Powerful Prayers for Family Protection

70 Powerful Prayers for Family Protection in 2024

It is no longer shocking that evil is happening all over the world and through researches, it has been concluded that God is the greatest security and by depending on Him we are more than safe.

Are you thinking of embarking ob a journey or just going out for your normal day to day activity and you just want to send some requests to heaven whether for today or future day’s protection???

Below are some deep and loaded prayer points for your family’s protection. Read, comment, like and share!

Short Prayers for Family Protection

Awesome collection of short prayers for family protection.

1. May the Lord preserve you and all that has to do with you, Make His face shine upon you and with His right hand gently hold and guide you and your family through the rest of this year

2. The Lord will make walls of fire round about you and your household and No evil will come near your dwelling.

3. The hand of the Lord will be upon you for good and the hand of the enemy will not be able to touch you.

4. Your going out and coming in shall be ordered by God and You will not miss a step.

5. Whatever might be the plan of the enemy, God will surely prevail and preserve you and yours.

6. The Lord will preserve your going out and coming in and He will give you and your family rest on every side.

7. The Lord will destroy every plot of the enemy against you and your family and give you peace on every journey you make or decide to make.

8. The Lord will confuse your enemies and they will not be able to fulfil their enterprise on you and yours.

9. For the rest of this year, you and your family are marked with and soaked in the blood of Jesus, every evil will pass over you.

10. Evil occurrences might be happening right and left, only with your ears will you hear and with your eyes will you see, it will not come near your dwelling.

11. Every association set up against you and your family will not stand for the promise of protection and preservation will come to pass.

12. The presence of the Lord will journey with you wherever you go.

13. Though the journey might be rough, the Lord will grant you a safe landing.

14. The eyes that never sleeps nor slumbers will watch over you and keep your family safe.

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15. The God that has never left his own to be a prey in the hand of the evil one will not leave you and your family.

16. The Almighty will always guide and direct you as you journey through this pilgrim land.

17. Every day is associated with one evil or the other, you will not be a partaker no matter how small.

18. At every stage when the enemy is about to strike, the Lord will avenge you and your family.

19. The Lord will mould a wall of defence around your dwelling against your enemies.

20. The promise of protection will be Yea and Amen in your life and family.

21. The great deliverer that delivers his own from the snare of the evil one will deliver me and my family from all evil.

22. The Lord will be our shield and our buckler, the enemy will not smite us.

23. Wherever myself and my family will go and the presence of the Lord will not go with us, we will not go there.

24. The Almighty God will continually dwell in the midst of our camp and we will fear no evil.

25. The Lord that is able to protect the body, soul and spirit will preserve our lives and we will not fear what man can do.

26. I and my habitation are secured by God.

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27. The Lord that led the Israelites through the wilderness will keep me and my family safe in all our journeys.

28. The one that delivered the Israelites from the hand of their enemies will protect me and my family.

29. None of my family members will be lost to accidents or any form of calamity.

30. The blood of Jesus will be a sign upon our houses and no plague will come upon us to destroy us.

31. I will not lose any member of my family to premature death, the number of our days we will fulfil.

32. The Lord will give me and my house security under His canopy.

33. The Lord will be our shelter shielding us from all evil.

34. Victory over sicknesses and illnesses shall be ours and none will cut our lives short.

35. The Lord will strike out any enemy that is set to end my life untimely.

36. Our home shall be another replica of the Bible’s city of refuge protecting me and my family.

37. The Lord will make my abode peaceful, no evil will come near my household.

38. The Lord will redeem my life and that of my family from destruction and He will keep us safe in His sheltering arms.

39. I and my family security are certain for the promises of God are bound to come to pass in our lives.

40. Though the enemy might raise his scary face to challenge us, we will not fear the one that can kill the body only.

Long Prayers for Family Protection

Collection of Long Prayers for Family protection.

