Cute Paragraphs for Him After an Argument

2024 Cute Paragraphs for Him After an Argument

Being in a relationship with the one you love is a very beautiful thing, and one of the best things that can happen to anyone.

Things start all perfectly, evidence of love, and butterflies flying all over too. And we tend to feel it will always be a heaven on earth experience.

However, disputes tend to occur despite love being in place. Having a hitch-free relationship is not entirely possible as one partner would hurt the other along the way, most times, unintentionally.

The most important thing in such a situation isn’t trying to point fingers, but working at dealing with the underlying issue, and ensuring it doesn’t lead to more serious problems.

It doesn’t matter who started the fight or argument, and it doesn’t matter if you’re at fault or not. If you truly love your boyfriend and cherish your relationship, nothing stops you from apologising first.

Did you just have a heated argument with your boyfriend and you’re looking for genuine texts to apologise? See the magic of an apology in restoring peace and love, by choosing any of the Cute Paragraphs For Him After An Argument below, to put an end to your fight or argument, instantly.

Cute Paragraph to Send to Your Boyfriend After an Argument

Best of cute apology paragraphs to send to your boyfriend (or husband) after an argument.

1. I admit that I deserve all you’re doing to me right now. But, honey, I am truly sorry. Please let go your anger and accept my sincere apology. My heart is in so much pain right now, knowing I hurt the king of my heart, seriously. Please, forgive me. I love you so much, and you know I can’t do without you for too long. I promise to be more patient next time.

2. I’ve been extremely possessive and I am sorry. I promise to be good and trust you better. Baby, don’t doubt this, I know a lot of this has been said in times past, but this time around, I am serious about never hurting you this way or any other way. Please, forgive me, darling. You’re life’s best gift to me, and I don’t want anything to come between me, and my world’s favourite man.

3. I know I said a lot of things that hurt you, but, the truth is, you said a lot of hurtful words too. There’s no point in being angry at me when I have already chosen to forgive you. Baby, you have no choice but to forgive me, cos I won’t let you keep ignoring me. Just get over it already, and come home to mama, where you truly belong. I love you so much, darling, and I’m sorry.

4. Countless times, I have pushed you to break up with me. I saw it again yesterday when we had that argument. I saw that you are beginning to relent in your fight to keep me, and that makes me feel miserable. I am sorry for constantly being a pain in your neck. Please, forgive me, hun, you’re all that matters to me, and I won’t trade you for anything in the world.

4. Baby, despite the fact that you deeply hurt me, and made me question all that we share, I choose to forgive you. I love you too much to allow all that, make me change my mind. I’m giving you a second chance to prove the love you said you have for me, whether you like it or not. You’re all I need and ever want. You’re the reason I’m happy. I am madly into you. Let’s put the quarrel behind us already.

5. I long to see your smile and be lost in the warmth your embrace brings. I’m sorry my daily activities and challenges got the best of me. It’s no excuse to misbehave and transfer aggression to you. I am sorry about that. Baby, please forgive me. I’ve missed you so much, and long to be held in your loving embrace.

6. I get really jealous when I see girls around you, and it sometimes makes me feel insecure. I know I need to accept that you can’t stop being friends with them and also understand that I am your lover and you love me completely. I am sorry for saying things I shouldn’t have, darling. I should have communicated my fears. Please, forgive me.

7. I take responsibility for our present hurt. I accept it’s my fault, baby. I am sorry for this pain I caused you. I am sorry for everything. For nagging at you, for being stubborn and insensitive. I am deeply miserable right now. I’m on my knees baby, and I won’t get up, except you come to tell me you’ve accepted my apology, and you carry me up in your arms like you love to do.

8. It’s been 4hrs with no words from you. I’ve told my heart to be still at different times, but she wouldn’t listen to me. I am sorry for causing you so much pain and saying any of that stuff. Please, forgive me. You remain the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and you know I can’t do without communicating with you for so long. Please let’s talk about it.

9. My heart is yours right now so it hurts me to know that you are hurt at the moment. I feel the pain I caused you, too and I am sorry for bringing it in the first place. Baby, you know I love you more than life itself. I’m so sorry and will never intentionally hurt you.

10. Baby, the week hasn’t been great and I decided to take it out on you. You are not showing your anger or displeasure, but I know I hurt you and I am sorry for doing so. Please forgive me, and allow me to make it up to you tonight, just the way you like it. Don’t be late.

