Thank You My Love Poems Messages to Say Thanks in 2021 1

Thank You My Love: Poems & Messages to Say Thanks in 2024

Thank You My Love Romantic Messages

Best Collection of Thank You My Love Poems and Messages you can send to your husband, wife, boyfriend and girlfriend.

1. Thank You for Everything

Thank you, my love, for being such a wonderful lover to me. Thank you for all your love has brought since I met you. I’m amazed at your person. I love you.

2. Thanks for Being a Friend

You have fulfilled all the laws of friendship and proven to be a friend indeed and in deed. Your love is super.
I love you. And thanks to you.

3. Thanks for Being a Confidant

You have been with me in my troubles and helped me up in my lowest estate. I have never regretted confiding in you.
I love you and thanks for your person.

4. Thanks for Being My Heart

When my heart beats, I always have a sense of life for the present and moments to come. You have helped me to keep hope alive. You are my heart. I love you.

5. Thanks for Your Untold Care

If I would count your deeds of love and untold care, this life won’t be enough because you’ve given me so much than I can thank you for. I really love you. Mwah.

6. Thanks for Being a Friend Indeed

You have proven it in kind and deeds, my heart knows and my shadow can tell, that you are a friend indeed.
Did I say I will love you forever? Well, I’m saying it again. Kisses.

7. Thanks for Being My Sweetheart

You have been more than a lover. You have been more than a friend. You have sweetened my heart with the sweetness of your love… So I call you my Sweetheart.

8. Thanks for the Gifts

For the gift of undying love and unmetered affection, crowned with unwavering commitment to this relationship… Thank You. I can’t ask for more.

9. Thank You for it All

Thank you my love, for the love and care you show to me daily. Thank you for standing by me at all times. Thanks for it all. I love you.

10. Thanks for Staying with Me

Thank you for staying with me this far,
Thank you for making me shine than would a star.
If I choose to pay you back, I will have nothing left,
So I choose to thank you for keeping me from being bereft.
Thank you for the love. I love you.

Thank You My Love Romantic Poems

Be romantic and at the same time be appreciative for all the love your lover has shown you with the following romantic thank you my love poems for him or her.

11. Thanks for Your Love Indeed and in Need

You have loved me not only in words but in deed,
And it’s a proof that you love me indeed.
I can proudly tell the whole world about you,
And that over and over, I can do.
Thank you so much. I love you.

12. Thanks for Your Undying Love

Your care is the true definition of undying love
And your is soothing than the rain from above
I knew I didn’t make a mistake when I chose you
And I give all of me to no one else but you.
Thanks for it all, I love you.

13. Thanks for the Amazing Love

It’s so sweet and amazing what great love can do
And more glamorous when it is coming to me from you
I couldn’t have been this awesome If not for you
And the way you love me, I will love you too.
Thank you. I love you.

14. Thanks for Being My Best Ever

You are the best my eyes ever met
Others could try but you are the best yet.
You gave the best I could ever get
We will be together forever, that I bet.
Thank you my beauty. I love you.

15. Thanks for Being My Courage

You are my courage when things go wrong,
And my lyrics when I have no song.
I can do without all things but not without you,
I could lose all I have but won’t lose you.
Thank you, thank you my love.

16. Thanks for Being the Game Changer

Your Love is an innovation that excites.
And thinking about it, desiring it my heart it ignites.
It makes me fly higher unlike ruthless kites.
And if it were a food, I will have unlimited bites.
Thank you for it all, I love you.

17. Thanks for Your Everlasting Love

Every other guys have come to steal,
But I’m ready to make with you a lasting love deal.
Your love I promise will forever be my 3square meal,
Even if you say no, I will love you still.
Thank you so much, I love you.

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18. Thanks for Being My Security

With your love I’m just secure without border,
Whatever the world says I don’t bother.
You are close to me than my lovely brother,
And have cared for me than my caring mother.
Thank you. I love you.

19. Thanks for Pimping Me

With you no tears for me to shed,
I shall be joyful, forever, instead.
You have added butter to my love’s bread,
And now I’m shouting it is you I want to wed.
Thank you my shelter. I love you.

20. Your Love Changed Me

Your love gets me from start to finish,
And all my limitations were fought to finish.
Getting along for me has not been this easier,
All my life will I be glad, not only this year.
Thanks for it all. I love you.

21. Your Love Touches all My Life

You are my unending joy and my dream come true,
My love, my prince and my hobby, I love you
Thank you for touching my heart the way you do.
I really love you and forever, that I will do.
I so much love you. Kisses.

22. You are so Special to Me

I was not searching when I found you.
I wouldn’t have found you if I’ve searched
Special people are difficult to search for
But thanks to God who gave you to me.
Thanks. I love you in countless ways.

23. Thanks for Being the Last Man Standing

My head, my shelter, my protector, my love,
My crown, my brother, my friend, my confidant,
My playmate and my all, I pledge my loyalty to you this day.
You are the last man standing in my heart.
I love you.

24. Your Love is Awakening

My dying heart your love Rekindles,
My fainting soul your love Renews,
All I thought I lost your love Restores,
From now until forever and ever, I am all yours.
I love you, my all.

25. Your Love is Blissfulness Undefined

I once thought I have gone far away from happiness,
And I never thought I’d ever witness a moment of bliss
Your being in my life brought all I think I lost,
Just know I realized what without you I would miss.
Thanks. Kisses.

26. You are the Proof of True Love

No one has ever made me feel this way
This is nothing else but true love all the way
Nobody greater in my life than you
And loving you over and Over, this I choose to do.
I love you so much. Thanks.

27. You Own My Heart Forever

You’re the untapped resources of love,
You’re like an angel sent from above,
No one owns my heart but you my love!
I wouldn’t be here if not for your love.
Thanks and thanks, I love you.

28. Your Love is Incomparable

I Searched all over couldn’t find any to compare,
Because there is no one who so much care.
And when I needed someone to be there,
It has always been you and you only my dear.
Thanks for always being there. I love you.

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