Why Lovers Dont Like Sharing Secrets in Relationships

Why Lovers Don’t Like Sharing Secrets in Relationships

Openness is a great tool in relationship building. With openness, a relationship can build a ‘Romantic Rome’ in a day. And in achieving success in relationship, openness should be a necessity. It is such tool that could do the magic of repair and sustenance in any relationship. But this platform can be ruined if all a lover does is to hear and not do.

[*Note: This is the Second in the Growing Your Love Series. We suggest you Read The Best way to Grow Your Love before you read this*] Everybody loves sharing secrets with whom they know their secrets will be safe. I’m sure you concur to that.

At the same time, everyone wants to share their limitations with those who will help lift them out of the state. Of course, you’ll agree with me that mourners wouldn’t go to someone they see crying, for them to find comfort. They’ll rather go to someone smiling. This norm also applies to every relationship. Many homes have been ruined because of this.

We now have husbands that can’t be trusted with secrets and wives who would only hear their husbands’ limitations to compose songs they’ll sing to them when quarrel arises. This is the reason you find some people who you never thought could engage in extra-marital affairs having such. But you know, that is not going to be you. Your partner is going to trust you with their secrets and you’re going to help them overcome them all. Am I right?

Nothing diminishes love than disappointment, and it could be grave if it’s coming out of broken trust. You must not find yourself in sharing your partners secrets with anybody you know can’t help your love life grow.

To do that is to set up the future of your relationship in untold gloom. You must present yourself as someone your partner can trust and once that is done, expect an outburst of secrets. Now You can Complete the Series by Reading: How to Handle Your Lover’s Secrets in Relationships.

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