Short Status for WhatsApp on Everything

2024 Short Status for WhatsApp on Everything

What we post on our status often times, defines who we are gives people an insight about our perspectives and also helps to communicate what we can’t say directly to people.

Below are 200+ short status for Whatsapp that will get your friends, lover and loved ones wanting more.

Short Status for WhatsApp on Courage

Make your WhatsApp contacts anticipate your WhatsApp Status by using these Best Short Status for WhatsApp on Courage.

1. Courage should always be our watchword, it keeps us stronger even in times of adversity.

2. Life was never meant to be easy, it is only courage and consistency that keeps the hope strong.

3. We should always learn how to be courageous even when the vision seems blur, there’s always a new dawn after every night.

4. It is always very pertinent to know that courage is a medic that heals the soul when it seems to be weak, always summon the courage never to give up no matter how difficult it seems to be going.

5. Never should we dare to say to ourselves, it is finished. There’s always a better opportunity as long as we are courageous in life.

6. You want to see someone who should give up? Then you probably want to see a dead man, because those who live should never really give up.

7. We never really get to know how far we can go unless we learn to be courageous in our endeavours.

8. When we love, it gives us the ability to see the beauty of humanity. Thus, giving us the courage to better our own lives.

9. It is only a brave man that tells himself how much strong he is no matter how weak he feels. Courage gives the inner strength we need to take us further.

10. No failure should be considered to be too fatal, everything is achievable if we really need and work towards its accomplishment.

11. Our pains should be the courage we serve to ourselves, let the tough days be our source of encouragement so that the good days will be worthy to behold.

12. Courage should be a breakfast that ushers us into the day, and the dinner that keeps our hope high at the end of the day.

13. Courage is the act of believing that you can be where you wish to be, irrespective of where you are.

14. The main act of courage is to believe in your dreams, no one else will start doing so for you.

15. Though everything may seem more like an illusion, courage gives the ability to bring it to reality.

16. I thought everything was never going to be fine until I had the courage to make things become fine.

17. Your willingness to work with courage will call strength to always be by you. Never give up easily.

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18. Always have the courage to believe it is all going to be well, nothing makes a man stronger than this.

19. You think it is too late? Then you should know that success does not only appreciate those who get the first, but also those who get there well prepared.

20. I hope we continue to see the need to be courageous, I hope we never want to give up, I hope we get to achieve our set goals.

Short Status for WhatsApp on Love

You can also use these Sweet Short Status for WhatsApp on Love.

21. Love is what we owe humanity, the call to love one another should be seen as a call to all.

22. The very essence of our existence is to create positive impacts on the lives of others through love.

23. Without love, the very essence of our existence may never be accomplished.

24. Life should not be seen as only self-oriented, but also others-oriented. Because love is the bond that binds all humans together.

25. Love should not only be expressed through mere words, but by support, good prayers, and wishes.

26. We are who we are, not because life is all about us but because others compliment us.

27. The joy of being should be expressed through the love we share.

28. Our souls yearn to be loved, that same way, we should also learn to love others.

29. With love and unity, men can achieve what seems unachievable.

30. Love is a balm that should heal the pains created by evil in our societies.

31. One feels good when they’re loved by someone else, but learning how to love others brings more happiness and satisfaction because you’re contributing your quota in improving human life.

32. Love is a seed that grows even when planted at its lowest ebb.

33. I hope we see the need to always love one another, I hope we realize that love is the only thing that unites humanity.

34. Love shouldn’t always be about the word “I” because at the end of the day, how we treat others matters a lot.

35. I loved the person I was, I love the person I am, and I hope to love the person I am growing to be.

36. when love conquers, our minds think about the achievement of the common good.

37. Let’s learn how to respect, love, and treat one another with kindness. We should always try to be the voice of the voiceless.

38. Let not our personal achievements alone count, but also the number of lives we’ve helped through love.

39. Fear of pains and disappointments should never be the reason we give up in love, we’re yet to meet the best people.

40. Let’s learn how to love just as we wish to be loved.

Short Status for WhatsApp on Good Morning

Here are amazing Good Morning Short Status for WhatsApp.

41. Let the night take away the pains, and the day bring us joy that is beyond comprehension. Good morning friends.

42. Our nights may seem long, but there’s always a dawn after every night. Good morning friends, do have a productive day ahead.

