250+ Funny & Inspiring I Miss You Memes

I Miss You Meme

Whoever it is, family or friend, and wherever they've gone to, a meme can go across distance to calm nerves, spread humour and pass a message of love and whatever you want it to do.

Creative memes like the ones found here are suitable for different kind of people, so if you're missing your dad or mum, brother or sister, husband or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend, son or daughter, we've got you covered.

Our list is created for you, so all you'll have to do is pick the one that you prefer and tell that awesome person that you miss him — and how much you miss him.

I'm Missing You Memes for Him or Her

Funny and Inspiring I'm Missing you memes for him or her.

1. Feels like I took a break from life. I miss you, dear.

2. Life feels like February without you. I miss you.

3. A comeback is definitely necessary. I miss you madly.

4. Where's my mummy o? I miss you so much.

5. I need you like broke men need money. I miss you.

6. I miss you like deserts miss the rain.

7. I miss you so much I'll buy a lifesized doll, then burn it because it can't replace you.

8. I miss you and I just can't stop.

9. Say no more — a note to self. I miss you.

10. Take it from me. I miss you madly.

11. I refuse to stay away from you again. I miss you much.

12. Irreplaceable you. I miss you so much.

13. I'm hearing your voice in even bright corners. I miss you very much.

14. You are all I wanna see. I miss you, darl.

15. I'll run to you when I get the chance. I miss you.

16. There's always room for you in me. I miss you much.

17. Just travel home now, please. I miss you.

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18. I miss you in ways the sun can't burn. I miss you.

19. The best thing is having you here. I miss you so much.

20. Never travel again, please. I miss you.

21. So we can't stay apart? I miss you much.

22. Private announcement. I miss you.

23. I miss you so much I wonder if I've ever missed anyone.

24. Without you, I'm shorter. I miss you.

25. My eyes have seen no one like you. I miss you much.

26. Care to hear? I miss you.

27. Even if there was no you, I'll still miss you.

28. You're like God. I miss you so much.

29. No way I'll let you go. I miss you.

30. The truth is that I miss you.

31. I've missed you till I passed out.

32. I miss you and it's not abnormal.

33. I miss you madly, I'll soon ear from a bin.

34. Wake up and know that I miss you.

35. I'm going hard on this one. I miss you madly.

36. All I have to say is that I miss you.

37. But you know I miss you, right?

38. No deception. I miss you.

39. I thought to say how much I miss you.

40. I miss you in a scary way.

41. I miss my love like I've never loved.

42. I miss you and it's like famine.

43. There's nothing funny in how much I miss you.

44. Paperwork can't prove how much I miss you.

45. I'm elated and excited to say I miss you.

46. I'm sure than air that I miss you, my heart.

47. I miss you so much it could fill the earth.

48. No, I miss you song can describe how I miss you.

49. I miss you and don't know what to do about it.

50. There's so much about you to miss. I miss you.

51. I refuse to die before you return. I miss you.

52. You're so "missable". I miss you so much.

53. I miss you and I'll find you.

54. This time around, I know I miss you.

55. I wish you're here. I miss you so much.

56. I want you even when I'm dead. I miss you.

57. As long as you're not here, I miss you.

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58. Listen, darling. I miss you.

