The Best Investment Towards Marriage

The Best Investment Towards Marriage

Thinking deep about life, and by knowledge, I’ve come to realize that nothing really grow or is kept alive without a dose of investment. Plants grow because they have water, and of course because they’re grown on soil.

Then this is my verdict: if you want anything to grow the more, you must invest in it the more. Without any shadow of doubt, this is valid even in relationships and marriages. As a single thinking of when to marry, so many things crop up in your mind.

You’re probably going to think of how your marriage is going to be one of the best. You’re going to think of living in a mansion, have a fat bank account, own a business of your own, buy the best of cars and you know, marry the best man or lady on earth. Is that your thought? Congrats, you’re not alone!

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One thing you need to think deep about is, how many people really have a blissful marriage? How many out there live out every day of their married life being happy? Not many you’ll say. And that’s where the question of *W–h–y?* comes in. Couples have joint accounts, Plan how much to spend per month and much more escapades, But just a health problem could make all the money disappear; and this would probably take along with it peace, love, and much more.

These days people believe that love fails, and that money grow wings and fly. So what should one invest into marriage that will keep it save in success’ hands?

To me, the best investment into Marriage is SELF-EMPOWERMENT.
First, what is empowerment? From the word empower, it’s the act of giving somebody the authority, the control, the power, the strength and the confidence over something, be it their own life or a situation they’re in.

Now bringing self into it and relating it with relationship, self-empowerment is the act of giving oneself the authority, the control, the power, the strength and the confidence over one’s relationship. And why self-empowerment?

Someone might just think, do we need to have all that? If you’re such, I’ll answer thus: you can’t succeed in life without having authority, power, control, confidence, and strength over your own life. Self-empowerment is very broad. It cuts across the physical, moral, spiritual, mental, emotional and every other areas of human life you could think of.

Self-empowerment can give you all you want in marriage. When I say Self-empowerment, I’m talking of these:
*Character and Habit Building
*Long suffering.
*Productive Thinking
*Money making Ideas
*Emotional Intelligence
*Home Management
*Love Making
*Child Upbringing
*Managing Individual Differences.

Nothing keeps a marriage more successful and happier than those. And by looking at them, you could see that going into marriage is not a lazy man’s venture. Know everything about those listed points and you’ll be good to go.

Caution: If any of those is not in good proportion in marriage, no matter how strong it might have started, failure will be the end which will justify all the rigorous and glamorous means. Self-empowerment must carry spirit, soul and body together. You must make sure those three parts of you are standing and you know, outstanding.

“As a single, invest your time to build your relationship with God and people. Engage yourself positively and plan for the future with bliss. Don’t be enticed by his money or her beauty, Sweet words or fame.”


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