Love WhatsApp Status for Girlfriend

2024 Love WhatsApp Status for Girlfriend

The feeling of love deserves to be expressed in the most open places in the world.

WhatsApp is certainly one of those spatial spaces.

Hence, the need for a WhatsApp love status for your girlfriend.

She doesn’t have to guess if you’re proud of her and want to show her off.

Having any of these lovely captions referring to her is all the proof she needs to clear her of any doubts and also to brighten her day.

So, go right ahead and make your choice. You’d definitely come back for more.

Best WhatsApp Love Status for Her – Girlfriend

Is she the girl you are proud of and want to flaunt on WhatsApp? Don’t hesitate to use these sweet WhatsApp Love Status for Girlfriend.

1. Forever is only our beginning.

2. Turn up your volumes to hear me say how much I love her.

3. My breath is all about you. Won’t draw another without you.

4. Her smile gives the most magical feeling ever.

5. She got my heart and I got her love.

6. See whom I can’t say no to!

7. The one my heart longs for even when she’s by my side.

8. Passions are like flames, you can’t hide them. See why I show her off!

9. My future kids would look exactly like her.

10. I just want to be near you like the stars to the sky.

11. She’s got the key to my heart. And I’ve got the answer to all her problems.

12. I’m the one she calls her own.

13. I love, love only because of her.

14. Nothing in life is guaranteed to save my love for you.

15. I’ll swim the oceans for your sake, my love.

16. It’s been you ever since I met you.

17. My heart can only love you.

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18. Let the winds whisper to your ears how much I love you.

19. I love her so I show her off.

20. She makes me smile even when she wears a frown.

21. Life is good because you’re the woman of my dreams.

22. No one loves me the way you do. No one loves you the way I do.

23. Come what may, my love for you will stay true.

24. For you, I’ve renounced the world.

25. She said no only to say yes to me.

26. My heart is where your thoughts take abode.

27. The earth is no longer my habitation but your heart.

28. She has taken me to a place of peace which is a place of love.

29. She healed my heart when I never thought I needed healing. But now she has it healthy!

30. I don’t want freedom from your heart. Forever with you is all I seek for.

31. She was the woman of my dream now she is the woman of my world.

32. I love you because it is what my heart says.

33. She looks perfect to me every day.

34. Eternally jailed in her heart.

35. Love is sweet because she has got the sweetest heart ever.

36. Juliet for Romeo but you are for me.

37. She’s the reason my eyes stay awake every night just to have my heart think of her all night long.

38. I know dreams come true because I have the woman of my dreams loving me back.

39. A gift I never asked for but a treasure I’ll always appreciate.

40. She’ll live long in my heart and also on earth.

41. She says, “I love you” with the cutest smile.

42. I don’t know who else loves her but I love her even more.

43. She has my heart, my trust and my life.

44. I’ll hold on to her hand for the rest of my life.

45. I’ll deny myself anything just to give her the world.

46. She’s the first and the last to hear me say those romantic three words.

47. She means everything to me and she knows it.

48. I prove my love for her all day.

49. She’s got no worries because she’s got a knight in shining armour.

50. I’ll love her to death.

51. No one measures up to her. She rocks my world!

52. I’ll give it all up for her. She makes sense of everything.

53. Help me thank my baby, she loves me the way I want to be loved.

54. Life is full of ups and downs. But she remains my amazing high.

55. She’s my idea of beautiful.

56. She’s my love as much as she’s my friend.

57. I’ll smile because I know she loves me.

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58. I was made to love you. I know because It’s what I do best.

