I Thank God for You Quotes for Someone Special

2023 I Thank God for You Quotes for Someone Special

You’re a beauty that I have always and will always be grateful for. It’s never enough to be around you, I have deduced a new dimension to make you know how much of a blessing you are to me.

Why I have compiled these messages is written in the lines above, see and believe them;


Thank God for Your Life Quotes for Him or Her

Awesome Appreciative Quotes to God for Your Life for Lovers.

1.What a gloomy life it would be without the support of someone as daring as you. Thank God for you.

2. I find it very easy to celebrate our friendship and the fact that you have gradually become my biggest inspiration. I’m proud of you.

3. You’re unabashedly curious and different from peers. I admire your uniqueness

4. For what it’s worth, you’re one of the good ones who make what to do better for me.

5. The way you give so much care to your art and care less about what people think , make you one of my favorite people. I’m proud of the way you live life!

6. You’re the most passionate, purposeful woman I know. I’m so grateful for you.

7. I love the way you love and live and do every other thing in between. I’m grateful for you.

8. What’s there not to be proud of. You’re smart, beautiful and never afraid to be seen.

9. You wear chutzpah like there’s nothing worth fearing. I love and appreciate the day we met.

10. The way your eyes light up when you talk about things you love is enough motivation for me.

11. You often talk about how people who are never afraid to pursue their dreams and never back down when they fail are your inspiration, and I always wonder if you know you fit in perfectly to this description.

12. I’ve always believed in you and the things you carry in you.

13. People like you are rare and come to gear people like us to be more courageous and daring.

14. What a way to live life! Having someone as beautiful as you in my corner.

15. I hope you believe me when I tell you how much your ways make me believe I can

16. I thank the universe daily that I made the first call to be your friend.

17. It doesn’t really matter how we met, what matters is years to come, I’ll still have you very much as my friend and motivator.

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18. All the things you’ve achieved in this space leave me in awe of you daily.

19. Your strength, courage and beauty are well packed in a beautiful body.

20. I’m so proud of how far you’ve come, believe more in yourself and you’ll never faint.

21. All these things you’ve achieved and done for yourself are enough to show how dogged and determined you are.

22. You’re one of the people that make me look forward to a better future and work towards it.

23. You’ve surprised me too many times that I now only expect good surprises from you.

24. You’re the smartest, most outstanding human I know. I thank God for you.

25. I’m grateful for all you’ve done this year. Your humour is topnotch too.

26. What every day would be without you is bleak. I thank God you’re always at the center of my day.

27. I’ll always long to read what you have to write and crave the sound of your voice because you’re the calm to my storm.

28. How you take me from abyss to bliss in nanoseconds with simple gesture still comes off as a surprise every single time.

29. Everyone needs a sister as amazing and supportive as you. I’m so grateful for you.

30. Your smile is a reminder of life’s utmost beauty and your straight face is an inspiration to grab life and make a go for greatness.

31. Every step you take towards your goal is setting a pace for someone like me, keep moving. I’m grateful for you.

32. I thank the universe always for bringing someone like you my way. You’ve taught me diligence and loyalty in the most practical ways.

33. You’re doing it again as you’ve always done it. Making me smile at your sweet little gestures. I thank God for you.

34. You’re the best conversationalist I know. I thank God for all the times that I’ve found comfort in your words of wisdom.

35. Greatness comes naturally to me because you’ve made me believe so much in my self.

36. I’m in constant awe of your awesomeness and forever rooting for your greatness. Very grateful for your being.

37. You make me laugh so hard and smile as often as possible. I guess that’s what I get for making a friend out of a humorous lad.

38. You’re young, yet a trailblazer giving hope to many and rendering help always.

39. You may know little about the lives you change daily by merely being real and kind.

40. You teach me in practical ways how to live and let live. I thank God for you

41. You make me wonder how someone so young can have experiences so deep. I’m thankful for you.

42. You’re such a breath of fresh air, I consider staying a few minutes around you daily a cure for depression. I’m so grateful for you

43. I appreciate all you do, do not ever think I take anything you do for granted.

44. You’re one of the good ones. I respect and admire your gentle ways.

45. You’ve taught me to see myself like the beauty that I am. Thank you.

46. More than anything or anyone, you’ve been a source of inspiration and a listening ear. I’m grateful

47. I will never be able to trade our relationship for anything because it’s been a blessing.

48. Everyday, I look up to the sky and thank the stars that I got you

49. I know few things I’ll be eternally grateful for and you happen to be top on the list.

50. You have given me courage, pushed me and pulled me, all to make me a better human. This is me saying I’m grateful.

51. If there’s anything I should be grateful for, it would be our friendship.

52. I’ve known you for a while. Never have you made me inferior. Thanks!

53. Words are really not enough to capture how easy you’ve made my journey. Thank you, friend.

54. I look forward to every day because I’m sure you’ll be in it with full-blown love. Thank you.

55. I have never had a reason to regret being your friend or favorite buddy.

56. I like to discuss my favorite topics with you. Finance, art and faith among others because you got me.

57. I don’t know if it’ll sound a little cliché to thank you for being my friend. But, it’s actually what I feel like doing.

