2023 Best Thank You God for Everything Prayers

The Psalmist says, give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good and his mercy endure forever. For he is the God of gods and the Lord of lords. In our daily endeavours, we exchange something for a thing like money for goods and services and many other things.

So also we have the most important thing in life which is the gift of life given to us every day by God free of charge. What do you think it will be if God should charge us for the air we breathe and the water we drink daily?

God is all-sufficient, doesn’t need our money nor our wisdom and knowledge because he is all-knowing God. But there is something he requires of us and that is thanking and praising him, for all his mercies and grace upon us.

Here are thank you God prayers which you can offer a token we can give in exchange for all he has done, for all he’s doing and for all he will do.

Prayers of Thanksgiving to God

Best prayers of appreciation to God. Prayers of thanksgiving to God. Prayers of gratitude to God.

1. My maker, my King, my God, ancient of days, the I am that I am, I thank and glorify your holy name for your unending love and care towards me and my family. Help me to continually praise you and let my mouth sing fort your glory all the days of my life.

2. You are my trust and confidence and I will always lift you high because you are my rock of ages and you’ve never let me down. King of kings I bless your holy name for the marvellous things you did upon my financial life. Baba, I say, thank you.

3. My God and my King I say thank you, Lord. For you lifted me and place me on the high among my colleagues and even upon my business I say thank you for no one can do this except for you and you alone because you are a faithful father. Daddy accepts my praises and offering as no amount of money can be enough to thank you.

4. You are God and no one will ever be like you because you’ve proved yourself as God over my lifetimes without number and all I want to say is thank you for the assurance of divine protection over my life and that of my family. Thank you, Lord.

5. Sweet Jesus, my pillar an confidence all praise, honour and adoration I returned unto your holy name for supernaturally restoring the glory and colour the devil as taken away from life and for putting the enemies to shame in my life and that of my family. I worship you the Lord of lords.

6. Miracle worker, promise keeper and light in the darkness, that is who you are for you’ve lighted up my life and deposited into my life and that of my family great and wonderful blessings and make the plan of enemies of no effect in our lives. Thanks for working wonders in our lives.

7. I cannot count the blessings, favour and goodness you have used in surrounding my life. You’ve made me the apple of your eye. Please do not let me depart from your bosom. Thank you for the unmerited mercy I receive every day from you.

8. You alone are worthy of my praises and to be glorified because you’ve done what only you can do and I’m using this medium to say thank you for the divine protection over my life, my family, properties and all over my endeavour and makes the plan of enemies of no effect in our lives. May your name alone be praised.

9. Sometimes, I want to create hours just to tell you how much I appreciate you, Lord, but I found out even in every minute and seconds, you deserve to be praised and all I’ve come to say is thank you for the change of level I see in all ramifications of my life and that of my family at large. I praise your name, my King.

10. My soul will bless your name, my tongue will sing of your praises, for you are God and your mercy endures forever. Thank you, Lord, for the divine deliverance I received from you which set me free from the shackles of sins and the oppression of Satan.

11. I will sing to the Lord a new song and I will praise your holy name in the congregation of saints for the unmerited favour and grace I received from you on a daily basis without any charge in all my endeavours. I say thank you, Baba.

12. If I have a million tongues they cant enough to describe how much I’m thankful father. You looked upon me who am unfaithful and unworthy, you had compassion and showed me you’re always there. I’m sincerely grateful, Lord.

13. My King, my lover, and redeemer before I kneel, you give an answer. Before I utter a word, you give the solution. What else can I give you? I honour you, my God.

14. Sweet Lord you’ve given my life a special flavour and unspeakable joy that has taken me to greater heights unexpectedly. You’re awesome and marvellous. Thank you, thank you.

15. Every day when I wake, I imagined how the broken pieces of my life had made a sensible story, I knew it’s you alone who can do it because you are an unchangeable changer, my Lord. Thank you, Father.

16. My God and my Lord how wonderful is your name in all the earth, though our needs and wants are just endless you know them all and gives them at due time. What a wonder. Thank you, God.

17. The Rose of Sharon and Lily of the valley, you never stopped amazing me. In my deepest fears, you made my soul sing and in my trials, you keep me strong. Thank you so much, Lord.

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18. After thinking it over and over again if I should say I know how God works, I’d just be guessing and speechless. You have worked unimaginable things in my life and that of my family and I say thank you from the depths of my heart.

19. God, I thank and return all honour to your holy name for proving your name in my life and that of my family. You remain the same forever doing wondrous things. I thank you, father.

20. I feel like writing an epistle just to show my gratitude but it wouldn’t be enough because what you’ve done for me is beyond the epistles. All I just would say is thank you, thank you, God and my saviour.

21. God help me to always give you first preference in my life. Sometimes life tends to shift my focus. Help me to stay with you

22. God, I want my life to be more pleasing to you. I want to walk with you pure. To give you my whole life is the way I can repay for all you’ve done for me.

