Romantic Messages to Send To Someone I Miss

So I heard you desire to see your lover every minute of the day but that won’t just happen.

You are missing him or her already? You wish you’d be with your boyfriend or girlfriend right now? Then send any of these romantic messages to send to someone I miss.

I Am Missing You
The times we shared, the laughter we had
And the good times we enjoyed are all in my heart.
Now I’m missing everything since you are not here.
Wish I could be with you baby.

I Want You Back My Love
I needed someone to share my dreams and aspirations with.
I needed someone to share my pains and worries with
My dear, I couldn’t find any: now I know there is no one like you.
You are a rare gem and I want you back.
I’m missing you my jewel of inestimable qualities.

Missing Him | Missing Her
Life without you has been boring my love.
You are the spark that brightens up my world.
Come back to me and let us make a bonfire of love.
I’m missing you and my morale is low

I Long For Your Love
It breaks me whenever you’re this far away.
Think of you is causing much restlessness
I really missed you, please come back to me

I Miss You So Much
How I wish you know how much I’m missing you.
Any word that starts with your name now gives me such heartache.
It feels like my heart want to break. Please be here before it’s too late.

Thanks for reading romantic messages to send to someone i miss. This is for someone so special.