2024 Trending WhatsApp Status About Me

I see WhatsApp status as an everyday diary where people express themselves with the only difference being that it has a time limit.

A person’s WhatsApp status at each given time is determined by their mood and this makes it totally unpredictable as someone could switch from one emotion to another.

Whether you are feeling hyper, positive, tired, loved, sad, there’s a status for you.

Check out some lines for your WhatsApp status.

WhatsApp Status About Me

Here is a beautiful and brilliant collection of Messages for WhatsApp status.

1. The only person I know how to be is myself.

2. Unapologetically, I will choose me over and again.

3. I’m not here to hide my flaws, I just want to be better.

4. I’m not all about the picture perfect life, I just want so much peace in my heart.

5. Woke up this morning feeling nostalgic but I know the future holds better things.

6. I don’t know how I don’t know when; I just know that I will be alright.

7. Happiness is a state of mind; this day I choose complete happiness.

8. Sometimes I wake up, look around and sleep back again.

9. I have off days; days I just want to be by myself, I think today is one of those days.

10. To everyone I will offend today, I just want to say I’m sorry in advance.

11. Ever ate so much food that you can’t walk, haha; that’s me right now.

12. Life is too short to have plenty worries; today, I have zero worries.

13. The only time I’m having a bad day is when my battery is not fully charged.

14. It’s a daily struggle to become my best self; the only way is forward.

15. It’s the only morning but it already feels like a good day.

16. Today, I’m home all day; it’s definitely going to be a long day.

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17. Every time I fall, I make sure I get back up.

18. Making sure I embrace my very unique self-today, it’s all good vibes here.

19. Something I love more than being on social media is this; sleeping.

20. Cheers to all the beautiful moments my battery was fully charged.

21. It’s so hot outside, if I got out, I might actually melt off.

22. Netflix and chill, that’s the only plan I have this weekend.

23. Y’all already know how I feel about Friday, TGIF.

24. Dear Monday, thank you for turning up way too quickly * insert angry emoji *

25. Me thinking of the things I will buy with the money I don’t have yet.

26. I look at my bank account and I know I gotta keep grinding.

27. Grateful for the ups and downs, they make me better.

28. I’m not here to impress anyone, full stop.

29. I’m definitely not here to prove myself to anyone.

30. You all are tiny parts of my story; one I will share someday.

31. Totally excelling at being my humble self.

32. Being ok with the moment doesn’t mean I’m settling, it only means that I appreciate what I have while I work for a better tomorrow.

33. I will keep trying out the different versions of me until I find the best.

34. I deserve the best of life, and I hope to get it all.

35. Dear self, I promise never to settle for less than I deserve.

36. Forever trying to live each day like it’s my last because, in that, I live better.

37. Everything that hurt me in the past, I have let go off, looking ahead to brighter days.

38. My past is also part of my story but I’m more concerned with my future.

39. It seems that whenever I’m quarrelling with my best friend, that’s when I have a lot I want to share.

40. The dream is to make an impact on this earth, so help me God.

41. Sometimes, I’m all I have got and honestly, that’s enough.

42. I’m alive because God still needs me on earth, so I will live every day with so much gratitude.

43. I bet I’m the hottest guy on your Whats App list, no kidding.

44. Super grateful for every moment that has led me to this very time of my life; it gets better.

45. I’m relearning how to let love into my heart again.

46. Today, I’m all about finding happy moments and so should you.

47. Today, I choose to twinkle like a star and shine so bright.

48. The universe has agreed to my demands, it’s time I feel love again.

49. The journey is far from over, the days are tough but I stand a tougher being.

50. First things first; self-belief, self-acceptance.

51. I’m the one with the light, I shine the brightest.

52. My daily dose of self- improvement. All day, every day.

53. No matter how old I am, I would always love ” love stories ”

54. Illusion or not, I like to see the moments when everything is ok.

55. Every single day, I show up, not really because I can but because I have to.

56. Battery about to die off, save the juicy gist for later.

57. I crawled until I learnt how to fly and now, there’s no stopping me.

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58. Dear self, be gentle with yourself too.