11. I have been dead to your needs and insensitive to your feelings. Lately, I’ve been acting as if it’s been all about me. You’ve listened to me but I haven’t listened to you and I am sorry about that, and especially for lashing out at you yesterday. I meant none of what I said. I love you deeply. Please forgive me.

12. I now understand what you were trying to say. I feel so bad for speaking before listening. It has taught me a lesson. Will you please find a place in your warm heart to forgive me? I have truly learned my lesson, and I promise to be a better partner next time.

13. I said things I shouldn’t have said, honey. I broke the line. I wronged you badly. I messed up again. I flawed big time. What do you think of me now? Do you hate me now? Do I still mean much to you? Do you still love me? You don’t have to answer dear. I just want you to know that I am deeply sorry.

14. I know we are bound to hurt each other, but it isn’t a license for me to have hurt you the way I did. I am sorry for hurting you and defending myself with that statement. You, my darling, are the best man any woman can ask for. I’ll never take your love for granted, ever.

15. My love, my day has been incomplete without a call nor text from you. I am sorry I shouted at you and left you standing at the park. I shouldn’t have done that despite being angry. Please, forgive me. I realise my wrong now. Feel free to punish me tonight.

16. I am quick to act based on my emotions. I know you have spoken to me about this countless times, but I am sorry for not listening and instead causing so much pain with my hurtful words. Please, forgive me, my sugar pie.

17. My mistake was listening to others and doubting your love for me and even your honesty. I saw the hurt in your eyes when I told you I didn’t believe you and I am sorry. Please, forgive me. You’re the most important person to me.

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18. You are really my heartbeat because since things became different between us, my heart has ceased to be at rest and its beat is slower than usual. Please forgive my wrong, honey pie. Don’t let me have a heart attack, without you, my cure, being by my side.

19. I am sorry for not listening to you and still going on with my decision. In the end, it ended up burning my fingers. I am really sorry about this dear. I feel stupid. So stupid for being adamant, and still trying to defend myself, despite all. Please, forgive me, baby.

20. I chose to ignore you because I was mad at you. In the end, it created so much gap between us, and now, we argue about any and everything. I am sorry for this and I hope we get back on track soon. This is very unhealthy for the amazing love relationship we have, and I’m willing to work together with you to avoid such. Please, forgive me, honey. I forgive you too.

21. Love isn’t selfish but mine has been. I have sought my own in different ways and I am sorry. I didn’t mean to look out for myself only. Please, forgive me. You know I’m not like this, I’ve just been finding it hard to cope with the pressure at work. I’m sorry for being a brat about it, and not recognising how patient and understanding you’ve been about it all. I’ll never take you for granted, baby.

22. I am sorry for taking your love for me as a weakness and using that as a reason to act ill towards you. I know you won’t hurt me but I am sorry for hurting you. You don’t deserve any of the ill words I said to you. Please, forgive me, dear. I sincerely meant none of them and was simply intoxicated. You’re all I want to intoxicate me right now, I miss you.

23. When I behave stupid and act out of place, I still find it safe to run to you. My heart belongs with you and my home is here with you. Please forgive my foolishness, my heartbeat. You’re all I want and need, darling. I admit I was at fault this time, and I’m to make amends.

24. Baby, that hurt really bad. I’m asking myself how we got to this point. We suddenly can’t seem to have any discussion without it becoming an argument. I love you baby, and I truly am not willing to let you go, but we really need to talk about this and work on getting better. The summary of all this is that I’ve sincerely missed you, and I want you in my arms right now.

25. My love, I am sorry for disrespecting you. I should have shown you more respect by allowing you to express yourself. I shouldn’t have flared up the way I did. I am sorry, my lord and king. I was naughty, and I deserve to be punished tonight. Just name the place and time.

26. I read meanings to your relationship with her and didn’t think she was just a friend to you. Now, I know better and my conscience pricks me upon thinking about how I embarrassed you, rather than simply trusting you, or asking for clarification. Please, forgive me, I’ll be more reasonable next time.

27. I know I messed up big time and you’re disappointed in me but I can’t explain how sorry I am. I can only think of ways to ensure this doesn’t happen again. All I said and did were totally uncalled for. So I ask, my love, please forgive me.

28. God’s best gift to us is LOVE. You may find it hard to believe but I love you sweetie and nothing can change that. Not even how others feel about me. I am sorry for making you doubt that love, I’m sorry for being unable to control my tongue. I love you so much, darling. Forgive me.

