Most Touching Comforting Quotes About Death of a Mother

2024 Most Touching Comforting Quotes About Death of a Mother

A quote of comfort during our loss is like medicine, it helps us to express our thoughts and feelings. It speaks our minds and fills up our void, and with it, we are whole.

Losing a mother is an ugly feeling, a mother is the best companion one can ever have. Here is a list of comforting quotes that will help you get over the death of your mother.

Comforting Quotes About the Loss of a Mother

Emphatic quotes about the death of a mother and comforting words about the loss of a mother.

1. The void your death created in my heart can be filled by no one else. You are my world, although you are dead you being my mother gave me a reason to live a fruitful life. I will make you proud, mom.

2. It hurts, and I can keep crying, mourning your death but I am consoled whenever I remember how truly you care about me and I am happy that your spirit is happy with me.

3. When alive, you gave me pure and unconditional love. You are the best mother in the whole world. I will keep loving you.

4. No one will love me the way you do, mother. You are the best thing that happened to me. Rest, till we meet to part no more.

5. No day passes without thinking about you, mother. There are times I feel lonely here, but I am secure knowing you are up there guiding my everyday steps.

6. I know it is not easy but I need to be strong. Living each moment, accepting what I can do nothing to change.

7. Your death is a shock I find hard to recover from. I am sure this is the time I need to use all the lessons you taught me when alive.

8. You have always told me that we cannot be together forever. But I don’t know it will happen the way it did. Before you left, you taught me how to live rightly. Mother, I will make you proud.

9. I am sure you are smiling at me where you are in heaven. I miss you so much. Thanks for being a good mother.

10. The day you left was the worst day of my life. But I am glad that everything that happened taught me to be strong.

11. I miss your advice. I miss your stories. I miss your love. You are the best mother in the whole world. The moment spent with you is a gift I will always treasure.

12. Mother, you are my hero. I adore you. Thank you for bringing me to the world. Though you are dead your love remains the reason I will keep holding on.

13. Mother, you are precious to me. I will never forget the moments we spent together. Your words of encouragement gave me a reason to never give up.

14. Your love protects me even at your death. There no love as deep as a mother’s love. Rest in peace, mother.

15. You left an indelible mark in my life. You are the best mother in the world. I know we will meet one day to part no more.

16. Life seems horrible and terrible for me sometimes but your worlds have kept me moving. If I will ever come to the world again, I will love you to mother me. Rest in peace.

17. During the raining days, I remember how you keep me warm in your bosom. Your warmth is life no other. Your death is a great pain, but I will keep moving.

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18. Mom, you are not dead, your good deed speak still. You are a blessing to me and to the whole world.

19. Life is about letting go of what we cannot change and living. I wish I can bring you back, mother, but I can’t.

20. I keep holding on to the sweet times we spent together. Those times are the source of my strength.

21. You are an amazing mom. You are a rare gem. You words of hope keep ringing in my head.

22. I let my tears flow freely when it needs to. I am sure one of the ways I can fully recover from your death is this. You are one in a million.

23. The sting of death is great but without death, we cannot fully know how important our loved ones are and that we cannot be together forever. Death teaches us to place a good value on them.

24. I wish we could spend those moments together again. The blissful moments we had together. Even if I cannot have them again, the memory of those times is the most beautiful thing that has happened to me.

25. There is this hope in my heart that makes me happy. The hope that we will one day meet to part no more.

26. Your absence is inconscupicous. Nobody knows what it feels like not to have you here. Having you has a mother is all I need to be happy. Even the little time we spent together give me joy still.

27. Mom, I am in the world to carry on your good impact. You have impacted me greatly, mom and I will keep loving you.

28. Your death is painful, mom. But it gave me a good reason to know the importance of love, of giving all to the people I truly love.

29. I remember you, mom when I am extremely happy and felt a joy that I wish I could share with someone. Your death taught me to love my family with all my heart, they are the best people I can share my happy moments with.

30. Your death has given me a reason to keep living, I am open to the sorrow, and the feeling it gives is refreshing.

31. Is there anything we can do about death order than to accept it and learn the lessons it teaches.

32. I feel a vacuum in my heart when I visit the old places we go together. I understand now that when we still have our loved ones with us, we don’t truly know how important they are.

