Wednesday Morning Blessings for Someone Special

2024 Wednesday Morning Blessings for Someone Special

Starting off a working week can be off-putting at times. Other times, the guts to keep on pushing in the middle of the week might just drop to zero will.

So, the awesome idea of sending a super duper lovely Wednesday morning blessings to your friends, lovers and loved ones through texts can be exactly what they need to get on their feet with vigour.

Now, give your beloved, reasons to be happy this Wednesday morning with any of these lovely inspirational messages. You’ll be glad and, they’ll be glad, you did.

Blessed Wednesday Morning Prayer Quotes

Best Wednesday morning prayers, Wednesday morning wishes, Wednesday morning blessings and Wednesday morning quotes for him or her.

1. I hope you find bliss on this day but before taking a leap towards today’s activities, wear a smile on your pretty face. Have a lovely Wednesday morning, my love.

2. My prayers of joy and peace are with you on this lovely Wednesday morning.

3. Do not fret yourself over the previous day’s pain and disappointment, simply enjoy this lovely Wednesday morning, my dear friend.

4. Take a step of faith and you’ll have the life you’ve ever dreamed of. Have a blissful Wednesday morning, my darling.

5. Count it all joy when you face the trials of life for it is a sign of great victory. Have a lovely Wednesday morning, sweetheart.

6. No matter what you’re going through, today is an opportunity to enjoy life once again. It’s a beautiful Wednesday morning, my friend.

7. As colourful and hopeful as the rainbow, your Wednesday morning will be, my love.

8. Be strong and do not be discouraged, slowly but surely, you’ll wear your crown of victory. Have a sweet Wednesday morning, my darling.

9. With peace will you draw water from the well of prosperity. Enjoy your Wednesday morning, my dear.

10. Your efforts shall yield great harvest on a lovely Wednesday morning such as this one, best believe it, my darling.

11. Say to yourself, I can do it because I’m strong, I’m grateful, and I am a victor. A pleasant Wednesday morning to you, my darling.

12. Do not pay any attention to naysayers, your victory is near, my darling. A blissful Wednesday morning to you, sweetheart.

13. Just like the stars, may you shine even in darkness. Have a spectacular Wednesday morning, sweetness.

14. Work as hard as you can, success is truly your inheritance. Enjoy this Wednesday morning, dear sweet friend.

15. It doesn’t matter how many the dangers of today may be, you’ll never be a victim. Have a lovely Wednesday morning, my dearest sister.

16. May prosperity and love be your companion on this day, my darling. Enjoy this Wednesday morning.

17. And, as the sun, may you be the light of the day. Have a good Wednesday morning, my love.

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18. You’ll soar higher than the most gifted eagle. Do have a sweet Wednesday morning, my sweet brother.

19. Be courageous, I have you covered in my prayers this morning. Enjoy your Wednesday morning, my darling.

20. Do not be lost in the misery of yesterday, today is a new dawn of joy and love. Have a pleasant Wednesday morning, sweety.

21. As many as the stars in the sky at night, your blessings will be. Enjoy the beauty of this Wednesday morning, my darling.

22. May you tell a personal story of grace at the eventide of today. Have a fun filled Wednesday morning, my love.

23. Your storehouse shall not be a host to the parasitic pest of loss. Do enjoy your Wednesday morning, sweety.

24. Your cup shall overflow with gladness and thanksgiving. Enjoy this lovely Wednesday morning, sweet friend.

25. No matter what your goals may be for the day, may you sing the song of success at the end. Have a pleasant Wednesday morning, my darling.

26. May your lips be coloured with love and, may your headwear your crown of victory. Have a graceful Wednesday morning, my lovely.

27. Heavens have blessed you with a smile, do not forget to wear it on today. Have a pleasant Wednesday morning, sweetness.

28. May your feet grace through the hall of success on this lovely Wednesday morning, my darling.

29. The kindness of your heart and the generosity of your hands shall yield you a greater measure of favour on this special Wednesday morning, my love.

30. The undeserving blessings of God shall be your portion on this beautiful Wednesday morning, my love.

31. I pray you have the courage to face your trials and the patience to enjoy the proceeds of your victory. Have a goodly Wednesday morning, sweetheart.

