The First Book to Read in Marriage

The First Book to Read in Marriage

This might be one of those strange titles to you and Yes, it is. Once a couple get married, one starts the race to satisfy the other, if they seek success in the marriage. For a courtship that’s been competitive and thrilling, each of them would want to keep their parts to make sure everything goes on fine.

In the bid to doing that, a thought of, how should I go about this could come up. And as would an athlete competing for the first time, the thought of which leg do I start with comes up. In this way, each one of them start thinking, ‘How do I start this journey of making this marriage work; how do I contribute my quota; how do I take responsibilities?

For someone who ever lived with the belief that ‘Marriage is an eye opener, they wouldn’t want their eyes to be opened to ruins. So they find a way of fixing it all. Now, regarding the book to read, one might think it should be a cook book. Of course you’re to make him enjoy dishes. But you ought to have learnt that when you were in secondary School.

Another might think it should be a book that teaches satisfaction on bed. Don’t even think of that. Never invest more on how to satisfy him or her on bed. Because, you ought to have read that some weeks before wedding. When the home is destroyed, what can romance do? Yet, another might think of a certainty that, it is a religious book, probably a bible. And to think that is not erroneous in anyway. Of course you’re to read that every day.

Hear this: I don’t think you need to read the bible to get common sense. I don’t think you need to read the bible to know he likes eating rice and beans or read that to know she loves to bathe with warm water. So your first should be your spouse.

Since everyone is different in thumbprints, so is everyone different in character. It is not enough then, to just read books to drive a marital relationship. You’re to read your partner from cover to cover. And like you know, books are not to be judged by their cover.

Which means, during courtship, your partner could have shown you only the cover. Some people have beautiful covers but poor content and vice-versa. It’s imperative therefore, to read him or her thoroughly and know how exactly you would ascertain what you read.
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