33. Death is the best teacher, it teaches us to be strong and courageous. There is no worst feeling than lossing someone and having no hope of bringing them back.

34. This feeling is ugly, that I cannot have you with me again. When death is away, we might act strong but when it comes we get to know that we are but feeble beings.

35. I wish I could spend one more day with you. Just one more day but I know that would never be enough. The only thing I can do is to adore you when you are still here, I am glad I did just that.

36. I am grateful for having you as my mother. Though you are dead everything talks about how wonderful you are as a person.

37. You were my best friend, my constant companion, my only source of true maternal love. The love you have shown me live still.

38. It is not about the number of days we live but how much impact we make in the lives of humans. You were a great being, mom.

39. I will keep loving you, mom. You taught me, true love.

40. Gratitude made your death not so hard for me. I am grateful for what is and what is not.

41. There is a hole in that place where you used to be and it feels as if you threw me in the dark. But I choose to open my eyes to the beautiful things in the dark.

42. Losing my mother so early in my life left a strong painful mark that would not go away. But without that, I would not be where I am today.

43. I understand the journey of life, so pain happen to make you stronger.

44. Mother, you never taught me how to live but you lived an amazing life your self and your life taught me what living truly is.

45. This is grief. A feeling that tears my heart into shreds. But I pick them all up and I become better than who I have always been.

46. I feel no shame in breaking down in tears at the thought of your death. Letting my tears flow make me stronger.

47. I am no longer battling with the thought of your death. It has become a companion to me. It gives me a good feeling of how well you lived your life.

48. You truly lived. You are an inspiration to me. I owe you so much, mother.

49. I accept that life is like this. We cannot predict what happens a second to this time. We should live with the suspense of life. Your death taught me this.

50. Mother, I buried you in my heart. You will forever be there. That makes me feel you are still here with me.

51. I will live by the things you have taught me. You are a mother indeed. Rest in the bosom of the Lord.

52. I wish I could be dead with you, mother, but who will show the world how truly you lived. I am supposed to do that. I am here following your footpath, making my mark.

53. In a way I cannot explain, your death gave me the hope that tomorrow will be well.

54. Sorrow has eaten deep into my soul but I am sure joy is not as far as I think.

55. Life is not complete if death is not part of it. Rest in peace mother. We will meet one day when we shall part no more.

56. It takes a great deal of strength to pull out of grief, to recover and move on with life. I don’t know how strong I am until you died.

57. When we are alive we forget death and we tend to take our loved ones less important because we think we will be together forever. Death will always happen.

58. We cannot stop death. It happens when it ought to.

59. When I am weak I am reminded of how you choose to be strong at the face of death. You are my source of inspiration.

60. No matter how bad I feel, I will keep holding on to those words you said to me on your sick bed. You are a good source of strength to me, mother.

61. Your death opens my eyes to many hidden secretes of life. Even at your death, I am learning from you, mother.

62. For the fact that you were my mother gave me a good reason to live. Having you as a mother is the greatest gift ever.

63. The thought of you is bliss. I don’t fully understand but anytime I think about you even in my darkest moments I am happy.

64. The wound your loss brought can never leave me. A wound that gives me joy because it makes me think about you.

65. There is no love as powerful as a mother’s love, it brightens the dark night. It gives me joy and happiness. I feel your love still.

66. You loved me so deeply. Even though you are dead, your love gives me protecting forever.

67. Your love protects me when you were alive and it keeps living with me even when you are dead. I love you, mother.

68. The thought of you does not make me sad, you gave me happy moments. Rest on, mother.

69. The memories of you give me comfort, you lived a beautiful life that is worth applauding.

70. When I talk about your life to my friends, I speak not with tears. You gave me happiness, I am happy you were my mom.

71. I am who I am because of you, mother. The memory of you lives in my heart.

72. I am not alone, you keep guiding my steps even in your grave. I love you, mother.

73. I understand the journey of life, I need to pass through the pain of your loss to become stronger.

74. You had a large heart. A heart that accommodates all. Your life taught me so many lessons, mother.

75. Mom, you loved me. Another name I will call you is love and love never dies. Even though you were buried, you live still.

