2023 I Miss You Text Messages for Him or Her

There comes a time in life, when all you do is miss your partner, either because they are not near, or left you for someone else. To think your lover left you for another person is a disaster; provided you still love them.

Either your lover is on a business trip, far away from you or had left you for another person, these messages are the perfect ones to make them know how you feel.

I Miss You Text Messages for Him – Boyfriend

Collection of I miss you text messages for him

1. Distance does to love what wind does to fire, extinguishes the weak and fuels the strong. Your love is my strength. Please come back soon, cos I can’t help it any longer.

2. All I could do is think about you all day. I hope tomorrow will not be the same. Good night.

3. A piece of my heart is always missing when you’re not with me. All I need is you, right here with me. Miss you much.

4. Even if I was the busiest person in the world, you know I’d always find time for you. So why do this to me? I really can’t wait until the day I can wake up right next to you.

5. Every minute feels like an hour, every hour feels like a day, every day feels like forever, but I will wait for you forever. I miss you.

6. I wish you were here holding me tight in your arms. I really miss you.

7. I will wait for you because honestly, I don’t want anyone else, but you. Truth be told, it’s everything about you that makes this distance so worth it.

8. My very soul demands you. The longer the wait the sweeter the kiss. Come home, baby!

9. You and I know there no woman that can fit into your life perfectly, like me. This is the last time I will be begging you to come back. Bye!

10. The few hours I spend with you are worth the thousand hours I spend without you. But still, I miss you.

11. I can’t stop thinking about you. It’s so hard to be away from you.

12. You’re always on my mind. I miss your handsome face.

13. I’m in the most boring meeting and all I can think about is you. I can’t wait to see you.

14. I’m working late tonight. Believe me, all I want to do is see you instead!

15. You just walked out of the door but I miss you already. What can I do to make you come back?

16. I miss your joy and laughter. I miss your company as well. You are an inspiration to me. You are my muse, my dream.

17. I miss the touch of your hand in mine. I miss the smile on your face. Your love warms me like the morning sunshine.

18. I miss your breath in my ear as we embrace. I miss the softness of your cheek when I touch your face. I miss the whole of you.

19. My eyes are hurting because I can’t see you, My arms are empty because I can’t hold you, my lips are cold because I can’t kiss you. But, my heart is breaking because I’m not with you! Please come back to my life.

20. I miss you so much. There are so many people here around me, but yet so alone. Please come home.

21. I miss your lips and your lovely smile.
I miss you each day more and more. I miss you so much.

22. Every moment I’m not with you feels like an eternity. Hope I am not in a mess…

23. I’m trying to think of something I rather be doing than making out with you… Guess what, I got nothing.

24. I’m so sorry I have to work late today. It’s not my fault, just the job. I miss you already.

25. I hate being away from you. I miss you so much.

26. This place would be so much better if you were here. Should I send the address???

27. I may seldom tell you how special you are. I may not be able to reach you cos we’re both busy. But in spite of all, you know you are someone I truly miss and care about.

28. If I could hold you close again, I’d never let you go. I know I messed up, and now I am begging. Please let’s make things up.

29. The reason it hurts so badly to separate is that our souls are connected. Like, I think about you constantly, whether it’s with my mind or my heart.

30. I miss you reminding me to get to bed early. I miss how you scrunch up your nose when you laugh. I miss how you smell when you get out of the bath. Seriously, I miss you very much.

31. On the day you asked me out, I should have drafted a Boyfriend Contract which would have made it compulsory for you to meet me at least once every day. I miss you, sweet.

32. My tears have dried up, my emotions have gone numb. My smile has disappeared, my life has become dull. Meet me soon, and wipe away my sorrows. I miss you.

33. Ever since you left, I cry like a baby… I’m so tired of doing this. Please come back home. Miss you.

34. My pillow can no longer compensate for your shoulder to rest my head on and your arms that wrap around me tightly. I miss you.

35. I miss you so much that if chanting your name was considered a prayer, my place in the heavens would have already been secured.

