2024 Daily Prayer for Work: Powerful Morning Prayers Before Work

In all we do there is always the need for us to seek out the LORD’S approval and ask that he leads the way, taking charge for beyond what we can accept or even imagine God knows and I have found the saying deeply true that “He who acknowledges the LORD in all things always get the best”…

Feel the effects of the prayers below as they allow the LORD sharpen your daily routine and transactions and remember to say it for all you care about. Share and be blessed. Amen.


Prayer for Protection

Effective Morning Prayers for Protection.

1. Dear Lord,
I look to you today, protect my heart in you as I engage the day. Away from the pestilence of the enemy and the destruction that waste at noonday I am kept in Jesus Name. AMEN.

I thank you for the mercies I enjoy every day and for continually keeping me under your shadows. I am trusting on you today to lead me out safely and bring me back at the end of the day. AMEN.

3. My heart trusts in you LORD, Keep me safe from every harm that the enemy has planned and away from the reach of the enemy’s fiery dart. My health, My Body, My Spirit, My Soul is preserved today. AMEN.

Prayer for Ideas

Powerful Morning Prayers for Ideas.

1. Dear Lord, For today, bring me to my best in executing every thought that comes to my mind and grant me the ability to translate the thoughts into ideas from which solutions will flow. AMEN.

2. Today, my mind is blessed and I enjoy grace to be at my best in remembering all that is essential for excellent ideas to flow in Jesus Name. AMEN.

3. Help me LORD to find a swift transition between conceiving thoughts and transmitting them into ideas. I receive the divine enablement to bring forth daily ideas that are relevant to bringing solutions to the problems around me in Jesus Name. AMEN.

Prayer for Peace

Morning Prayers for Peace.

1. Dear Lord,
I know that you are peace, the makeup of you is peace. When I get into your presence all am assured of is peace and today I go with your presence everywhere and in all ways that I might enjoy peace. AMEN.

2. I receive peace, the peace that flows from GOD, It is beyond explanation… It is the extension of the LORD and his ways for His way is peace and I choose to walk in it today. Amen

3. Beyond the happenings and reports around me. My heart is filled with an overwhelming ease that the LORD is keeping me under his shadows, therefore, I go out today without worries. AMEN.

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Prayer for Wisdom

Inspirational Morning Prayers for Wisdom.

1. Dear Lord,
In you is hidden treasures of wisdom, fill my heart with thoughts of you that I might be wise. I pray that you might help me to be wise to redeeming my today in all ways. AMEN.

2. The fear of the LORD is the revealing of wisdom, I receive the enablement to fear you and thereby be wise. Fill my heart with your fear so that I can get to be wise as I engage the day-to-day running always. AMEN.

3. If any man thinks he lacks wisdom, let him ask the Lord who giveth liberally and withholds not, I confess my foolhardy ways and pray that you make me wise GOD, I hid it not from you but ask that I find grace in your sight to know wisdom always. AMEN.

Prayer for Courage

Effective Morning Prayers for Courage.

1. Be strong and courageous says the Lord as a commandment. I receive and accept the enabling to be courageous, I will not be swayed by all that is happening around me because I believe in the word of God.

2. Because I have known the LORD, I have the assurance of a strong mind and I go out in that might not fretting. I receive courage over the happenings that bring fear in my daily life today and always. AMEN.

3. To Know the LORD is to have the courage and like Joshua, I receive courage to conquer my fears which prevents me from achieving my full potential. I am made to be the best, therefore, I embrace today with courage. AMEN.

Prayer for Speed

Powerful Morning Prayers for Speed.

1. My Father,

I receive speed today, I rebuke every delay in my path and forge ahead with renewed vigour to achieving the desired result required today. AMEN.

2. Dear God,

I am weary, I am weak and feeling very lazy but I need to face the day and get the desired result. Come grant speed to my body that the very duty before me might be completed at the accurate time. AMEN.

3. Heavenly Father,

Looks upon me in mercy and renew my strength, grant me provisions necessary to make me complete the project ahead of me. I receive every needed help in all forms and pray also that good-speed be said of me today as I task myself. AMEN.

Prayer for Guidance

Powerful Morning Prayers for Guidance.


Guide my feet in the desired pathway of success, help me daily that I might not fail in any way. I receive guidance for my daily routine and thank you for the mercies provided. AMEN.

2. From your pool of knowledge, help me to drink of the waters of true guidance. Cause my feet to find direction in the right path needed for today. I refuse to walk amiss but walk accurately towards fulfilling all that is required to make today a worthwhile day. AMEN.

3. To the Lord who knows the way I lift up my hands in prayers and my eyes unto for direction. Many paths might seem right today, many ways seem true but I look to thee for true guidance for any path I will walk upon that would bring reproach to your name, lead me away from them today. AMEN.

Prayer for Discernment

Morning Prayers for Discernment

Dear Lord,
1). I yield myself totally to you today, just as I begin to go about my plans for the day help me to know what is essential today at all times. I receive sensitivity in my spirit as I journey through the day. AMEN

2) Dear Father,
I thank you for your leading always, you daily teach me on every decision I need to make to grow, Help me to know more today and not be confused as I seek to be productive in my duty. AMEN

3. MY LORD, help me to maintain a clear mind, a sharp thinking ability and the quickening within me which are all an outflow of a good discerning Spirit. I stay above every situation today in the discharge of my duties. AMEN.

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Prayer of Thanks

Morning Prayers of Thanks.

1. Almighty God, am grateful for the chance to work today. I ask for the ability to locate glad tidings amidst all the labours, toils and difficulties, pleasures and breakthrough, even the rejections and sorrows that might come today, that I might be filled with Joy always. AMEN

2. Dear God,
Teach my heart to see and identify reasons for praise even when there are no reasons while the need of the world shows sadness always. Let the song of praises and thanks be on my lips that I might be appreciative of you. AMEN.

3. Lord, amidst the burden and heat of the day, let gladness fill my heart and look away from myself to offer thanks for my fellow workers as they acknowledge that you are my God. AMEN.

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