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2024 Prayers for Job Interview Success (To Be Prayed Before Interview)

As Christians, we know the importance of prayer and see prayer as a means of expressing our heart intentions to GOD.

However, the way we express ourselves in prayer differs but it does not mean we can live without praying. There is so much of strength, clarity and answers one can get in prayers if you feel you need anything IT IS PRAYER.

Join in sharing the prayers below to help a family member, wife, husband or friend who needs help on a Job interview, but to yourself first. Be Blessed. Thanks.


Effective Prayers for Job Interview Success

In a situation when man looses power over some circumstances, the best thing to do is leave it to God. These Effective Prayers for Job Interview Success have been made available for you here to use before any Job interview.

1. Dear Lord, for today, bring me to my best in remembering all I know and beyond. Assure my heart when disturbed. Help in Clarity for the answers to questions asked and precise and accurate delivery of every needed information during the course of the interview I will receive. Thank you because I am assured of your mighty hand with me. Amen.

2. Lead me in your path and guide me in all truth that I might supply every answer in a sincere and inspired manner to meet the required demands of the interview. I pray for success in the name of Jesus Amen.

3. God, am thankful that you brought this joy opportunity my way. As I prepare for the demands of the new job in an interview, I feel your presence with me in bringing me to the right frame of mind for a job opportunity provided by you and which will be taken care of by you. I am equipped with all knowledge needed to express the right words in an answer in words and demonstration of attitude. Amen.

4. Before now you have been meeting my needs and providing for me and my family. I see the process of the job interview as a blessing and a needed facet for the next level regardless of the outcome for “all things work together for my good”. I trust that you would work in and through the job process for what you have in mind for me, therefore, I bless you for every member of the interview panel, Lord, grant them wisdom and peace all through the interview and at the end of it all, let your name be glorified. Amen.

5. I do not go into this interview alone, you are with me and am confident in your doings so am at peace and not disturbed. I receive peace over the interview knowing if the job is right nothing will stop me and also if not you will still lead my feet to get a better suited one. Through it all, am confident of what you will do and how much you care for me meeting my every pressing need. Thank you for everything in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

6. Dear Father, as I received the letter and call for the forthcoming interview, guide me in making the best of it. In making the necessary preparation, wisdom and clarity of mind are mine, even as I place my trust in you. Amen.

7. In humble adoration I come, in total awe I sing of your loving kindness towards me for allowing me to receive the call to interview. My heart is filled with peace throughout the whole process and I find grace in the eyes of everyone involved in the interview. Amen.

8. Dear Lord, before me is the challenge and the opportunity as I have been called for an interview to show forth your awesome and ever-stretching hand of mercy to all who trust in you. I receive all I need in preparation of body, soul and spirit for the interview as well as emerge as the best throughout the whole process. Amen.

9. I receive your help to the best of my ability as I attend the interview, my tongue and mind are prepared as the pen of a ready writer to answer all likely questions, help me to compose my heart in your strength and not mine. The freshness of mind in good and peaceful nights of rest for the sharpness of mind and brightness ideas you will enable me to have and also use this process to bring me more into this your purpose upon earth. Thank you for understanding and fairness that you will make the panel to show in my favour. Amen.

10. I know and believe that all things work together for good to all who love you and are called into your purpose and I see this also as one to enable me to fulfil your purpose in that direction. Thank you, Lord, for the opportunity to show forth your goodness and let people see and understand you more. Thank you, Lord, for the job interview that is a success already. I go in this confidence of answered prayer. Amen.

11. Dear Father, I am calm, cool and compose as I prepare for the interview. Nothing worries or disturbs my heart for I settle it all in prayer and hand it over to you.
My mind is clear and at peace and my confidence rests in you as I answer the questions clearly and not lack adequate answers. I clear every spirit of doubt and receive for faith in Jesus Name. Amen.

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12. Lord, You are my strength and sufficiency and always you assure my heart of your power at work in me. I confess to having little bouts of nervousness as I prepare for the interview. Grant me strength that I might be firmly anchored on you and not tossed. I receive the job as you want me to. Amen.

13. In every area of my life, you have been my sufficiency and anchor upon which I lay my troubled heart for always you have shown yourself as my God over it all. I pray you before me, go with me and be with me through the interview process. Amen.