36. I’m flipping through all our selfies, I’m sadly remembering the naughty memories. I’m thinking about all the romantic dates. But being away from you is draining me down, baby. I need your kisses to wipe off my tears. I miss you.

37. The feeling of missing you is like eating my favourite food; I can never have too much of it. Miss you much!

38. Your girlfriend is sweet, cute and pretty most of the times. But if you don’t meet her often, she will become bitter, nasty and annoying. I miss you.

39. Remembering memories of us together, time seems to have paused forever. Nothing seems to be going my way, ever since you’ve been away. I miss you.

40. How would you feel if someone chopped off one of your arms or one of your legs? That is how I feel without you.

41. Like a princess is how I feel when I’m with you and an angel whose wings have been cut off, is how I feel when I’m missing you.

42. My life feels like a beautiful sunrise when you are with me. But when you’re away, it feels like a scary thunderstorm. Please come and bring the sunshine back in my life. I miss you.

43. Random guys keep disturbing me because you are not around. If you should take long, I’ll consider one of them. I miss you.

44. You know, my love, I miss you every minute and every second, I just realized that my life is meaningless and empty without you.

45. My heart is connected to your heart with unbreakable threads. And when I miss you, I am overwhelmed with sadness. Come soon, the days without you are terrible for me.

46. I miss you so much, that everything I can dream of is to hug you tight and never let you go. I cannot breathe without you.

47. Even the most starry night is empty and dark for me because you are not by my side. I miss you a lot.

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48. My heart is bleeding, only you can heal me with your kisses and hugs! I miss you, come to me ASAP.

49. When I lay alone in my bed, I feel lonely, and only the remembrance of our happy moments warm me. I miss you strongly.

50. It does not matter how many miles you are away from me because I’ll always be with you, and if you listen, you will hear the beating of my heart because it beats for you. I miss you.

I Miss You Text Messages for Her – Girlfriend

1. I miss you a lot baby. But don’t worry, I’ll wait no matter how long it takes for you to make up your mind.

2. I love hugging you, but I hate letting go. I love saying hello, but I hate saying goodbye. I love watching you come towards me, but I hate watching you walk away. I miss you pretty much.

3. I want to hold your hand, hold you close, hug you tightly, kiss you softly, and let you rest your head on my chest so that you can hear my heartbeat; just for you. I miss you.

4. Nights became sleepless and days became sleepy since you have gone away. I miss you.

5. Someone to hug, someone to kiss. Someone to talk to, someone to caress. Someone to make me smile, someone to make me laugh. Someone to love, someone to make me feel complete. There’s no other someone that can do this, but you. I miss you.

6. Yes, I know, our beautiful memories will never fade away, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t create more beautiful ones. I miss you.

7. You may be many miles away from me, but all I need to do is close my eyes to feel as if you are sitting right here in my lap. I miss you.

8. When we are together, time just flies away like a jet plane. But when we are apart, I can feel every ticking second of the clock sounding one second after another straight in my heart. I miss you, babe.

9. I wish I could wrap my arms around you and hug you tightly, so you can feel the loud thumps of my lonely heart. I miss you.

10. The most terrible thing about missing you is that even when I try to stop missing you, I miss you more.

11. I don’t breathe when we are apart. I am choked. I miss you.

12. The worst part about missing you is that I can’t stop my mind from thinking about the things we would do if we were together right now. I miss you so much.

13. Missing you is not just a habit, it is a deadly addiction. Missing you is not just a compulsion, it is a painful desperation. I miss you, girl.

14. When I say that I miss you, it actually means that I need to kiss you, hug you and cuddle with you to wipe all my sorrows away. I need you baby.

15. I miss you so much. It’s been a week since you left. Don’t you miss me at all?

16. I am not asking for a lot… all I want to do is hold you tight. I miss you.

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17. I never have to intentionally think about you, cos you are always in my thoughts. I miss you girl.

18. In every action and in every step of mine, lie memories of you so precious and fine. In every little thing that I think or do, the memories bite me hard and remind me of you. I miss you.

19. Just like how a beautiful day is incomplete without the bright sun and a perfect picture night is incomplete without the bright moon and shining stars, I am incomplete without you. I miss you.