76. I wish we could spend one more day together but that will never happen. Let me stay happy thinking about the times we spent together.

77. You are a beautiful soul and you left a great mark on my heart.

78. It comforts me when I remember how well you enriched my life.

79. Mother, your love left an indelible mark in my heart. You are a source of true love.

80. We don’t lose our loved once to death, they keep living in our hearts.

81. When I cry because of your death, it is not a sign of weakness but how much you have done for me. Without you, I would not be here.

82. I still feel you huging me, holding me so tight, wiping tears off my face. The thought of you consoles me.

83. I will always remember you with smiles and laughter. Not with tears and pain. You are amazing, mother.

84. There is something about losing a mother. It leaves a void in your heart. A void that would never go away. I will keep living with this void. A void created by your loss which has become a beautiful part of my life.

85. You never gave up on me. You are an epitome of true love. Rest in peace, mom.

86. I will always remember your love. You are the best, mom. You are buried but you live still.

87. There is no memory that makes me happy aside yours. Thinking about you gave me reasons to keep living.

88. You gave everything to me, even those things you never had as a child. I am all I am because of you. I love you always. Rest in peace.

89. You fuel my life. You gave me hope. I will forever love you, mother. Rest in peace.

90. You are the one I lean onto when I am broken. You are the source of my strength and the memories of you have kept me living.

91. I owe my success to you, mother. You are my angel.

92. I miss you, mother. The image of you lives still in my heart and all that you taught me.

93. Mother, you never hid anything from me. Thanks for being who you are and for bringing me up. We will meet again one day.

94. The sorrow I feel from your death tears my heart apart. But it has made me stronger than I have always been.

95. Thanks for teaching me how to forgive. When I remember how much you taught me. I wish you are not dead. But I am glad we will meet one day and you will die no more.

96. You are my god. A lasting solution to my pain. Even now that you are dead. I feel you near me.

97. Mother, you are dead, but I am glad it did not get late before I understand how much you love me.

98. With time, I know I will be fine. Time heals every pain.

99. The memories of you will be in my heart till death and when I die I will meet you where we will live together to die no more.

100. Mother, you are intelligent, you taught me all the things I know. What could I have done without you?

101. You taught me to be strong. You helped me up when I fall. I love you, mother. Rest on.

102. Your hand comforts me, mother. I miss you so much. But there is a part of me that feels this comfort still.

103. You understand even those things I never said. You are a light in the dark. I am not alone and you are not dead, mother. You are here with me

104. Your words of encouragement keep me going still. Rest in peace.

105. I will not bid you good bye. I will always keep you in my heart.

106. You are forever in my heart. You keep living.

107. In every of your words and actions, there is love and peace. You were a role model to me. I will keep loving you, I am sure that will make you happy.

108. You gave me all your love, leaving none behind. I still have it with me now. You are the best mother anyone can ever pray to have. Rest in peace.

109. You did not die, mother. You are forever in my heart.

110. I love you every day, mother and I miss you so much. It comforts me that you love too.

111. No matter how hard it is, I will keep living. Mother, I owe that to you. Rest in peace.

112. I love you every day and I will keep loving you. I am sure a part of you is still here with me.

113. It is so difficult to get over your death, but I am trying. And one day I will be able to see the memory of you as not a source of grief but a reason to keep living.

114. We will be together again one day. This gives me a great deal of joy. I will only feel your death for a while. You are not forever dead.

115. You are good in countless ways, mother. You are amazing. I love you even at your death, and I will never forget you.

116. If I would come back to the world, I will still have you as my mother. You are indeed a mother. Sleep in the bosom of the lord.

117. One of the unique things about humans is our ability to mourn the death of our loved ones. Rest in peace, I am sure we will meet one day, mother.

118. I felt I would die when you died but from your death, I learnt a true lesson of strength.

119. Mother, you are understanding and your love cannot be overestimated. You taught me, true love.

120. How long we live is not important but how much we put into living. You truly lived, mother.

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