14. I have cast my fears at your feet, lay my cares in your hand and admit you alone controls and handles it all. Take charge of the interview process and through it all let me sing of your awesome power. Thank you for the job provision. Amen.

15. Through it all, it is you, Lord, in times of want you to make provisions. You meet my needs and even live provisions for surplus. In this moment, I know it is you who has made the provision for the job interview. Take control and perfect all that has to do with the job interview process. I thank you for the outcome of the job interview and for making the job possible. Amen.

16. Dear Lord,

Thank you for your care always. Let your Spirit and nature of gentleness and hope replace every doubt in my heart and if it is your will, help me secure the job. Amen.

17. Heavenly Father,

Let your love fill my heart that I might trust in you and not allow any seed of disturbance and insecurity dwell upon my heart. Teach me wisdom that I might engage every question with the right frame of mind and let my enthusiasm shine forth. Amen.

18. My Lord and God.

I receive the ability to give my best today in the interview. Every of my insecurity makes way at the thought of your loving arms. I understand every question asked and give clear and precise answers in an inspired way. I am not nervous but rather calm as I prepare to supply every answer. Amen.

19. Dear God,

I walk into the interview filled with a good sense of appreciation of how much you have been wonderful to me. I dispel every worries and anxiety that disturb me and focus on you. I trust in your unfailing love and receive clarity of mind to do well in the interview. Amen.

20. Father God,

I open up my heart and mind for direction and inspiration. Calm all my inside fears as I can’t do this alone, am leaning heavily on you. More than ever before, strengthen my trust in you and grant me a quick mind that is able to process and give the needed response. Beyond my ability, show forth your grace that I might find favour before all who will conduct the interview. Amen.

20. To the Lord who made the heavens and the earth, He whose love has constantly been my precious and abiding treasure. I thank you for the outcome of the interview ahead and receive good news in reply. Thank you for this is all about you. Amen.

21. Lord, I come to you in prayer asking for help that every answer I give be satisfactory in the mind of the interviewer and the process of the job interview be smooth and at the end of it all may the response be that I got the needed job. Amen.

22. Knowing this is the right job for me Lord, I receive knowledge to excel and confidence beyond and overcome every hindrance that might arise. The heart and mind of every member of the interview panel are made to favour me and give good consideration in response to me. Amen.

23. My heart is filled with thoughts of failure and my shortcomings are all I see in preparation for the interview remembering me of the pains of failure. Lord, I drink from the pool of strength and all my fears are taken away as you grant me the strength to overcome my fears. Success is mine. Amen.

24. Lord, I pray for poise I do not place my trust in it, I pray for ability to gather my thoughts perfectly and express them in a pleasant manner and even that I do not place my trust in it, for beyond my intellect my prayer is that you make me the right candidate that ticks the boxes the most because I trust in you. Amen.

25. My Lord and God,
I have been out of active profitable employment for a while now and my debts are continually on the increase with heavy thoughts of hopelessness my constant companion. Help me on this interview and grant my heart success in the name of Jesus. Amen.

26. Lord God,

On this interview help me to be honest and open-minded, not to be tempted to hide facts that might appear unfavourable to me in the interview. I remain my wonderful beautiful self as I trust you would bless me with a favourable response. Amen.

27. Dear Father,

Allow your grace to be poured out on me as I go for the interview. I am blessed with calm, peace and confidence. I pray I impress everyone attached to conducting the interview and find favour with them. I receive your blessings in Jesus Name. Amen.

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28. Lord God, for the blessings lavished upon me and my family am thankful. I pray that the outcome of the interview is successful and may this be the end of the job hunt. Thank you, Lord, for the answers to the prayer received in Jesus Name. Amen.

29. Dear Lord,

Daily you load me with benefits from above and see to the provision of my daily bread in your mercy. What is best for me occupies your heart and this I know by faith for you bear me at heart. Thank you for the success of the interview and guidance as I see beyond the interview. Amen

30. Heavenly Father,
Thank you for your blessings and answering my prayers while looking to be employed. You know my family means much to me and you gave way for a job that allows me close to family. As I pray for myself so also I equally pray for everyone else going through the interview phase that we have Joy and find balance through it all. Thank you, Lord for it all. Amen.

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