The Best Way To Grow Your Love 1

The Best Way To Grow Your Love

Sometimes I wish one can’t say ‘I love you’ until it has been shown through one’s action. This finds root in the fact that so many people profess love than they really mean. Just as the saying goes, ‘It’s easier said than done.’ Real love to me and to every other person is soothing to the soul. Its thought encapsulates more than ordinary – it’s ecstatic! But a million-dollar question is, ‘Does Real and Ideal love truly exist? Yes it does!

I’ve read and studied people and I’ve gathered that, as long as one is sane, everyone wants the thrilling effect of true and undying love. Factual enough, nothing holds life than love in its true State. Like I always yearn for, love is to be grown, maintained and sustained. Love, when real and genuine, is to be grown and nurtured to reach perfection. This is everyone’s desire!

How then do we grow Love? People provide care, money, food, clothing, and shelter into their relationships and in the end the relationship shatters. That you give all those – and even more of their kind – into your relationship is great, but they are never enough to grow love to perfection.

Love to me, and of course you’ll agree, is best grown when there’s OPENNESS. Openness here is not a replacement of case, money, food, clothing and shelter but a tool to help them achieve the best. Someone could show you care and you’re not happy because you think they are doing less than they should.

Money in the same way could be given and the receiver is in doubt whether the giver is giving the best. But with openness, you both understand, no matter what state the two of you are. And in this way, one can appreciate any act of love from the other. That’s why I rate it the best!

Ideally, no matter the level of ruin a relationship has gotten to, once there comes openness and the fact that they both wish to get married to each other, repair is achievable. But to hide some secrets from one’s partner, is to get married and find these same secrets exposed. When those secrets are exposed in marriage, it will not only be an eye-opener but also the beginning of failures.

Without doubt, any relationship that has its partners being open to each other can grow to any height. When I say openness, I’m talking about a platform where a partner will hide nothing from the other in the relationship.

Not everybody believes this because, the society is teaching us that if you’ve never told your partner a lie before, you don’t have respect for his/her feelings. This ideology will grow more unfaithful relationships than faithful ones.

Going by this belief, nobody would be willing to discuss the ’emotional skeletons in the cupboard of their minds.’ Everybody would do just anything as their intuition commands. No! Love can’t grow that way. Nothing, as far as I know, breeds TRUST than Openness.

And a relationship without trust is like a beautiful house built on a dunghill. If you desire a love that is ecstatic, you must seek a way of bringing openness into it. Make your partner realize why the need to be open to each other.

These are what will happen when openness is in place in your relationship:
*It enhances freedom with one’s partner.
*It enriches companionship.
*It helps raise a platform for trust
*It helps to know where and when individual partners need improvements.

How to get your Partner into the Game: Make sure you inform him/her when the ‘mood’ is there. Sit him/her down and discuss the benefits of doing that and the dangers of not doing it. Now, both of you must promise each other to find a way of dealing, in love, with whatever comes out of your resolve to be open. Once the idea is welcomed, accepted and practiced, watch your relationship take the upward turn.
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