41. Oh Lord my God, in all humility, I have come before you today, I sincerely want to thank you for your protection and preservation through the time past. I ask and pray that you do not leave me at this time, of all evil happening here and there, I will not experience any. I cover myself with the blood of Jesus, I will keep bearing this mark everywhere where I go, evil will see me and pass over. (Exodus 12vs13).

42. Father in Jesus name, Our Righteous God, you are the same yesterday, today and forever. You never change so does your word. I pray Lord that all the promises of protection for everyone that call upon you shall be mine. My going out and coming in will be preserved. My steps shall be ordered by you. Your word says “My presence will go with thee and I will give thee rest” Give me peace and rest for every journey I make. My soul is satisfied to know that you can do much more than I ask.

43. Almighty God, Your word says “Thou oh lord hath a shield for me, my glory and the lifter of my head” I pray this day that you will lift up my head and shield me from all evil. Breaking news, disheartening news all fill the media, I will not be a partaker. For you honour your word more than your name, Lord please honour my prayers with answers.

44. Eternal Rock of Ages, I want to thank you for yet another opportunity to see this blessed day. Your word says “commit your ways to God’s hands, trust in Him..” I depend on you more than anything because I believe and trust you, guide me as I go today. You know more than I do, direct me to places that are safe for me.

45. Heavenly Father, as a child looks up to his parents, I look up to you today that you guide me oh great Jehovah as a pilgrim through this barren land. Blindfold every evil eye, let them not behold me. Show me the pathway and let me follow your footsteps. Lead me in the way to go. Hold my hands dear Father for with you only is my security.

46. Almighty God, Omnipotent and Omniscience. You that see and knows all things, you know the plan of the evil ones immediately it’s been conceived even before execution. Lord I pray, at each time they do, please turn to null and void. Nullify all negatives directed towards me. That all glory and praise might return to you.

47. Oh Lord, I bless you because you’re good; I lift up my Ebenezer for hitherto you’ve helped me. Thank you for your faithfulness, I appreciate you for your good plans for me. I bow in humility and ask that you take charge of today. In protecting, I ask that you protect me. In keeping, I ask that you keep me. Lord, I am insufficient on my own please do not leave me today. All these I ask in your name.

48. Blessed Redeemer, I want to bless you for your faithfulness, I return all glory and honour to you because whenever I come before you, you’re always ready to give ears to my prayers. I ask that you secure my life in your insurance. Keep me in safety. Your word declares that “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the “Most High” shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty” Lord, help me not to leave your secret place. Let your shadow shield me. Thank you, Father!

49. Holy Spirit divine, I adore and give praises to your dear name for the past and present. Thank you for majoring in my welfare. I ask and pray that it lasts a lifetime through. I reject every negative package of the evil one against my life. I believe I am secure in you, I will fear no evil. Thank you because you have heard and answered.

50. Our Blessed Redeemer, I have come to your presence again and I know you’re not tired of listening to my pleas. Thank you for redeeming my life from evil. Thank you for the gift of life. I come in penitence bow that you do what only you can do. Redeem my life again as I go.

51. Father in Jesus name, Forth in your name I go today in pursuit of my daily labour. Lord, please guide and guard me. Cover me with your wings. Let not your face leave me. Keep and shield me from trouble. Arrows of evil are flying up and down, none will come near me. Thank you, faithful father. I believe you will do it. Glory!

52. Good morning Jesus, hallowed be thy name. The fool saith in his heart that there’s no God, I know and believe you exist therefore I am making my prayers to you this hour. Lord, please redeem my soul from the power of the grave. Hide me under your safe arms. Amen.

53. Eternal Rock of Ages, I have come to thank you. I give you all the glory because you’re not yet done with me. Your word says You are our Refuge and present help in time of trouble. Lord, I ask that you calm my spirit, I will not be moved. Deliver my soul from death. Deliver my feet from falling and let me walk in the light of the living. Amen.

54. Oh Lord my God, be thou exalted above the heaven. I ask and pray Oh God that you deliver my soul in peace from the battle that was against me. Give me victory and defend me from them. Save me from bloody men. Amen.

