2024 Trending Brother and Sister Status for WhatsApp

A status is almost the best thing on WhatsApp, so, a picture with your brother or sister should entail the perfect caption. Better still, just a caption can tell it all about how much he or she means to you.

Again, when your brother or sister features on your WhatsApp status the world should understand your connection and mood just with the perfect caption.

Hence, the need to pick from these amazing brother and sister status for WhatsApp.

Best Brother and Sister Status for WhatsApp

This is not the time to leave your WhatsApp Status empty. You need to engage your friends and family more on your Whatsapp? Here are attention seeking Whatsapp Status Quotes for Him or Her you can surely use.

1. From the same womb into the same home.

2. Brothers and sisters don’t rock as much as ours do.

3. I can’t possibly be standing alone, because, my brother is always right beside me.

4. Between a brother and a sister, there are no wrongs nor rights!

5. There is always a resounding laughter when brothers and sisters are united.

6. Love can be doubted but not between a brother and a sister.

7. My brother is my hero, while, I’m his angel.

8. Nobody pulls my strings like my brother, likewise, nobody gets me mad like him.

9. I’m his puppet, my brother is my puppeteer.

10. No bond is stronger than the one between my brother and I.

11. Sisters can be so exasperating, but their love is so tender.

12. Boredom kills faster in the absence of a sister but with her presence comes liveliness.

13. Nobody laughs over my mistake like my sister. You know what? I think she’s always trying to cheer me up.

14. Honest advice always comes from a sister.

15. I have a sister, I have a dream mate.

16. Nobody gets my joke better than my sister.

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17. My brother’s body language is no secret to me.

18. Food made by the hands of a sister is like the one from Vegas; it always stays in the stomach.

19. I can’t recall any nice thing my sister ever said to me, I’m always the butt of her joke.

20. My sister is the mother of my happiness.

21. No one says it better than my sister. Her words are always scary good.

22. My sister is so proactive. That’s why I’m always ahead.

23. The only voice I feel in my head is my sister’s.

24. My brother has my type of feet, cause we were made to walk together on the sand of time.

25. We are more than earthlings, we are brother and sister.

26. A breakfast with a fun sister like mine leads to a lunch and a dinner. You’ll never live the table.

27. You never can tell what a sister has in mind. But trust, she knows what is in yours.

28. The only person I can’t get rid of is my sister. She’s just impossible.

29. If not for my sister, I wouldn’t have a sisterly love.

30. Brotherly love is so kind and daring. Ask me how I know, I’ll show you, my brother.

31. A brother is so considerate. My brother would always put me first.

32. I don’t know who else does this brother thing like my brother.

33. My brother acts so fatherly. I enjoy the feeling.

34. I’m lucky to have a brother. More blessed, that you’re the one.

35. No one meets the criteria of a brother as much as mine does.

36. When a romantic relationship goes sour, good brothers are always there to act the nice guy.

37. The first knight in a shining armour, I ever had was my brother.

38. No matter how bad the day goes, a call from my brother is a wake-up call to be happy.

39. The truth may be bitter, but from the lips of a brother, it’s always sweet.

40. My brother is as good as my father.

41. A Sister takes the role of a mother flawlessly.

42. Even my brother knows I’m the best there is.

43. Nothing is more satisfying, as a quality time with one’s brother.

44. With my brother, I can always be myself.

45. My brother made me so tough, I made him so soft.

46. I wish I could go scot free with every offence like I do with my brother.

47. My sister is my responsibility. I’m glad I was given such a burden to bear.

48. Thank you from a sister comes from the depth of her bosom.

49. When your sister smiles at you like mine, you must have done something right.

50. To my brother, there’s no such thing as a sister, I’m his love.

51. I look up to brothers than my mentor.

52. A brother is the most sacrificial after a mother.

53. My sister will always be my favourite pet.

54. Talking to a close sister is akin to confession to a priest. You always speak the truth whilst your secret is safe.

55. My sister is my weakest point.

56. My brother is my male version.

57. If it comes from my sister, it gets to my heart.

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58. My brother is the stronger side of me.

59. I’m yet to find someone more concerned than a sister.

60. My sister knows all there is to know about me.

61. Me and world’s coolest brother.

62. If you can’t beat us, you join us.

63. A sister like mine is everything.

64. We rock however and whenever.

65. Life only gets cosier in the arms of a brother.

66. The blood never lies.

67. Always my first love.

68. I’ll rather have us, than them.

69. When we have each other, we have the whole world.

70. Betwixt us is love.

71. “Siblinghood”

72. We can only love us more but never less.

73. There exist a fabulous love between a brother and his sister.

74. All I want for life is us!

75. I am blessed to have me a brother like mine.

76. I am a sister to this brother.

77. Eternity is where siblings exist.

78. Brother and sister till the end of the world.

79. I have no plan of letting us go.

80. Brotherly love with a combination of sisterly love.

81. When you can’t separate the two.

82. Till death do us apart is why we are family.

83. A picture with my brother makes my heart grow fonder.

84. We know we always have each other.

85. If you want true love, get yourself a brother.

86. Our resemblance on the surface isn’t as strikingly awesome as the one at heart.

87. See who will always come through.

88. My sister, my world.

89. God was being exceptionally awesome blessing me with a brother like him.

90. I’ll always recommend a sibling like us.

91. Siblings are always siblings.

92. Nothing beats this biological love.

93. Guess who else is cool! My bro!

94. Palpable love!

95. Do not ever forget loving your sibling.

96. A brother would go a thousand miles for her, a sister would go ten thousand even further for him because it’s all love.

97. Because someday we won’t share a home.

98. Living life to the fullest with a brother’s love.

99. Best love are given by siblings.

100. Can’t help but get so silly with my brother.

101. Forgive our awesomeness.

102. I just want us to be this cool in golden years to come.

103. If I could have another brother in the pic, he has to be your identical twin.

104. We let the time go by but not the love in our veins.

105. If siblings don’t get it together, who else will?

106. If we weren’t siblings we would have been brother and sister, don’t you think?

107. Love got me because I am my brother’s sister.

108. Don’t doubt that we were meant to be.

109. Brothers are like the moon and sisters are like the sun. Both ever-abiding and beautifying.

110. I love being his sister just as he loves being my brother.

111. Hold your brother tight because you never know when he might move out.

112. Brother and sister don’t give up on each other until the end.

113. We wink at each other because we love being siblings.

114. As far as the earth can go, you’ll always have my heart because we are brother and sister.

115. Behind every brother is a sister and behind every sister is a brother.

116. Don’t bother to ask why we look alike!

117. We are brother and sister turned best of friends.

118. A brother made in heaven has got a sister on earth.

119. With the broadest smile, I present to you the coolest siblings in the world.

120. Mum and Dad’s love!


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