2024 Long Distance Relationship Status for WhatsApp

Long distance relationship can sometimes be complicated, it may fill our days with mixed emotions, feelings of laughter, loneliness, and nostalgic moments.

In such moments, one can only do so little, like filling your memories with thoughts of time spent together, especially when the distance seem so overwhelming and the loneliness is becoming so intense.

A lovely message, good quotes of how much you miss them can also do some magic, what you have on your mind and what you’re thinking about them, can be used to create beautiful thoughts and a romantic phrase on your status.

If you think you don’t have enough words to express your feelings, remember we’re right here, just click and see us in action.

Long Distance Relationship Status for WhatsApp

Best Long Distance Relationship Status for WhatsApp.

1. Though, there are many miles separating us physically, but not in thoughts, because in my mind, you are present always.

2. Your absence, to me, isn’t a pleasant thing, but the distance now made it a torture, I wish you’re here now, by my side.

3. The farther my body is to yours, the more my heart yearns for you, love is so amazing when filled with your thought but distance is a killjoy.

4. Sleeping all by myself at night made me a little weary but the thought of being with you soon is my motivation.

5. I have no strength to guard my heart anymore, I surrender to you and your thoughts alone.

6. Being away from you is teaching myself another way of how to love, it’s working really well but it’s hard to live without you.

7. With your voice alone, you give me goosebumps all over, not minding the distance, I love you, my Love.

8. Distance got nothing on me, as long as I have you, as long as you’re in my heart.

9. Though many miles separates my destination from you, it makes my love stronger for you.

10. I’m so in love with the way my heart falls in love with you, even when you’re far away, a call from you does wonder.

11. No distance can drive your love away from my heart, your love has a solid foundation in my heart.

12. No matter the distance between, no matter how long it takes, my love will always find yours, no matter how far away you are.

13. We’re not together but somehow, we are together, for you’re never away from my heart. I miss you.

14. Absence is like a magnet to our love, the more I feel your absence, the closer my heart is drawn towards you.

15. Right here on the balcony, wondering in my mind as my heart wanders away in the thought of you, I miss you, honey.

16. Do you know what your absence has done to my whole being? I can’t even explain it myself, you should be here to find out for yourself.

17. Can you hear the sound of the leaves rustling at the presence of the breeze I sent your way to listen carefully and you’d hear its whisper, I miss you, baby?

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18. Because I love you so much, because I will do anything just to be with you, my Love, I will dare any distance for you.

19. This distance between us is really funny, it’s just another reason to love you more, I’m never going to stop falling in love with you.

20. I found myself really lucky, to be standing under this sky, the same sky you’re under even if you’re in a different place.

21. Staring at the picture of you and I’m convinced that distance won’t be a barrier, we’re definitely for each other.

22. Bonding session isn’t only when you’re present, your absence has made me realise that I love you more, sweetheart.

23. Just a thought of you and your smile warms my heart, and I forget you’re not even close by.

24. I can’t think, I’m losing focus, I’m having sleepless night, I can’t sleep properly, I need your company here but you’re over there.

25. I’d rather wait and be counting the days when I’ll get to see and hold you again, cause thinking of the distance makes my heart sinks.

26. The songs playing on the radio is making me remember so much of you, I hope you miss me as much as I miss you.

27. I miss your breath, I miss your embrace, I miss the scent of you on me, I miss all of you, I wonder how long I’d need to endure.

28. The distance between us doesn’t stop you coming into my dream every night and visiting my thoughts every day.

29. From minutes to hours, hours turned to days, days to months, it’s no more fun, when will I see you, my Love.

30. You may be thousands of miles away, with many mountains and hills between us, that wouldn’t stop my love for you, for you are always in my heart.

31. Just as the plane dares gravity and takes off against the air, my love will always dare any distance and miles, I love you more, baby.

32. I have thought about every moment with you for many nights until I have nothing else to think of, I guess I’ll start all over again, I miss you.

33. I wonder what part of the sky you’re looking at, I really don’t care which part but I’m just happy we’re under this same sky even if I’m here without you.

34. Every star in the sky can bear me witness, that I’m already out here every night, speaking to the imaginary you beside me, I wish you are here.

35. Regular conversation with you on the phone has made me realise that distance isn’t really a barrier, it’s a way of bonding but my body yearns for your embrace.

36. A little bit of giggle as a result of some wishful thinking that I am in your arms when in reality you’re miles away.

37. My daily routines when I need you is to close my eyes, and I feel I am with you wherever you are.

38. We may be far from each other, hundreds of miles apart, but we’re not feeling the absence cause our love travels the distance to connect us.

39. We’re not together, yet we’re in the same space, we’re far away yet feel so close because our heart is in harmony.

40. The distance may be far away and unknown but our love will be the GPS, leading the way to the right path, to us.

41. You’re not here yet the thought of you makes every hour, every day and every moment a special one.

42. This distance has taught me to not fall in love with only your beauty, but with your mind, your heart and all that you are.

43. The thought in my head is how to be wrapped around your arms and be lost in them for a long time.

44. One of the most beautiful places to be trapped is in your thought, I’d love to be locked away in your thought, away from the world.

45. I hate the distance not because it’s too far but because I can’t be present there with you.

46. I miss the stars, not those ones up in the sky but the ones that shine through your pretty eyes when I stare into them.

47. Since the distance is a little far, I wish the time I get to hear your voice could just stop and stand for as long as we’re in this moment of ours.

48. I don’t know how you could heal me from such a far distance just by listening to your voice, that’s why you’re my favourite drug.