55. Oh Lord, truly I am your child. As I go out today, Lord, make my movement violent free. I will not cry nor wail. For anyone that has any evil against me, turn it unto good. Bring all your good will to pass and save me alive.

56. Oh Lord, Thank you for your infinite grace and mercy that endureth forever. Some trust in chariots and some in horses but on you oh Lord do I trust. Save me and guide me from the snare of the enemy. Hear my cry as I call.

57. Father in Jesus name, blessed be your name in the highest. I ask today oh God that though I walk in the midst of trouble, you will revive me. Please stretch forth your hand against the wrath of mine enemies and with your right hand save me.

58. Lord, I cry unto thee, make haste unto me. Give ear to my voice and let my prayer be set forth before thee. Set a watch oh God before me and keep me from the snares they have laid for me. Let the wicked fall into their own nets while I escape. Amen

59. Father Lord, you are so righteous. Thank you for the past prayers and answers following. I ask again that you cut asunder the cords of the wicked. Let all that come against me be confounded. Redeem my soul oh Lord.

60. Oh God, in you do I put my trust and your word says “They that trust in you shall be as mount Zion which cannot be moved but abideth forever” Lord as the mountains are round about Jerusalem, round me about from henceforth even forever.

61. Almighty God, I adore your holy name and I ask and pray for peace within my walls. Preserve my soul because my mind stays on thee. The sun will not smite me by day nor the moon by night. Be my keeper oh Lord.

62. Oh Lord, I thank thee for the sunshine and the moon and stars. I thank you for all the creation. I ask that the same way you kept Daniel in the lion’s den untouched, keep me in the world as I roam. Shut the devil’s plan against me. Thank you, Jesus.

63. Rock of Ages, I appreciate you for the daily benefits you have always blessed me with. I ask as I go today that every plot of the enemy to terminate my life will be turned against them. You will not give my life over to the devil to enthrone. Save me in your wide arms.

64. Our Holy Father, I bless you for today. Thank you for being the anchor of my life and as your word says I should fear not, I, therefore, entrust my life to your care. Strengthen me, keep me, uphold me with your right hand of righteousness. Cast me not away from your presence. Thank you, Father!

65. Faithful Father, I adore your holy name. I give you all the glory because you have never ceased to give ears when I call. I, therefore, pray Lord that you will contend with all those contending with me. They that strive with me shall perish, they will seek me and not find me and they will all be confounded. Amen. Powerful Morning Prayer for Strength in the Morning

66. The Holy One of Israel, it is you I can call upon any day. I bless you for your mighty works in my life. I return all glory to you, be glorified oh Lord. I even pray that as I step out today that you will be with me. The rivers of life will not overflow me and if I walk through the fire I will not be burned. Amen

67. Oh Lord my God, I thank you so much for your loving kindness and tender mercies. Be praised oh Lord. I even ask Lord that as you’ve always done you will make around me this day and beyond a defenced city, a brazen wall and an iron pillar. They that fight against me will not prevail. Be with me oh Lord.

68. Our Gracious Redeemer, Thank you, Lord, for redeeming me from the cause of the Law. Just as you’ve promised not to leave neither forsake me. Lord be my helper. Protect me even as I receive courage not to fear what man can do to me. Thank you blessed Redeemer!

69. Almighty Father, Glory be to your name in the highest. I appreciate your grace that has brought me hitherto. Lord, I pray that you will deliver me from every evil work just like you delivered Daniel from Lion’s den and preserve my soul, spirit and body as I go. Amen.

70. Our Righteous and ever faithful Creator, The God of Heaven and Earth. I bless your holy name; I lift up my Ebenezer to you. Thank you for being gracious and wonderful to me. Even right now I pray that in protecting, you will protect me. Grant not the desires of the wicked over me, Let them not rise up against me anymore. Keep me in the hollow of your hands. Thank you, faithful Father!

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