2023 Wishes to Say Thank You for Your Prayers During My Illness

Sick people indeed deserve all the love and care that are available, but it is also important that these loved ones who cared for us while we were sick need to be appreciated. It is good for them to know that you appreciate their effort.

For the comfort, love, hug, messages, and thoughts of love they gave to you while you couldn’t help yourself on the sickbed, they also deserve to be appreciated and then it assures them that you are now fully recovered.

You don’t need to remember their names, the most important thing is to send them to as many as possible. Many people prayed for you when they heard of your sickness but you may not know. So, not to leave anyone out, I recommend you send to as many as possible.

Appreciation Messages for Prayers During Your Sickness

Since you and I know that prayers often work more than the doctors’ prescriptions and medical care, these Wishes to Say thank you for your prayers during my illness are the best to appreciate those who wished you quick recovery during the trying time.

1. Without love, pills don’t work. Without care, chemotherapy is weakened. I am made whole because of the abundant dosage of your love and care. Thanks for standing me in sickness and health.

2. The period of stay on the sick bed taught me that life is good when you have loving people around you. Thanks a lot

3. Just as I always believed, there is no better way to make this life a haven than free expression of love. Thank you for yours when I was in the hospital.

4. I never knew I would be back this quick. Thank you a lot for your care and love when I was sick.

5. The power of germs could not compete with the intensity and resilience of your tender love to me in the hospital. Thanks for your care when I was sick.

6. Sickness is not what we plan for, they come as unexpected guests but when the expected guests refuse to give up, they run away. You were my expected guest. Thanks for chasing the unexpected away,

7. Your love came, my pains disappeared, your care came and I was healed. Thanks for standing by in my sick moment.

8. When I was told of your efforts at reaching out to me while I was in the hospital and then heard of your persistent prayers for me, I was encouraged to get well. Thank you a lot.

9. The lovelier, the better. Your care was lovelier, my health was better. Thank you for aiding through recovery.

10. The magic of your smile. Your radiant face and care were all I was dwelling on in my time of sickness. They are the reasons I recovered this fast. Thanks a lot.

11. When the love keeps pouring, the bones keep growing. I recovered fast from the sickness because your love to me never ceased. Thank you so much.

12. You prayed that I walk free. You prayed that I recover fast. Now, I am walking free and swung into full recovery. Thanks for your prayers and support.

13. You are too beautiful to be missed for one day. Your care for me while I was in the hospital showed me that you are not only beautiful from the outside but also the inside. Thanks a lot.

14. I couldn’t have fought the fight without your support. I couldn’t have shove off the bugs of sickness without your affection. Thanks.

15. Finally, I am well again. Glory be to God and thanks to you for your assistance and support throughout the dark period of sickness.

16. As you never abandoned me while I was in the hospital in the times of sickness, may God never abandon you when you are in need.

17. Your prayers, cheers, jokes and constant care brought me back home and aided my fast recovery. Thanks to you and your entire family.

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18. I’ll keep praying for you that my God would richly reward you for your sacrifice of love to me throughout my sick period. God bless you and I am indeed grateful.

19. Hello! You are so amazing. Thank you for all you did for me- your foods, visitations, prayers and those jokes while I was in the hospital. Thanks a million

20. As the days passed by while I was the hospital, I kept praying to be out to the warm embrace of my people. Thank God I’m finally out. Thank you a lot.

21. With your help, I was able to shake off the dust of sickness and the bugs of ill-health. Thanks for standing by.

22. Illnesses are not what you transfer among family members. One can only wish for good health. This is all I’ve got to say- Thank you for your care in the period of my sickness.

23. There is nothing good as perfect health and that is what I wish you this even as you were by side when I was sick. I am indeed grateful for all you did for me.

24. Through pain and sickness, you have stood strong by my side. My strength is daily renewed and the more I see you, the more I feel well. Thank you so much.

25. You made love practical. You proved it to be real, in sickness, in pain you were there for me. Thank you.

26. I got the best feeling of life when I was down with illness. You were with me through it all. Thank you very much.

27. It’s good to be home again. I miss the flowers, the routines and all that makes the home perfect. Thank you for being instrumental in my quick recovery.

28. I didn’t need a flu, I needed you. I didn’t need the medications, I needed your love. You never denied me all of them. Thanks for being part of my recovery process.

29. The more I struggled with sickness, the more it overpowered me but the moment I received your wishes and show of love, then my healing commenced. Thanks for your prayers and care.

30. Your healing messages performed just what you sent them to do- To make me whole. Here I am whole and perfect. Thank you all.

31. White, Red, Green, Blue, Orange are the colours of pills, but the colour of LOVE is CARE. Thanks for showing me the colour of love while I was down with sickness.

32. Good health is a treasure. When one loses it, s/he loses a precious thing. With your help, I have been restored. Thanks.

33. Warm hugs, a lovely kiss, unending prayers brought me back safely from the sickbed. Thanks a lot.

34. I wanted a hug and a kiss, sickness said NO. Thank you for not saying NO, your YES even in sickness brought me back safely. Thanks a lot, my dear.

35. The only reason I back here so fast is because you did not let me be alone. Thanks for aiding me to recover fast.

36. Your best thoughts were with me on the sickbed. I could feel them at every moment. Thanks a lot.

37. I dislike injections, the bitter pills and the chemical smell the hospital produces. Thanks for helping me get well faster than I expected.

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38. The more the ‘get well fast’ came, the more I was healed. Thank you for kind wishes,

39. The hospital environment became my home for a short time. I appreciate you for making my period of sojourn in the hospital as short as possible. Thanks.

40. The bugs of sickness kept me hostage for many days but the memory of your warm hugs rescued to experience more of it for a lifetime. Thanks, darling.

41. I felt incomplete because sickness took that part of me when I was needed most but I thank you for your availability when I needed you most.

42. I am whole, healthy and back to work. Thanks for all your prayers, gifts, and care.

43. Trials comprise of sickness but when there is comfort from friends and families, the pains are quickly forgotten. Thanks for driving out the pains of sickness in me.

44. When I was in the hospital, I kept looking at the calendar because I can’t wait to hear your hilarious jokes once again in the comfort of my room. Thanks for cheering me up in those trying moments.

45. I have found a reason finally to have confidence that I am in good hands. For all you went through and endured for me when I was sick, I say a very big thank you.

46. No matter the care the doctors give or the professionalism of the nurses, the love from relatives are second to none. Thanks for your care.

47. I closed my eyes this morning thinking about all that would have befallen me had I not recovered from the sickness but all I can see is hope because you stood by me. Thanks a million

48. You know I always keep telling you how special you are to me. You cleared all my doubts in my moments of trials. In sickness, you stood by me, and in recovery, you’ve been my hand. Thanks.

49. Sickness is bad news on itself, being left alone can make the smallest of it worse. Thanks for standing by.

50. I was made whole because you decided to assist me with your prayers. Thanks a lot!

If you ever fell sick before, I believe people were there to show you love. It’s time to appreciate them. Do the needful NOW!

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