59. Life is for living and my heart is to love you.

60. In eternity, I’ll wait for you.

61. Just to let the whole world know that I love you!

62. The reason why I sleep a happy man.

63. Every day is brand new because of your love.

64. She’s got the gold medal of my heart.

65. Say no more. She’s the one I love.

66. Life has got meaning because of the love we both share.

67. I can’t get over the fact that she loves me.

68. She stands out because she’s outstanding!

69. She lives in the centre of my heart. Life is good with her!

70. She’s “bae” because she’s before anyone and anything else.

71. She’s the love I found in the noisiest place.

72. New kisses with her every day.

73. I’ll get to know her better for the rest of my life.

74. I love the way she ignites the spark in my eyes.

75. No one would be worthy of this love but you.

76. I found love in her bosom like I found life on earth.

77. My love was made for her. I’m so in love with this unusual soul.

78. My love can only grow if she will be the one to water it always.

79. I love how she makes me travel far and wide. Loving her has taken me to the moon and back.

80. The status of my heart always read “in love,” because of her.

81. Love is wicked to some, but with her, love is the greatest gift to me.

82. It only takes her to beckon on me and I’ll take flight. Together, we’re on the wings of love.

83. She inspires me more than life itself because her love brings me back to life.

84. I can wait till eternity just to make her mine, but I can’t last a millisecond without her thought in my head.

85. She’s my love language. I understand her better than I do anything else.

86. Loving her has honed the softness of my heart.

87. If my heart loves again, it will still be her.

88. I’m forever indebted to her for loving me this way.

89. I found grace in her eyes, I found love in her heart.

90. Everything makes sense if it’s about her.

91. I do not feel any coldness whatsoever, cause I only feel the warmth of her embrace.

92. Heaven looks so much like the shape of her heart.

93. I interpret love to mean you, my love.

94. I feel the need to show you to the world, but never to share you with another.

95. Eternity doesn’t capture our journey: it’s barely the starting point.

96. She owns me than I own my life.

97. I breath fine, because loving her is my life.

98. I live for her because she was created for me.

99. I’ll cherish the whole of her because I’m in love with the entirety of her being.

101. When she’s away everything looks gloomy including my WhatsApp status.

102. Loving you makes me, doing otherwise mars me.

103. Love found in her bosom is like paradise.

104. I have to love you for the rest of my life, otherwise, I won’t live.

105. Some things happen once in a while, but falling in love with you is every day for me.

106. My love for you has a guarantee and it’s for a lifetime.

107. I hold onto you tighter than my saving grace.

108. No matter the things you do wrong, I’ll always do you right.

109. She might have a crush, but the difference is, I’m her love.

110. I’ll beat you to it, cause my love for her is incomparable.

111. Love is always positive, for that, at all time, I’ll say yes to you.

112. She knows me better than I know myself, that’s because she sees my heart.

113. My words are few with her because she renders me speechless.

114. I’m her baby, because, I can never grow out of loving her.

115. Eye to eye, heart to heart: are what we have in common.

116. I have eternity to spend with her, yet it’s not enough.

117. She’s always right because she’s the right one for me.

118. I came for her, so I’ll live for her alone.

119. Her laughter is my trigger.

120. I’m espoused to her love and estranged from loneliness.

121. She’s worth my everything, the reason I made her my everything.

122. At first sight, I knew she was the one. A last look at her would be at the end of the world.

123. I love her for every reason that I can’t give.

124. She abated my loneliness and birthed my happiness.

125. If it isn’t her, then it’s no one else for me.

126. My heart recognises her because we met first in heaven.

127. Breakfast with her means staring into her eyes till dust.

128. I’m so familiar with her gaze, yet, I’m never tired of it.

129. My heart knows love because of her.

130. She leads me onto an eternal love.

131. Nothing makes a sound louder than her love for me.

132. Heaven is yet to be as beautiful as her heart.

133. The stars in the sky took after her brightness.

134. I’ll think of you even when the moon is gone and the sky is empty.

135. Loving her is what is indescribable.

136. She makes my heart long for no one else.

137. I see her and I am complete.

138. She’s the reason I can make promises and fulfil them no matter what.

139. I’m lost with words, reason being, I’m lost in her.

140. She’s my fulfilment.

141. I’m in love with her sense of humour, just as much as, I’m in love with her being.

142. I’ll be her ransom.

143. My heart will be in disarray without her touch.

144. She’s my pyramid. We stand at the top together.

145. With her, I can go from the bottom to the apex.

146. Every step with her leads in the right direction.

147. She’s my love character.

148. I love seeing myself together with her.

149. We’ll go far together.

150. We’ll last forever, as long as it’s just you and I.

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