43. I hope we forget the pains of yesterday, I hope we continue to work hard today, I hope we never fail to be courageous. Good morning friends.

44. Good morning friends. You’re all welcome to the new dawn, been ushered by the night.

45. Just like the night, tough days seem long, but everything is always good at the end, just like there’s always a day after every night.

46. May the sun rise be a blessing to our souls, may it bring happiness and joy and we gladden our hearts with the joy of being alive till today. Good morning all.

47. It’s already a blissful morning, I pray we achieve our set goals today.

48. It’s a new dawn. The birds are flying in long arcs over grasses. Our hopes should be high because we have a new opportunity here with us.

49. Let’s all be grateful to God for a new dawn, it’s never our right but privilege. Good morning all.

50. We slept and now we’re awake, all because God watched over us.

51. To us a new dawn is offered, whatever we make out of it will be recorded for or against us in future. Let’s place our priorities right. Good morning all.

52. We should not only be brains filled with knowledge, but also hearts filled with love and kindness to humanity. Good morning.

53. Be kind, generous, gentle, and most importantly, be a blessing to someone today. Good morning.

54. Always smile and be happy no matter what life offers, every moment is worth its own joy.

55. Don’t always wish to follow the mass, single yourself out and do greater things. Good morning.

56. Work hard and you’ll earn the respect you truly deserve. Good morning.

57. Don’t always expect every day to be rosy, sometimes we jubilate, and sometimes we learn. Good morning all.

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58. Never let the fear of not having what you want to stop you from pursuing a course you believe in. Good morning.

59. Let’s stay strong through the struggle, and we’ll end up being happy that we did so. Good morning.

60. Our joy overflows as the Lord grants us yet, a new day and a new opportunity to become those we really want to be. Good morning.

Short Status for WhatsApp on Apology

Hurt someone and want to  apologise on WhatsApp? Short Status for WhatsApp on Apology is available for you to use.

61. I apologize to everyone I have ever wronged, whether deliberately or without my knowledge.

62. For all the things I’ve done, for all the things I have failed to do, for the times I lied, I say sorry.

63. I have wronged you in many ways. As though I am a prey, guilt grabs me every time I remember my deeds. I sincerely say sorry from the depth of my heart.

64. For the empty promises I made without fulfilment, for the times I failed to be with you. I say sorry.

65. I wish I could turn back the hands of time, so I can make up for every mistake I did. But since I have no such power, I sincerely say sorry.

66. I know saying sorry wouldn’t change the things I did, but it will definitely take away the guilt I feel. I’m so sorry for everything.

67. I know the pains you feel, I know the disappointments you’ve gone through, all because of me. This day, I’m saying sorry to you from the depth of my heart.

68. Let your forgiveness take away the guilt I feel, let it be a help to the burden I bear. I apologize for every little thing that ever happened.

69. Maybe I did it all because of ignorance, maybe I never knew the pains I’d cause you. Here I am, saying sorry for the times I went wrong.

70. There’s nothing I’ll appreciate more than your forgiveness, I apologize for everything.

71. I’m sorry for the times I failed to make you smile, I’m sorry for the times I never had the ability to make you happy.

72. I wished never to let you down. I wished never to do things that you do not like. But then I discovered I am a different being, and I’m sorry for not being able to have the same views with you.

73. I’m sincerely sorry every time I acted in a self-centred manner.

75. I know the pains you are passing through and I should be held responsible. I’m sincerely sorry.

76. I beg you forgiveness as I have erred.

77. Forgiveness is that which we should give easily, we gain nothing by holding on grudges.

78. I understand how much you’ve been disappointed because of my actions, I’m sorry.

79. I apologize for the times I failed to support and be with you.

80. For the selfish decisions I made, for the pains I caused, I sincerely apologize from the depth of my heart.

Short Status for WhatsApp on Missing You

You miss someone and want to show it on your WhatsApp Status? Don’t hesitate to use these Short Status for WhatsApp on Missing You.

81. I miss all the times we spent together, memories are now all I have.

82. Memories of the times we stayed with each other are stocked in my head, the good old days I never wish to forget about.

83. After all the months and years that have passed, I still find myself missing you as though we were meant to stick together forever.

