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2021 Funny and Inspiring Monday Memes

Being the first working day of the week, Monday should be exciting, fun and the most productive day of the week because one should clearly have been well rested and refired for the new week.

On the contrary, many people have ‘Mondayphobia’ which is not good for them.

Monday is not such a bad day and can be a lot more fun.

One way to look at it from the right side is to meme and I have written here meme to help you enjoy your Monday.

Send to friends, loved ones, colleagues and even employees for a fun-filled and productive Monday.


Happy Monday Memes

Trending funny and inspiring monday memes. Start the week with these happy monday memes.

1. When the weekend should never have ended but it did. Monday!

Monday Meme Never Have Ended

2. Monday is work, Monday is ‘fantastic’

Monday Meme is Fantastic

3. There better be no long weekends if they result to Mondays

Monday Meme Result to Mondays



4. When you know that Monday is the ‘king’ day of the week and you give it its due.

Monday Meme is the King

5. When you don’t feel like doing any stuff but you have to. Welcome to Monday.

Monday Meme Welcome to Monday

6. You know your week depends on what you do today right? Happy Monday.

Monday Meme Happy Monday

7. The weekend was supposed to be enough motivation but it is Monday so I decided to motivate you.

Monday Meme Decided to Motivate You



8. It’s Monday, a good day to do great things.

Monday Meme Do Great Things

9. Controlling my Monday like…

Monday Meme Controlling My Monday

10. This is Monday, a place to reside. Forget the weekend, it is only a reference.

Monday Meme It is Only Reference

Monday Motivation Memes

Check out these Monday Motivation Memes.

11. Be the boss today or let Monday boss it over you. It is your choice.

Monday Meme It is Your Choice

12. When you feel great, you make other people’s Monday great.

Monday Meme You Feel Great

13. When Monday is sweet but you know you are sweeter.

Monday Meme You Are Sweeter



14. When you whine about Monday and Monday whines you.

Monday Meme Monday Whines You

15. When you realize that your Monday determines your week and you determine to make it work.

Monday Meme Determine to Make it Work

16. When you had a well rested weekend, you know its gonna be a super Monday.

Monday Meme Super Monday

17. When you cherish your Monday as much as you cherish your Friday.

Monday Meme Cherish Your Friday


Trending Today


18. When you believe that you can fly, know it is Monday morning.

Monday Meme When You Believe

19. When it is Monday and it is a good day to make things work.

Monday Meme Make Things Work

20. When you are your own man/woman crush Monday, this is how you look.

Monday Meme This is How You Look



Monday Positive Memes

Top Monday Positive Memes.

21. Monday is positive. Positive vibes only.

Monday Meme Monday is Positive

22. When there is no negativity about Monday.

Monday Meme No Negativity About Monday

23. When you don’t want to be Monday-ready but you have to.

Monday Meme But You Have to

24. When you are suffering from weekend blues at work, just remember that it is Monday.

Monday Meme Suffering from Weekend Blues



25. Then you read/see a Monday meme.

Monday Meme Read or See a Monday Meme

26. When I wake up on a Monday morning.

Monday Meme When I Wake Up

27. Just another beautiful Monday.

Monday Meme Just Another Beautiful Monday

28. When Monday is a reminder that you survived the weekend fun.

Monday Meme Survive the Weekend Fun

29. On my way to work on a Monday morning is like Hell.

Monday Meme Raining and Cold

30. When it is raining and cold on a Monday morning.

Monday Meme Hits You Sooner



Its Monday Memes

Best of all Its Monday Memes.

31. When Monday hits you sooner than you think it should.

Monday Meme Think it Should Be

32. The best day is the day when you give your best-Monday.

Monday Meme The Best Day

33. When Monday is there to start your week just so you can have a weekend.

Monday Meme When Monday is There

34. Hey Monday, you killed my weekend so I could have you.

Monday Meme You Killed My Weekend



35. Killing my Monday like.

Monday Meme Like No Other Day

36. When you find a reason to enjoy your Monday and you begin to like it.

Monday Meme You Find a Reason

37. When you wake up on a Monday morning thinking you are still in the weekend and all you can say is goodbye weekend.

Monday Meme All You Can Say Is Goodbye

38. When you wake up wondering if you really need a job in your life, know it is Monday.

Monday Meme Really Need a Job

39. Kiss me Monday, the weekend is gone.

Monday Meme Weekend Is Gone

40. I like every day but I don’t like you Monday, I love you.

Monday Meme I Like Everyday


Monday Work Memes

Trending Monday Work Memes.

41. When it is Monday morning and you are not quite sure what you want from life.

Monday Meme What from Life

42. Show me your Friday’s face and I will show you my Monday’s face.

Monday Meme My Monday's Face

43. Monday is all about giving; it is the only way to receive, so is life.

Monday Meme All About Giving

44. When the first day after the weekend is hardest, you know it is Monday.

Monday Meme Weekend is Hardest



45. When you found reasons to like Monday and it becomes your favourite day of day week.

Monday Meme Favourite Day of the Week

46. I found a reason to like Monday, now I have many more reasons why I do.

Monday Meme I Found a Reason

47. When Monday hates you as much as you hate it.

Monday Meme When Monday Hates You

48. When an ugly Monday is an indication of a beautiful weekend.

Monday Meme When An Ugly Monday

49. When it is Monday but you don’t feel like working.

Monday Meme You Don't Feel Like Working

50. When your body is telling you no work but your pocket is telling you, yes to work, just know it is Monday morning.

Monday Meme Pocket is Telling You



Monday Morning Memes

Start the day with these Monday Morning Memes.

