2024 Most Romantic I Miss You Poems for Him or Her

The Most Romantic I Miss You Love Poems for Him or Her

Have you once been in a situation where you were so helpless and the feeling of you being the only person in the world energized your soul? Have you ever been in a moment when you saw the valleys as mountains and even the day as the night? And trying to do your best, it turned to be the worst… all because you were missing someone so close to your heart?

I call such moments the Moment of Solitude. You might not understand this sometimes, and in fact, it could seem to be a puzzle such that you need a guru to solve. The last time I checked, I saw it as a normal phenomenon for almost everyone in love. If you are one of those, below are the answers to solve the puzzles in your heart in times like that.

Is that how you feel? Then the Lovely Poems below will help you to send the best I Miss You Poems to your Lover.

First of all, let us start the I Miss You Series with this Song. Don’t worry about the tune, I am not an artiste either.


I am lost, in the world without you!
I am dead, living my life without you!
I am empty when you’re far away from my heart…
I wish you know, how lucky I would be to see you here…
I wish you know, how much my heart longs for you…
My night was full of sad moments when you were not there!
And still, in my day, I feel so helpless since you not here!
I miss you… I miss you… I wish you know!
I want you…. so much… And I wish you understand!
I am so lonely… lonely… like I just might die!!!!
Oh, oh, oh…. I am longing… longing… to see your face!
I miss you my love, but I wish you understand more.

It is time to get the best of I miss you poems you have longed for.

Since I don’t want you to get lost on this page, I will urge you to use the table of contents below. 

Ideally, Sending Sweet I Miss You Poems to Him or Her is one of the Cutest ways to keeping the romantic fire of love burning between the two of you.

If you have once been in that moment when your heart is filled with untold weariness because you are missing the one you Love, get ready for the missing you poems that will help you express how you really feel.

I Miss You Poems for a Lover on a Journey

“It is normal when you are missing each other. But abnormality is what I call it when either of you make the other feel it like it’s going to take a forever to be back again. Whenever you are on a journey, or he or she is on one, these missing you poems are perfect to send to him or her.”

1. Missing the Feelings

I am missing those cute feelings I have when I am with you.
I have so missed the cute talks and sweet chatters too.
I am missing you like a part of me is gone.
Consider being back on time. I love you.

2. When You Are Not Here

I am the best of me when you are here,
But the worst of me the moment you are gone.
Thinking of your love and care, I miss you the more!
Please come back to me my love.

3. Unbearable Pains

I can’t bear the pain of missing you any longer!
I can’t handle the thoughts of you not here.
I am missing you like I just might die.
Please come back to me my love.

4. I Will Manage to Cope

No matter how long this takes,
I will stay lovely and sweet for you.
No matter how far and far you go,
You will be as close forever in my heart.
I am missing you my love.

5. I Wish You Well, Still

I wish you well on this journey,
But I will not deny that I am missing you already.
Stay lovely and safe for me my sweetheart.
I am missing you.

6. I Can’t Feel My Head

Thinking about you not being here,
Is like I am walking without my head.
I am missing you is the least I could say…
But I wish you feel the same way too.

7. This is Serious

Lonely in my heart, that is the feeling!
Alone in the whole world, that is again the feeling!
Missing you is making the worst moment out of all my best.
I am missing you, please take this seriously.

I Miss You Poems for Him

He’s been the reason for your blossoming life… He has been the centre of your happiness… He has been the man behind your everyday merriment… He makes you smile… His presence is more than what words can say… The feeling has been rhythmical for some time, until now.

You miss him. You miss him so much that your shadow can tell. You wish you could have the time you’ve spent together back. You really missing him… Is that how you feel? Scroll to these Missing you Poems that are Specially Written for Him.

I Miss You Poems for Him or Her

Missing You is Killing
Closer to my heart, I have always wanted you to be.
But you are as far as I have never wanted you to be.
It is more like killing being here alone.
I miss you like I am on a journey and missing home.

I Have Really Missed You
I gathered a billion of I miss you quotes,
With wishes and SMS messages,
But I broke down in pains,
When I know none of them could help describe how exactly I feel.
I am missing you like mad!

I Want You Close to Me Forever
So much of sorrow and pains I have within me
And how great would it be if you can feel it too.
That I want to be with you is not just a saying…
It is something that I want now and forever!
I am missing you like forever.

