Farewell Quotes And Messages

Farewell Quotes And Messages

Goodbye Wishes For Him | Her
For the moment we shared
For your love and care
I just wish I wouldn’t say goodbye
But it’s sad I’ll be saying farewell
May God prosper your ways.

To A Good Friend
A thousand of quotes can’t tell your importance to me
And the whole world can’t fill the emptiness you will leave in my heart
It pains to see you walk away so soon.
I wish I could hold back tears from my eyes.
Farewell my good friend.

To Someone So Special
Thinking about the nice time we had together
Thinking about the gifts and joyful moments we shared
A part of me would fail me to say goodbye.
In one word, farewell my friend.

Farewell My Friend
They are true that says
20 people can’t stay together for twenty years
I just wish I could rewind the happy moments
Anyway, farewell to you.

I Will Miss You
Time will fail me to talk about your goodness
And words will fail me to talk about your impacts in my life
Saying goodbye is what I never thought I’ll say
But goodbye my good friend.

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