29. Our love has been nothing short of a road trip. We have gone really far and I am not willing to put a stop to the journey, with my careless thoughts and words. Please, let’s kick start our relationship again to what it used to be. A man like you is rare to find, and I refuse to realise how great you are after losing you. I’m never letting you go, honey.

30. Going through a lot of things, and taking out my anger in you was wrong. I should have filled you in, told you what was wrong, rather than nagging, and shouting. I am sorry sweetheart, you know I’m your one and only baby. Please, forgive me.

31. I apologise for all I’ve done wrong. For disregarding your opinions and enforcing mine, for cutting you off just to listen to me, for failing to understand you and disrespecting your words. I’m sorry, baby. I’m ready to do whatever you say. Your wish is my command, henceforth.

32. In many ways, I haven’t understood you. You keep telling me to slow down and be patient, but I don’t listen. Now, see what pain I’ve caused the most important person in my life. You are a treasure to me and I can’t afford to lose you anytime. Please, come back home, my love, and find it in your heart to forgive me. Life is much better with you by my side.

33. I know we said we should take a break, but that’s because we were both angry at each other. Yes, I know I initiated the decision, but, I sincerely wasn’t thinking straight. I have seen past the anger now and I know that I really love you. I am sorry. Please forget everything I said and let’s start over again. I’ll be a very good and obedient girl henceforth. Pinkie swear.

34. My love, I am sorry for the way I reacted. I know I love to nag whenever I am in that state, but it isn’t an excuse to have said that to you. I want you to remember that you’re the most important person to me, and I’ll never hurt you intentionally in any way. Please, forgive me.

35. I can deal with your refusal to see my face but not to pick my calls. I deserve everything you’re doing and how you’re reacting right now and I am sorry. My life hardly makes sense without you. Every part of me, misses all of you, darling. Have mercy on your queen, my king, and come home to where you belong.

36. You warned me earlier about this. You said I was taking your love for granted. I knew it was true but chose to cause a fight and throw tantrums at you. Please, my love, give me another chance to be the amazing woman you fell in love with. I want to always stay with you in good times and in bad ones too.

37. You’ve always treated me like a queen because you love me. But you said my reaction to you, doesn’t make you feel like the king of my heart. I should have paid attention and apologise, but I turned it into an argument. I am sorry you ever felt that way. Please, give me another chance to treat you like the king of my heart that you really are.

38. I am sorry for going all mummy over you. I should have been a friend and a lover, not some granny. I know I can overdo things at times but you know it’s because I love you. Please, text me when you see this. I am sorry for losing my temper, honey. Forgive me, and let me find it back, and also the peace and love only you can give me.

39. I keep messing up baby. I keep doing so over and over and end up with only apologies. I’ve messed up in more ways than one. I am sorry. You mean the world to me and I promise to change my ways. I mean it this time, hun, I truly do.

40. I have nothing against our relationship. I have enjoyed every bit of it. I am sorry for letting my flaws get in the way or even the better of me. Please let’s make things work out. I sincerely didn’t mean any of the words or accusations I made. I was just being naughty, please forgive me, my love.

41. I am sorry for being insecure around you. I had no right to intrude in your privacy. Whatever my fears and worries were, I should have asked you about it knowing fully well that you’d be honest with me, rather than cause a scene. I promise it won’t happen again. Please, forgive me, my love.

42. Your love is pure, true and kind. I know I feel the same towards you but I’ve poured flames of fire on our love, with my words. I have been overreacting and irritable these days. Please, forgive me, my adorable darling. Let me make it up to you, by taking you to the moon, heaven, and back, all in a split of a second. I love you, baby.

43. I just hope I have not ruined our amazing union with my big mouth? You see why you need to always keep my mouth sealed in yours? I am sorry, baby. Please, forgive me. I’m willing to work on my tongue and control myself more. I love you so much, darling.

44. I have to admit this, honey, I am a jealous girlfriend. I saw you last night from where I sat with another lady. I didn’t come to you because I didn’t trust myself not to overreact but I should have told you rather than picking fights with every word you said. It just hurt so bad, I wasn’t sure what to think. You’re my life, honey.

45. These days, I realised that whenever my heart is sad, other parts of my body follow. I find it hard to concentrate on jobs and I become moody. It’s happening again because you are sad with me, and I’m the cause. Baby, forgive me. I’ll do better next time, I promise, with my hands crossed over my heart.

