Farewell Wishes and Goodbye Messages

I Wish You The Best Out There
Your leaving is giving emptiness within me
Me without you is like I’m alone in the world
The last I thought I’ll send is farewell messages
But it’s sad how it’s happening now.
I wish you the best farewell wishes.

To My Love
I never thought my heart will be broken this way
I never thought I’ll feel the worst of emptiness within
Your going away is like I’m losing a part of me
How hard is it for me to say goodbye.

So Sad We Are Departing
This farewell wishes was never meant for you
I thought it would be for someone else
I still can’t imagine how you are living me for real
I just pray someday that I’ll have something…
Something to fill the emptiness you are leaving inside of me.

Can’t Control The Feeling of You Going Away
Truth be told, I don’t deserve being away from you
It’s the greatest shock of my life seeing you leaving
I just wish I find happiness in another friend than I found in you.
It’s breaking me remembering your absence over again!

To a True Friend
Of all friends, you will ever remain true.
And in my heart, your place will ever remain intact.
I wish you the very best out there.
Farewell friend.

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