20. Am I alive or dead? Don’t be scared… Truth is, I really can’t see the difference when I miss you. Meet me soon sweetheart.

21. Loving you is the most beautiful pleasure I have ever experienced. But missing you is the ugliest pain I have ever suffered. I miss you too much.

22. A day spent away from you, is as good as a day not worth being alive. I miss you girl.

23. When it is bright and sunny, I miss you because you are the light of my life. When it is raining, I miss you because I feel like hugging you in the rain. When it is a night with a clear sky, I miss you because the moon and the stars remind me of romantic times we have spent together. I miss you.

24. Not even the terrifying monsters can scare me as much as I feel scared when I am away from you. I miss sleeping together with you. I miss you, baby.

25. Every second spent with you is like a day that starts at noon. Now, that you’re far away, even snails move faster than days. I really miss you.

26. Every second spent away from you feels like spending a day without water in a hot desert; desperately looking at the mirage of you walking back straight into my arms. I miss you.

27. Darling, there’s no other feeling as saddening as missing you. I miss you, even more, each day.

28. Why did God have to invent such a beautiful feeling called LOVE, especially when He knew that a boyfriend like me would feel so tensed and unhappy when he misses a girlfriend like you?

29. Ever since the moment you have gone away, life is has been making holes in my heart, day after day. Let alone walk, talk and eat, I can’t even breathe properly. I just want this to end, I just want you to come back to me. I miss you.

30. You can’t be doing well, and I’ll be here wishing you bad. But then, work should be causing issues between us. I work too, and I create quality time for you. Please think about this, cos I’m losing my mind.

31. I’m lucky to be your boyfriend but I’m unlucky to be so away from you. I miss you.

32. When you are with me, my life feels like the sight of a clear blue sky jewelled with a vibrant rainbow. But the moment you are away from me, my life feels like a walking dead. I miss you.

33. Life is a bit weird, yes I know. At first, I felt like the luckiest man in the world when I fell in love with you. But now I am on my way to being heartbroken because we are living so far apart. I miss you, dearie. Come back soon.

34. A sunset without you is as good as a sunrise that never happened. I miss you.

35. Please consider this text as a peaceful warning that your boyfriend will start thinking of a better person if you don’t meet him soon. I miss you.

36. Drowning in your love feels like a death more beautiful than a life without it. I miss you.

37. I miss you is an understatement of how I feel right now. Even my tears can’t help that I miss you and how.

38. There is a hole in my heart and the only plumber who can plug it is you. Don’t forget to bring the most important tools that will help fix this leak; your hugs and your kisses. I miss you.

39. How vulnerable a turtle feels without its shell, is how I feel without your hugs. I miss you.

40. This distance between us has stolen my happiness, everything in life seems dull and useless. I need you to come back and lift me in your arms, baby I am so desperate to align with your charms. I miss you.

41. I have never felt so out of control before. Not just my nights, even my days have become dark and blue. It’s all because I’m missing you.

42. A night sky without the moon or the stars is how blank I feel when you are afar. I miss you.

43. I don’t know how to explain the state of my heart. I’d be lost for words and wouldn’t even be able to start. Just look into my eyes and you’ll be able to see the pain I’m going through. All I want is to be with you. Miss you.

44. Missing you is a feeling which is easy to get but difficult to handle. Would you come home soon?

45. Still, I can’t help but feel low. Being in love with you makes my heart go gaga… but missing you puts me in absolute misery.

46. Every single detail of our relationship has been etched in my heart, and now every single etching is penetrating in like a thorn because I am missing you.

47. Being with you even for a single second feels like experiencing a lifetime of being happy. Being away from you even for a single second feels like being caged for a lifetime of misery.

48. Spending even one day without seeing you is like living a life without feeling happy. I miss you too much.

49. I don’t just miss you. I miss the warmth in your breath, depth in your eyes, a touch of your fingers and feeling your hands on my body. I miss you truly and deeply.

50. Even the worst of nightmares seem sweet when you’re with me. And even the sweetest dreams seem dark when you aren’t here. I miss you.

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