46. It’s hard to control my anger, baby. A lot of times I try not to let it get ahead of me, but it does anyway. Now, look what I’ve done. We are falling apart already. Oh, baby, I can’t afford to lose you, you’re life to me. I’ll do whatever you require of me, including taking those anger management classes you suggested. I just want all of you, and nothing else.

47. The fear of losing you drives me crazy and makes me act in extreme ways, sometimes. In my little head, it’s a way to keep you, not knowing I’m indirectly hurting the hell out of you. I am very sorry, my dearest and only love, forgive me.

48. Darling, we can’t do without having hitches here and there. There are times that call for apologies just to make peace. Please, no blame game any longer. I am sorry I hurt you. Forgive me, my love. I have already forgiven you, so it’s time for you to reciprocate, and forgive me too.

49. I feel so ashamed right now. I raised my voice at you before my friends. I saw the look on your face and realised how dishonoured and embarrassed you felt. I am sorry my love. I really don’t know what came over me. Please, forgive me.

50. It’s been long your lips touched mine. I haven’t gotten that seal of your love on my forehead in a while. I know I caused that and I am sorry. I miss your hug and smile to baby. Please, forgive me. I love you too much to not be in good terms with you for so long.

51. I admit that I went a little overboard, and the discussion didn’t have to escalate into such a heated argument. Please forgive me, and let’s both work on ways to prevent such from happening again. I love you so much, and that’s why I can’t stay mad at you for long.

52. If I could go back in time, I’d revisit the park and shut my mouth while fury raged within me. I broke us the moment I opened my mouth to speak. I broke you. And I am sorry baby. Please, forgive me. I sincerely wish I could go back in time to undo that. But, I believe you’ll let the love you have for me, make you chose to forgive me.

53. I don’t deserve forgiveness right now, I know I don’t deserve it. But honey, if there’s no forgiveness then there’s no love. I am pleading with you to please find that part of your heart which still beats for me and forgive me.

54. Sweetheart, I have not come to try to bribe you nor turn your head. I won’t try to make you see from my side. I’ve realized my mistakes by looking at things from your side. I am sorry baby. Deeply sorry. Try and reconsider your action for the sake of the hot and sweet love we share.

55. I betrayed you by my actions, honey. My words and deeds were not in sync. I professed love but behaved otherwise. You kept telling me but I didn’t listen till I pushed you away. Forgive me, my dear one. Please don’t let me ever have to live without you.

56. My problem is escalating things and it’s ruining us right now. I know I promised to stop being a dramatic person but just got worse instead. Baby, you understand me but I know you are hurt. Please forgive me. I promise to change and this time for the better.

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58. Waking at mornings has suddenly become boring for me. You are angry and I know it. But please don’t let it last forever. I have wronged you and I am bitter about it. Painfully bitter, my dearest. Please, pardon my wrongs.

59. This hurt has caused separation and pain. We have been silent for long. Our love is cracking, its walls are breaking. I own up to my faults. I take responsibilities for my wrongs. I am sorry, love. Can we go back to how we were in the beginning? I miss you.

60. It took me so long to finally apologise and I don’t want you to doubt this. I am indeed sorry for causing you pain. These days, I’ve been too hard on myself. I’ve had a rethink about everything that happened and I’m filled with so many regrets. My baby, please forgive me.

61. Your anger has overshadowed your love for me. I can feel you raging where I am and my heart beating faster than normal. I don’t know what to expect any longer. I don’t know if I should be scared or not. But before you make up your mind about what to do to me, please know that I am terribly sorry, honey.

62. I am never going to get over you, even if you leave me. You’ve been my defender and shield. You’ve confirmed me in worst times and consoled my crying heart. You’ve listened to my cracking voice over the call and told me it increased your love for me. How could I be so stupid to hurt you? Please, forgive me, dear.

63. I feel empty by this drift between us. So empty I barely have life in me to do any other thing. I’m hurting honey, just like you are. I’m hurting because you’re not here and I’m the reason. I am sorry for this pain I caused you. Let’s go back to being the best lovebirds ever.

64. Only your forgiveness has the power to make me feel good. I don’t have the right to ask for it now but I do need it. I need you to forgive me, please. Forgive my wrong and foolishness. Forgive me of the hurt I’ve caused you. I love you more than life itself.

