Powerful Prayers for a Good Day

2024 Powerful Prayers for a Good Day

Jesus started with prayer and ended with prayer, today is another day and a privilege to be Christ-like. Accomplish your goals here on earth this day and be the best you can be just as Jesus did by connecting to his heavenly Father.

Let your case be settled in heaven already as you decide to say these prayers today.

Effective Prayers for a Good Day

It is one thing to plan for the day, and it is another thing to commit the plans into God’s hand. Achieve this cause with these Effective words of prayer for a good and glorious day.

1. Lord, I’m aware of the troubles in each day, but I know I’m always graced by your safety. So I pray for a good day ahead today.

2. Dear father, no matter how bad and tough things get today, I believe it’s going to be a wonderful day for me and my family, in Jesus name.

3. Dear Lord, I hide under the shadow of your wings today as I go on with my daily activities, help me to go out and come in safe and sound in Jesus name.

4. Dear Lord, I know every man needs your favour to get ahead in life’s struggles so I ask that you favour me well today for greater achievement in Jesus name.

5. I pray that you help me to sow good seeds on this day so at the end I can say thank you Lord in Jesus name.

6. If God be for me no one can be against me, so I go out today with the knowledge of victory and power in Jesus name

7. Father I know today is full of its own evil, but only with my eyes shall I behold the reward of the wicked, I shall be no partaker of wicked happenings today in Jesus name.

8. Establish the work of my hands today yea establish the work of my hands oh Lord!

9. Help me to deal wisely with all men on this day in Jesus name.

10. Draw me closer to accomplishing your purpose for my life today in Jesus name.

11. Goodness and mercy shall abide with me today according to your word in Jesus name.

12. Help me to receive the good news of today in Jesus name.

13. Even If I fall down today help me to rise up seven times by your grace in Jesus name.

14. Help me to be who you want me to be today in Jesus name.

15. By your grace, I shall conquer defeat today in Jesus name.

16. Because I believe in your power I shall see your glory as I step out to do what you have committed in my hands to do today in Jesus name.

17. I decree and I believe that no eyes have seen, no ears have heard what you have in store for me today in Jesus name.

18. I shall build and not destroy, help me to do that to the best of my capacity today in Jesus name.

19. It doesn’t matter who will offend me this day, help me to forgive and forget in Jesus name.

20. Your favour shall separate me from all men today in Jesus name.

21. At the end may I have the course to glorify your name today in Jesus name.

22. I shall be above only today in Jesus name.

23. Beautify my day oh Lord with the beauty of my land in Jesus name.

24. Lead me through today in Jesus name.

25. Help me to go about my work today with the Joy of the Holy Ghost in me in Jesus name.

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26. Help me to love and be loved today in Jesus name.

27. Help me to be at peace with all men today in Jesus name.

28. Let my ways please you oh Lord in all that I do today in Jesus name.

29. Your grace shall be sufficient for me to go on this day in Jesus name.

30. Help me out in all that I do today, I shall not labour in vain.

31. Help me to be courageous and be as bold as a lion as I face what is before me today in Jesus name.

32. The devil shall not steal, nor kill and destroy all that you have put in my care for today in Jesus name

33. Dear Lord in heaven I know things don’t always go the way we plan but let them all work together for my good today in Jesus name.

34. Help me to live this day as if it were my last in Jesus name.

35. Father in heaven, give me the grace to worry less and hope more in Christ Jesus today.

36. I choose to live by faith today believing everything will be just fine in time in Jesus name.

37. Father help me to go out today full of your strength in Jesus name.

38. Dear Lord help me to consider the needy around me today, help me to be merciful to obtain your mercy as your word teaches us in Jesus name.

39. Do not let me go weary of loving all that needs my love today in Jesus name.

40. Oh, Father in heaven order my steps as I go about my day in Jesus name.

41. Life is a race, help me to run my race graciously today, do not let anyone take my crown in Jesus name.

42. Father go before me and make every crooked way straight for my sake in Jesus name.

43. All that I hope to be today and achieve in my life time it is but a light thing to be by your grace, so I ask for your grace and mercy to accomplish my goals and my life purpose in Jesus name.

44. Father in heaven place me where I am supposed to be for divine encounter with a God sent today in Jesus name.

45. I come against any evil weapon fashioned against my destiny, my purpose and my goals for today in Jesus name.

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46. I am destined to be great and that is who I’m gonna be, I refuse to be manipulated by the devil in Jesus name.

47. Father I speak against any ill luck and unfortunate occurrences today, I am not a victim but a victor by the blood of the lamb in Jesus name.

48. I shall not run from pillar to post, my steps are ordered by you, therefore any evil emergency is canceled today in Jesus name.

49. Father whether the devil likes it or not your plan shall hold in my life, I shall not fall out of your plan and will for my life in Jesus name.

50. Who has spoken when the Lord commands it not, every evil voice speaking negativity into my body, spirit and soul, igniting depression and suicidal thoughts into my heart, you are silenced in Jesus name, my portion is to live and declare the works of the Lord in the land of the living and so shall it be.

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