I Want Nothing But Your Face
If for sweetness, you have given me enough,
If for love and care, you have shown more than I ever needed.
But for your face, that forever I ever wanted.
I am missing you and I hope you know how it makes me feel.

I Miss You, I Am Speechless
I wish I know how best to put this right!
My heart is failing, and my body is growing cold.
I feel so empty and lost, realizing how far away you are!
I miss you, my love.

It is Happening Again
When I am hungry, I think of food,
When I am cold, I think of a blanket,
When in the dark, I think of a path into light.
But when I am missing you, I am as clueless as ever!

I Want You Here with Me
It takes a ray of light, to end the darkness,
Takes a glass of water, to end a thirst,
And it takes a rain, to end the summer!
But it takes seeing you to end all my bad feelings.

Life is so Hard without You
A moment without you I find life so hard
Thinking of missing you, want to make me mad.
My heart is skipping like the growth of mustard…
The more you stay away, the more I become a dullard.
I really miss you.

Your Love Gave Me All
I started living for real the day I met you.
And from then, your love has been so true.
For the way I feel for you, I got not the clue….
To my hurts and pains, meeting you, I say adieu.
I am missing you so much, even if I love you.

This is More than I Can Bear
Missing you is killing me like I might breakdown.
I am losing my sanity with even the thought of it.
You are loving and caring, is not how I see this!
Please come to me my love and my life.

I Am Missing You so Much
Like the earth misses an abundant rain, so am I missing you.
And like the night misses the sunshine, so am I missing you.
I love you.

Wouldn’t You Stay with Me Forever!
I wish you were never far away from my embrace,
I wish you were never so distant from my sight.
I missed the romantic moments we shared…
I am really missing you for real.

I Am Longing for Your Face
I desire your face so much,
I missed you cuddling me so very much.
Like the dead in need of air to breathe,
I am in need of your presence so much.
I love you… But I Miss You More.

Am I Feeling Destitute Again?
Missing you, it’s like my soul is empty,
Thinking about it, it’s like my whole being is gone.
I am losing my breath thinking you are not here!
I am missing you so much than I can ever say.

Will This Feeling Ever End?
Missing you again is so killing,
And thinking about it is more than suicidal.
My days seem to be filled with gloom,
All because I am missing you the Love of my life.
I love you still.

I Am Lost Without You
I am losing my mind gently,
I am losing my soul following.
I am missing you and it’s killing me.
Please come to me, or I lose the whole of me.

The Chronicles of My Loneliness
Sweet to my marrow is your presence here,
Romantic to the last thought is feeling your warmth by me.
But missing you is like I am alone in the world!

Hope You Will Be Back So Soon!
That you are my very best, that I am not denying.
That you love and care for me, that is nothing but the truth!
But making me miss you this much, is really hurting.
Please come back to me, sweetheart. I miss you.

How Do I Ever Be Without You?
When I said I can be without you I was just lying,
Being without you I’m not myself, i’m just trying.
People tell me many stories but I’m not buying,
But it is your love I want I’m no more denying.

Hey, I Am Down Again!
Every moment you’re away my morale is low,

What to do, in times like this I don’t know.
I’m feeling as if all over me, blood doesn’t flow,
Anywhere you go now, I’m ready to follow.
I love you and I miss you more.

Without You, I Am Nothing
My life without you is called emptiness,
My love without yours is nothingness,
All I have without you is worthless,
Without you, I just might die of loneliness.

Missing You Has Never Been Funny
I miss you so much that I can’t get you off my mind,
A moment without your thought, that I can never find!
Days without you makes me see you as being unkind.
Even if it is to leave in a corner of your heart, I don’t mind.
Pls come back on time, or I lose my mind.
I miss you.

How I Wish I am Always with You!
The stars appear, whenever the sun is down,
But your silence breaks me down,
If I’m asked to choose just one thing in life,
It will be nothing but to be with you all my life.
I really miss you.

Your Presence is All I Need
A moment without you leaves me in a desperate plight.
Your every second thought makes me sleepless at night.
I really miss you, and without you I can’t be alright.
I miss you, I really do.

I Can’t Keep You off My Mind
I can’t help thinking about you without seeing you.
This is breaking me apart, I don’t know what to do.
Please come to me if you miss me too.
I love you.

Can We Just Break this Silence!
Your absence is my darkest moment without light,
But being with me forever is my greatest delight.
And I just wish being alone will end tonight.
I really miss you, my sweet darling.

