Getting Understanding Right In Relationship and Marriage

Getting Understanding Right In Relationship and Marriage

The feeling of a relationship that blossom and carries with it a seemingly perpetual outplay of flourishing love, is the best investment any heart could get. And a relationship in which peace and serenity dwells, is the desire of all. Its realm transcends what every thinking faculty could easily interpret.

Whether in a ‘just friends’ setting, in a serious relationship or in marriage, everybody wants to be proud of having a blissful emotional journey. But How to have this is the question of the heart. Let’s get to know how to go about it here: Let’s imagine you’re going on a journey with a motorcycle. Because it is has no roof and just two wheels, to be security conscious is the first thought that comes to your mind. You might possibly be thinking of using a crash helmet and then a special wear to help in case of an accident. Having a thought like this is normal.

Now imagine the same journey with a car, a boat or an airplane. Here comes these thoughts: making sure the airbag is working for the car; getting a life jacket for the boat; using seat belt where applicable and making sure the parachute is working for the airplane. It now means that, for every vehicle, there exists a security measure to be taken for one to get to one’s destination. And in every relationship, this is the same.

Many people see understanding as a meal gotten through a free ticket, but it’s wrong. Understanding is to be sought – it’s to be worked out! Why Understanding? We are to understand each other in relationship so as not to get ourselves hurt and then find a way to help each other grow. When we understand each other, love tends to flow easily. No one would be limited when it comes to expressing oneself.

Like the illustrations I used with the vehicles, we’re to understand our relationships as those vehicles: we’re to know what measures we need to take so as not to run head-on against each other. The beauty of understanding therefore, is to know what would and would not make the relationship work and finding a way to curb them. When your partner says, *You need to understand me,* they simply mean you need to get aligned with their dos and don’ts.

And if I may ask, why do we get it so hard to just play along with this? I think it’s because we don’t see how important this is, not only to our partner, but also to the relationship. My friend, no matter what it will take you to understand your partner, please give it. It will worth it in the end. I wish you a successful relationship.

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