59. I miss you. Come back before I'll cry.

60. I miss you so much I can't wait to make you Mrs.

61. I miss you though I know I'll never lose you.

62. I think of how much I miss you and all I can say is "Woah!"

63. I miss you. No thanks.

64. Looks like you write my rules. I miss you madly.

65. Hope I'm not poisoned. I miss you.

66. I miss you like madmen miss their freedom.

67. Why are you not a pillar so you'll never move? I miss you.

68. Love is lovely with you. I miss you madly.

69. How did I get to miss you so much?

70. One day, you'll be here, but until then, I miss you.

71. How can I not miss you? I miss you.

72. Life is good with you in it. I miss you.

73. I miss you so much I now believe God made me for you.

74. I miss you and I'm confused.

75. Nothing's clearer than how much I miss you now.

76. Like someone leaving a bad home, I can't wait to run to you. I miss you.

77. Just like that, I miss you.

78. The thing is I can't stop missing you.

79. It's real. It's true. I miss you.

80. There's no way I won't miss you, my darling.

81. I'm coming out. I miss you.

82. You know I miss you, but I'll say it anyway.

83. Just decided to say the obvious. I miss you, my love.

84. My heart beats for your heart. I miss you madly.

85. Missing you will be fun to talk about when it's over — when you're here, back.

86. Before I sleep, let me tell you I miss you.

87. It's easy to say this one because I wanna. I miss you.

88. I'll drop a Grammy to meet you. I miss you.

89. Sing a song of loneliness for me. I miss you so much.

90. No second pass by without I missing you.

91. Even my body parts, especially my eye, miss you.

92. I miss you and it's excruciating.

93. Maybe I'll just fulfil my promise of dying for you. I miss you, Darling.

94. Saying I miss you is a thing of pride.

95. Feel bad and come home. I miss you.

96. No meeting. I miss you.

97. Even though I'm married, I still miss you.

98. Take off the makeup and let me see who I missed.

99. Everyone listen. I miss my babe.

100. I miss you and that's all for now.

101. I need comfort. I miss you.

102. You should be sold out if you're good. I miss you.

103. I should never let a day pass without reaching out to you. I miss you very much.

104. I miss you like I missed my mum as a child.

105. I miss you so much I fear I love you less.

106. A story of hunger is how much I miss you.

107. Even movie scenes can't describe how I miss you.

108. Let's set the moment soon, babe. I miss you madly.

109. I miss you and don't disagree with myself on this.

110. I miss you and that's period.

111. I miss you like you are all my friends and family.

112. Nearly asked if you remember me? I miss you.

113. I'm not heartless. I miss you so much.

114. There's an ache in me. I miss you.

115. I feel older now. I miss you so much.

116. You know what we all need — someone like you. I miss you.

117. You're my sweetness. I miss you, love.

118. I miss you like businesses need profit.

119. I miss you like Facebook needs data.

120. You are one hell of a beautifier. I miss you, Darling.

121. No dreams without you. I miss you, babe.

122. Thank God I'll see you soon. I missed you.

123. So sleepless today. I miss you.

124. I miss you because life is boring when you're not in it.

125. A sad story is like one of I miss you.

126. They're looking at me like "Where's your pair?" I miss you.

127. Waiting for you like Nigerians wait for change. I miss you, love.

128. You're all I ever needed. I miss you so much.

129. Have you been absent forever? I miss you.

130. I miss you more than scrap cars miss the road.

131. God bless me, or else… I miss you so much.

132. Let's not talk much today. I miss you.

133. I miss you like trapped birds miss the air.

134. How else can I coat it? I miss you, love.

135. I miss you more than movie fans miss Bruce Lee.

136. Sugar, and all my ingredients, I miss you.

137. Too much of you is impossible. I miss you.

138. I miss you like caught fishes miss the sea.

139. I miss you more than Arya Stark missed her family.

140. I miss you like clothes on the line can't wait to get dry.

141. I miss you as much as boarders miss their homes.

142. I miss you and don't know how best to say it.

143. I miss you more than hyperboles can express.

144. I miss you so much my heart is confused.

145. I miss you in a way I can't miss you more.

146. I miss you even though I just saw you minutes ago.

147. I miss you so much I now keep a diary.

148. I miss you like phones with bad batteries miss constant power supply.

149. I'm proud to say I miss you.

150. No truth beats the one of I miss you.

151. I can't wait to tell you welcome. I miss you.

152. None's home for I to greet. I miss you.

153. Walk the paths that lead home. I miss you.