I Miss You Poems for Her

It’s Taking Like Forever
I’m missing you here my love,
I need you like I won’t see you again.
I love to have, even a bit of your care, my love,
Your absence is giving me untold pain.

I Am no More Myself, Dear
When an eye is missing, no sight is complete,
And a single hand can’t make hand washing complete.
I am as incomplete as incompleteness itself,
And your absence is making me lose myself!

Can I Ever Be Okay Without You!
I could survive all pains but not your absence,
Without you all I do amounts to nonsense,
My being alone is making me lose my sense,
I just wish this won’t be to my life’s expense.
I am really missing you.

I Miss You Still
Nothing can be more compared to your beauty.
You are fantastic and irresistible, too.
I will make sure I don’t lose you.
I am indeed blessed with your beauty.
I miss you so much.

I Will Hold You Close, Still
Like a mattress to a bed,
And a butter to a soft bread,
I will stick to you till the end.
Forever, my love, your interest will I defend.
I miss you, but I still love you.

I Can’t Do This on My Own
Like a knife can’t carve its own handle,
My life is too much for me to handle.
With your absence I don’t know what else to do.
There is nothing I want more than you.
I miss you, really missing you.

I Am Going Helpless
I could scale mountains but only with you,
And I could endure all things if only I’m beside you.
The thought of you not being here is breaking me,
And I am not myself without you, believe me.
I miss you, my heart.

Won’t You Be Here Now!
I have tried enough but I just can’t do any good without you.
I broke down while I encouraged myself to be without you.
So far, I have not found what would replace your presence,
And I am yet to find what will cure me from the hurt of your absence.
I am missing you, more than I love you.

I Miss the Moments We Shared Together
Every moment without you is just unbearable.
And going about my day without you is super terrible.
Out of everything without you, I can’t get the best.
And the thought of you being far is making my heart unrest.
I miss you and I wish you were here.

I Am Missing You Beyond Explanation
When I miss you, I count the ceiling
But this wouldn’t stop the feeling.
How could I be missing your love so thrilling!
I want your face, I’m begging and pleading.
I miss you, my love.

But I Love You Still
I will give you enough, but you’ll always want more.
And the more you ask, I give you the more.
Your past hurts and pain, you’ll see no more.
Caring for you and protecting you; that I will do ever more.
I love you, but I Miss you.

I Miss the One Who Taught Me Love
Reminiscing on the day I fell in love.
I felt within me like a soothing rain from up above.
It’s like I was flung from down up above.
From that moment I knew what it means to be well off.
I am missing you, but I love you.

I Can’t Just Stop Thinking About You, My Love
I wish I just stop thinking about you all the time!
For a thought of you, is like my heart would sublime.
To ask when I miss you, ‘morning, night and noon’ is the time.
And when I will stop it, is until the end of time.
Just missing you. Good Morning.

I Wish I’ll Never Leave You
The answer to how far I want you is forever,
And to leave you, I dare to say never!
You being mine, that’s sure ever and ever,
Just be the receiver, and I’ll be the giver.
I am missing you for real.

I Am Staying with You Forever
I am in love with you and not loving no one again
But to love you, that’s sure has no bargain.
The soothing balm for your hurts and pain,
Is what I will be, and your heart, I’ll maintain.
I am missing you, the love of my life.

My Heart Can’t Stop Beating for You
If love flows, I want to be your ocean.
Your care, your needs, that my devotion.
My heart beating for you, with ceaseless motion.
To ever leave you, my love, erase that notion.
Good morning, I miss you.

Do You Really Care for Me?
The way I miss you, I just might die!
My strength is failing me, and my body is getting weak!
My eyes are feeling heavy and my vision going bleak!
If it takes you too long to come, I take it as you don’t care!

I Miss You Greatly, My Love
Like my bones keep me in shape,
Your love keeps me romantically in shape.
Like the sun helps to see the light of the day,
Your laughter and care is a reason to have a great day.
I miss you.

I Am Longing for Your Presence
I am missing you my angel,
I am missing you my world.
I miss you like tomorrow would never come.
But all the same, I still love you so much.

I Just Can’t Cope Without You
I have tried hard to cope without you,
I told myself no more with you but I lied.
I figured out you are the best for me,
Please come back and I promise not to let you go again.

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