59. I am worthy, I will always be of everything good.

60. All I ever need is a life full of peace.

61. I fall; but most importantly, I get back on my feet.

62. Please be reminded that I’m not your average human being.

63. Sorry but I don’t take Whats App calls. * insert big grin emoji *

64. Having a lazy kind of day.

65. I think I’m already too tired for the rest of the day.

66. Tuesdays are terrific and so am I sometimes * laughing emoji *

67. It’s only Saturday but somehow I’m already thinking of Monday.

68. I hope you are having a great day just like me.

69. I won’t always be the person you need me to be.

70. Rule number 1. Above all, be yourself.

71. Been hurt, broken and bruised; but here I am, still standing.

72. Definitely not meant for small things; I was born for greatness.

73. Is it just me or are easy things so darn boring?

74. I hope you never have to beg anyone to see your worth.

75. I do not have the energy to wait for things that are not mine.

76. I am a strong believer in miracles.

77. I will never waste a minute proving myself to anyone.

78. One thing I know for sure, the world is my stage.

79. Broken mirrors or not; our faces are still pretty.

80. Officially having a good hair day.

81. Fresh off the salon looking like a million bucks.

82. It’s a cold cold world but here we are still living.

83. Had a long day but nothing a cold shower won’t fix, try it and thank me later.

84. The days I thought broke me turned out to be the days that made me.

85. Well hello Monday, show me some love.

86. Watch me get everything that I deserve.

87. For once; I choose me, my happiness and my comfort.

88. I’d rather be lonely than be where I don’t belong.

89. All I really want is everything.

90. Thankful for where I am, excited about the journey ahead.

91. It’s smart money Thursday; we stay working.

92. How on earth is it still Wednesday?

93. Chilling with the guys in a bit.

94. Don’t worry about me, I already do that job.

95. I usually can’t wait to get back home every day.

96. I’m not changing, I’m just becoming more like myself.

97. Impossible doesn’t exist in my dictionary.

98. Putting this up because I know you will come stalk my status again; yes you.

99. When they think I’m done; Oh please I’m just getting started.

100. It’s only positive vibes on this space.

101. Thank you, Jesus, for never giving up on me.

102. I remember when I prayed for all the things I have now.

103. The goal is to become very rich and successful.

104. The only thing I can count is money.

105. Google is literally my everything.

106. The only thing that can cheer me up right now is a credit alert.

107. I have an allergic reaction to negative vibes.

108. I’m all about excellence; it’s that or nothing.

109. I need a five day holiday each week.

110. I design my dreams and make sure they become reality.

111. Fairy tales and happy endings may be illusions, but I still believe in love.

112. The only conversations I really pay attention to is money talks.

113. It’s safe to say that my coding game is massive.

114. I’m super excited to usher in the frigging weekend.

115. One day, the world will hear my story.

116. I’m not here to tell you what you want to hear.

117. It is the hope for a better tomorrow that keeps me going.

118. I don’t need fixing; I’m not broken.

119. It feels like my life is one big puzzle and each day gets me closer to solving it.

120. Falling down doesn’t scare me; not getting back up is what does.

121. My imaginations are filled with beautiful memories and happy endings.

122. I found home and peace when I learnt to become a better person.

123. And no matter how many times my crown will fall, I will fix it right back on my head.

124. I stopped looking for happiness in other people, I found it right here inside of me.

125. I’m letting go of the pain, of everything that isn’t really mine.

126. Good music, wi-fi, a fully charged battery and my Friday night is good to go.

127. I take care of me too because it is only when am whole, that I can give.

128. I give myself second chances, heck even a third and much more if need be.

129. No matter how old I become, I would never grow out of love.

130. Today, I’m grateful for life and the things that I have.

131. The world may not understand me, but I will keep being me.

132. I know exactly what I am made of, reason I’m never giving up on myself.

133. Part of the reason I’m OK is that I’m comfortable in my own skin.

134. I bless the day I stopped needing anyone’s validation.

135. One thing you should know about me is this; I wouldn’t say I’m sorry if I’m not.

136. No matter how many wrong turns I take, I will always find my way back to the top.

137. I miss our face to face convos.

138. I listen to my heart far more than to people and guess what, it’s never let me down.

139. Even in my weakness, I still found strength.

140. Once upon a time, I became a better man

141. I’m not looking for your acceptance, I already accepted myself.

142. I’m not perfect, I just try my possible best to be real.

143. I still haven’t found all the right things but at least I have never settled for less.

144. I walked away from everything that tried to break me.

145. A big thank you to everyone out there who stays true to themselves like I am to myself.

146. I’d rather be surrounded by a few friends than by foes in disguise.

147. Each day, I put my best foot forward.

148. I just want to imprint my name in the sands of time.

149. I fell way too many times so I learnt how to fly.

150. Each day, I will fight for my dream.

  • Written By Olivia Chiemego.

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