How to Find True Love

How to Find True Love

Nothing breaks my heart these days than hearing from teenagers that, ‘True’ love doesn’t exist. If that ideology is true, then we’ll have to put our parents, perpetually, on the wheelchair of pity. Because it would only have been a lifetime defeat they’ve plunged themselves in since they got married. One thing I’ve noticed against this philosophy is, so many people don’t want to quit trying to get the best out of love, even if they’ve heard enough stories and had enough experiences to make them believe there’s nothing called love, let alone a ‘true’ one. That is excellent!

It’s even funny when we attach ‘true’ or ‘real’ to love before we can make it gain ground in our emotional faculties. Love is love: these is nothing like unreal love and neither is untrue or false love. If it’s not real, or it’s not true, then it is not love. As simple as the word LOVE is, it could dig one’s grave if it’s only understood via human concept.

First, what is love? That’s it! Millions of people won’t come to the realization of this question until this time. And it’s true that so many don’t know what love really is. All that people know are ways people can feel, experience, play or show love. When expectations are not met, so many people believe love doesn’t exist.

Let’s see how true or false that is: Oxford dictionary’s definition only has a centre focus of “feelings and likeness.” It is defined thus:
1. Love is a strong feeling of deep affection for somebody or something…
2. A strong feeling of affection for somebody that you are sexually attracted to…
3. The strong feeling of enjoyment that something gives you… Can you see that?
It only means that where feeling is, love abounds. To me, it could be detrimental to bank one’s belief on only that. Because, if love is all about feeling, there won’t be something like: “Love is Sharing, Caring and Giving.” Of course, feelings of affection wouldn’t give those trio – Sharing, Caring and Giving. And if it’s only feelings, then love can die; because feelings die!

How then do I find ‘True’ Love?

(I had to put ‘true’ because that’s the best way you’ll understand it.) Know What ‘True’ Love is: To find ‘true’ love, you must first know what love (‘true’ love) is and that you yourself can’t be ‘untrue’ love and find ‘true’ one. To understand this, picture God as love: ‘True’ love is godly. God is True, Honest, Patient, Forgiving, Forbearing, Caring, Long-suffering, Kind, Merciful, Generous and the list goes on. (1Corinth 13:4- gives more understanding of that.) Have those attributes and you’ll be glad to know that likes beget likes.

There is Time For Everything: It is true that time and tide waits for no one, but in finding ‘true’ love, one has to wait for one’s time and probably the accustomed tide. ‘True’ love is worth waiting for. Untrue or fake love (as you know it) could be appealing, but it takes the right timing to get the right love. Wait patiently for it and your desires will be met.

Not all That Glitters: Choice is everything in life. We choose to live or choose to die. We choose to be good or bad, to be successful or to be a failure – we choose to be whoever we want to be! Finding ‘true’ love has a root in choice-making. If you want a ‘true’ Love, choose it. In making the right choice, you must know the right from the wrong. You must know what it takes to be the right person. It takes a godly heart to know this.

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