How to Handle Your Lovers Secrets in Relationship

How to Handle Your Lover’s Secrets in Relationship

It’s funny how people take secrets. Funnier than fun itself is someone who goes around publishing the secrets of their partner and then expecting to hear more. Only someone with dead feelings would continue such race with you.

[Note: This is the last in the Grow Your Love Series. We suggest you Read The Best way to Grow Your Love And Why Lovers Don’t Like Sharing Secrets in Relationships Before you read this] People would trust you with secrets once they know you can help them better. Of course you know no one wants to share their secrets with you if they know you’ll only be a publisher of it. Hence, the need to know how to handle secrets.

And beyond that, you must make yourself qualified enough to have him or her Share secrets with you. To earn this right therefore, you must empower yourself to meet needs: spiritual, moral, financial and even emotional needs.

Why? Someone who tells you he’s sick and you can’t tell where to find a capable doctor or at least prescribe a drug, would rather find a doctor as a friend to help in that line. In the same vein, someone who complains about emotional problem and no help comes from the partner, would find a way of fixing that. This is simply why you have wealthy women sleeping with their gatekeepers and their drivers.

As a man, a woman should be bold enough to share her secrets with you. You should be the best solace she could ever find. In addition to this, you must be empowered enough to handle her feelings. You must be able to proffer solutions to all her problems. Scintillating enough, all a woman needs sometimes is the ability for a man to hear her out, and the rest would be history. A man who has a listening ear and then an understanding heart is one of the best gifts a woman could get. And that is who you should be.

As a woman in like manner, your husband must be able to trust you enough to tell you their secrets. Often time, this is hard to do because many men relate with their wives as dictators. Conquering this is then one of the battles a woman don’t need to fight with ego. All you need do is submission. Submit to him and make him see himself in the position of a Lord indeed and he’ll freely tell you all bothering him.

And what do you do if you are told those scary secrets? As a woman, all you might need to do is to assume a position of a supporter. Paint a picture that you’re with Him if he needs you and you’re… good! But you know what? I like praying women! Your husband would love you if you’re one. I’m sure you’ve learnt one or two things here. What then would you do with them?


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