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365 Reasons Why I Love My Best Friend Quotes and Messages in 2023

We do not come with best friends easily. So appreciate your best friend by telling them the reasons why you love them.

Best friends are rare treasures. Finding someone who understands you completely like a best friend is not common. So, if you have a best friend, cherish them and let them know always the reasons why you love them.

Cute Reasons Why I Love My Best Friend

1. The good book says there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. That is so true of us. I love you, my best friend.

2. The way you pay attention to me when I’m speaking makes me know that I’m important to you.

3. It touches my heart that you are always there when I need you. All I have to do is look beside me, and I will find you there.

4. It is so amazing how much we think alike. You practically know what I’m thinking before I’m done thinking it. I love you, my best friend.

5. You allow me to be the person I am and you accept me without attempting to change me. I really appreciate that. Words with Friends

6. I love how you know something is wrong with me even when I try pretending everything is alright. I love that you pay attention to me.

7. All those days we sit around, doing nothing and just talking without actually saying anything are special to me.

8. You lovingly tell me when I’m wrong. I am happy you don’t mince words in letting me know so I can retrace my steps.

9. Thank you, best friend, for making it your duty to make me smile when things are not going so well. I love you, my best friend.

10. Everybody says we are practically the same person. I like having another me around.

11. I know my secrets are safe with you just like you know yours are also safe with me. I love you.

12. You inspire me to become a better person because of your encouraging words to me always.

13. I know that I can call on you anytime and anywhere and you will show up for me.

14. Our friendship has stood the test of time and distance. That’s why I know you will always be my best friend. I love you, my best friend.

15. It’s like you have the password to my heart. You always say the right thing. Message for My Best Friend Forever

16. I like that you understand and accept my sarcasm and sense of humour, makes it easy to hang with you without fear of offending you.

17. I enjoy how we can communicate without talking. Our unspoken communications are the best. I love you, my best friend.

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18. Like Miley Cyrus said, you are a true friend that never says, “I told you so.”

19. We help each other grow and encourage each other to progress in all our endeavours. I won’t substitute that for anything.

20. I have such a good time with you and I enjoy your company.

21. I love how we are ready to forgive each other when we offend each other. I love you, my best friend.

22. You are my ride or die, friend, always having my back, defending me and being there for me.

23. I love the way you call me “bestie.” It always makes me feel special like you want the world to know I’m your best friend.

24. People find it strange that we have never fought but I love how we settle our issues by talking it over in love. I love you, my best friend.

25. You make it easy for me to be playful and goofy when it’s necessary. I love that you don’t need me to be serious all the time.

26. You are one of the few people I trust. You have proven to me time after time that you are dependable.

27. My accomplishments are yours and your accomplishments are mine. Yoy always celebrate my achievements as though they were yours.

28. I love how we share everything without complaints; my closet is basically yours and vice versa.

29. You have taught me to be comfortable in my skin and in who I am. I love you, my best friend.

30. You don’t judge me when I make a mistake. You are always there to make sure I rise again.

31. I love that you respect my decisions and accept them even when you don’t agree with them.

32. You always support my relationships and become friends with those I have been in a relationship with.

33. You are honest with me and tell me the truth, even though it hurts sometimes because you want me to be a better person.

34. You know how to comfort me when I’m down. I love you, my best friend.

35. How we joke around with each other while nobody around gets the joke always amazes me. We know each other so well.

36. You know my worst attitudes but you still love and accept me completely.

37. You are one person I know will never leave nor forsake me even when the going gets tough.

38. You are so hilarious, you always make me laugh.

39. I can see you every day and never get tired of being around you. You just carry so much joy and energy around you.

40. I don’t know what I would have done without you standing by me during some of my rough times. I love you, my best friend.