65. I’m sorry for everything but more sorry for hurting you. I’m sorry for those harsh words, the ignored calls, the anger I charged at you, times I refused to see you. I’m sorry for the insults. For hurling wrong words at you. I am sorry my love. Please, forgive me.

66. My better half, I am not in good shape. I am losing myself and I am sorry. I am sorry for not being there when you needed me. I am sorry for walking out on you at that point, that moment I was the shoulder you needed to lean on. Memories haunt me and I am deeply sorry.

67. I won’t get upset or cross if you decide not to forgive me immediately. In fact, I have no right to. I don’t deserve to be forgiven. I don’t deserve mercy. I don’t worth it but I’m here hoping that you’d give it anyways. Forgive me, my love. Your humble and beloved lover asks for mercy.

68. Peace eludes me because your absence is all I’ve had to live with. I’m not happy anymore. I’m not the cheerful lady and it’s obvious to everyone. How could I have broken the heart of the one who loves me with my flaws? Who do I tell that? Where do I run to if not you again? I am sorry, honey.

69. I was stung when I looked into your eyes and saw the hurt it harboured. How long have you been hurting, dear one? How long have you held this hurt in you? I am sorry. Most sorry for hurting you. For breaking the glow in your eyes. Please, forgive me.

70. Honey, forgive me. That’s all I can say right now. That’s all I’d say over and over. That’s all I’d say till you do. I have wronged you in the most unimaginable way. I have caused a crack in our relationship. I have betrayed your trust. Please forgive me.

71. I may not be in your heart any longer but you’d always be in mine. You’re angry with me but I love you more right now. I love you more than ever before, and I realise how wrong I was to have pushed you away. Please forgive me, baby. You’re all I want and need.

72. My darling, I am sorry for comparing you to others. I am sorry for using them as yardsticks in our union. I don’t want you to be them. I am fine with who you are. You are perfect for me, none else can love and pamper me as you do. Please forgive me.

73. Days have become longer and night lonelier without you. There’s no communication between us and I’m full of regret, for acting like a child. The only thing that binds us is love. I love you and I am sorry. Words can’t explain how bad I feel and even my tears understand that I am hurt. Please forgive me.

74. I’d rather kill my pride and beg you till you accept me than hear that you love someone else. Truth is, I’d lose my mind and I’m already doing that. I can’t think straight. I can’t think clearly right now. I need my lover back. I want him back. I crave for him. I am sorry, honey.

75. I wronged you, but I’m the one who’s hurt. I’m the one crying daily. I thought hurting you would please me but it hurt me instead. It broke me, broke my heart, and got to my soul. I’m shattered in different places. I long for you. I am sorry for hurting you, my irreplaceable darling.

76. My true love, the only king of my heart. My baby and honey. I am sorry for even thinking of hurting you. I am sorry I conceived that thought. I am sorry I thought doing so would bring me any good. I am sorry for being naive. Please forgive me.

77. It hurts to know that after going through the day’s stress, I make it worse for you with my nagging. I apologise for being a lousy girlfriend and a troublesome one. I have hurt you by refusing to give you peace of mind, and I am sorry.

78. I am sorry for raising your past mistake up and judging you with that. I am sorry for saying if you could do it then, you could do it now. I saw the look in your eyes. You trusted me so much before telling me that secret and I used it against you. I am sorry.

79. I am sorry for cheating on you. At some point you became distant and I just felt lonely and fell into the arms of another. I didn’t think you would find out and I thought of ways to tell you but I couldn’t bring myself to. I am sorry, darling. I promise it will never happen again.

80. I hope whatever I did wrong won’t change how you feel towards me. I hope the oceans of your love are deep enough to drown the anger in your mind and betrayal that you fill. I hope you can forgive me and accept me back.

81. My wrongs prick me already, but your resistance hurts me the more. I tried touching your shoulder but you moved away. I reached out to your face but you held my hand back. Is that how much I’ve hurt you? Oh, baby, I am sorry. Please, forgive me.

82. You don’t need to tell me a word. I am guilty as charged honey. Your eyes say it all. I have caused pain. I miss those deep blue eyes. I look into them these days and I’m taken back by the hurt that stares at me. How can I clear that out without an apology? I am sorry baby. Please, forgive me.

