2023 Thanks God for all the Blessings in My Life Quotes

We all have reasons to be grateful to God for every single thing he has done in our lives, we cannot deny that in many ways blessings are from God. Look around your personal life and you will find lots of reasons to rejoice and lift up your hands in adoration to God for all he has done and that which he is set to do. Just give him the praise, let everything that has breath give him praise. Just give him praise.


Appreciating God for all the Blessings in My Life

Thanks to God apprciation messages to post for all the blessings of my life.

1. Thank God I have an eye, and as I ponder on beauty all around me with my heart full of appreciation for the many wonders of nature I say Thank you Lord.

2. I am as bad as the worst, but, thank God, I am as good as the best.

3. Thank you, dear God, for this good life and forgive me if I do not love it enough. Thank you for the rain of blessings.

4. Thank you God for everything in my life.

5. It’s really nice to wake up in the morning realizing that God has given me another day to live.

6. Thank you, dear God, for this good life, and forgive me if I do not love it enough.

7. Thank you God for giving me the strength to keep going.

8. I have always understood from my early days that all my success comes from you. But little did I know that you are set to prove yourself in my career just to make people know that I serve a living God. Thank you for being my God.

9. I am grateful that I have you on my side. You are God from the beginning to the end. And you’ve got it all figured out.

10. I always tell people that I am nothing without you. Everything that I am is you. Thank you for your faithfulness and your blessings that I see every day.

11. You are indeed mighty. I didn’t even think it could still happen but you proved to them that you are the God of “Eleventh hour”.

12. Despite my inadequacies, you still wrap me in your arms. I am blessed and favoured. Thank you for your unending kindness.

13. When men thought I was unworthy, you lifted me up and counted me worthy. I experience unmerited favour. Even when there were other better than me, your glory manifested and I was chosen among the multitude. Thank you, Father.

14. I love you, LORD. I know you loved me first, even from the womb. Your plans for me have been blessings in all my endeavours. Thank you, Heavenly Father.

15. I’m lifting my voice in adoration to the heavens for the awesome wonder my God has performed once again in my life. You are indeed the all-sufficient God.

16. Thank you for giving me strength to overcome adversity, to do what’s right for the benefit of the greater good, to rise above negativity.

17. Thank you God for every second on this earth, of which I will never receive back. Please teach me to steward this life that You have given to me.

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18. Even when I’m not deserving or worthy, your grace singled me out of multitude to receive such abundant blessings. I am here to say “thank you” for the rest of my days.

19. When things get tough or hard, that’s when I praise you more. Because I know things will soon fall into pleasant places for me. Thank you, God, for never putting me to shame.

20. If you’ve ever wondered why I’m always glowing, the reason is my God. He has always been faithful to me. His kind of love leaves me awed and humbled. His praise will forever be in my mouth.

21. The extent of God’s love and faithfulness leaves me awed. I’m so grateful to be a recipient of His grace. I’m God’s, own baby!

22. God has been there for me ever since I took my first breath all up till now. I want to take this period to just say “Thank you, Jesus”. I’ll be forever grateful.

23. The blessings of God just keeps overflowing in my life. I’m not typing this to brag, but to give thanks for the unending grace. He has always and will always be faithful.

24. They say the best time to praise God is when it seems like things are going wrong. So I’m hanging on His promises and praise Him for His blessings in advance.

25. My ever faithful God has done it again! I’m in a state of joyful shock. Thank you for being God. There’s no way could have done this.

26. It’s been you, Jesus. I’m going to take time to acknowledge you for all your blessings over me and my family. You alone are God!

27. Have you ever felt as if God is paying you special attention? You pray and just like that you receive your answers. Even when you don’t pray, blessings come from every corner? Just take some minutes to thank God. He is really faithful.

28. All through my ups and down, you were there for me. Even when no one else was. You loved me unconditionally. I’m grateful for your blessings and humbled by your love.

29. Every morning I see a new dawn, a count my blessings and lift my voice to say ” thank you, Abba Father”. You’ve done it again.

30. From now until my last breath, I’m going to dedicate my days to praise you for your blessings.

31. I wish I could speak over a hundred languages. All I’m going to say is “thank you”. You are the ever faithful God.

32. When I thought it was all over, you surprised me at the last minute and proved to the world that you are a God that never disappoints. Thank you for your ending blessings.

