Exactly What to Text Your Boyfriend After a Fight in 2024

A Relationship full of love and honesty is interesting, fun and amazing. At the same time in a fantastic relationship, someone can’t escape the likes of conflict, misunderstanding or a fight.

Different things occur in relationships that lead to discord between two lovers. Sometimes, this discord can cause silence for a while, distance between lovers, lack of communication, hatred, breakups and lots more. However, one must be careful not to let these break in communication get into the love circle because it could lead to the end of a relationship.

There’s no other remedy to the heart of a true lover than hearing the loving words of I’m sorry, forgive me, pardon me and so on. These words are so powerful, they go a long way in calming down the nerves of a very furious and angry person. It gives healing to the heart if rightly used. Imagine using such words to recover a lost relationship. It entices the heart of a man. Life would run smoothly if everyone understands the logic of the word ” I’m sorry”.

Perhaps, you’ve been making your relationship rising and falling and it seems nothing is working to get back the heart of your man. Don’t get worried because it’s a conflict and it’s bound to happen. Here are these lovely messages that would help you this 2024 to calm down his angry countenance and sweeten his heart to spring up love the more. Here’s “What to Text Your Boyfriend After a Fight”

Paragraphs to Send to Your Boyfriend After a Fight

Want what to send to your boyfriend after a fight? These love paragraphs are instrumental in the bid to make peace with your boyfriend after a fight or quarrel. Whether to apologise or express how you feel following a disagreement with your boyfriend, send a suitable paragraph and send to him.

1. My dearest, I know how hard it is to forgive, but right now, I have realized I’m at fault and I’m asking for your forgiveness. There is a saying that to ere is human but to forgive is divine. For the sake of how far we’ve gone, I plead that you forget what has happened and let our love flow again.

2. I didn’t mean to hurt you with those silly attitudes and words of mine. My mistake is not fixable but I still ask for your true love again. I promise never to make my words hurting but loving and encouraging. I’m deeply sorry, dear.

3. Dear, I have no excuse for my recent behaviours and how I reacted to your request. Indeed, my heart has been bitter and unhappy just because you feel sad. From my heart, I apologize to you, dearie

4. No gain in pride, for if I have pride, I’ve lost all. Babe, you know you mean a lot to me and I hurt your feelings. I have accepted my fault and I say, I’m deeply sorry for my wrongdoing. please, forgive me.

5. My love, I have learnt my lesson in a hard way and I have seen that life is not the way it seems. I beg you in God’s name that you accept my apology and forgive me from your heart. I still love you endlessly.

6. I can’t explain how our fight occurred but I must tell you, it has taught me a lot of understanding and patience. I promise to be a better person and lover. Please forgive my mistakes. I’m now in my right state of mind and I can still do better with you by my side.

7. If you can find a place in your heart to forgive me completely, it would be my joy. I behaved totally like a child and it’s really giving me great concern. I shouldn’t have acted that way. I let my anger get hold of me which made me talk carelessly and rudely to you. I hope you get over my actions. I’m so sorry, dear. Forgive me.

8. I know this is not our first argument and it’s usually a hard time for me during any misunderstanding. it hurts me to stay for months not talking to you. I’m deeply sorry for letting you down and hurting your emotions. Pardon my mistakes please and let our love spring up constantly.

9. I know distance has made me realize how special you are to me and I feel guilty for taking you for granted. I hope my mistake hasn’t caused any damage to your feelings. I want you back and no misunderstanding between us. I care so much about you and I feel sorry for everything I caused you. With true love from my heart, I want to sincerely apologize. Forgive me, sweetheart.

10. It’s not going to be a surprise to me if you say your trust for me have been shattered. I never intended to make you see me this way or have any wrong misconception about me and even lose your trust but so many things are really getting hold of me lately and it’s making me react badly. I have wronged you and I have no excuse, forgive me, my love.

11. Hi baby, I am sorry for misbehaving yesterday. I was stocked in the middle of my weaknesses and I created an angry scene. Please, forgive me.

12. Hello dear, please let not the struggle of our fight jeopardize our love. I can’t explain what came over me. I’m so sorry. Give me your smile again.

13. My sweetness, I woke up thinking about you, I’m sorry for over reacting yesterday. I love you.

14. You’re my most charming and priceless God-given treasure. Please, let’s get back together in love. I miss you.

15. Baby, I’m sorry, I knew I hurt you, but I couldn’t control myself. I’ll be careful next time. Please, don’t be annoyed with me.

