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2023 Missing You Sms

We are miles away from each other,
but don’t you worry, love transcends distance.
My heart is kept for only you, for you are the chosen one.
I’m missing you like summer in the winter.
I miss you for real.

Am missing the moments we shared,
I’m missing the good times we had together.
I miss all about us and just to confess
I’m incomplete without you, my sweet.
I am missing you.

Your deed of love for me is so sweet that honey is so envious.
They are all in my memories and I will treasure everyone of them.
But a part of me is telling me i can’t pay back. I miss you, love.

Anytime you see the sunshine,
Always remember that I’m here thinking of you.
I’m loving you the more but you are far way
Now my  heart faints, because I am missing you.

The throne awaits you my queen.
I need you her for I can’t rule alone
Nothing more to say… Just Missing all about you.
I miss you, love.

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