23. You go extra miles for me even when I can’t go an inch for you. You smile with me even when I frown at you. Forgive my mistakes and accept my offer of thanks. Thank you.

24. I don’t know how to pray it through but you know the contents of my heart and you read them through and through. Thank you, Lord.

25. My God even with thousands and millions of people on earth, you still create a special time and way in answering my prayers. I want to love you more Lord. Thank you so much.

26. Lord give me a heart that will never doubt your promises. You’ve fixed my life on a blessed ground. Thank you.

27. Why I can beat my chest and not shiver or fear is because I have a God. He’s my rock and my fortress and He will see me through. Thank you, Lord.

28. In trouble, in hard times, in good times, in sad times and all the time, let my eyes be fixed on you always lord. You’re my pillar and stronghold. Thank you, Lord.

29. If I would count your mercies on me daily, it would never get exhausted. You’re God and there is none else. Thank you, Father.

30. On the mountain you give me courage, in the valley you give me hope, in darkness, you give me light and in YOU, I have peace. My life is in your hands, Lord. I am forever grateful.

31. Thank you for giving me the strength to run life’s race and the wisdom to cope with life’s questions. You’re indeed a great God.

32. Thank you for holding my hands and not letting me fall. You paid the price on the cross for me. You love me unconditionally. I’m thankful Lord.

33. To you alone Lord, I’ll give all my praise and honour. You never let me down or put me to shame. Thanks so much, Lord.

34. Thank you, Lord for being the light on my dark path, for being the song on my lips and for being a thousand thoughts I think.

35. Thank you, God, for giving me the time to serve you, to praise you and to walk with you.

36. There’s nothing else I want to ask from You that you’ve not done for me. You’ve made me complete and a bundle of a solution to many. Thank you so much, Father.

37. You give me the privilege to see you working in my life in different dimensions. Thank you, Lord.

38. You saved me, gave me a new song, made me your child and wrote my name in your book. It is enough joy to gladden my heart. Thank You.

39. If I have to give up the whole world just to be in your kingdom, I’ll do lord. You worth more than silver or gold. Thank you, thank you.

40. I bless you, Father for my family, for the love bond so strong and glowing. May your light forever shine through me.

41. Thank you, Lord, for the times you’ve saved me from death, for the times you’ve healed me from deadly diseases. Be the first on my mind always God.

42. Thank you, God, for my eyes could see the good things you have bestowed in my life. Do not let your eyes depart from me.

43. I thank you, Father, for you made my testimonies worth hearing. You turned my shame to fame and my story to glory. Help me to keep you in my heart forever.

44. For the chances to work in a very good place, for the gift of love and life and for everyday surprises from your throne, I say, Thank You.

45. You’ve proven to me Lord that little is much when you’re in it. Your countenance is ever delightful. Thank You, Father.

46. God, I thank you, for you have made your face to shine upon me every passing day. I see your hand in all I do. Let me love you more Father.

47. The storms and the wind has shown the extent of their threats but you proved greater than all the sea. I just want to say, Thank you, thank you.

48. You know anytime I need You and You show up for me. There’s nothing else I need than this you’ve done. Thank you, Lord.

49. God, I am grateful that I’m not made a laughing factor amongst my colleagues, family and friends. You cover my defenceless head with your arms. I’m so grateful.

50. I am so thankful that you have made me understand the life with Christ. Without you, I wouldn’t know how much I’ve lost.

51. I bless your name, Lord. You make me aware even before anything occurs. I simply call it GRACE. Thank You, Lord.

52. In the midst of many dreams, desires and visions, you still show me how much you love me. From the depth of my heart, I’m thankful.

53. I presented a long list of prayers, You answered them. I’m happy to partake in your blessings. Do not let me lose trust in you.

54. If I wouldn’t give you all my praise, who else would I give? You gave me another chance to experience your heavenly love. I will forever be grateful. Thank you, thank you.

55. Thank you for the good, bad, crazy, blessed and lovely people you have brought across my path. I am full of gratitude from my heart.

56. For marriage, for children, for siblings, for relatives, friends, colleagues and your WORD, I’m thankful. Let me be consumed with your presence forever.

57. To you, I return all praise, adoration, thanks and gratitude. For your wondrous love, I can’t fathom. Thank You.

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58. I’m speechless each passing day because I know I do not deserve your blessings and yet you continually bestow on me. To you Father, I say, Thank you.

59. I will always see reasons to express my gratitude. I’ll never stop counting my blessings. You have made me a miracle and I’ll always thank you.

60. In every aspect of my life, I cannot do without you. I’m happy in you, always. Thank you.

61. All my life in this world has been full of challenges, ups and down, but in all, you stay nearby never letting me go. How favoured am I. Thank You?

62. I didn’t know how to praise until I have to praise You every day. I didn’t know how to pray until I had to pray it through. Thank You, Lord.

