2021 Heartfelt Goodnight Sleeptight Wishes Quotes

2024 Heartfelt Goodnight Sleeptight Wishes Quotes

We don’t love our loved ones any less during the night. Hence, it means that we can also tell and show the people we care about, just how much we care even when the sun is set.

Since nights are also wonderful opportunities to show love to the persons we care about, here are 150+ good night wishes quotes for your loved ones.

Wishes to Say Goodnight and Sleep Tight to Him or Her

Best good night and sleep tight wishes quotes for lovers that you can send to your husband, wife, boyfriend and girlfriend that will prove how much he or she mean to you.

1. I know I’ll never find a friend sure as you. Thank you for all that you do for me. Good night, babe.

2. Not everyone gets to find true love, but I’m glad I get to experience it with you. Good night, sunshine.

3. When God gave you to me, He gave me the best thing on earth. I love you, darling.

4. I know there’s nothing I want more than a lifetime with you. I love you, sugar.

5. Even with the struggling and hard times, you’ve stayed by side. Thank you plenty, babe.

6. If you ever leave me, I know my life would go grey instantly. That’s how much I need you in my life.

7. I met you, and my fears about love didn’t stand a chance. They just couldn’t!

8. I love you, babe. Good night and sleep tight.

9. You’re strength and reason for happiness. I love you always.

10. You’re not only my lover. You’re everything wrapped up in one. I can’t wait for the rest of our lives together!

11. I’d never risk you for anything on earth. I love you too much.

12. Babe, you mean everything to me. I just want you to know this.

13. I love you just the way you are; flaws and all. And this isn’t changing. Sleep tight, angel.

14. If I lose you, then I’d lose every semblance in my life. I know this.

15. I want to spend the rest of my life with you so bad. I love you, sweety.

16. God loves me so much; I know this because He gave you to me. Have a good night rest, honey.

17. Babe, I feel like a king with you in my life. Thank you for being everything to me. I love you.

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18. I know I can take on anything life brings to me, cos you’re here holding my hands and loving me.

19. You’re all I need to be happy in life. I know this. I love you, sweetheart.

20. I met you, and you superseded all my expectations. I thank God for the gift of you.

21. You’re the only one for me; I knew this from the very first time I set my eyes on you. Good night, babe.

22. In your eyes, I feel so special and blessed. I love us because you’re here.

23. It’s not mere luck that brought you to me. It just had to be God cos the circumstances were divine-like.

24. I’d want our babies to have a heart like yours. You love unconditionally, and I’m so lucky to have you.

25. You make everything look simple and possible. And you make me feel like I can take on anything. Thank you, babe.

26. The only thing on my mind is how I can properly take care of you as you deserve. I love you, dear. Good night.

27. I was almost giving up, but you stepped in and I felt alive again. I love you.

28. I see you and there are butterflies in my stomach. Even years with you hasn’t made this stop.

29. I know you’re upset with me. But I love you, babe. And I’m sorry. Good night.

30. Just get ready. Once you become my wife, I’m not letting you go ever.

31. No matter what life brings to us, I know we’d be fine together. Sleep tight, angel.

32. You give me a sense of belonging; something I’ve sought for all my life. Thank you.

33. Baby girl, I just wanna grow old with you. That’s all I need.

34. You’re the definition of happiness. Thank you for all the sunshine you bring to me. I love you.

35. It’s me and you against the world; I’m so happy. I love you.

36. Even in another life, I’d still opt to be your woman. Good night, boyfriend.

37. You complete me in every way possible. And I love you more than you can think of.

38. You, my lover, are the best thing after sliced bread. I love you, darling.

39. I’m yours forever. This ain’t changing. Good night, best friend.

40. I made a decision to love you; and even if things aren’t so good between us, I’ll still continue to love you. Good night.

41. I’m loving you for as long as life allows. Good night, beauty.

42. I just want to drape you in the finest clothes and pieces of jewelry. I swear you deserve the finest things of life.

43. Babe, I want so bad to be your wife, and for you to be my husband. I love you.

44. I can’t wait for us to get married. I can’t wait to spend my nights by your side. Good night, dear.

45. I’m not surprised you’re my soul mate. The moment we saw, the connection was instant. I love you.

46. Without any doubt in my heart, I know I’m safe with you. Sleep tight, babe.

47. If I had to do things again, I wouldn’t do anything different, cos they led me to you. I love you, sugar.

48. I won’t stop being grateful to the friend that led you to me. My life changed for the better since then. Good night, dear.