51. When Monday doesn’t feel good but its good for your body.

Monday Meme Good for Your Body

52. When your Monday starts earlier than expected.

Monday Meme Earlier Than Expected

53. Me when I wake up in the morning and I’m glad it is a beautiful day versus when I realize it is Monday.

Monday Meme Realized It is Monday



54. Happiness is waking up to a bright Monday morning.

Monday Meme Bright Monday Morning

55. When you wake up in the morning and all you can wonder about is where did the weekend go? Happy Monday.

Monday Meme Wonder About

56. When you left your brain with the weekend and came into Monday.

Monday Meme When You Left Your Brain

57. May your Monday be short and interesting.

Monday Meme Short and Interesting


Trending Today


58. When you wake up on a Monday morning but you weren’t ready.

Monday Meme You Weren't Ready

59. Can I have my Monday without having to get out of bed?

Monday Meme Get Out of Bed

60. When you are already tired of Monday and it is still morning.

Monday Meme Tired of Monday


Funny Monday Memes

Check out these Funny Monday Memes.

61. I love Mondays but I just need more weekend.

Monday Meme I Love Monday

62. When life gives you Mondays, take it and make it a Friday.

Monday Meme Make it Friday

63. When it is Monday and you need to be awesome but your bed won’t let you be.

Monday Meme You Bed Won't Let You Be



65. When Monday seems longer than other days of the weekend.

Monday Meme Seems Longer

66. When Monday is too short for all the awesomeness that comes with it.

Monday Meme Too Short

67. I love Mondays and Mondays love me.

Monday Meme Mondays Loves Me

68. When it is Monday and you’ll rather remain in bed.

Monday Meme Rather Remain in Bed

70. When Monday is a day to understand that failure is part of success.

Monday Meme Part of Success


Hilarious Monday Memes

Hilarious Monday Memes: note that 1- 70 are also hilarious.

71. When you know it is Monday but you decided to have a good day anyway.

Monday Meme Good Day Anyway

73. When you know that Monday is an awesome day and you also know that you are awesome.

Monday Meme You Are Awesome

74. Monday-a day we fear most and also the day we need most.

Monday Meme We Need Most


75. When Monday is the other end of the weekend.

Monday Meme the Other End of the Weekend

76. When it is Monday, even the craziest meme refuses to ‘meme’ us.

Monday Meme Refuses to Meme Us

77. When your colleague smiles at you on a Monday morning.

Monday Meme Colleagues Smile

78. When you smile back at them.

Monday Meme with It's Trouble

79. When I have a task and all I can do is kmt (kiss my teeth). #Monday.


80. When you are just being lazy about work, just know its Monday.

Monday Meme Being Lazy


Funny Memes About Monday

Funny Memes About Monday. Note that 1 – 80 are also funny.

81. When Monday morning and getting to work are realizations that you didn’t die in your sleep.

Monday Meme Didn't Die

82. When you flip out at everyone at work, just know it is Monday.

Monday Meme Flip Out

83. When it is the first time that you go to work late in the week and it is also the first day of the week.

Monday Meme First Day of The Week

84. When you feel so good about Monday and you have to go out and spread the good vibes.

Monday Meme Good Vibes



85. When you have a Monday deadline, it is Monday already and you are less than halfway gone.


86. When Monday turns out to what you make of it.

Monday Meme Turn Out

87. When you don’t feel too good about Monday but you choose to stay positive.

Monday Meme Stay Positive

88. When you wake up on a Monday morning and remember all the goodness that comes with Monday.

Monday Meme Goodness Comes

89. When you go to bed on a weekend and wake up on a weekday.

Monday Meme Wake Up on a Weekday

90. When you are just like Monday: ready to be explored.

Monday Meme Ready to Be Explored



91. When more Monday meets you in the middle of the river ready to drown you.

Monday Meme Ready to Drown You

92. When you realize afresh Monday is for a fresh start not for giving up.

Monday Meme Giving Up

93. When you are awakened to be more than you can ever think, its Monday.

Monday Meme When You Are Awakened

94. When you resume work after the weekend and find it hard to get along with work, then you remember that it is Monday.

Monday Meme Hard to Get Along



95. Hello! I’m Monday and beautiful as can be. Be like me, be beautiful.

Monday Meme Be Like Me

96. Going to bed on Sunday night like… Tomorrow is Monday o!

Monday Meme Tomorrow

97. When Monday loves you as much as you love it.

Monday Meme As You Love It

98. My face when I wake up on Monday and my face when I wake on Saturday.

Monday Meme Wake on Saturday

99. When Monday turns out better than you expected.

Monday Meme Better Than You Expected

100. Hello Monday, please be nice to me.

Monday Meme Please Be Nice to Me



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