Best Prayers for Financial Blessings

70+ Best Prayers for Financial Blessings for 2024

God supplies every of our need according to His abundance and never ever run dry mercies. As God is most concerned about our spiritual relationship with Him, so also he is more concerned about our financial well-being. Tap into the grace and mercy of these prayers for financial breakthrough with faith both for yourself and for your loved ones. Therefore, flow with these set of prayers and believe God for a speedy answer. Let’s ride on!!!

Powerful Prayers for Financial Blessings for 2024

Miracle Working Prayers for Financial Blessings for 2024.

1. O Lord God Of heaven and earth, I thank for all You have done, what You are doing and what You will yet do. I pray that there shall be increase in my barn and the mercy of God shall abundantly supply all my needs. All my endeavors towards my businesses and aspirations will yield bountifully for me by the mercies of God Almighty.

2. All glory to You Lord God Almighty for all Your love and care for me. I declare in the name of Jesus Christ that it shall be well with my spirit, soul and body. I shall prosper in all I do. And the blessings of the Lord that passes all knowledge shall fill my heart, my businesses and all my incomes. I will never experience any form of lack. Amen.

3. By the amazing grace and bountiful mercies of God, I shall be blessed with the treasures of the earth and all the hidden treasures of the dark shall be unveiled unto me. May I never fall short of the blessings of God. All my pursuits shall yield plentiful rewards in Jesus name. Amen.

4. May I prosper in all I do and the mercy of God speak for me in all my endeavors. May my sources of income become increased even more than I expect. The favour of God shall surround me in all sides. May I be hale and healthy to enjoy all the blessings of God. God bless me. Amen.

5. As I invest, sow and lay my hands on anything good, may I have more than enough as my profit by the infinite mercy of God. My hands shall never reach the end of my pocket. It shall be well with me. Amen.

6. May you find favour in Your in the sight of God and man. And all your efforts shall be crowned with great reaping of bountiful profit. The Lord shall make you very rich and bless you beyond your expectations.

7. The Lord shall bless you financially and make you profitable in all your investment. The Lord shall make His blessings rest upon you. Mercy will speak for you always.

8. The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want, He makes me to lie in green pastures. May you never want of anything good. And your green pastures shall never become rotten. The mercy of God shall abundantly provide for all your needs.

9. By the amazing grace of God, your finances shall experience new turn around that will bring about a great increase for you. Blessings for a financial breakthrough will locate you.

10. It’s my prayer for you that you will abundantly and continually experience financial productivity this year and more. Lack shall never come your way. Amen.

11. May the good Lord cause a massive boom in your finances. You income shall never be truncated. Amen.

12. May the blessing of the Lord that makes rich without adding sorrow find you. You are blessed beyond measures in Jesus name, Amen.

13. All your endeavors shall yield more than expected returns for you. Good fortune shall be yours.

14. The milk of the fattest cow shall you have and of the fattest calf shall you possess. Blessings shall be yours all round.

15. May you find favour before God, man, woman and children. All your expected miracles as concerned your finances shall come abundantly. Amen.

16. The goodness and mercy of the Lord shall follow you all the days of your life and you shall know no lack at all in your financial life.

17. Nothing good shall be withheld from you. All your efforts shall produce plentiful rewards for you. Amen.

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18. Your finances shall never run dry. In whatever you invest in, you shall have greater unexpected profit. Amen.

19. May you be rich, honourable and wealthy. You shall be blessed among all odds.

20. In the midst of lack, you shall be bountifully full. No good thing shall you be without. Amen.

21. I pray that your financial life shall experience multiplication and abundance, may you never depreciate in Jesus name, Amen.

22. Financially you shall be empowered and everything you lay your hands on shall be of great harvest. Amen.

23. The Lord shall enlarge your coast, and bless you tremendously. You shall be richer in Jesus name, Amen.

24. Your businesses shall expand, your investment shall increase because your set time to favour by the Lord is now. May the Lord cause His blessings upon you. Amen.

25. Everything you have shall speak of great increase for you and may the mercy of God be upon you in all you set to do concerning your finances. Amen.

26. I pray that your relentless work will start yielding for you, this season shall be a season of great income for you. Amen.

27. In everything you have sown and will still sow into, you shall reap abundantly. And the Lord will be your great reward. Amen.

28. May the Lord bless you with the blessings of the treasures of the earth. You shall be a blessing for all.

29. According to the Word of God, you shall eat of the riches of the gentiles and your barn shall never know of famine in Jesus name, Amen.

30. I pray that worms and income eaters shall not find their way into your bag of income. You shall always have to give. God bless you.

31. May you have more and more abundantly to stretch your hands towards other people and may you receive more bountifully. Amen.

32. May you receive the good out of every of your investment and sowing. Riches shall be yours. Amen.

33. By the abundant grace and infinite mercy of God, may be enriched with riches and wealth from God. You shall not want of any good thing. Amen.

34. May you receive financial benefactors from God that will bless you according to God’s will for your life. Remain blessed.