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58. What’s life without a family member that’s a constant support and exude unwavering love? I thank God for you

59. I’m quite forgetful but appreciating God daily for a friend like you is what I never want to forget.

60. You’re prim and proper, a calm to all the storms in my head. I’m so grateful for your existence.

61. From afar, you’re enough inspiration and more when you decide to come a little closer. I’m grateful for you.

62. I’ve never worked with someone that has the capability to stimulate my mind as much as you do. Thanks to God for a gift like you.

63. My heart has known nothing but joy since the beginning of our friendship, all because of your poise.

64. Dear, you’re a class act! You make me believe in God and his goodness.

65. Love and grace have been learned from you in the past few years. Thank God you came my way.

66. You’re a root in the story of my life. I’m grateful for you

67. Nothing good comes easy, they say. You came easy and you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

68. I give God a wave whenever I see you approaching because I know you’re about to blow my mind again.

69. Over and continuously, you’ve shown me love and care beyond borders. I thank God for you.

70. You are never afraid to be honest with me. This is what I cherish most about you.

71. You quenched my hunger for truth and honesty the moment you walked into my life. You have been nothing short of honest and trustworthy.

72. Our path crossed, things in my life changed for good. I bless God.

73. You’ve taught me hard work and confidence daily. I appreciate you.

74. Without someone like you, life would be uninteresting. I thank God for you.

75. I can’t thank you enough for being a part of my life, I hope you know how much of an effect you have on me.

76. Very few people make me smile the way you do. You’re a blessing to the core.

77. You’re not just a friend, you’re a reason for so many great tidings in my life. I’m very grateful for you.

78. I never would have thought that I am made for this much if not for you. You made me see the things I couldn’t see in my self. Thank God for you.

79. You’re humble to a fault, I crave daily to have that kind of grace. Thanks for being a friend.

80. I have promised myself that friends like you will be daily celebrated because you deserve it.

81. Celebration looks very good on you, it’s an open acknowledgment of your good works. I celebrate you.

82. Whenever I need a profound and insightful advice. You’re my go-to friend. I’m grateful I have someone as deep as you.

83. I’m deeply affected in a positive way by all the energy you exude effortlessly. I thank God for you.

84. You give you best to yours. I am so lucky and blessed to be one of yours.

85. If I think of things long and hard enough, I would find that you’re at the center of all the successes I have gathered. I’m thankful for you

86. Dear friend, you’re one out of several that’s made me a believer in loyalty and unconditional love. I thank God for you.

87. I’m always eager to spend time with you because I never leave without learning. You’re a blessing I’m grateful for.

88. I stopped caring what people thought of our friendship or you for that matter the day you showed up at my lowest. I celebrate you.

89. Very few out of the people in my corner can be called favorites. You are easily one of the few. Thank you.

90. I’m proud of the way you go out of your way just to make sure I feel comfortable. No one does it better.

91. I often come to you for support and advice, you always go ahead to provide all I crave and more. You’re cherished!

92. Loving you and doing things next to you have taught me teamwork and the power of two good heads. Thanks to God for making you a reality.

93. Until the moment you walked into my life with style and doggedness, I never thought I was capable of doing so great. I’m grateful for all you’ve made possible.

94. I see life differently now and it has helped in my relationship with things generally, thanks to your presence in my life.

95. I won’t discard the thought process that you’re the best things that have ever happened to me.

96. You have taught me how to embrace things and move on quickly from things that hurt. I am grateful for this and more.

97. Maybe not everybody loves me. But, I’m loved immensely by people like you and it’s enough. Thank God for you.

98. I hope daily that I do not lose all the things you’ve invested in me because you deserve that much as compensation for your good works.

99. I trust you with so many things including my most valued possession. Thanks for being a trustworthy friend.

100. Your reputation precedes you. You’re an obvious winner. Thank God I met you!

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