Powerful Samples of Prayer for Courage and Strength

2024 Powerful Samples of Prayer for Courage and Strength

Prayer is a lifeline of help in down moments and also in glory moments. It gives us an assurance of hope that somebody knows our cares and fears even when nobody seems to feel bothered about us. It could be tiring at times to even mutter those words to our Saviour, but it has always been the best thing to do.

Prayer is a great medicine in renewing your courage and strength. Be revived with these prayer samples.

Best Prayer Points for Courage and Strength

Here are the Best Prayer Points for Divine Courage and Strength you can use and send to loved ones.

1. I feel down and out of place. I do not see any hope to live another day, all I feel around me is weaknesses and pain. Can you help me, Lord? Now more than ever before, I need your strength to keep moving. I need your help and I cry out that you renew my strength. Father grant me the courage that I need to keep moving and the grace to keep trusting you.

2. My mind is cast down. My friends have been far away. I don’t have anyone to talk to and my life seems to be dry. Lord, I ask you for the courage to live through all these. I ask that you help me encourage myself in your Word and keep me in right standing with you.

3. Lord, you are my strength and my song, in this weakness of mine, I ask that you turn it to joy unspeakable. I pray for a renewal mentally, emotionally and physically. I know it is not too much to ask, I just want to surrender all to you, strengthen me, Lord.

4. My faith is challenged, but I do not have the courage to pull through. Lord, I want to touch your Grace. I want you to give me the strength that I need to keep trusting you and to take necessary actions, have your way in my life Lord.

5. I’ve been here in this same position for long. I have lost the courage to keep trusting you Lord, so I ask that you fill me with strength from above. Let me know the power of your majesty and walk in it.

6. Lord, give me the courage to stand for You, that no matter what the consequences, I’ll won’t feel bothered, but I’ll learn and keep living for you.

7. I’m eager to feel your power, Lord. I’m at my total end and I don’t know how to move on. I need you to give me the strength that I need in you. I want to be filled with strength, help me Lord and satisfy my soul.

8. You are my anchor Lord, this flood must not sweep me away. I ask that you renew my strength. I’m weak and bothered about my life and fears around me. Remember your covenant to keep me safe in your hands Lord. Keep me in all my ways and keep me strong in you all the days of my life.

9. You have worked wonders on the earth and through me, your glory has been made known, but Lord, I don’t know who I am or what to do with my life. You are God and you are just Lord, come and help me. I need the courage to keep moving for you, let me experience your strength Lord.

10. They that wait on the Lord, He will renew their strength… Father, I wait on you. I trust in you and I surrender my being to you, have your way. Mount me up with wings like the eagles and make me experience your strength to keep running and walking in you.

11. In your mighty power, stand strong for the weakness of my life Lord. I leave it all to you.

12. In my broken state, give me the courage Lord to let go of the past and forge on to the future you have for me.

13. I want to keep trusting you all of my days Lord, let me experience the wonders of your love.

14. My strength fails me to carry on with the assignment you have given to me Father. Help me!

15. I know you love me and I come before you Lord to ask for strength as I embark on this task.

16. You are mighty Lord, help me flame up the fire of renewal in this weak heart of mine.

17. You are a God who never fails, I trust you to give me the courage I need at this time.

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18. I want to stop running from my fears, help me Lord to be courageous to face my fears and break out of it.

19. I need your strength, Lord. Let your peace that passes all understanding rest on my life at this time of my life.

20. Nothing seems to make sense any more Father, but I trust you to be the sense through all of my weaknesses.

21. Let the Spirit of calmness envelope my life at this time. I ask Lord, Amen.

22. Transform me into your likeness. I don’t want to keep living in fear and constant insecurities. Help me to revived by you.

23. I need your courage to breathe one more day because I know that every detail of my life are written in your book before one of them came to be.

24. Take over, Lord! I surrender my weakness to you, every single one of them.

25. I don’t know what is wrong me, I feel so empty. Fill me with you right now Lord!

26. I don’t have a choice, but to give it all. I leave my life at your feet with my fears and weaknesses and I refuse to come back to it.

27. I pray you mend every brokenness in me and give me the courage I need.

28. Everything I’m holding on to that is making my heart frail, take it all from me Lord. I don’t need it, I only need your strength and that is enough for me!

29. Show me the deep secret of your love for my weakness Lord.

30. I’m in need of you Lord. Purify my passion and let me find the courage to push through you.

31. You have always been there for me, help me Lord to trust you through this challenge.

32. Come and make your Grace upon my life known and let life flow again in my life.

33. Lord, send the Holy Spirit to take charge of my life at this moment. I need strength and courage from above.

34. Glorify yourself in my life right now. I take charge of my thoughts and bring it to the obedience of Christ and I pray for strength to make my obedience complete too.

35. I yield my life to you. Take care of my insecurities Lord.

36. This is where I find strength and I’m here in your presence casting it all to you Lord.

37. I need you Father to manifest yourself now. You know the truth of what is going on in my life, help me through this Lord.

38. Come and have your way and glorify your name in my life. Divine intervention of strength at this moment Lord.

39. I’m glad I can call on you at anytime Lord, so now I come to your throne and ask for courage.

40. There are so many confusion in my life at the moment, but I receive the life of God, because in your life, there is peace and no confusion. So I take hold of the courage I need.

41. Great God, I ask that you do not leave me to my fate. Arise Lord and strengthen me.

42. Turn my life around for your praise. I refuse to live in fear, but I live courageous by your love.

43. My heart has been broken severally and it has left me uncertain, but I believe you have the answer to it all.

44. I trust you Lord to touch my life in this state of my weakness Lord.

45. I can’t live without you, so I ask you for the strength to never let go of your love.

46. Life has been meaningless without you Lord. I ask that you take charge of my mind and take control. I want to always find my courage in you.

47. My mind is heavy and I don’t know how to keep living. I trust you Lord to understand what I’m going through. Hold me in your embrace and let me dwell in your presence now and always.

48. I want to shed every weight of fear and anxiety. It is eating the better part of me. Lord I ask that you bring your love out of my nothingness. Have your way Lord!

49. I want my life to be full of your glory that fear and anger won’t have a place in me, but daily as I live, it will be your glory and your love manifesting itself in my actions and words.

50. I need you today, tomorrow and forever. I lack courage and strength, I really need you to help my weakness and align me with your will.

51. Set me free from my anxiety Lord and I’ll be free indeed. I don’t want to be a slave to fear and uncertainty anymore. I want to walk in courage and strength by you.

52. You are for me Lord, please, make who you said I am. Help me walk in the reality of who I am and not in the fear of what my fears and weaknesses say.

53. You are God all by yourself and no one can surpass your knowledge. I ask that you are perfect me in your strength and help me to be confident in who you say I am.

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