33. God, my provider. Thank you for your provision. You take care of me and mine. I will forever give you all the glory.

34. I know that all I have is from you. You are God, my Sustainer. All my victories are the results of the battles you fought for me. All my wealth is as a result of your blessings.

35. I always feel like I can thank you enough. Because while I’m thanking you, for one thing, you surprise me again with another. Father, you are indeed a good God.

36. He has been my father and my mother. He has never for once put me to shame. He has once again blessed me beyond my comprehension. All I can give you is my praise.

37. I wonder how he does it! One minute I’m praising and in another minute, I’m receiving blessings. It’s as if he’s always busy working out something for me. Thank you, my father.

38. My joy has no bounds. The blessings of God is just radiating over my life. See me glowing all over. I return all the glory to you, my God. It’s been you all the way.

39. My Thanksgiving belongs to you. For the showers of blessings that have been raining over me and my family. I’ll never be ungrateful to you.

40. I wish I could sing in a thousand tongues. I wish every hair on head were tongues. Even all these is not enough to sing your praises. Mighty God has done again.

41. Please, join me in praising my father. The God that never fails. He has blessed me with another miracle. Praise the Lord.

42. I have joy like a river. If I start explaining, I’m sure I’ll run out of words. This God has left me speechless. The kind of blessings that makes you want to roll on the floor and give a cry of joy.

43. Dear God, thank you for my life on this earth, however challenging or not.

44. Thank you for giving me free will to love and be loved, to make my own decisions, to learn from my mistakes, to laugh when I am happy, to cry when I am sad.

45. Thank you for my family, my friends, my colleagues, and for every other living creature I meet along my journey.

46. Thank you for giving me strength to overcome adversity, to do what’s right for the benefit of the greater good, to rise above negativity.

47. Thank you for giving me hope for an end to world suffering, pain, and war, for a beginning of a world filled with light and everlasting love.

48. When you have abundance of peace, joy like a river, love from all corners, provisions for your daily needs, it is then that you are indeed blessed. For these you have and are still doing, Lord, I thank you.

49. Not only am I alive, I am a recipient of God’s ever flowing blessings. All I have needed your hands have provided.

50. I lift my voice to give you all the glory. Only you could have done this. I exhort you mighty God for blessing me.

51. Every day I experience God’s mercies and favour. He has chosen to once again bless me with another miracle. Many testimonies continue to abound in my life.

52. The best thing about God is that unlike any man, He is faithful. I poured out my heart to Him in prayer and he answered with bountiful results.

53. To say that I am happy is an understatement. I am indeed grateful to God for showing up again when I thought all hope was lost. He surprised me and blessed me.

54. Not only did he call me out of darkness into His marvellous light, he has made me a blessed and truly favoured person amongst my peers. I have a testimony. 55. When I think about your goodness and your faithfulness, I am convinced that it is through your mercy that I have not been consumed. Instead, I am experiencing favour in every corner and in different dimensions.

56. The days just keep getting better. I have never experienced a better yesterday. Every day for a new blessing. My God has made me “the favoured one”.

57. I am being congratulated for my success when the truth is told, it was all possible through Jesus. If it had not been for Him, I would never have made it this far. I return all the glory to Him.

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58. Amidst the trials and temptations, the Lord brought me out miraculously and has made a triumphant. I am victorious through the blood of the Lamb. I will sing and dance to the God who has done what no man can do.

59. Whatever you’re doing right now, could you spare me a minute and quickly help me praise The Lord who has blessed me richly and I cannot tell it all. All I want to do is to sing praises to Him forevermore.

60. Have you ever felt like all hope is lost? Like failure is already inevitable? As if God has forsaken you and decided not to answer your prayers? I understand. I have been there too. But the Lord that brought me out and made me a testimony, will bring you out too. Just keep on praising in advance.

61. I feel refreshed and happy. Everything that the Lord has created is a blessing. I thank God for surrounding me with the beauty of nature. I feel blessed.

62. I bless God because I know that the challenges are just for a while. Joy will come in the morning. They are all a constituent of my glory. I am a blessing.