83. I relish the moments we had together some weeks back and how we looked forward to having another. But this was stopped by a little misunderstanding that I allowed to happen. I am not justifying myself, I did wrong and I take the blame. I am sorry but I can’t stop loving you still. Please, forgive me.

84. I am avoiding you because I hurt you. I can’t stand the hurt in your eyes. I can’t bear to see through your eyes the pain that I put you through. I can’t live with the feeling of guilt and regret any more. Please forgive me, my love. All you need to do is tell me you’ve forgiven me.

85. My love story isn’t complete without you here. It’s boring without your smile and not worth reading without your part. We were writing one before I chased you off. We were so close to a great chapter before I stopped writing and I am sorry. Please, forgive me. Come back home, darling, and let’s rewrite our story.

86. My love, have mercy and compassion upon me. I hurt you and hurt myself too. I caused you pain and caused myself pain too. I caused you sleepless nights and found it difficult to sleep here. I caused you heartaches and ended up with one. I am full of regret. Please, my love, forgive me.

87. You are my safe place, baby, my safe house. I’ve walked the streets of other places and felt insecure. I’ve spoken with friends and felt alone. It’s not cold but I can feel myself shivering every now and then. I’m not afraid of the dark, but this time I am. I am sorry baby. Please, forgive me.

88. Days have passed by but I am not ready to leave you. I am not ready to move on without you. I am not ready to go on with life without your hands in mine. No, I won’t let ego get in my way of apologizing. I am sorry, my lover.

89. I don’t think you care to know this, but I have been crying my heart out since the day you walked out. I am sorry it took so long to apologise but I had to put myself together before coming to speak to your heart. Forgive me, my love. I’m ready to make amends. We’re the best team ever, remember? We can’t let this put an end to us.

90. Your kiss is the only one I want to taste forever. None other suits my lips. My love, I should have explained things better to you and told you immediately I was being pestered by someone else. I never kissed him. Never went out with him nor agree to date him. Please, don’t listen to their lies. I am sorry for holding this back. Yesterday’s argument was out of control, I don’t want to lose you.

91. Honey, please, we can’t afford to keep this unhealthy distance. I need your forgiveness now, more than ever. It alone can make me whole and bring peace back into my life. Please, don’t deny me of this. Please, for love’s sake, let’s both come together as one, to makes this work again.

92. I’ll do anything to have you back again, hear you laugh and watch you dance. To feel your hands on me and your kiss behind my ears. To talk to you endlessly, to stop time with you, to stop worries and cease fears. I am sorry for ever letting my selfish nature get in the way. Please, forgive me, and the foolish words I uttered.

93. Tell me what you want me to do just to gain your forgiveness. I’ll do anything, my love. Anything because your happiness is what matters to me the most. I am sorry for not considering that before acting out of place. Please, forgive me, baby.

94. I can’t stop myself from hurting. It’s another day without you. How do I even go on? How did I survive the last few days? I worked with pain and laughed with others while my heart hurt me. I looked for drugs just to put me to bed. I am sorry. Please, forgive my wrong.

95. I wish I could take back my words right now. Unfortunately, you heard them before I realized what I was saying. I looked up to you and saw how you struggled to hold back those tears. I felt ashamed and I still feel ashamed. I hurt a sweet soul and I’m sorry. Please find a place in your heart, to forgive me, my love.

96. You’ve never cried before me, but this time you did. You couldn’t hold back the tears. You were so wounded by me. My words got to you. I am trying to get over your sniffs and whimpers. I have not forgiven myself for being the source of such great grief, but I need you to please forgive me. Please, my love.

97. I want to lock my fingers into your hands again. But I feel betrayed by my emotions. I feel unqualified to be close to you or even own your heart. I am sorry for the hurt I caused you, and for the Ill words, I uttered. Please, forgive me.

98. Only your forgiveness can heal my broken heart right now. Only if the hurt in your eyes fades away will my soul be at rest. I am sorry for hurting you, my love. Please, forgive me.

99. I didn’t wake to a text from you. Before our last rift, your messages woke me up. And a smile followed after which defined my whole day. These days, I go about grumpy and lonely. Sad and broken. Please, let’s reconcile and be the happy fellas we used to be. I know you miss me too.

100. I’ll never rest or enjoy life knowing that you haven’t forgiven me. I’ll never be able to hold you again knowing that I caused a wound in your heart. I am sorry for hurting you with such words, so deep. Please, forgive me. I need you back in my life darling, you’re my oxygen.


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