16. Dearie, I know how painful it is for you to get hurting words from the woman you love, please find a place in your heart to forgive me, I’m truly sorry.

17. I know what happened yesterday was very awful and not right but we can actually fix things up. Please accept my apology.

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18. What’s up my dear, I hurt you a million times yesterday and I feel guilty. I really do love you and do not mean to piss you off. I’m sorry.

19. I know I can really be annoying, dearie, but I want you to overlook my mistakes and let’s settle amicably. Please keep on making my world bright.

20. I have learnt to deal with so many things now my love and I’m sorry for making such a big mistake fighting with you over nothing. Forgive me.

21. I accept that I am so wrong about everything I did and said to you, it will never happen. Pardon me, love.

22. Babe, I couldn’t get enough sleep just because I knew I reacted so rudely to you. I can’t blame anyone for anything, I’m just sorry.

23. You are my dream and world and you know I wouldn’t hurt you, it was just a great mistake I made fighting with you, I’m deeply sorry. Overlook my weakness, dear.

24. So many things may be running through your head, no doubt, but please I will prefer to see you and explain myself, truly, I’m so sorry.

25. Baby, I hope you have forgiven me concerning our fight last night, you are my crown and I love you deeply. I’m so sorry, love. Kisses.

26. My presence may be so irritating to you right now but sincerely, I want you to understand from my heart, that, I didn’t plan to speak or get into a fight with you, dear. Forgive my actions.

27. I know that right now your heart feels bad and shattered, forgive my wrongs and let my love spring again.

28. I’m sorry for stepping on your toes yesterday, I will prevent every means of misunderstanding, I’m sorry.

29. I know you are a strong man, true, brave and of honesty but my reactions overtook me yesterday and I lost to it. Forgive me, dear.

30. For all the shit I said and I did, I’m truly sorry. Let’s break off this silence, I want to hug you tight.

31. Nothing seems more important than apologizing to you right now. Everything in me blames me for all I did. Dear, common, forgive me. I hope you are smiling now.

32. Irrespective of everything, I humbly say, I’m dearly sorry. I still love you and every single thing about you.

33. I hope to still get more of those smiles from you that turns me on. You are my amazing half and I’m sorry I did wrong to you. Let’s hang out, babe.

34. My heart hurts seeing you sad and knowing it’s from me. Darling, I want to say, I’m truly sorry.

35. I know you see me as imperfect and yes, I accept it because my faults are clear to me and I am truly sorry.

36. Trust me babe, the kind of fight we had, it’s not something I would want to repeat itself that’s why I’m pleading for your forgiveness. Forgive me.

37. For my wrong attitude, approach and manners to you, I’m sorry, forgive me, love.

38. Love has been interesting with you by my side. I’m sorry for treating you badly and disrespecting you.

39. I can’t dispute the fact that my actions displayed were totally wrong and never expected. Babe, I know you feel sad but bury my wrongs and let our love flourish.

40. Every time I offend you, I know how much my heart suffers. For the sake of love, let go and let’s remain happy.

41. If I give so many excuses, it wouldn’t worth it at all, all I want to say is, I’m sincerely sorry and I will prove it to you a million times. I love you.

42. I let you down baby, I didn’t mean it that way, I promise to be better. I’m sorry.

43. I’m truly sorry and I hope you forgive my carelessness, baby.

44. You have every reason to be angry and I’m still saying, sorry, love.

45. I went too far just to say hurting words to you and I have realized my mistakes. Pardon my errors for love, dear.

46. I accept the blame for bringing up the fight and causing the argument. I’m sorry.

47. You can think anything you want and give me my punishment but please don’t push my love for you aside. I’m so sorry.

48. I understand how you feel and I want you to know I have no hurt in my heart against you when I expressed myself. Forgive me.

49. I’m ready to listen to everything you have to say and please forgive my ignorance. I’m deeply sorry.

50. I can’t take back my words, because it is irreversible. Baby, overlook my words for they were from an angry heart.

51. I miss you so much and cannot wait to hear from you. Please pardon me.

52. You truly do not deserve all my shouting and arguments. I have realized it and I’m saying, sorry from my heart.

53. I took time to think about my mistakes and I saw that I’m about to miss a light in my world. I’m sorry, dearie.

54. Don’t be in a haste to conclude because of my errors, I truly love you and want to be with you. Forgive me for everything I did wrong.

55. I never imagined I could be that bad to you just for a little misunderstanding. I regret it all, dear and I’m asking for your forgiveness.

