feel the same way about me. I miss you.

126. They say time heals all wounds, but no matter how time flies, the thought of you never seem to leave me. I’ll just buy a towel for the tears. I miss you so much.

127. It’s always hard to see the days ahead without you. You complete me, and I am incomplete without you, even though I don’t want to believe that. I wish you were here with me. I really miss you.

128. The irony is that I never thought I will say something like this, but I miss you. You were always there for me — my shoulders to cry on and lean on in times of need. Or did I ever blow my nose on you? Please come back to me.

129. I never thought of being separated from you. It was always something I never wanted to think of, but now it has happened, and it’s really eating me up like I’m a sweet food. I’m actually a sweet person. I just want to say, I miss you.

130. Like the roses that bloom in spring, that’s how my heart feels whenever you are around me, and as the roses wilt in winter, so does my heart when you aren’t here. Can you make my heart to not be like a rose? I miss you dearly.

131. Funny enough, I miss you, more than the night misses the moon. You are the light of my life, so I’m saving to buy good batteries for you. I really miss every single bit of you.

132. I don’t know why exactly I miss you, and maybe that’s what makes missing you the funniest thing, at least to me. Writings will not explain how much I miss you. But, believe me, I really miss you.

133. Oh, how time flies. I never thought I will miss you this much, the only the light that takes away the darkness in my life, especially when I walk weird streets with you at night. I really miss you and everything about you.

134. You always told me no distance could separate us, but we both know that is not true. When you are not here, your company is what I want to work for. You are what I miss right now. Only now.

135. Remember all those nights watching Netflix, our karaoke nights at the bar, and your comments about how untidy my room always was? That’s what I think about everyday when you are not with me, especially the third. Please come back soon.

136. I’ve been playing love songs for a while, missing you. I even miss your funny dance steps and how beautiful you look dancing and laughing. Missing you, baby.

137. Whenever I’m missing you, I’m hungry. Lol. Funny, but true. It’s like my whole system recognises that something is missing and desperately wants you back. Miss you, hun.

138. It’s a beautiful night with lovely stars. I’m naturally a lover of beauty but today, I only want to love your beauty. Even the stars pale beside you. You are my star. Missing you.

139. Today, I saw a dimple I didn’t love. I’ve always been a sucker for your dimples but I now know it’s you and everything about you I love. Miss you, sweetheart.

140. Today, another episode of our favorite series got released but I am not downloading and watching till we’re together. I want to hear the funny sound of your laughter as every scene plays out. Miss you, hun.

141. Without your presence, your questions, the funny slight shake of your head, though this place is filled with people, it has proven to be empty. Can’t wait to see you soon. Miss you.

142. The uniqueness of black and white pictures is the feel of the past it has without colour. My life without you was black and white. Now, it has colour. I’m officially modern. Miss you, my funny sweetheart.

143. You’re a gift, my love. Waking each day feels like waking on my birthday. You’re a present to me. A funny, fun, beautiful, loving present. Only that I never tore you open. I love and miss you, my gift.

144. Babe, your laughter is beautiful. Funny, right? It just is. It’s so funny when you laugh and stopping seems so hard, then you get others to laugh too and then no one can stop. I miss you, my love.

145. So I just checked your IG page, honey, laughing at the funny memories of all our time together. I am missing you right now. Would have video called, but no data. Want to see you smile again. Missing you.

146. Not because I can’t shop well for food, and not because I couples everywhere, but I miss you, my love, more than I miss even sisters. Much love.

147. You, my brother, are missed greatly, especially now that I get into fights. You should be here to kick asses for me. It’s a necessary fun. Enjoy though.

148. Missing you, dad is like a human that’s hungry and looking for food. Hopefully, I won’t eat all of you when you come back. I miss you, a major source of my learning and fun.

149. They say our childhood memories make us who we are, and I agree. All the funny pranks of our childhood seem to have built ability to see humour in me. I miss those times. I miss you.

150. The festive season is here and the house is going through changes already. Can’t help but wonder if we’ll have you around, Uncle. Even though you may not reduce the food this year, the fun and laughter you usually bring gives the season a wondrous feel. Miss you.

151. Hey, sis. I miss you. I miss all our talks, how we’ll talk all day about personal stuff, family and funny things around. I miss your gossiping mouth too. Being with you is so much fun. I miss it. I’m missing you.

152. I realize now that I had the most fun with you, growing up. The games, the bike rides, playing till we were brown as dust, then looking for ways not to get beaten at home. Ah! Those times. I miss you, brother.

153. Mum, I count myself the luckiest man ever to have a mother as beautiful, as caring and as sweet as you. You built in me the will to take on the world and still have fun at it. You built a Hitler. Gosh! I miss you so much, mum.

So what are you waiting for? Why have you not taken that step to put a smile on a face? Make someone merry as you express how much you miss them. Enjoy.

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