63. I can feel the blessings of God around me. Enveloping me. Glowing through me. I experience blessings and favour everywhere I step my feet. I thank you, Lord.

64. This God is too much! Who am I that He’s so mindful of me. I feel loved and blessed in His arms. He has done it again!

65. When I see people testifying of God’s faithfulness, I tap into it and share in their joy with hope that mine will come soon. And has come finally! My God is the unfailing father.

66. For Every situation I have to give thanks, I do like it is my last. This is because I understand the blessings attached to praising God. And indeed I have been blessed.

67. He has promised to bear my burdens for me and so I laid them at His feet. Not only did he deliver me, He raised me above my problems and blessed me as a solution. Praise the Lord!

68. He coats me every day with a new garment of praise. He has always given me a reason to sing new songs of joy. I will forever be grateful o the King of kings.

69. The lover of soul. The never-failing or disappointing father. Indeed you are God alone. Thank you for all your blessings.

70. I want to bless God for the gift of provision. Not only has he provided for me, He has made me a provider to other people. Thank you for blessing me to bless others.

71. Everywhere I look, I see you. I experience you in new dimensions every day. You keep surprising me every day with blessings beyond my comprehension. No man could ever do this.

72. Nothing compares to the joyous feeling of a miracle. I know I’m blessed but I never cease to amaze at how blessed I am. Words cannot thank you enough.

73. He called me out the darkness into His marvellous light. He has crowned me with glory. He has blessed me and now I am a blessing to my generation.

74. It is not until you have before you become grateful. Be thankful anyway through it all.

75. If with the little you have you are not grateful, how will you be grateful with the much?76. You will find happiness in giving thanks to God at all times.

77. True happiness is to enjoy the present, appreciate the past and be thankful for the future.

78. Without much dependence on your strength for the future, give thanks to God!

79. We shouldn’t amuse ourselves with false hopes or depressing fears, but through it all, we should give thanks to God who has kept us living.

80. You need to be at rest with your self and be in a thankful mood with God.

81. The little we have which seems less sufficient is the much that some needs to keep going. Thank God for that little.

82. Our greatest blessings are within us and until we give God thanks for this blessing it will always seem like nothing to us.

83. The greatest blessings of life are within us and within our reach. Let us thank God for this re-reward.

84. Whatever it may be, do not only say “it is well” but be thankful to God for all.

85. Before you wish for what you don’t have, thank God for making it a reality.

86. A true sense of comfort I have known is in giving thanks to God always.

87. More blessings will make you happy, but a thankful heart will keep you at peace.

88. I sense blessedness and it comes from a change of heart that comes from a thankful spirit.

89. I want to stop today just to say “thank you God for all time!”

90. Our work is a means to glorify God. Don’t get caught in the tides and forget that crucial part of life. Give him the praise.

91. If the world always makes you sad, thank God for the beauty all around you, but through it all, never settle for the sadness.

92. For what you’re going to get, be thankful to God! Don’t wait till you get it before you appreciate Him.

93. A child of God cannot lack anything good. I keyed into this with faith. And the Lord has been blessing me beyond comprehension. I will be forever grateful.

94. I lifted my eyes onto the hills and cried unto God, the only help I have. He answered. And now I’m flourishing in His blessings. My God answers prayers!

95. Even when it got too hard, I called upon the Lord in my time of distress and lifted my head above my problems. He upgraded my life to the mountains and set me on a hill. I return all the glory to the eternal father.

96. I didn’t even know I was under-performing until God took me out of my valley and opened my eyes to the blessings of the mountains. I am now a child of testimony. Praise the Lord!

97. The Lord has blessed me. The devil cannot stress me. I’m surrounded by light. Everywhere I go I spread the light of blessings. Thank you, Jesus!

98. I was not even expecting. Little did I know that He had a wonderful surprise in the works for me. Things are turning around for me in pleasant places. And I know He’s just getting started.

99. Everything about me screams blessing. I am a product of blessings. I radiate blessings. And I owe it all to the mighty God. Thank you for all this.

100. A lot of people ask me how do I do it. I just tell them that it’s been, God. He has been my help. All my blessings are from Him.

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