Goodbye Quotes and Goodbye Messages

Goodbye Quotes and Goodbye Messages

So Hard To See You Go
How hard is it for me to say Goodbye
How sad is it for my to watch you walk away
A second away from you is like eternity
Please come back to me, I can’t say Goodbye.

To Someone I Love
I wish we could be together until the end
I wish we stay in love and never part ways
Nothing breaks my heart to see you leave
But in all, I wish you goodbye.

To Someone So Special
Oh! how remembering you makes me sad
I just pray I don’t lose my head with this feeling
Saying goodbye was so hard for me
But I couldn’t help it
Once again, goodbye.

To A Caring And Lovely Friend
It was self-deceit when I told you I won’t miss you
Days gone by and I wish you never leave
Your absence is the saddest story I’ll even tell
But I summon courage and say goodbye

To My Co-Worker
I ever wish goodbye would be the last thing I’ll say
But it’s heart breaking seeing it happening this way
The thought of you leaving is too much to bear
Please don’t make me say goodbye

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