56. All I want is that you continue to spark up my love. Please don’t count my mistakes and make me feel empty.

57. I feel hurt too the same way you do. Please don’t leave me. I love you dearly.

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58. If you intend to take any decision, please just take time to reflect on our love journey and remember that I am sorry for all I did to you.

59. You are the best person I have and I don’t want to trade you for a piece of argument. Please forgive me, babe.

60. I really hope that every part of you truly forgives me and loves me again. I’m so sorry.

61. You have made me better in every way and I cherish it so much, dear. Please just forgive my mistakes.

62. Forgive this helpless lover in love with you. You’re are such an amazing person and I let my behaviours get hold of me.

63. I can’t fathom the fact of losing you. You mean the world to me. I am sorry.

64. I promise to be more composed and of a more pleasant character. I hope you know I mean it when I say I love you. I am sorry l.

65. No words actually amount or can explain how much I feel sorry for my mistakes, please forgive me.

66. Forgive me dear and let’s enjoy our love like we use to.

67. Find a place in your heart to truly forgive my naughtiness.

68. If only I could take back my words, I would take back the words that hurt. Baby, I am sorry.

69. I’ll never stop apologizing until your heart is full of my love again. I’m so sorry dear.

70. I know how forgiving is hard but please dear, forgive me like I never did anything wrong.

71. I apologize for being stupid, careless, harmful, hurting and too harsh. Forgive me, babe.

72. If only you could see how I feel right now. I feel so ashamed of myself. I’m so sorry.

73. I’ll drop all my pride just to get your forgiveness. I love you and I’m sorry.

74. I didn’t mean to end your good day with a fight. I’m so sorry I let that happen. Please forgive me.

75. I’m actually saying sorry because I am truly and I want this relationship to go on. Pardon me, baby.

76. I may be wrong in every way but let me be right by getting your forgiveness.

77. Since I cannot clear the doubt you feel in your heart towards me, I have to say, sorry love. Forgive me.

78. Now you’re annoyed with me, I feel so helpless. I’m sorry, love.

79. I just want to see you play with me like you use to. I’m so sorry, dear.

80. I can accept every other thing but not the fact that you keep silence. Please, dear, find a place in your heart to forgive me.

81. Let your smile shine on me again and keep my heart awake. Forgive me, babe.

82. If I have a heart eraser, I would erase all my errors from your heart. I plead and say, I’m truly sorry, dear.

83. If you count my mistakes, it’s enough for you not to look back. My love, I sincerely ask that you forgive accept me back.

84. Every time I think of you, I think of how much I have hurt you and how I let you down. I hope one day you would truly accept my apology and love me more.

85. I have so many wrongs and never felt sorry but going wrong with you, strikes my heart imbalanced. I’m so full of regret hurting you. Please, forgive me.

86. So many of my dreams and aspirations would not have been achieved without you, dear. Please don’t let go of my confidence you’ve built. I’m so sorry.

87. If I sing a thousand songs to suit and calm your spirit, it wouldn’t be enough. Please, pardon me, baby.

88. I pray God subjects your heart to forgive me and love me uniquely.

89. No human can escape from mistakes but I want to apologize for creating misunderstanding between us.

90. I can’t heal the pain you feel due to my attitude but u can be a better lover and clear your doubt. Please forgive me.

91. It’s easy for you to walk away, I know but please don’t walk away because it’s going to be hard for me. Baby, I’m truly sorry.

92. The argument we had has come and gone and I can see myself openly. I have nothing to say than to say, I’m deeply sorry.

93. Dear, you know there’s no relationship without a fight and apart from that, forgive me for creating an uncomfortable scene with you.

94. My friendship and love with you, I cherish so much and I’m pleading that you don’t let my error jeopardize it. Forgive me.

95. Nothing else would flood my face with smiles the to hear your sweet voice of love again saying that you’ve forgiven me.

96. I appreciate you in my life and everything we’ve been together. Please bear with me for not being in the right manner. I promise to change, forgive me.

97. Silence is a fast killer. Babe, revive my spirit with your voice. I’m so sorry.

98. I thought about myself throughout the night and I saw how much I have wronged you. Just forgive me and let go, babe.

99. If I want to count many reasons to justify my faults, I would be at a loss. I’m humbly saying, sorry for everything, darling.

100. Dear, please let your heart be at peace with me again for I have realized my mistakes and I’m asking for your total forgiveness. Love you, dear.

Please, kindly drop your comments as you’ve successfully found resolutions to your relationship conflicts.


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