32. Just like the oceans, you’ll go forward ever and backwards never. Be high spirited, it’s a lovely Wednesday morning, dear friend.

33. Take a look at the sun and draw inspiration from it. Happy Wednesday morning to you, my love.

34. Your efforts will not go to waste if only you persist in your good doing. Beautiful morning to you, my darling.

35. Enjoy the beauty of nature, it’s free to all of mankind who have chosen to be hopeful. A lovely Wednesday morning, sweety.

36. Far beyond the mind can dream, you’ll grow bigger than your dreams. A pleasant Wednesday morning to you, my dear friend.

37. May you reap from the labour of your hands, dear mother. Have a divine Wednesday morning, my sweet mum.

38. For this beautiful Wednesday and every other Wednesdays ahead of you, your head shall be lifted up in glory. Do enjoy this Wednesday morning, sweet friend.

39. Do not stop believing and do not stop working until you see all your dreams come true. A good Wednesday morning to you, dream mate.

40. Joy like a river, peace like an ocean, wealth like Solomon’s and love like Romeo’s you shall find on this special Wednesday morning, my sweet friend.

41. I light up the candle of favour, elevation, prosperity and longevity on your behalf. Do enjoy this lovely Wednesday morning, my darling.

42. There are so many promises of the Father waiting to come true if you stay strong and believe. A good Wednesday morning to you, dear friend.

43. May your days be long and full of joy, may your harvest be plenteous enough to feed your neighbours; my heart cries for you on this lovely Wednesday morning, my sweet friend.

44. Love changes the most miserable heart to the most joyful of them all in the morning. So, I do hope you find it on this lovely Wednesday morning.

45. Shut your ears against the world and listen to what your inner man of possibilities tells you. Enjoy this lovely Wednesday morning, my love.

46. You shall be like a tree planted by the riverside bringing forth its fruits in its own season for delay nor denial ain’t your inheritance. Enjoy this Wednesday morning, my love.

47. Don’t worry about tomorrow is made already. Have a very pleasant Wednesday morning, Superman.

48. Life is worth living if you find joy in the simplest things in life. Have a good morning, my lovely Dad.

49. An overflow of blessing is your portion, for this, I know and believe. A good Wednesday morning to you, sis.

50. Your future is bright and clear, see it shining right in front of you. Have a pleasant Wednesday morning, my darling.

51. A Wednesday morning as this can only be full of blessings. You’re about to be a household of God’s goodness.

52. I pray for your perfection today. I only know the day Wednesday to be of good tidings. May only the best come your way this Wednesday morning.

53. On this Wednesday morning, I pray you dazzle so bright till an angel singles you out for a phenomenal blessing.

54. May you encounter a cosmic blessing this Wednesday morning.

55. On this Wednesday morning. Be rest assured, that your endeavours shall be made stellar, with great rewards as the icing on the cake.

56. My love, I woke up this Wednesday morning with the desire to inspire you. Let your heart dream farther than your eyes can see, because I see you reaching for your goals.

57. May the dividends of your hard work startle everyone this Wednesday morning. You will be a surprise to many.

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58. This prayer may not be crafted with sterling or majestic words. But this much I know, it is spoken from my heart, therefore, it shall materialize. On this Wednesday morning, you shall beat the expectations of many and come out as the best there is.

59. Take a long break from anxiety. Bid your fears farewell, your success is breaking through like a chick in an eggshell. It’s a new dawn for you on this Wednesday morning, my love.

60. If the stars could appear even in the night, know this for sure. You will be the beauty of your trials. This much I pray on this Wednesday morning on your behalf.

61. I do not know when last you experienced the stellar feeling of success. But one thing I know this Wednesday morning is that it’s another time for you to be the centre of a beautiful attention.

62. You may not have it all. You may not be the best. You may not even be qualified. Well, success is beckoning on you. Your hard work will speak for you this Wednesday morning.

63. The sun is so far away from the earth, yet its light travels so fast. Needless to say, wherever you may be, your light will be seen at the end of the earth. This I pray on this Wednesday morning.