49. Without a pause, I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I adore you.

50. Every moment I spend with you is special; you are a special woman after all.

51. I love our evolving together. And I’m looking forward to more years of growth with you. Good night, babe.

52. There’s nothing as silky as your skin. I want to spend the rest of my life worshipping it.

53. Home will always be in your arms. Get back soon, okay? I love you.

54. My day isn’t complete without wishing you a good night rest.

55. You’re like salt; you give my life taste. I love you, babe.

56. One of the best things about us is that we get to stay together forever. And I so can’t wait!

57. I’m the bread, you’re the butter. Thank you for complementing in every way possible. I love you dearly.

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58. You balance my excesses. Thank you for this and many more.

59. I know our love is strong enough to face every challenge life throws our way. I love you, babe.

60. My love for you grows deeper daily. I’m looking forward to more years together.

61. Your love has healed me completely. Thank you, babe!

62. I know my love for you will never fade away. And I trust that my feelings are also safe with you.

63. I completely trust you not to hurt me, or the something special growing between us. Good night, babe.

64. Saying I love you has become a part of me; so much so that I can’t do without saying it every day.

65. I’m healthy and glowing cos you chose to love me. Thank you, babe. I love you right back.

66. When life throws so much at you that you can’t handle, I promise to be there to comfort you, and to catch you when necessary.

67. You give my life taste. I know I’d be tasteless without you. Good night, sweety.

68. How you still make my heart and stomach flutter is amazing. I’m grateful to God for you.

69. When I’m with you, I just want to bury myself within you completely. I love you, angel.

70. I can’t wait to kiss you at every chance I get, for the rest of our lives. Sleep tight, darling.

71. The smell of your skin, the taste of your lips; no one else would ever taste this way. I’m in love with you.

72. You are my motivation, babe. I just want to give the world to you. I adore you always.

73. There’s nothing as perfect as cuddling you in my arms. Sleep tight, sugar.

74. There’s no moment when the thought of you doesn’t cross my mind. I love you!

75. You make me warm and cold at the same time. I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives deciphering you.

76. It’s true nothing lasts forever, but I see the efforts we put into this, and I know anything is possible. I love you, sugar.

77. We are a match made in heaven, you and me. I love you totally, cutie.

78. Even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t be able to stay away from you. I’m addicted to you.

79. When I feel tired and just exhausted your thought always invigorates me. I love you, dear.

80. I’m so so in love with you, madam. I can’t wait to be your husband either.

81. I can’t wait to have you in every way possible. Good night, sweety.

82. I’m glad the most intelligent lady I’ve ever met is my girlfriend.

83. For the way you shower me with gifts and love, thank you. I love you today and always.

84. Your loving is just perfect. Thank you, best friend!

85. I’m yet to figure out how you make me feel. But I want to spend the rest of my life doing so. I love you.

86. Falling in love with you is the best thing life ever gave me. I love you, sweety.

87. All I ever need to make my world all right is you. Good night, sunshine.

88. Its official, you have my mumu button. I don’t even know how I feel about that, but I know I love you.

89. I can’t wait to meet your family. I hope they love me.

90. I can’t wait to learn to make those delicacies you love so much. Good night, love.

91. My love for you just keeps growing with each passing day. I really love us together.

92. When I start to smile sheepishly, you just have to be behind it. Night, babe.

93. When we became lovers, your burdens became mine. Please don’t begrudge me for wanting to cater to your every need. I love you.

