Cute Messages To the One I Am Missing

Cute Messages To the One I Am Missing

I Am Lost Without You
I didn’t know what you were to me until you left.
I now realized you were my sunlight and my star.
Little wonder I’ve been having it dark since you left.
Come back sugarpie cos I can’t find my way.
I’m missing you badly.

Your Absence Is Killing
The day you were leaving, I felt something left me.
I didn’t know what it was until now.
Am feeling your absence and I’m getting sick.
Come to me my angel and make me whole.

I Miss Him Badly | I Miss Her Badly
My arms are stretched out, my heart is anticipating,
My eyes are longing and my body is aching,
I’m not myself please your presence is all I need.
I’m missing you a million fold.

Romantic I Miss You Love Poems for Him or Her

Why Are You So Far Away
I looked around but didn’t see you,
It was then I realized you are far away from me.
Your delay to come on time is my love’s denial
I will keep you in my heart but please come back quickly.

Cute Missing You Messages for Friend

I Want You Back My Love
I’m lost without you, in fact broken without you
I need you back so that smiles can return to my face.
My sweet angel, where are you. I’m missing you.

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