41. No matter how long we have been apart from each other, we just pick it up right where we stopped.

42. You make me laugh simply by laughing and I know sometimes, you do it purposely when I’m not in a good mood.

43. You never allow me to underestimate myself or wallow in low self-esteem. You always boost my esteem.

44. You tell me I’m beautiful/handsome when I don’t think so. I love you, my best friend.

45. You are a friend indeed and indeed. I love you, my best friend.

46. You never let your relationships take away our time together. You still make time for me always.

47. You have integrity and keep all your promises to me. I am assured of your words to me.

48. You don’t hesitate to help me when I’m seeking or need help, even when I tell you not to worry.

49. Even when I’m not feeling as confident, you always encourage and motivate me to achieve my goals. I love you, my best friend

50. Even our silence around each other is comfortable. We don’t have to talk to spend time together.

51. Nobody knows and understands me as much as you do. I love you, my best friend.

52. You are a very considerate person. You always put the feelings of others into consideration.

53. You have such a healthy esteem that you inspire me to see myself better than I used to.

54. You try and seek to make everyone feel better when you are around. There is never a sad moment with you.

55. You know when I need advice, when I need a smile, when I need to laugh and when I just need a hug.

56. Being affectionate around each other is never awkward because it is a part of us.

57. You take my family as yours and treat them like your family. I love you, my best friend.

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58. You are a hard worker and very dedicated. Your work ethics challenges me to work as hard.

59. We enjoy the same hobbies and interests and enjoy similar things. I love you, my best friend.

60. Your pieces of advice are indispensable because they come from a place of love.

61. How you sometimes envision what will be good for me even before I do is amazing.

62. I like how there is no cause for belittling in our friendship. We always uplift each other.

63. We are so connected to each other and treat each other as an extension of the other person.

64. We don’t know the meaning of jealousy in our friendship. It’s not something we experience.

65. I can tell you any and everything without fear of being criticised or judged. I love you, my best friend.

66. You are one person I can trust to like and comment on my posts on social media, just to show support.

67. Just through each other’s eyes, we know what the other person is thinking.

68. You know you are important to me just like I know I am important to you.

69. With you, my siblings recognise that I have another sibling.

70. I love that we have the same value systems and principles, so we hardly clash. I love you, my best friend.

71. We are silly when we need to be and serious when the occasion for seriousness calls.

72. Other relationships don’t come between us because we understand enough to let each other have fun without the other sometimes.

73. What’s mine is yours and what’s yours is mine. We don’t have boundaries. I love you, my best friend.

74. I know you will always be loyal to me and vice versa. You are my best friend indeed.

75. I’m very comfortable with you. You are the only one with whom I can totally let down my guards. Love Message to My Friend

76. We have the same set of friends and stay away from the same set of people.

77. You are my right-hand man/woman, a true best friend. I love you, my best friend.

78. We support each other’s hobbies and interests and spend time with each other doing something the other person loves.

79. Life doesn’t get in the way of our friendship. We always have time for each other.

80. The pictures of both of us are my favourite pictures in the world. I love you, my best friend.

81. We never run out of things to talk about when we are together.

82. I really can think of anybody who can replace you in my life. You occupy a special part of my heart.

83. We rarely fight because we are ready to talk through our misunderstandings instead of going at it with each other.

84. You are my biggest cheerleader. I always see you cheering for me from the stands. I love you, my best friend.

85. You are the first person I think to tell my achievements to because I know you will celebrate it like it’s yours.

86. I love that you don’t over pamper me or say yes to me when you need to say no because we are trying to build security in our friendship.

87. You are just a call away – either through phone calls or text messages – when I need you.

88. We always give each other gifts. I love you, my best friend.

89. You celebrate my strengths just as much as you accept my weaknesses.

90. I like how we tell each other everything about ourselves. I love you, my best friend.

91. You are always rooting for me and encouraging me to push on and not give up.

92. We genuinely like each other and care about each other.

93. We are always together, we are practically joined at the hips. I love you, my best friend.

94. You endure watching my favourite movie with me even when you don’t enjoy it.

95. We have been best friends for most of our lives and we will continue to be best friends forever.

96. You and I clicked from the first day we saw each other. I love you, my best friend.

97. We laugh with each other and at each other and enjoy doing so without any kind of self-consciousness.

98. I really enjoy how we teach each other new things without making the other person feel dumb.

99. I have permanent shoulders to cry on when I need to and arms ready to envelop me in a hug when I need it.

100. I love that you are always real to me and there is nothing fake about our friendship. I love you, my best friend.

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