94. Babe, feel free to trouble me from now onwards. I love you that much.

95. Hope the cramps have subsided? Good night, love.

96. Even within this short period we’ve known, you’ve managed to be the most important person in my life.

97. I’m honored to be in love with you. Good night, sweety.

98. You’re irreplaceable in my life. I love you so much.

99. I love the way we’re so in-tune with each other. I want more years of this togetherness. Good night, boyfriend.

100. Your love has touched me in more places than one. And I love you so much. Good night, babe.

101. How you actively cater to my needs is just lovely. And I love you too.

102. I love learning new things with you. Thank you for the memories of today. Good night.

103. When I met you, I met the most incredible lady. I love you, sugar.

104. Ever since I saw you, I’ve never wanted to be with another woman other than you. Good night, sweety.

105. Please, don’t give up on me just yet. I really need you, and I love you.

106. Being with you is being in paradise. And that it is forever, just makes it so much better.

107. I love our little moments together. I love the world you and I have made for ourselves. Good night, dearie.

108. I love how you look at me, without knowing that I know. Good night, love.

109. My favorite thing in the world is hearing your voice. It does soothing things to me. Sleep tight, beautiful.

110. I know that with you in my life, my best is yet to come.

111. I love how you support and actively contribute to my growth. Good night, babe.

112. I loved eating roasted yam and groundnut with you by the wayside. Here’s to more beautiful memories together.

113. We both deserving this loving, this happiness. I love you so much, aya mi.

114. Nothing is going to ever change how much I love you. Have a good night rest.

115. You are the man I always dreamed about getting married to. I love you always.

116. Loving you has changed my life completely. I love you always, dearie.

117. I want to play in the rain with you; build sand houses with you. I just love you!

118. I’m ready to scream it to the world, how much I love you. Good night, sweetheart.

119. You’ve helped me find myself; I’ll never forget this. Thank you, my best friend.

120. All the words on love won’t do justice about how much I love you. They just won’t be enough.

121. I love God so much for bringing you to me. I love you.

122. When I’m away from you, all I can think of is you. I love this our loving. Good night, dear.

123. It’ll be impossible trying to measure the depth of my love for you. It just keeps getting deeper and deeper every day.

124. We’ve come very far together, and I’m glad about all we’ve achieved. I love you.

125. I adore you, my baby girl. Sleep easy, okay?

126. My love for you is eternal. I hope you know this. I love you, darling.

127. Nothing can beat the depth of our love for each other. And I know we’ll keep growing in love.

128. Good night, dearie. I love you so much.

129. Nothing and no one will ever come between us. I love you.

130. I made you a promise to always keep you safe. I’m never reneging on that. Good night, angel.

131. You complete me in more ways than one.

132. You inspire me to be the best version of me. I love you, darling.

133 My love for you will continue to wax stronger.

134. I know that angels are already looking after you. Good night, love.

135. If I died now, I’ll be content that I loved you. Good night, babe.

136. Just when I thought it was impossible to fall in love again, you showed up. I love you, babe.

137. You are a wonderful addition to my life. And I’m so grateful for you.

138. Since you came into my life, I’ve known nothing but peace. I love you, angel. Good night.

139. I look forward to more days like today. Thank you for spoiling me silly. I love you.

140. You’re the center of my happiness. I love you, baby girl.

141. Thank you for forgiving me. I’m so sorry I hurt you. I adore you, sweety.

142. I’ve been in love with since the day I saw you do that funny dance move. I love you, sugar.

143. You’re in my blood; can’t take you out without losing my life. Good night, babe.

144. Every day is a blessed day cos you’re in my life.

145. I just can’t stop loving you; it’s not possible. I love you, dear.

146. I love your sense of humor; how you pick at your food; how you’re eager to be of help.

147. I know nobody is perfect, but you’re just perfect for me. Sleep tight, dearie.

148. You make me remember how to smile; how to love; how to live. I love you, darl.

149. Since I met you, my whole world has become all right.

150. Since you came into my life, it like the weight on my shoulders has been lifted. Good night.

151. Artists would give anything to make a painting of you; you’re that gorgeous.

152. You warm my heart. I love you, baby. Sleep tight.

153. Your softness fit all my hard places perfectly. You’re perfect for me.

154. Life with you is like going on a roller-coaster. I know I’d have the time of my life. Good night, princess.

Knowing that night time can be opportunities to show love as well, you can keep the calls and texts rolling.

And since I’d love to hear from you, do leave your opinions about this post in the comment section.

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