84. Every moment, I find myself missing you so much.

85. Whenever I close my eyes, I see you around, only to open my eyes to know that you ain’t there, I miss you so much.

86. I miss you too much, too often that it hurts.

87. Most times, I wonder if you’d miss me as much as I miss you.

88. Missing you is something that now makes me feel sad, words can’t really express my true feelings.

89. Every moment, I get to come across something that reminds me about you, and then I keep missing you more.

90. With all sincerity, I really do miss you, I wish you were here, I wish I didn’t let you go.

91. Without you, life isn’t the same anymore, I wish you never really left.

92. Though we’re afar, though distance separates us, you’ll ever be in my heart. I miss you so much, dear.

93. I miss you so much, I wish I could see you every time I hold my breath.

94. Your absence leaves me weak and lonely, I never really knew how much I cared about you until you left. I miss you a lot.

95. Without you, every day seems longer and the nights seem unbearable. I miss you dearly.

96. I wish I could have you in my hands so I’ll never let you go away again, I miss you.

97. Your goodbye was a word that took my happiness away, I’ve always felt empty without you. Words can’t tell how much I’ve missed you.

98. The sun seems to deem because you’re not here with me. I miss you dearly.

99. I wish I could be with you again, I wish I could correct all my mistakes. I missed every moment we spent together.

100. When you said goodbye, a part of me felt incomplete, and without you, I’ve remained unhappy, I wish I could still call you mine.

Short Status for WhatsApp on Life

Short Status for WhatsApp on Life yu can also use.

101. Life is an enigma, you don’t really get to understand it, but you must do your best to stay in the right part.

102. What’s life if we don’t love?. What’s the joy of being if we don’t share?

103. Life, a four letter word that only mystery can explain.

104. Life should be considered to have different phases, each at a time, but just like pages of books, we do not know what next its going to offer.

105. I hope we live a life we are happy with, I hope our desires be granted.

106. Don’t cry when you miss opportunities in life, the best opportunities are yet to come.

107. Always try to change the world, no matter how small you contribute, you’ve tried to better humanity.

108. We should always struggle to live with not to exist.

109. Do not only dwell on dreams, also work towards its accomplishment.

110. Never think life will turn up as expected, you have to adjust things yourself

111. Even when life seems too difficult and tough, also try to show it how tough you are in achieving your set goals.

112. Life is more than just illusions.

113. Many people die at a very young age but aren’t buried until they are old.

114. Living is more than just existence.

115. Always learn how to live by doing what you want.

116. Never depart from the direction of your dreams, everything is achievable if the desire to accomplish is put into force.

117. Life isn’t what we should attempt to analyze in a day, every day that passes comes with its own experiences.

118. Learn how to live with harmony, peace supersedes all virtues.

119. Life entails more than many people know.

120. A life well spent, a lifetime filled with trials.

Short Status for WhatsApp on Good Night

Wish that special person a Good Night on WhatsApp with these Short Status for WhatsApp on Good Night.

121. After the day’s struggle and stress, I wish t a pleasant night filled with good dreams. Goodnight.

122. Every night, I think about you before I slept, you’re my heartthrob. Goodnight dear.

123. I go to bed comfortably, because I know that you’re mine. Goodnight.

124. Every night is a time to think, have a vision, and take good rests. And not a time to regret the past. Goodnight.

125. I hope we achieved our set goals today, but if we did not, be optimistic and work her tomorrow. Goodnight.

126. And the angels sing in a loud voice, here comes a time the Lord gives you sleep, you shall wake up because he’ll watch over you. Goodnight.

127. Though the day may not have gone as expected, let’s still be thankful we survived. Goodnight.

128. After every night, there’s always a new dawn. Never say it is finished.

129. It is time to set our priorities right and be thankful for the times we have survived. Goodnight.

130. This night, I pray for protection and guidance for all. Goodnight.

131. After a blessed day, may the Lord watch over you and grant you the strength to see the next day. Goodnight.

132. My heart admires your courage and hard work, continue to be strong as you’ll excel in the due time. Goodnight.

133. Just like the sun sets, so shall your problems give way to your success. Goodnight.

134. Goodnight all. I pray you have a good night rest.

135. As we go to bed, may we wake up to remember that there is so much to do and so much to achieve? Good night.

136. Our hope and strength should be in the Lord, he’ll take care of our needs. Goodnight all.

137. As we enter yet another night, it is a proof to show that the day will surely come, I hope we live to see it. Goodnight.

