100+ Emphatic Words for Someone Who Lost Their Mother in 2024

Showing sympathy and knowing the right words to put together when empathizing with someone who has just lost their mother is important.
Having a hard knowing the right condolence message to put together? You should check these out.

Condolence Words for Someone Whose Mother Died

Best collection of emphatic words for someone whose mother died.

1. There is nothing that can be enough consolation for what you feeling right now. My heart is with you, take care.

2. May your heart be consoled today and your strength doubled every day.

3. Mothers are the strongest and the most beautiful of species. May thoughts of her give you strength and comfort you today.

4. Every new day will bring more instances where you miss her strongly.

5. You will miss her, we will all do, but we are rest assured as she lived a fulfilled life.

6. I’m really sorry for your loss. She was the best mother around.

7. Her smile is what we would not forget in a hurry. Her warmth is exceptional.

8. The most valuable of trees are less likely to stay for long; your mother is one of those. She will surely be missed by everyone.

9. Getting over pain and loss can be difficult, this I know of. But one certainty is that you are not alone in this period.

10. I wish to extend my heartfelt condolence to you. You are in my thought and prayers in this trying season.

11. I am deeply sorry for your loss; you are in my prayers now and always.

12. The memories of your mom will always be fresh even in my heart also. I pray she find eternal rest.

13. She was a mother, teacher and friend to me also; her imprints on everyone around her can never fade away.

14. I pray that you will be comforted by the greatest source of comfort and support in this time. May God heal your heart.

15. I am so sorry to hear about your mom’s passing, I pray that you find peace in this trying time.

16. May you find strength in everything you do this time.

17. The memories of my younger years encounter with your mom keeps flooding me that I can’t bear to think that she is no more with us.

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18. Words will not be enough in moments like this, but I hope that you will be comforted by the loss of your dear mother.

19. Mothers are great gifts and losing them can be a big ache. I pray for strength for you.

20. Although she is no more with you, be rest assured that she will always be in the mind of us all.

21. My heartfelt condolence to you and your siblings at this time.

22. You don’t have to be buried in sorrow for your loss, she was a great woman and she will forever be in all our hearts.

23. It was a great privilege knowing a great teacher, role model and mother. She will forever be missed.

24. My heart is quite heavy right now as I think of your mom and the blessings she was to me. Please accept my sympathy.

25. Know that in this period, you are always in my heart and prayers.

26. I would have loved to be there and say this to you in person: your mother was a unique woman; she will forever be loved and missed.

27. I pray that your peace of mind is made string in this period. I am so sorry for your loss.

28. May the love and the thought of all your family and friends comfort you in the days ahead.

29. May God be with and your family in this time of sorrow. You are not alone.

30. Make sure to hold onto all the memories, this is a great comfort for you in this trying time. Accept my sympathy, please.

31. I pray that you get strength for days ahead with the memories of your mother. My heart is with you.

32. May the loving memories you have in your heart be enough to hold and strengthen you forever.

33. We have always shared love; we will also share the grief in this trying period. Please accept my sympathy.

34. Peace, strength, and comfort I wish for you today.

35. Your mother will always be at the heart of every life she’s touched; she will be loved and remembered forever.

36. Goodbyes can be very hard, I know this and that is why I am sending wishes of strength and comfort to you.

37. Our departed loved ones are not forgotten; they will always be in the most secure of places: our hearts.

38. Every loving and sweet memory will ease your loss and offer you comfort today.

39. I wish that the God of strength and comfort will hold and help you in this difficult time.

40. Your mother was special; I can assure you that she will always be in our hearts.

41. I know no words can be enough to comfort you for what you’re going through right now, know that I am close to your heart with thoughts and words of prayers.

42. I will always cherish every encounter I had with your mother, she was a unique one.

43. With my love, I am sending the deepest sympathy to you today. Accept my heartfelt condolences.

44. Even if it seems difficult, please try to see beyond the sorrow of today and look back to your memories so that you can be comforted.

45. I want you to take solace in the fact that those people we love don’t go away, they are always with us, unseen and unheard.

46. I pray the Heavens will heal your sorrows right now. Please be strong.

47. Your loss weighs heavily on my mind, I hope that you will be comforted soon.

48. I really don’t understand why sad things happen, but know that my heart really cares and pray that you will be comforted.