35. Elevation and new heights shall come your way, and you will be made higher than you could ever thought by God. Amen.

36. New ideas, new promotion, shall be your portion and you will be made richer and richer. Amen.

37. Abundance and multiplication shall come into your finances. Increments shall be of your account.

38. Good fortunes will be extended to you as from today. You shall know no lack for the blessings of the Lord shall be with you. Amen.

39. Every power set to work against your financial wellbeing is come to nought and rendered powerless. Blessings are yours. Amen.

40. May you be blessed with wisdom and ideas to make your finances fruitful and bountiful. Amen.

41. No matter how the state of the economy, you shall not know any form of decline in your income instead an increment in your finances. Amen.

42. I pray that your financial capability will be increased and you will be made more viable to execute more resources to make your finances increase and be given good health to enjoy it by the grace of God, Amen.

43. May doors of good and fruitful opportunities be opened unto you and liveliness shall come into every aspect of your life. Amen.

44. May you never know any form of poverty and lack. Your finances receive more life in Jesus name.

45. I decree unto you in the name of Lord Jesus Christ, you shall be blessed and favoured above all expectations. Amen.

46. Your account shall never run dry and you shall never know lack of any kind in Jesus name, Amen.

47. Regardless of any kind of issues, your financial wellbeing shall not be cut short by the grace of God. Amen.

48. Favour and grace shall speak for you always and your bag of riches shall increase. Amen.

49. Barrenness and lack of finances shall not be experienced by you but great supplication of riches in Jesus name. Amen.

50. May all your riches from the east, west south and north come to you. May you continually be rich and healthy.

51. I pray that there shall be great showers of blessings on your finances till you become fruitful financially. Amen.

52. May the windows of heaven be opened to you and blessings be poured upon you. Amen.

53. No one knows how the leaves of the tree grow and become more refreshed as it grows so also may the good Lord bless you and make your leaves more tender and refreshing. Amen.

54. May you be covered with garments of favour and kindness from God and man. All your efforts shall be crowned with greater harvest. Amen.

55. The garment of new ideas and intellectual ability shall be clothed in you to enrich your pocket.

56. May you never be financially inadequate and be blessed with great riches and wealth.

57. In all your investment and what you lay your hands on, you shall be so blessed and bountifully wealthy. Amen.

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58. As from now on, your surname shall be termed riches, and you shall be named wealth and prosperity. Favour is yours all round. Amen.

59. May you experience boom and big increment in all your sources of income. Amen.

60. Worms and cankerworms never an entrance into your sacks of funds but more blessings and increase in your finances.

61. May the Lord open the fountains of riches to you. Amen.

62. May all your dry land be so blessed until your land becomes filled with milk and honey. Yours is blessedness in Jesus name. Amen.

63. From henceforth, may this be the season of great harvest and time for a new turn around in your sources of income. Amen.

64. May all obstacles and hurdles on your way to greater heights be broken down. Prosperity in good health shall come your way. Amen.

65. In the stead of obscurity, yours shall be prosperity, in the place of lack, you shall have enough. God bless you.

66. May you have more than enough to give and spend. Lack and want shall be made far from you in Jesus name. Amen.

67. May you lend to nations and still have enough, may you live above the expectations of your counterparts and those that wish you lack.

68. As the rain falls and makes the soil rich for plants to grow gracefully so also shall you be graced with abundant rain of blessing according to the thought of God for you which is of an expected end. Amen.

69. This day shall you be surrounded with plentiful riches and prosperity in abundance. Amen.

70. You shall experience breakthrough in all your finances and you shall be a blessing to all around you. Amen.

71. May God bring you to meet with that benefactor He has destined for you. You shall never be financially downgraded.

72. You shall be enriched to pay all your outstandings and still be left with more than enough. The blessing of the Lord shall be with you. Amen.

73. Things shall turn around for you and you shall be empowered with the grace to do exploits.

74. Favour and mercy shall abide with you to bring you abundance in all your endeavors even more financially. Amen.

75. May the riches of the earth be made known unto you. You shall be blessed and made to eat of the riches of the Gentiles according to the will of God. Amen.

76. May you never be financially inadequate and frustrated but both financially and economically elevated. Abundance of blessings are yours. Amen.

77. Good health shall be yours even as the Lord shall encompass you with great wealth. Amen.

78. Success and great achievements that will open more doors of riches for you shall visit you in Jesus name, amen.

79. May you never lose any of your properties but shall have more and more of goodly properties even as your finances shall experience increment. Amen.

80. None of your investment shall bring you sorrow and regrets but happiness and joy even more and always. Good health and Godly thoughts shall guide you in all your spendings. Amen.

As the mercy of God speaks for all His children in their spiritual lives towards Him so also shall His mercy speaks for us in all of our finances because it is the Lord’s desire that we prosper in all ramifications of our lives. I believe that with unwavering faith and obedience to God always, these set of prayers for financial blessings shall most assuredly be answered by God. It will be so good and courteous to share with your loved ones. May the Lord bless us all financially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually even with grace for obedience to His will always and till the end. Amen.

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