138. I wish everyone the very best which they wish themselves. Goodnight all.

139. May we have a splendid night, may we sleep well and wake to see the new dawn, my strength always be our portion.

140. The night isn’t a time to feel sad for what we never achieved in the day, it is a time to think better about trying again. Goodnight.

Short Status for WhatsApp on Happiness

Do you want to talk about Happiness? These Short Status for WhatsApp on Happiness are available for you.

141. Always learn how to stay happy no matter how tough life seems to be.

142. At the end of the day, I hope we live a life filled with happiness.

143. Let the pains we feel be taken away by happy, let the joy of living take away our sorrows.

144. Live happily, because you’re only pleasing your enemies if you fail to do so.

145. As we struggle, as we never consider to give up, as we hold on to our hustles, I pray the happy days come sooner.

146. A man alive should be happy at all times, many do not have the privilege to see this moment.

147. Never say sadly in life, you’ll never leave it happily.

148. There should be more to life than being just sad.

149. Happiness, not for the future but the present, not for things you are looking for but the things you have.

150. Seize every moment to be happy, you never can tell when life will show you how tough it is.

151. We have the right to make ourselves happy.

152. Whether people envy you or not, always try to find happiness.

153. Happiness is what you should always yearn to have, every other thing follows.

154. Be happy, things don’t always have to turn out the way you want them to.

155. When you pursue happiness, it makes you wild. But when it comes incidentally, it last longer.

156. Always see everything that comes your way as a gift, you owe yourself that happiness you think you deserve.

157. Happiness makes one feel higher than he/she may actually be.

158. The painful thing in life is never to have happiness.

159. Be kind towards others. Making others happy should also be part of your duty as a human.

160. Don’t ever let anything take your happiness away, it is worth more than every other thing.

Short Status for WhatsApp on Inspiration

Inspire others on WhatsApp with these Short Status for WhatsApp on Inspiration.

161. You owe yourself success, never give up.

162. It’s not all about the time you’ve spent in life, but how much you contribute to mankind.

163. Always try to inspire yourself, you Owe yourself that.

164. You don’t need the whole world to assure you of your success, believing in yourself goes a long way.

165. Your life needs inspirations just like the stomach needs food.

166. Always try harder, you could be the reason someone isn’t giving up.

167. The most important thing to do in life is to keep striving harder.

168. Always keep yourself busy doing what you believe in.

169. To write yourself off is the very worst thing to do in life.

170. Life is all about hard work, motivation, and inspiration. Do not let any pass you by.

171. You have two options: either to inspire yourself or to give up.

172. The best things are ahead, keep walking.

173. The vision you have will surely be achieved if you see it clearly.

174. Look not upon your disappointments, but the task of success ahead of you.

175. Look around and tell yourself that your goals are achievable.

176. Be an inspiration to yourself, no one else may be willing to do so.

177. Inspiration is a seed you sow in order to reap success.

178. Work like a lion, but be humble in your endeavours.

179. Be an inspiration to someone, be the cause of someone’s success.

180. Pursue a course you believe in confidently, you never can tell how successful it may turn you into.

Short Status for WhatsApp on Time

Short Status for WhatsApp on Time you can also use.

181. It is better many hours earlier than a few minutes late.

182. We learn through time, it is the fire in which we burn.

183. Experience what life offers, nothing is a waste.

184. Make the best use of your time, you can never get it if you let it pass.

185. Invest time and just don’t spend it.

186. Time determines all, you will surely be where you are meant to be.

187. Use time wisely because you’re meant to be great.

188. Every time is a good time for you to work harder.

189. Never wait for time, it will never await you.

190. Always check your priorities and make diligent use of your time.

191. Work every minute and there will come enough time to rest.

192. Never like the past time hunt you.

193. It is always the right time to do whatever you wish.

194. Long not only to live long but also to live well.

195. Everything will be fine with time.

196. Wealth comes with time, always stay strong.

197. Always seize every time to prepare yourself for success.

198. Time flies, move with it and excel in life.

199. Always know what is important and do it on time. That way, success will be easier.

200. Never say jobless or bored, every minute counts. You should never lose any opportunity.

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