49. I hope the fact that I care and pray for you will help ease your sorrows. Be fine, please.

50. At times like this when words might not be enough to express sympathy, know that you are in my prayers.

51. I remember you right now in my prayers and I hope that your mother rests in perfect peace.

52. You don’t have to go through the pain and heaviness alone; I will always be there for you. Please accept my sympathy.

53. I am sending peace and courage across for you to ease your stress during this period.

54. Losing someone is a very hard experience, I send across my deepest sympathy.

55. I am thinking of you always and I hope that you find the needed strength for this period.

56. Know that more than anyone else, God loves and cares for you. I am confident that he will give you the strength you need.

57. We never lose those we love, as love lives on and never die.

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58. With warmest condolences, I am asking you to take good care of yourself in this period.

59. Peace from memories with the departed ones will flood you. Be strong.

60. I am deeply sorry about your loss, remember that I care about you and I wish you find comfort.

61. Forget the pain of death and hold onto the memories of love which you shared with your mother.

62. May your heartache be the source of your strength and give you comfort to bear this loss.

63. Know that your mom is still loved and very much missed. She will be in our hearts for eternity.

64. Don’t look for reasons this time, just pray for peace. Accept my condolences dear.

65. May the outflow of love around you be enough to comfort you for this loss.

66. You will be in my thoughts and prayers, always.

67. Don’t dwell on the fact that you lost your mother, see this as a blessing in some ways. Accept my sympathy.

68. I pray that you will receive the courage to face the coming days when the vacuum will be glaring. Be strong.

69. I don’t know what best to say to you, but know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

70. I pray that the wishes, flowers and friends will make you find a smile even in this difficult time.

71. I want you to know that my loving thoughts will embrace you and hope that you’ll stay strong.

72. I pray God will bless you and strengthen you today and always.

73. Your mom will forever be in our hearts, that’s one thing I am confident of.

74. She was a gift, a great blessing to us and everyone around. Accept my sympathy dear.

75. I am so sorry for your loss, I wish you would know that I am thinking of you

76. I don’t know exactly what to say but then, you can be sure that I am praying for you.

77. With sincere sympathy, I want you to know that you can count on me if you need any help.

78. Even if it seems that your heart is so heavy that you feel like you are about to burst, know that I am praying for you here.

79. I am not promising to fix the pain, I can’t do that. But I hope my heartfelt sympathy will touch your heart.

80. Believe me, I understand what you are going through, be strong dear.

81. Please accept my condolences and the words that refuse to form in my mouth.

82. Don’t be too disturbed, my heart is with you and I pray that you find the strength for this period.

83. The fondest of memories of your mom is enough for us to hold onto and pray that she find eternal rest. Please accept my sympathy.

84. You are in my thoughts in this time of sorrow, you will definitely be fine.

85. Don’t grieve too much; just know that you got one more guardian angel with the loss of your mom.

86. Even though your mother is no more with us, know that her unique qualities will forever be in our memories.

87. With love and great respect, I am sending you my deepest sympathy.

88. May you find the strength and comfort that you need for the days ahead. Accept my condolence.

89. May your heart find peace in this period.

90. Someone as special as your mother will never be forgotten, I hope the thought of that will comfort you today.

91. I am thinking of you in this time and I am praying for you.

92. We have shared love, we should certainly share grieve too. My thoughts are with you dear, accept my deepest sympathy.

93. I’d say a few words of prayer for you and hope that your mom finds eternal rest.

94. God’s blessings I pray for you and family in this trying period.

95. Our departed loved ones will always be in our hearts and memories, that thought should be enough to comfort you.

96. I am not good at words, but I hope that my warmest condolence will give you comfort.

97. I am thinking of you always and you know it, be comforted in Jesus name dear.

98. Let me extend myself and family’s heartfelt condolence to you. You are not alone.

99. I am sincerely sorry for the loss of your mom, she will forever be remembered.

100. All those fond moments should be etched into memory and forever be treasured. Accept my sympathy dear.

101. Accepting loss can be difficult, but I’ll be thinking of you and pray that you find strength.

102. A thousand wishes that you are comforted from me to you.

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