How to Keep The Spark in Marriage

How to Keep The Spark in Marriage

There’s no such successful establishment like a successful marriage. Its thought is more than mere ecstasy – it’s more than giving life, to me. And there is nothing as trilling in life than a marriage that is cultivated upon a lasting fulfilment- its rhythm can’t be compared with that from the best stringed instrument. If your marriage is successful, I duff my cap!

Interestingly, every marriage is like thumb print: they all have their unique ups and downs. But one defeat I’ve noticed against this unique personality of marriage is that, many marriages today seek experience rather than knowledge. Factual enough, it is knowledge that is power and not experience.

When you have the knowledge of doing something, why do you need experience again? The answer should be, ‘For no reason!’ Nevertheless, Experience should be sought only from those who have it along the marital path. This, however, is not to be placed above knowledge seeking in marriage.

‘Read One More Book’

When you buy a new product, even when you have gotten one like it before, but because of upgrade in technology, you would have to read its manual, or at least check its specifications. ‘He or she is your next book to read.’ Reading in this way means, you’ve to start studying him afresh.

You’ll begin to explore the likes and dislikes, what turns him/her up and down, and so on. Doing this must in no way be through any book you’ve read before – some books are misleading! Since you’re dealing with your Spouse, it’ll be easier to get required result, so be ready to open him/her up page by page and be the good learner.

Like you always read in books that no part of a book should be reproduced in any way except with the permission of the author, it’s required of you not to want a change by default. No matter what comes with Him/Her as it is in contents of a books, you must first choose to live with it by accepting it. Any change you want in Him/Her (being the book), is to be done by mutual agreement but best done by consulting the author of Marriage- God.

As you read along, take note of anything wrong and start seeking ways of correcting them. When I say anything wrong, I do not mean those things you dislike because of your selfish interest. Seek for changes in things that will help the both parties.

Lastly, since one of the reasons you started the relationship that led to marriage is to have a successful marital life, then you will have to work together as one. Be united: in unity we stand and divided we fall, they say.

Note: Until tomorrow, the world needs people who will write about successful friendship, successful relationship and of course successful marriage, and so your Marriage should be the next in the line of Success stories. You can make it happen!

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