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2024 Appreciation Messages To a Friend That Touched My Heart

Words, when used rightly, could mean a whole lot to those we care about. Using the right words per time helps convey our innermost feelings of love and/or gratitude to those who wouldn’t stop touching our hearts in ways beyond unspeakable.

You’ve got a friend like that?

Then let’s send these appreciation messages to a friend that touched my heart to him or her.

Appreciation Text Messages from Me to You

1. Without an exam with you, I got an excellence in friendship. Without a passport, I got a stay in your world. With my level of unworthiness, you’ve given me a place in your heart. And here is my appreciation – thank you for being you.

2. Just now, I’m changing my thought about life. I had once thought one’s mind can’t be touched this much, except in romantic relationships. Now you have changed my life forever. Thank you so much, dear friend.

3. You got my back in every step of the way. You’ve given your all to see me bask in Joy. You’ve given me more than I can work for. And I’ve come to say, I can’t thank you enough.

I Really Appreciate You SMS Messages

4. If wishes come through immediately. I would wish you become the world wealthiest. What you did was too much that I had to cry. You are one in a lifetime. Thank You my friend.

5. See how all my worries are gone! See how I easily bid farewell to my griefs. Can you see what your friendship is worth to me? Can you see how much you now mean to me? I love you.

6. I’ve got a friend so real. I’ve found the one I can Proudly call my own. I’ve found the friend so kind and none else but the one reading this message. I love you.

You Are Really Appreciated Quotes for Someone You Cherish

7. What more can I say and what more can I do to tell of your love and your untold care? I give up the guesstimate!

8. I asked around how much a helping hand is. I sought to know the depth of a caring heart. I wished I knew the worth of love shown. My search ended when I knew they’re all inestimable. Thank you for all you’ve done for me. God bless you!

9. You have given me so much to be thankful for. And if I make my teeth into tongues, then still can’t tell all of your love. It’ll just take a lifetime to show you my appreciation.

Touching Appreciation Text Messages for Someone Special

10. No one ever touched my life this way. No one ever gave me this much. But like an Angel, you turned my life around. Thank you my friend indeed.

11. I will use my lifetime to appreciate you. I will make the whole world know about your care. I just wish I could pay back in this life! You touched my heart more than words can say.

12. We quarreled and it made us stronger. We fought and it brought us closer. In the afterlife, I’ll be glad to be a friend of yours again.

Cute Appreciation Sms Messages for a Lovely Friend

13. It took me a long time to get to know you. And it’s going to take a lifetime to decide whether to leave you or not. You’re a friend I cherish.

14. They are wrong who say there is no friend in need. A perfect example is the person reading this text. Yes, you!

15. By the time I am able to tell of your worth, Diamond, Gold and Silver will be so ashamed for seeing themselves as precious.

Amazing Thank You Quotes to Send to a Special Friend

16. Not just for your kind gestures. Not even for your gifts and accolades. There’s something I’ve come to appreciate in you, and that is your selfless heart. Thank you for being you.

17. For being a friend I can trust, for being such a wonderful friend I can confide in… For being my strength when I was down and for standing by me in helpless situations… I’ve come to say thank you so much.

18. If only you can see how melodious the thoughts of you sound within me. Wait, who else deserves to be remembered this way, if not a special friend like you?

Sweet Thank You Text Messages for Him or Her

19. When troubles roll, good friends stand by you. When you feel like giving up, they still care to help you stay up. I’m glad found such trait in you.

20. There are billions of people in the world right now and only the most cherished is reading this text. Thanks for your help.

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