154. I can't breathe. I miss you.

155. I miss you madly that I'm running mad.

156. There's no way anyone can miss someone the way I miss you.

157. I miss you and you should know it.

158. These days, I miss you double.

159. I miss you and can't stop.

160. I miss you and will not stop till I meet you.

161. I can't say how much I miss you.

162. You and I are best together. I miss you, love.

163. So much about you and I miss all of it.

164. More than I can miss anything, I miss you.

165. This is not a hype. I miss you.

166. You know I know you know I miss you, right?

167. There's more to missing and that's how I miss you.

168. My love, that loves me. I miss you.

169. We are bonded in love. I miss you.

170. I miss you and I know it.

171. Everything in me screams that I miss you.

172. No one can miss you as I do now. I miss you, darling.

173. More than I feel, I miss you.

174. There's no way I can stop missing you.

175. Without a doubt, I miss you.

176. I can't forget you and I miss you.

177. Even a kiss won't stop me from missing you.

178. I can only miss others because I miss you.

179. You're so far and that's why I miss you.

180. It's sad but true. I miss you.

181. Heart's breaking. I miss you.

182. I miss you like nothing else is a thing.

183. I miss you like I'll never stop.

184. No flowers at home. I miss you, love.

185. I miss you and I say it boldly.

186. Any chance I get, I'll say I miss you.

187. Your absence is unbelievable. I miss you.

188. I miss you and it feels natural.

189. I miss you and you know it.

190. I miss you as much as I love Jesus.

191. I miss you and it's not easy.

192. I miss you like hunger miss humans.

193. I miss you perfectly, even without practice.

194. I miss you and it's heavy.

195. Just sighing. I miss you.

196. I miss you like good angels miss heaven.

197. I miss you as much as life is real.

198. I miss you as much as haters are jealous.

199. I miss you like broke workers miss salary period.

200. I miss you so much I'm seeing hell in heaven.

201. I miss you so much I'm building new bridges to reach you.

202. There's no one that can miss you as much as I miss you right now.

203. It's not over yet. I miss you.

204. Walk back, please. I miss you.

205. This is the opposite of what I want. I miss you.

206. I miss you, but never more than how I love you.

207. We are twisted into ourselves. I miss you.

208. Everyone that can look into me will know that I miss you.

209. A list of things that's up now and the first is that I miss you.

210. In all possible ways, I miss you, darling.

211. I'm looking for how to meet you. I miss you.

212. The most truthful thing I can say now is I miss you.

213. Seriously, and very seriously, I miss you.

214. I miss you and no joke can cover that.

215. With all my hardness, I miss you.

216. You are worth every way I feel missing you.

217. I miss you like a bad generator misses staying off.

218. I miss you like poor people can't wait to get their first million.

219. I miss you like I miss stealing from my mother's purse.

220. I miss you and my dad will be proud if he knows.

221. As long as you're here, I'm good. I miss you.

222. It's not good. Just bad and ugly. I miss you.

223. I can't prove that I miss you, but I do.

224. A part of me is asleep. I miss you.

225. I miss you and love it.

226. I can't stop telling people how much I miss you.

227. I'm struggling to live without you. I miss you.

228. Hear the truth. I miss you.

229. You're my beloved and I miss you.

230. The only shot I can fire now is saying I miss you.

231. I can't stay a minute without missing you.

232. If airtime was unlimited, I'll always be on the phone with you. I miss you.

233. It's massive how much I miss you.

234. Without favouritism, I miss you.

235. I'm missing something, sorry someone — You!

236. So this is just to say I miss you.

237. Like a boss without an office is how I feel when I miss you.

238. No, you, no other thing. I miss you.

239. I may not shed tears, but I miss you.

240. So no more holding my hands back. I miss you.

241. With all I have, I still miss you.

242. I've tried to hold myself, but I can't. I miss you.

243. Sadly, I'll die to be with you. I miss you.

244. The best place to be is with you. I miss you.

245. Like citizens miss good leadership, I miss you.

246. The way I miss you, geniuses will have a hard time explaining.

247. I'm shocked that I can miss someone like I miss you right now.

248. So much and madly, I miss you.

249. I'm not mad, but I miss you madly.

250. I must let you know I miss you. It may change a thing.

251. Nothing I can adopt to fill your place. I miss you.

252. One in a trillion you are. I miss you.

253. Surely, I can't negate the fact that I miss you.

Written By Felix Busa.