49. My favourite movie every night is the endless thought of you.

50. I miss seeing your beautiful smile every morning, and every night, I miss having you all to myself.

51. If my heart desires anyone, it’s you, if my body has any want, it’s your touch.

52. My best moment is when I’m with you but if I can’t be with you physically, maybe I should live an imaginary life just so I can always be with you.

53. The effect of your absence is weighing heavy on me, I hallucinate every now and then cause I see you everywhere around me.

54. It’s not so easy for me to be far away from you, it’s not so easy for me waking up without you, I miss you.

55. I’m finding it hard to imagine how it’d be like to not feel your warmth for the another few weeks, the thought of it is becoming a nightmare.

56. One thing that has kept me going is our beautiful memories, it takes away the pain of the lonely hours.

57. I’m yet to find out the mystery behind your soft smooth voice, that erupts a wild raging fire from the inside of me even from miles away.

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58. I found myself laughing at the thought of meeting you soon, running into your embrace and savouring every moment of it.

59. I have found out that in your absence, feeling lonely is unavoidable, but when I remember your smile, I feel as if you’re never far away.

60. With your presence, you have a way of driving me crazy, I never imagine that your absence would still make me feel the same way, I miss you.

61. It is no funnier, I can’t deal with this pain, I’m losing my mind with each passing day, I miss you, honey.

62. You’re not here but even in your absence you make every moment worth it, and that’s why I can’t love you less, my Love.

63. I sleep happy when your voice is the last I heard, even happier when I wake up to your call, distance got nothing on our love.

64. Though you are out of sight, you are always first on my mind, forget how far apart we are, I’ll love you even from a distance.

65. I hope you smile when you remember me, for when I remember you, I did smile too, and at that moment, I know we’re together in thought.

66. This feeling I’m feeling right now will ride on the wings of time, travel distance to touch your heart, I love you and I miss you, sweetheart.

67. This is exclusive, every night, I have a series of dream about you, could it be because of the distance, I think it’s because I have missed you too much.

68. The sun came to wake me up and kiss me good morning today, just as you instructed, and it left me your scent.

69. The fact that we’re both looking at the same sunrise and watching the sunset gives me comfort that you’re just a thought away.

70. I’m feeling somehow today, I want to just snuggle up in your warmth but you’re far away, I wish you are here now and always.

71. Being with you is the best feeling I’ve ever felt, but being without you, what a cruel feeling it gives to my heart, I miss you, honey.

72. Today is another day to be alone, another day to eat alone, to take a walk and stare at the stars alone, another day without you.

73. I can feel your presence even when you’re not here, I guess that speaks volume of how much love I have for you, my Love.

74. Should I be envious or jealous, of those who flock around you, and get to see you every day, I miss you around.

75. I’m tired of lonely days filled with boring moment, and lonely nights full of wishful thoughts, I miss you, my Love.

76. There is a wide gap between us that made it impossible to be with you, the only way I could be with you is to meet you in the dream.

77. Distance isn’t the problem, my problem is how to make sure you are happy even when I’m not around, baby.

78. I know you are missing me just as I am missing you but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m almost in pain without having you here.

79. I find this distance to be a bittersweet experience, bitter because it kept us apart but sweet because it teaches us to trust more and stays committed.

80. Even though the distance between us is becoming unbearable, it won’t stop me from imagining you in my arms, exchanging a warmly hug.

81. I have come to realise how vast and deep our love is, wide enough to cover the distance between us, profound enough to stand the test of times.

82. The only beauty I have in this time of loneliness is that whenever I remember your smile, it gives my soul a euphoric feeling that no distance can crush.

83. Maybe it’s something you usually say or the way you say it that makes the distance endurable, I can’t seem to have enough of you even in miles from here.

84. Honey, I can’t bear the thought of missing you for another week, just come home, this distance is slowly dropping my heart rate.

85. If our love was never strong, then I’d be afraid but with a love like ours, no distance can separate us, rather we’ll be stronger.

86. I’m on my usual route, doing my early morning jogging, and I’m listening to our saved conversation, what a motivation.

87. Most people still find it hard to believe that I’m yet to meet you, my beautiful stranger, our love story is a beautiful mystery on its own.

88. What a memorable day it was, the day I accidentally bumped into you on that trip, still one of the best days of my life, and now, I’m seriously missing you as I can’t live life without you.

89. You being miles away, it’s me being away from home, cause my real abode is right there in your comfortable embrace.

90. Looking into the sky, wondering how many spaces I would have to travel to get to you, till then, I’ll keep loving you from here.

91. Instead of enduring this spaces between us, I have a better option, in my heart, there are no spaces to endure, just a space to enjoy.

92. Though you’re not here, you still act as my guardian angel, chasing away all of my nightmares and filling my nights with sweet dreams.

93. It’s funny how the distance between us could be so far that with just a little doze into sleep, I’m already standing next to you.

94. You’re so adorable today, I saw you in my dream, the sweetest of it all is that I don’t have to drive all night to get to you.

95. How I wish this time can fly so fast so that the distance between us can be covered within the nightly hours.

96. The silence in my head is so loud with your laughter and giggles, not even the distance can stop your voice from entering my head.

97. Not having you close to me sinks my heart, but the words you speak give me the strength to cope with this moment.

98. As day turn tonight, my mind mark each passing day, counting every day and night without you, I miss you in each of my days.

99. We are always together, though not physically, but only in thoughts, and in dreams.

100. The farther the distance, the longer the miles, in as much as we’re both still breathing the same air, my love will keep growing.

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