2024 Have a Safe Journey Quotes for Lovers

Travelling is every day experience for all our family members and friends. It is part of the cumulative journey of life. Whether you like it or not, and as long as you are hale and hearty, there must be at least a little journey almost every day. it could be to go to the grocery store, go to the mall or any where else. All these little journeys need safety, not to mention the journeys from onr city to another.

So, if you have someone you care for, endeavour to wish them a safe journey at all times.

Have a Safe Journey Sms, Text Messages, Wishes and Quotes for Him or Her

Awesome safe journey sms wishes and quotes for lovers.

This is what you owe me on this journey:
Arms that will miss my embrace,
Eyes that will miss my presence
Ears that will miss my sweet words.
Safe journey, I miss you.

I cease from being selfish.
I accept this journey as important as you call it.
I promise to stay lovely for you while you are gone.
And with all of my heart, I wish you safe journey.

Have a Safe Journey Sms Text Messages Quotes and Wishes for My Love

In all the paths you take,
In all ways you go,
I wish you safety as ever.
Safe journey to you my love.

A part of you is what you are leaving behind,
But it’s okay if you will be back on time.
I wish you all the best throughout your stay,
And I wish you better than the best on your way home.

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These next safe journey quotes are perfect when you are travelling, leaving your loved ones behind at home. They are ways of saying you care.
When you are on a journey, make your lover feel the warmth of your presence, even if you are a billion miles away. By this, you tend to build a link that will bring the two of you closer in love.
Another thing this does is that, it feels your journey back home with overwhelming welcome from your love.

I Miss You, Have a Safe Journey Quotes for His or Her Journey

There may be beautiful ladies there,
But none will ever cross my heart.
I promise to be back, wholly for you.
Take care of yourself love, missing you.

I know I am for you alone,
And I will keep that as a promise.
There may be cutes guys there,
But I will keep myself for only you.
I will miss you.

Water may quench fire,
But nothing can quench my love for you.
Lovely and lovely for you will I be.
I will be back shortly, Take care of yourself.

Have a Safe Journey to Wife, Husband and Loved ones

The more I go, the lovelier in my heart you become.
The more I stay the closer to my heart you will be.
I will be proud of you in all I do there,
And I won’t disappoint you for a second.

Always in my heart shall you be,
Deeply in my thought shall you be.
In all my goings and comings,
Your love in my heart will not diminish a second.

I am sorry for how this will make you feel,
But I wish I have another way.
Here is my promise:
I will be back as I have planned.
Missing you already my love.

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