64. The birds know not how to worry about what to eat. I’m cognizant of this, the more you rest in his love, the more your needs will be met this Wednesday morning, dear friend.

65. I can see the sun shining so bright this Wednesday morning. I can see you illuminating others with your light. Your success will be so blinding this Wednesday morning, dear Sis.

66. Sis, let your steps be audacious this Wednesday morning. The prize for your sleepless night is just around the corner. Can I get an Amen?

67. Put on your debonair character this Wednesday morning, because you’re about to be celebrated, my love.

68. A success scent swirls around you. I believe you will see the goodness of God on this Wednesday morning.

69. May this beautiful Wednesday morning smile at you. Bringing unto you everything you ever wished for, my love.

70. May the devil does not look your way and if he does, may he be emasculated. Angels are coming to your aid, bringing in your miracle, just in the manner, you will be blown away.

71. If this Wednesday morning wasn’t intending to bless you, everywhere wouldn’t look this bright, I’m sure.

72. Your whole life will be brightened with a wonderful reward of many years of hard work this Wednesday morning.

73. Your heart cry has gone all the way to your benefactor. See your immense blessings coming forth this Wednesday morning.

74. On this Wednesday morning, hearty laughter will fill up your face and a true miracle will take away the pain of yesterday.

75. I don’t know what it is, but one thing I know for sure, this Wednesday morning is about to favour you.

76. My love, every Wednesday morning reminds me of such a blessing that you are to me. May life bring you blessings in many folds, this Wednesday morning.

77. I count my blessings because you’re a light with joy in my life. My only prayer is to see pure joy radiating around you whenever I behold you. It’s a good Wednesday morning.

78. Mount Everest isn’t near the height of your success. So dream big and work towards your dreams, this Wednesday morning, bro.

79. You may not know, but whatever you touch today will be blessed for your sake, this Wednesday morning.

80. When I look into your eyes, it leaves little to my imagination of your success. Your victory is so sure. This, I want you to know this Wednesday morning.

81. You may not have it all, but your success is not a challenge, it is well guaranteed. Take this with you, this Wednesday morning.

82. The angels are on their best duty today because it’s a must, they visit your challenges and give you untold victories.

83. Life may not be fair, but this Wednesday morning will treat you finer than the best King.

84. Prayer can change everything. I prayed for you this morning and I believe, your life is about to take a better turn this Wednesday morning.

85. Do not struggle to ask the world to believe in you. Your success will speak for you sooner than later. I want you to know that, this Wednesday morning.

86. No matter the economic challenges, the favour upon your life will supercede it. That’s my prayer for you, this Wednesday morning.

87. This Wednesday morning, find your hope and strength in the future. I strongly believe, it has better plans for you.

88. No matter their gathering against you, they will be brought to their feet, this Wednesday morning.

89. My prayers are always answered on Wednesday morning. You were part of my good prayers. Expect to see a great turn around.

90. I pray you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Do not languish in despair. I believe this Wednesday morning will be full of hope.

91. Knowing you’re awake is an omen that my prayer was never left unanswered. With that, I know my prayer for your victory has also been answered, this Wednesday morning.

92. No matter how many times you have fallen, you’re rising to fall no more, this Wednesday morning.

93. Whatever has been stolen from you will be given back to you in dimensional ways. Wednesday mornings are for dimensional blessings.

94. Wednesday morning makes me pray more for you than the desire to see your face.

95. All things are working for your good. This Wednesday morning is the day the Lord has made for your goodness.

96. No matter how scarce the earthly treasures may be, it will be dug out for your sake, this Wednesday morning.

97. I woke with a burning excitement. It’s burning out of the fact that, my good prayers over you have been answered this Wednesday morning.

98. Lying tongue against you can’t prevail over a praying tongue for you. Be rest assured that victory is yours, this Wednesday morning.

99. I can’t help but be thankful for who you are. This Wednesday morning is all about gratitude for the kind of life given to you.

100. What is left for you, this Wednesday morning is honour and glory? Your garment of praise is ready, my love.

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