63. God, thank you for your love every day. For your grace all the time and your mercies unending. I want to be for you alone.

64. My challenges have been like the flood which would have swept me away but you kept your promises and covered me safely. Father, thank you.

65. I bless you, Lord for making me complete, for good health, for sound mind and for knowledge. Help me to always lean on you.

66. For the lessons I have learnt, for the good and bad decisions I have made, for all, I am grateful.

67. You’re an awesome wonder, Lord. Make me continually humble and obedient to your word.

68. God, thank you for the Bible which giveth me directions and solutions to problems. Let your word remain in me and thank you for saving my life and that of my family. Thank you for saving me.

69. To you, Lord be all the glory and honour. For showing me you are God till the end, Thank you. Let me love you still.

70. For giving me enough to live with, for giving me happy moments and sweet memories. All thanks to you, Almighty father.

71. I have countless and numerous things to appreciate you for, Lord. May you be praised forever.

72. The peace I feel inside can’t be compared to anything. You gave me what money can’t afford. I will always remain thankful.

73. Father, thank you for making me experience your power and Holy Spirit and for Jesus who died on the cross, I am so thankful.

74. Thank you, Lord, for the hope of eternal glory and for heaven. Let me be counted worthy of entering your kingdom.

75. Everlasting God, I am grateful for the beauty you bestowed on me. Let your light never go dim in my life.

76. Thank you, God, for communicating with me each and for blessing my coming in and going out day and for doing what no man can do. Help me to ceaselessly praise you.

77. The love of my life and the saver of my soul, the way you care and love me, no one ever loves me so. You’re real to me and have shown me amazing things. Thank you, gracious Father.

78. Wonderful Lord, you paid the price for me. You’ve given me truthful friends, my heart desires, grace unending and kept me till this day. I can’t offer anything else than saying, Thank you, Lord.

79. As the year is running to an end, you’ve made my feet firm on the ground. The month rolls by and I still see your hand on every side. Thank you, thank you. Let me always feel the touch of your love.

80. Sweet Jesus, you make my life more meaningful each day. You sweeten each day for me with the scriptures. You make me feel your presence always in all ramifications of my life and that of my family. I’m thankful Lord.

81. If not for your love, I do not know how I would be. I run from you, yet your eye still watches me. God, I’m thankful. Keep me in your arms forever.

82. To you, Almighty God and the lifter of my head I dedicate all my thanks and everything to you. You’ve done beyond man’s understanding. Thank you.

83. Lord, you took reproach away from me and made me a star. How excellent is your name? Thank you, Almighty father

84. Even when I thought all hope is lost, You told me there’s hope for me. You’ve been my pillar and help. I give you adoration.

85. My hope in time of trouble, my everlasting king and the lifter of my life, every breaking of the day, let me learn to say, Thank you, Lord.

86. Words have failed me to write because I can’t describe how much you’ve been to me. You’re my all in all. Thank you, God.

87. Great is your name, beautiful is your name and wonderful are your ways. You sweetened my life with your blessings. Jehovah, thank you.

88. You’ve never ceased to make my life a point of testimony. I bless you, Lord. Thank You.

89. Thank you, Lord, for picking me up from the dungeon and placing me on a good ground to enjoy your mercies.

90. God, help me to always remember your good works in my life. You’ve been my everything. I give you my heart of gratitude.

91. My rock of ages, you make me happy, fill me with joy, saturate my world with abundant blessings and never made me regret. Thanks, sweet Lord.

92. I have a family I call my own, a peaceful life, good job and my mouth to be thankful and sing of your holy name. I’m thankful, God.

93. All I see is You in all ramification. From the beginning to the end because you are my alpha and Omega, you’ve been my source of inspiration. I praise your holy name the saviour of my life.

94. Not everyone out there have shelter, food to eat or cloth to put on but you’ve provided all in abundance for me just because you love from the beginning and your love is everlasting. I am sincerely thankful.

95. Sweet Jesus feels blessed each moment because of you Lord. My life is stocked with your blessings and wonders. You’re worthy to be glorified.

96. I will bless your God my Lord, my strength, who teaches my hands to war and my fingers to fight. For the perfect health I received from you daily, I say may your name alone be exalted above every other name.

97. Faithful God, you’ve never made my laughter depreciated. You always increase my joy. You are worthy, Lord. Thank you.

98. Thank you for giving me the opportunity every day to give thanks to you. If not for your grace, I don’t know where I’d be. Let me love you all the days of my life. Remind me dear Lord to always be thankful. I bless your name.

99. Truly, your faithfulness is to all generations. I’m blessed knowing your promises are sure. Thank you, Lord.

100. The hope of the hopeless, my King and my Lord, you’ve fulfilled more than your word in my life. I’m grateful for hope in you because you will never let me down. Thank you, Lord.

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